Halstead marathon



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    All good here thanks Angela.  Running during the school holidays and hubby's regatta season is always a challenge so I take it where I can.  Have been loving the hot weather and the light evenings - never done so much off-road running in my life!

    No defined goals at present - I'm going to start training an ex-rower (who's a very fit cyclist) for 10K runs as he wants to get into Olympic-distance triathlon next year.  I've also signed up for swimming lessons with him - not because I have any desire to do a triathlon myself, but it's been a goal of mine for a while to improve my swimming as I am such a bad swimmer and my fitness levels should indicate otherwise - so it's down to poor breathing and technique.  My son has swimming lessons on Saturday mornings and they also offer adult classes at the same place on Monday evenings so I'm signed up from September.  Eek.

    So thinking about a 10K in October to put my friend through his paces and see what we need to work on, then maybe Stevenage Half Marathon in November (boring place, probably boring course - but close to home so no travel issues).  Or I might ditch the 10K and do a 10-miler instead as they're on the same day.

    Been doing a lot of hill work and it seems to be paying off - breezed round a very hilly run in Epping Forest this morning with running buddies (lots of the Orion route plus a few extra hills thrown in for good measure!)

    Other than that, looking forward to going on holiday to Spain in a couple of weeks.  This year I'm leaving the running gear behind and having the proper rest I should have had post-Halstead but didn't because I was annoyed with myself and didn't feel I deserved a break!

  • Totally forgot to read up and update!!

    trainings going VERY well.

    5 mile P.B stands at 32:14 on our local 'timed lap course'

    10 mile P.B broken and currently stands at 1:10xx image

    got loads of other improvements to note (currently running at 6:27 pace) 

    pleshey half marathon in September looking for 1:30 image

    training for mablethorpe marathon in October and currently up to 17 miles no problemimage

    currently gunning for 3:10-17 but any things a P.B 

    hearts o.k no problems (obviously image)


    saw Angela in the lovely sunny/hot felsted 10k but couldn't find you to chat with after.


    Hope everyone's ok and doing well!!

  • Does anyone know when this opens for entries for next years race?

  • This is now open and will be on 11 May 2014.  Habby and moi are in.

  • So the time has come.

    Ive recieved the e-mail image

    Looking like it's going to be a spectacular event for 2014. I'm entered in for my clubs little free place ballot. If I don't get in this way (come on it could be free image) I'm certainly entering normally. 

    Hope everyones going for It again?

  • *update*

    i am officially running Halstead next year image

    Got a FREE! Place courtesy of the organisers for the 20th anniversary.

    very excited! 

    Whos joining me?? How's the year been??

  • Im doing it again, third year for me, got my PB there this year despite those little undulations!

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