P + D training for VLM 2013



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    re. Wilmslow - this race is 4 weeks before london. You think I should race it or use as a MP practice run?

  • Feeling much better now and got the 5 x 800s done last night, just a smidgen quicker per rep than the same session this time last year but last nights had 2 hills in each 800 whereas last year I was on a flat route so not too bad. 

    Thanks for all the get well wishes, glad to see 15W is feeling better, hope the throat is okay Menn and you get your run done.

    Great Tempo run Ten! 

    Hope everyone has a good run today, I'm off to look at Manchester Uni with the youngest in a minute. 

  • Thanks for the great feedback on the schedule.  The only amendment I will make for next week is to run an additional short recovery with strides on either the Friday or the Saturday (probably the Friday).  Just a few miles to tick over, sounds good.

    The week following the race I'll change the VO2max session to a GA/Recovery.  I'll decide whether to put the MP run back when it gets nearer to the time, depending on how well/badly I recover from the race.  

    Sounds a bit like a plan image


  • Thanks pottermiss, glad to see you're recovering well with a good session.

  • Hi Ten,

    Your primary goal is VLM. Thus you won't be able to do the normal taper before your half. Besides I did a pb on the 10th Feb with zero taper and doing a 21 miler the week before.

    Best R
  • 15W I think it depends on how well you recover. I truly raced Wrexham on Sun and I feel it today, life with three kids means my rest is compromised so if you feel you can race it without compromising your training, go for it. Otherwise do it as MRP run and do few easy miles in the morning to make it up to a 20?

    NN as day wearing on I feel whacked mate, you're right, it's hit me today. Gutted as important week for me training wise and really wanted to crack on. Maybe some paracetamol and a rest in the cinema with little 2 and I'll feel up to my 12 this evening.

    Craig - are you going to race Wilmslow?

    Ten - good idea but do you need an extra recovery? Just swap Wed to Fri?

    Pottermiss - glad you're back on track. image
  • HeOw wrote (see)
    Ten - good idea but do you need an extra recovery? Just swap Wed to Fri? 

    Good point, thanks.  The simple swap makes more sense and gives a bit of extra rest.  (this is why I put my schedules into spreadsheets - my book would be a mess of amendments otherwise image)

    SR is having a Groundhog day image


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Pottermiss - glad to hear you're also feeling better - sorry for ignorance etc, must have missed it, but what was up with you?

    HeOw - I may run it as an MP run......but means having some self control! Hope you recover well today. Remember to eat well etc. If you're not feeling up to 12 miles maybe shuffle things round and have a 5 or 6 mile recovery run instead, or totally rest and start tomorrow.

  • Ten, I usually go for a gentle 3-mile run the day before a race. I'm going to decide what to do next week based on how I feel - in the past I've had no trouble recovering from a flat half but suffered after a hilly one after pelting downhill. My quads didn't like it at all and I couldn't go downstairs or lower myself onto a chair without wincing for a few days.

    Pottermiss, good run & glad you're better. Have fun at Manchester - we've got a UCAS visit day at my place too, though sadly I'm teaching so can't have dodgy sandwiches with all the parents.

    HeOw, just do a shorter recovery and do the 12 miles another day. Also I have a plan: try and sneakily persuade Craig and 15West to do loads of stupid things and massively overdo their training, then they'll drop out of Wilmslow and give you their places.

  • Out at first light this morning for my 8 miles with 5 x 800m at 5k pace, which for me is about 7.15.  I have to say that using different programmes previously I might have ducked out of this one or not pushed as hard, but somehow the programme and this thread makes hitting the paces and holding them compulsory. 

    Pleased with the pace throughout and to an extent did it with less Garmin help than I expected.  I loaded the workout last night and all I got from my Garmin today was the factory preset screens, all my personalised screens had goneimage  Will have to re- do them tonight, at first light with no glasses it was a no go once out on the run

    Quite a surprise when I looked at my pace to see 2.03, thought shit I'm flying!  It was miles goneimage

  • I'm not certain what to do Helen, not sure what I'm supposed to be doing on the Sunday. I'll check later.
  • i maybe spoke a little soon about the successful physio visit.

    Went out for a 6mi recovery jog yesterday. Managed about 5 and a bit, and ended up walking the rest back home. front of calf, dead centre right above the foot was sore, painful to run on and walk on. This is brand new, and i can only assume it's because the muscle is sore from being battered by the sports masseur and physio. I had to ice the spot and take some ibuprofen, which helped, and i'm hoping a rest will allow it to recover.

    So i'm moving my 14mi medLong run to tomorrow and resting today. Ho hum.

  • Heow echo what Lit says..skip the 12..seriously, none of us are short on MLRs do it Fri if you are up to it  take plenty of fluids Vit C and echinacea,(dont worry I wont prescribe and enema)

    Pottermiss glad you are feeling better, enjoy the uni visit have you looked at any others ? my eldest went to Liverpool ( there are some strange folk up there image)

    JF50 well done for getting that sesh out the way,I had to read your post twice when I saw will have to re do them tonight !!! I thought you meant the 600s !!! I guess the best way to work out 5k pace if you havent raced a 5k (WHICH i HAVENT )is take about 30/40 secs off 10k pace ? thats what I shall try anyway so hoping for just under 7s cant see me hitting it to be honest my legs just will not go that fast..especailly after racing 10 miles Sunday..will see, can but try and who cares anyway ? we are training for a marathon not a 5k, as long as we go fast enough to feel sick..image

    Just done Pilates, lots of wobbling going on and lots of core work ouch !! gathering my thoughts now on how/where to do the 9miles with 600s vo2 image image might even get some house work done at some point !!



  • Cross post..

    AG be sensible and take care..

  • NN: I'm always doing my reps as fast as I can hoping that the outcome is close to 5k pace image

    Ten: awesome LT run, matey!  Well done! It sure is the most daunting of the entire plan. I remember bricking myself each time I faced it. As for throwing around the next week -- I wouldn't do 2 rest days in a row. They make me really sluggish. Like Stu, lit and others said -- perhaps do 3-5 miles with a few strides or with one or two half miles at HM pace. Just to remind them legs how to turn.

    Stu: also well done on getting that LT run out of the way. Mine in 2 weeks time. The 12 week plan really is quite different image

    Mennania: another one on the sick bench - here's to a quick recovery

    NP: great speedwork. I can honestly say that I have NEVER run anything starting with a 5 ...

    nice GA running, Chris & craig - your slow pace is still quicker than my marathon pace image

    HeOw: would also add Vicks First Defence to NN's list. It's my secret weapon. At the first sign of a sore throat I'll shoot some up my nose (now that sounds weird). It's a nasal spray and it stings but hell, does it work.

    Right 15 mile MLR d&d this morning. Got a bit carried away and ended up with 8:11 av. pace, with 10 slightly faster miles in the middle ranging from 7:39 (whoops)  to 7:57. Very happy with that. It was freezing cold and very windy but I felt quite strong. Just ate an entire pizza for lunch image

  • Thanks Chick.  Following the advice on here I've changed my plan so I no longer have two back-to-back rest days.  

    Good work on the MLR, and even better work on the pizza image

  • Chick good running, good eatingimage

    AG hope that shin improves quick, and just the bit of bruising you suspect.

    NN it's a tough session but very satisfying, the VO2 not the housework! 

  • Pottermiss - wouldn't Telford parkrun be closer? The first one was last Saturday.

    (I tried to insert your post but then it wouldn't let me write my message underneath!)image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hey Pottermiss..I see you're in Manchester. Look out for me, I'm the cool, good looking one...there's not many of us up here.

    11mi ran this lunchtime. Still feel a bit weak, but made it round like the brave little soldier I am.

    AG, look after that shin.

  • AG, ouch! Keep stretching, and maybe gentle self-massage of the calf muscle with soap in a nice warm bath? After my sports massage to get over the heel injury I wasn't allowed to run for 4 days, I think he said to give the muscles a chance to fully relax.

  • Chick super paced 15 miler..and you deserve that pizza,

    JF50 i think I know what you mean..I am chuffed to get it out the way , but the house work still needs to be done..

    15W ah bless well done nice run would you like a sticker image?

    I ran just over 5 miles first then did the intervals then did 1 mile cool down

    6 x 600s @5K pace just about managed to hit 7 min miling towards the end but too windy but couldnt face the treadmill
    90 secs jog recs.
    managed to find fairly flat bit just less than 600m so had to keep turning around mid sprint to make the distance up which also didnt help...got some weird looks from dog walkers in the park as I kept charging up and down the same stretch of road....oh well I am known locally as that mad woman always out running...whatever image

    .for all the splits/pace/times whores..So thats me Ten and Heow..image


    2.40 (7.12) WAKE UP LEGS !!
    2.36 (7.02) nearly...better luck next time



  • Good pace NN.  Bitter cold wind here today, so I don't envy your run!

    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    I am known locally as that mad woman 

    It's only a matter of time before your reputation expands beyond the local boundaries image

  • Good splits NN, I like a good stat as well though not been called a whore before!  HeOw has originated far too much in the short time we have all been together on here.

    I did mine on country roads this morning and although there weren't many cars I think I picked up pace as they approached and checked running form as they passed with the hope they might mention that "quick old guy" I saw on the road this morningimage

  • JF50 there are lots of young guys that would eat your dust I am sure !! talking of quick old people..I got voucher in the post this morning for being 3rd old biddy in my race on Sunday..pleased with that as it was largish field over 600..don't know how any were old biddies though..

    And Ten, yes it is bloody freezing...AGAIN !! I am glad I didnt leave the sessiojn till club tonight as it would have been even worse out on the track, it sees a bit of a wind tunnel  in there at the best of times.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hey NN - congrats!

  • Good MLR tonight, 14 miles, last 4 finishing around 10% slower than marathon pace and I felt like I had plenty more in the tank, felt very strong. Even my wife commented on how fresh I seem to be coming in from runs recently. And I'd been up since 04:50 and worked an 8 hour shift. Happy with that today.
  • Chick, I'm properly jealous of your pizza right now, and almost caved in and ordered one, but have heroically resisted. image

    Just a quick 5.5 mile run with the club tonight, as I did my VO2 intervals yesterday and am easing off in preparation for Sunday. I did have an awkward wardrobe malfunction a couple of miles in, though, when my right bra strap came unhooked. Lucky I've only got small tits, as I announced inappropriately to assembled male clubmates. They did offer to give me a hand, but I decided on balance that it was better to just wait until I got home.

    NN, congrats on being 3rd old biddy image.

  • LOL..big tits would just get in the way..image

  • Is this the right time to mention that I saw a pair of Great Tits on my run a couple of days ago?  Fact.

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