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  • Chris - it will be DOMS if it is in both thighs - I did my first ever fell race whilst training for Chester up Moe Famau and I seriously could not walk for 4 days afterwards.  My quads were in agony.  Just start listening will ya?! image You NEED to run slower if you want to do this amount of mileage! 

    NN - You are my Fairy Godmother...  

  • No Pain wrote (see)
    Me and my OH fly over on the Friday do the expo and normally fly home on the Wednesday, this year we are flying out to Grand Cayman on the Wednesday for two weeks on the beach image what a way to recoverimage

    Nice, NP, like your style image. Gotta love the Caymans - very chillaxing out there.

    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    Oh yes..I got my saucony progrid kinvaras today !! I cannot believe how light they are..they are like slippers ...and I feel as light as a fairy...image

    ha, told ya so image. Wait till you do tempo in them!

    That 26.2 on yer own was plain crazeeeeee, HeOw! A very decent marathon time, btw all on your own and with a bit of incline thrown in. Respect.

    Well done all doing their 15 milers. Mine is due tomorrow. Funny how the 12 week plan seems to throw the order of runs around.

    I'm an early morning runner. I could never run at 10 at night image. I'm usually fast asleep by then, rockstar life that I lead. On the downside, the alarm goes at 4am most days  image

    7 easy ones d&d at dark o'clock for me too, NP image. Fcking freezing -5 and the nasty north-easterly wind made it feel even colder. Sick of it image
  • Chris cold bath but you should have done it after your runimage but it will still help image

    HeOw good adviceimage for the young gunsimage

    15W enjoy your trip to London.

    Chick we have friends who are normally in Key Largo but living in Grand Cayman at the moment, I booked a condo on 7 mile beach. Think after the first week swimming and chillaxing I might start jogging the beach image looking forward to it lots.
  • Chick well done on your running in the cold at dark O'clock image

    Second run of the day done and dusted here image
  • Not getting let out tonight.  Will have to skip the rest day next week to make up.

  • Sounds bad Craig. Can't see it happening this time around mind.

    Glad to hear everyone else has hate their 15 milers today. I have just got back from my 15 miler at 10 o clock at night. Had a few things that needed to be done after work around the house and soooooo nearly ditched the run. But I zipped up the man suit and got on with it. I think I was actually cursing Pfitz audibly for the first few miles - f**k you pfitz and your mid week long runs! Still 15 miserable miles in the bag. Done. Dusted. Ticked off!

    Kudos to the early morning runners - I hate mornings so I'm sure there will be plenty of late night runs to squeeze in. Don't you just love marathon training.

    Another VLM virgin. And a marathon virgin too.

    P.S Literatin - I am so jealous of that Chinese right now. Think I'll have to give that a go next week! I am liking your style.

  • I decided to profit vicariously from the lessons of Chris's DOMS pain, and heeding the dire warnings of HeOW, made a special effort and managed to spin out my 6 mile recovery run to 58:25. Then I had leftover Chinese takeaway.

  • Dear goodness Lit - that's how slow I do 6 miles recovery . You must have virtually been walking !
  • Well the next few weeks till the middle of March are all about consistency, and trying to keep a focus when tired the body will adapt and towards the end of March we will be starting to think about taper time. Don't suffer taper madness to much image so peeps keep going its not long now and if you have to slow down in a few runs or drop a few miles its not the end of the world.

    Easy/recovery day here so 1 miles 64x25m front crawl done at Dark O'clock and 5 miles easy later.
  • Final midweek run this morning, shifted to today because I have a long shift tomorrow.  Out to my "garage gym" at 5.20am, treadmill again for a 6 mile at recovery pace but including 6x100m strides.  Actually very easy doing the strides on a treadmill, slam the speed up to where you need to be takes a couple of seconds and then I sprint for 0.1 mile, actually more than 100m but not much, then slam back down to recovery speed, and just repeat 6 times.  Because you are on flat even surface it allows you to concentrate on your running form without having to look out for traffic, parked cars, lumps and bumps, drain covers etc. that you do when you are outside.

    Just the long one left for Sunday and another week ticked off.

  • Supposed to have a LT 9 mile today, but going to run the 9 fairly steady instead, due to the fact I have a half marathon on Sunday, think it makes sense, I'll then possibly put for 4 easy recovery miles in on the Sunday night so the mileage is hit for the week, does this make sense?? anyone??

  • craig personally if I was racing the HM full out I would rest for the remainder of the day and call it a wrap on the week's running.

  • Hi Craig,

    I had 12 last night and binned it to 8 due to race on Sunday but I am trying to give myself as much of a chance as poss to be in half decent knick for wrexham. If you are planning to go full out I would not go quite as long this close, maybe a gentle 6 with a few hmp strides? and a 4 or 5 on sat to turn the legs over and replace the miles.

    My 8 last night was hard work.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    Hello. Quick one from me. 13mi this morning in central London. Ran down to then along the embankment to big ben, then through st James and green park to Hyde park. Ran around that and then back. I was tourist jogger.
  • Or Chillax like everyone else is suggestingimage!

  • I'm jealous of your friends, NP image. Mr. Chick once won a work incentive - a week in the (then) brandnew Ritz Carlton on 7 mile beach, Silver Rain Spa treatment included. They treated us like royalty. Sadly, the company went bust a year later image

    Craig: deffo take it easy.

    Haha 15w, tourist dodging along the Embankment .... I remember that from my London days image

    15 cold and very windy miles d&d in the middle of the night image. Av. pace 8:45 (decent for me), so it actually went ok. I was prepared to hate every minute of it but soon settled into a good rhythm and let my mind wander.
    Still, glad it's a recovery run tomorrow. Then 22 on Sunday.

  • Craig - don't make mistake of doing too much in next two days - racing Sunday full throttle then compromising your training next week. I've took it very easy this week, few steady miles on Monday, rest have been very easy or recovery pace. 4 miles recovery and like Men says I am also putting done HMRP strides in to that, to kick start my legs for Sun. Will rest tomorrow (you could do recovery run though?). I'd do 6 very easy today if I were you, 4 tomorrow then IF you are feeling ok on Sunday, maybe warm up for a mile pre race then do recovery run in the evening?

    15W - did you have a Nikon camera around your neck and an "I love LONDON" hoodie on?

    NP - Cayman Islands sounds bloody awful...image
  • Chickadee - bloody hell - what time you do your 15? Well

  • Chick your 15 sounds as dismal as mine, actually worse as you had to run it in the dark

    In fact it looks as if those 15 milers were pretty grim weather wise as well as mentally challenging, well done everyone, this thread is inspiring us all on

    Just worked out my last non running day was 19 days ago !!as I have been doing easy 4-5 recovery runs instead of resting on mondays..and this week I did that stupid way off scheduled track session and suffered for it... oooops think I am due a rest day so nothing for me today, (better practice what I preach )then easy 5 tomorrow. 10 mile race Sunday, not  a pb course, but  I would like a course pb ..image

    And recovering in the Caymen Islands !! sounds terrible NP poor you..image

  • Night Nurse wrote (see)

    10 mile race Sunday, not  a pb course, but  I would like a course pb ..image


    NN of  course, good luck with it

  • what's your current course PB?

  • HeOw wrote (see)
    Chickadee - bloody hell - what time you do your 15? Well

    Got up at 4am, left house around 4:20ish image image

    Good luck NN and other racers this weekend image

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    I have been wiped out today with some kind of stomach bug. I did a recovery run last night at about the slowest pace I've ever run. I suppose sometimes the body really is trying to tell you something isn't right! Luckily it's a rest day but I'm not sure about racing on Sunday any more.
  • AG 1.19 

    Chick Christ almighty that's dedication !!

    Caz take care don't do it if you are doubtful, not only will you be disapointed but also ruin next weeks training

  • Hope you make the race Caz.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

    I've received the Silverstone race pace - exciting! 

    Great day for running today - feels like spring has sprung image

    Really enjoyed today's 8m GA with strides.  The first time I have ever tried running strides outdoors!  How cool are they?  They always feel so hard on the treadmill when I max out at 6:40 pace (9mph), but today I hit 4:37 (13mph) pace and enjoyed every one of them.  They just didn't feel so regimented.  I didn't even know I could go that fast image  (albeit just for 30 or 40 yards of the strides).

    Rest day tomorrow, followed by a nice easy fourteen miler on Sunday to round off the recovery week (43m total).  Next week looks intimidating, so god only knows why I'm looking forward to it! image  

  • Ten well done for hitting that pace !! the strides are my fav sessions I think, I couldn't imagine doing them on treadmill.

    You are looking forward to next week cos you are a highly tuned, dedicated  motivated athelete  !!image (or mad ) 

  • Night Nurse wrote (see)

    You are looking forward to next week cos you are a highly tuned, dedicated  motivated athelete  !! (or mad ) 

    D'oh! image  The prognosis doesn't look good.

  • Bloody hell, Ten, I can't go that fast on my strides.

    Caz, hope you feel better soon but I agree with NN -- don't do it if you're not sure you're well enough.

    And I don't think I've ever been awake at 4am.

    Just done a 13.5mile MLR, 6 on my own then the rest with the club, in 1:47. Now off to the pub.

  • I am often awake at 4am but I am paid to be awake at that time !!

    Nice MLR lit..enjoy the refueling down the pub, soaps for me tonight ( sad old woman that I am )image

    Ten there are a few of us here in the same boat image

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