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  • I do my long rows to music, which is turned up quite loud to drown out the model D. If Ds are noticeably quieter than Dynamics I dread to think how noisy they are!

    But anyhoo ... the long row is now 1 hr straight, no breaks, and shaping up nicely.

    When the snow was on the ground I was on the erg every day. Feeling quite up for it I had another go at the 5K in 20 mins session today. And failed. Classic mistake - set off too fast, got overconfident, overcooked it, downhandled half way through. Feck feck feckity feck.image

    I might have another go, or I might adjust the hard distance row to half an hour at a pace maybe two-thirds the way between speed intervals and steady rows. I sense I need to work on my endurance at the more energetic paces.

  • Hi everyone. Did a 5k row tonight. Racing myself. Noticed tonight I kept the pace far more consistent. Plus I knocked off 30secs of my previous time. Slowly creeping up them rankings. Still slow though at 194 out of 306.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.
  • Hello bb image

    Slowly does it ... but what rankings are these?

  • the ranking are those on the C2 log, ranks you by weight, sex and age.

  • Oh I see. I'd never paid any attention to that. I'm not showing so must read the FAQs and see how to submit workouts. Thanks image

  • Hi,


    I just go to my log on rowpro, right click, send to C2 and it sends it across to the c2 log.  On the C2 log it then gioves you the choice whether you want to rank the workout if it is a suitable one

  • Hello. 

    I stopped getting notifications for this thread image

    I did a rowing half-marathon last week in 1:40:21 for 21.250km, and today did a 5k TT in 21:15.

    There seem to be some really good efforts going on image

    How is everyone?

  • A half marathon on the erg? You must have buns of steel!

    My principle is to alternate between rowing and running regardless of the weather. Today was a running day - Wokingham Half Marathon, in fact. It was cold, miserable, windy and pissing down and I got very wet and very cold indeed. And chafed. Yowch.

    At least I won't get hypothermia on the Concept.

  • Good going on the Half Marathon Fuzzy. How do you feel about the distance now you've done it. I've done a couple but can't see me doing many more, and the thought of a marathon makes me wince.

    Wasn't it a lovely day for a run in Wokingham today Muttley. I've had a little 'paddle' this evening as the legs were starting to stiffen a bit - very nice in a warm dry place. I've got the Bramley 20 next weekend so hope the weather picks up. 

  • I had a look at the rankings today, courtesy of bb.

    My 5,000 metres time of 20:12 came up as 83rd out of 215 in my age bracket (50-59) and 457 out of 1,058 in the men's all category. Which is not bad I suppose.

    I entered myself as lwt because I am that, but only by a scant one lb ... Today ... could well be a hwt again tomorrow ... image

    No erging, no running, no nothing for me today after yesterday's exertions.

  • That's good muttley. It's nice to know how you compare to others. Gives you add competitiveness.
  • Wow. Can't believe I have managed to knock a minute off last weeks 5000m time. I have moved from 194 out of 308 for my age and weight bracket to 152!!!! I am now in the top half. Yay!
  • Fantastic Becky! image 

  • Yay! A whole minute! That is quite some going. You now have to work to stay in the top half ...


  • Well done becky.

    I had a 5k test for crew selection last night. Set off too fast and was in ragged shape in last 1500. When it goes wrong in a 5k, it's a world of misery.
  • So that's the fifth time round the block with the Pete Plan done. I've been following this since last August and done well. But no advance on the 5K time so a change of plan is needed.

    Hello to the Pete Plan 5K variant ... starting tomorrow.

  • Enjoy the 12 x 500m Muttley image

    I've stalled a bit on the Pete Plan now I'm in the thick of marathon training. Mainly doing steady 5 and 10k rows. Bramley 20 tomorrow, so Monday will be an easy row.
  • Ah, the Bramley 20. I did that a couple of times, a while back now.

    I marshalled one year. My job was to crank up the hills for the second lappers image

    It's a good event ... enjoy, and wishing you a tailwind.

    Edit the following day: nice weather for it too!

  • It was certainly a nicer day than Wokingham! Pushed a bit harder than I should have, finishing 2:08:29. This means I am going to be keeping to the rower for a couple of days while the running legs recover. Its this sort of time I really appreciate having the rower at home.
  • Well, after taking a break of a couple of days, it's onto the new 5K Pete Plan. Just done the 12 x 500 metre 1 min rest session. This has the potential to be a real shocker if you get the pacing wrong! I took it conservatively and as per the plan will be looking to hold the same pace for the next intervals, the 4 x 1500m.

    Finished it in one piece, more or less ... but funny how the reps got longer and the rest minutes got shorter as the workout proceeded ...

  • Hello i forgot about this thread. No  i knew it existed but forgot where

    i've rejoined the gym after 4 years away and my plan once i've got used to rowing  for a while like to do The Pete Plan

    good to see you still at it Muttley

  • Hello Pammie ... welcome back to the erg image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Wotcha folks!  image  How's everyone's rowing going?  I thought I'd resurrect this thread because (a) I've just started incorporating long rowing sessions into my cross-training for running, and (b) I might enter the national indoor rowing champs (December, in Cardiff) depending on how it all goes. Looks like I could be a competitive LWT40-44!

    I've started off this week with 2 x 30 mins lunchtime sessions, easing into each with 15 mins on the exercise bike as a warm-up.  I'm quite happy knocking out ~1:57 pace and still having the energy for a quality running session in the evening.  Next week I'll up this to 2 x 45mins rows, then once these become routine I'll think about adding some intensity and *ugh* maybe some intervals.

    BTW, anyone got advice for very sweaty hands?  Talc?  That chalk what climbers use??

  • I don't row, but I can answer the sweaty hands question. Aerialists use chalk like climbers or rosin (like musicians; just smash it up into powder).

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Ta. Google tells me that my guess on aerialist was correct (cunning deduction partly based on your previous avatar) but technically that's something else I've learnt today. image

  • Wow  - decent pace there Phil. You could ask the question on here:

    I'm sure you will get some suggestions and lots of 'don't be be a southern softie' replies. Once you have done that, let me know so I can get some image.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Well done Phil - that's a tasty pace.

    Could you whisper the solution to me as well please? I have lovely big callouses on my hands. I'm also fighting a battle with dermatitis on my palms, which I'm convinced is being caused by the rower and all the sweating and abrasion with the handle (possibly some technique issues in there as well - and no smutty jokes please). Could do with something to protect them.

    Hand pads like these didn't work for me but ymmv.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I'll see what I can come up with.  I did try some short-finger cycling gloves once but that just seemed to make the grip more uncomfortable. 

    I hope this enthusiasm for x-training lasts a while. I'm also on 3 x spinning classes per week on top of 50-60mpw running (and cycling when the weather's ok).  Judging by the mildly sore bits I'm experiencing I should have glutes of steel in a few weeks.

  • 1'57" pace on some aerobic sessions sounds like a great base.  Looking at the concept 2 UK rankings for LWT 40 - 49, top 3 logged times this season on a 10k time trial  are 1'47" through to 1'51" pace

    What distances  would the champs be. Something long or a horrendous 2k?

    Tell me there is a sport your no good at Phil image


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    A-r - I could do with the champs being 10k, cos I've covered the distance just once in training as a sort-of time-trial and clocked 36:50 (1:50 pace).  The champs is just the standard 2k, so I'll have to man up and convert my endurance fitness to a hard slog.  Of a handful of time-trials I've done, PB is 6:52 but I can definitely go quicker than that because I slipped off the seat and had to adjust myself!  Looking at previous results, something around 6:40 is good enough for a medal in my category most years, so I'd like to get down to that.

    As for sports I'm crap at, take your pick.  Most things involving a ball; I'd also like to forget previous experiences of arm wrestling and clay pigeon shooting.  image

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