Gloucester Marathon 20 Jan 2013



  • If anyone has an entry for this and can't use it please let me know, missed the cut off,
  • missed the cut off if anyone can't use their place please let me know too.


  • Got my instruction sheet and running number in the post yesterday. It looks promising. Taper time now, although that does rather imply having done some training. Perhaps I should start soon?

  • Another one on the list looking for a spare place if anyone can't run.

  • Hi all, I am in for the 50km - does everyone have their race pack or do you think we collect on the day?  I see Blisters you have yours?



  • Got my number last week for marathon but like to step up for 50k . Emailed them but no response.will have to ring them.
  • hope to be there spectating and run for a bit to and fro with some of u

    either way, wishing you all a great day and safe run

    that way i get to take the peese out of old man Blister - my former mentor image

  • Hi All, I'm a newbie on the Forums image.  Received my number at the end of last week.  Really looking forward to the run on Sunday but the taper down nerves are really beginning to hit hard!  I suddenly feel the need to analyse all the stats on my previous runs - what on earth is that all about?!!!!  Need to take my mind off the run!!  If I check the weather forecast one more time I shall go mad!

  • My number has arrived, so I guess they did get my email!

  • Mine has not yet, but I have an email saying I am in so not an issue really, I will just turn up on the day - few more days yet for the post to arrive.  Looking forward to this, never run over marathon distance on the road, all mine have been off road so I am interested in what pace I could maintain over the extra 5 miles or so.  Anyone else doing the 50km on here ...


  • Running Beach, I'd say for 50k I'd go about 10-15 seconds a mile slower than usual road matathon pace and give it a go! Best of luck, I'm sticking to the 26.2m fun runimage
  • Thanks Muzza - I had the same thought on pace.  So we must be right!


    I would never called 26.2 miles a fun run!  Well 20 miles is fun and then 6.2 miles is why the bloody heck have I entered one of these again!!



  • its al good enjoyable fun - you must all enjoy it to do it image

    ive no regrets - wether i ever get back to FM distance, well we'll have to wait and see

  • Yeah I agree Micknphil, we keep on coming back for more.  Hope you get over the injury, if you are injured and back to running.  It is a buzz!  

  • Hi RB

    do i know u at all - have we met ?

    ive had a tumour removed from my lung friend, then Norovirus, and then heavy head and chest cold, and its all left me drained tbh

    but expereince is behind me, so i ve just got to pick up fitness really

  • forgot to say - running long distnce is my life - always has been

  • Hey Mick and Phil..easy, easy..I hope to hear you calling out those immortal words I've heard you say so often. You've had a crap time of it lately bud, hope 2013 brings you much better luck. Can you ensure that it will be about 13 degrees, with glorious breeze obviously, excellent conditions underfoot and a PB? Not much to ask Mickimage Brer Rabbit x

  • i seem to remember u shout at me as u passed at mudchute ??? yes ??

    this sunday i'll be chanting - EASY - EASY - EASY -  all day long, we'll spectate to and fro and run a bit as well

  • Sorry Mick and Phil, never met you.  But assumed you were injured, but sounds a lot worse than an injury.  Wish you a quick recovery.  Do not blame you for feeling drained.

    Hope to see you out on the course, even if you are not running.

    The we was a royal we as in me! image

  • Mick..I assume that was last year's Shakespeare marathon..oh what a dayimage

    Running Bench..are you a Snod forumite? I'm sure you are or have been in the past.

  • brer

    Shakespeare was a wash out - we only live 2 miles from start

    i thought , could have sworn that u past mudchute mile 17 in 2012 and called me as u passed

  • RB, I did think about 50k myself and probably would have if I hadn't entered Enigma Quadzilla in a few weeks so this will be my last blast out. 4 maras in 4 days..... Now that's a pacing nightmare!! image
  • BR - yeah I did SNOD in 08 and had entered in 10 but could nto make it.  Been lurking this year, but not entered.

    Muzza - yeah that will be interesting!  Do not think I would get a visa from the wife for 4 mara's in 4 days!  Would pace the first one and see what happens on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th!  Good luck with that!  I am not even tempted!  Good - it is sold out!

  • Hi, I'm doing the 50km, had hoped to do a decent time but training been a bit rubbish over the last few months

    It says in the details that you cant leave bags in the changing rooms but can we leave them in the hall? Dont fancy waiting around for ages in running kit and like to put warm clothes on as soon as I finish!

    Also, how bad are the hills ?

  • 3 sharp ones and a couple long drags

    for you Dame hellen - it'll be a stroll in park babe  xx

  • oh yes - times 3 for marathon and times 4 for 50k

  • Just had a look on some OS mapping online - each 6.75 mile loop has 57m of ascent ... don't seem to pass many contour lines so seem to be low gradient longer ones, with one that looks like it goes over two quite close.

    So in other words - the same at micknphil said!

  • thanks, not too bad then.

    what about bags, can we leave them in the hall or lockers or something?

  • Sorry I do not know - I see that they say baggage can be placed in a van at the start which will be taken back to the sports centre.  I assume that is for a jacket to keep warm before the start.  So on that basis it would seem that there is somewhere to keep a bag. 

    The finish is 150m from the the race HQ which I assume is at the sports centre where we park the cars so hopefully the worst would be putting the bag back in the car??  Not sure though ...  I tend to leave stuff in my car and go out ready to run.  I plan to run in a gillet type top anyhow as it has nice pockets for energy stuff.

    Now only if my number would arrive!

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