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  • Ricky - You went for Limerick? Who's up for a Limerick writing competition. image

    Lovely city Limerick, all the clan will love it as there is something for all the family It makes it all the more real once you get your enrtry confirmed doesn't it?

    Carl - I honestly think a lot of running is mental, mind over matter etc. The things I told myself when I am struggling! "Why would you run 90% of your distance and not finish it?"

    "If you ever want to run X miles you'll have to do these first Y miles allover again if you stop now"

    "Run another mile and see if we can run this niggle off"

    "STOP ****ING WHINING MAN AND GET ON WITH IT!!" That kind of thing

    Ranulph Fiennes was quoted as saying that at difficult times he imagines himself chased by wild dogs and uses that scenario to drive himself on. I'm also incredibly stubborn which helps. I always feel happier after a crap run where I have had to dig out a performance than I do the days I sail around, in a way having those moments of determination are the mental equivalent of getting miles into the legs, just knowing when push comes to shove you have what is needed upstairs is reassuring.

    As for pace I agree with Carter your PB is there to be smashed without getting gung ho and risking blowing up. I can't think of a better motivation throughout the summer than having a great PB under your belt but thinking it is still there to be bettered with all your training methods and experience gained.

    Look at me I'm already planning your next event! None of this footallers "one game at a time" stuff for me.

    Now for 7 miles in the snow this morning. Depending just how good it is underfoot will determine just what pace I throw in. It is fairly fresh so I should be fine but going nipple over knackers in the snow and wrecking myself at this point wouldn't be my wisest move.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Hmm. I've just been reading on another thread about someone who has previously run the South Yorkshire half - the words 'undulating' and 'with a couple of hills' were used. This is the opposite of what Garmin says when I mapped the route on there. Oh well, we will see what happens when I get there.

    So, I guess what is being said is that running a marathon is going to hurt !

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    oirisheyes wrote (see)

    Ricky - You went for Limerick? Who's up for a Limerick writing competition. image


    There once was a man called Oirish

    Who often liked taking the pish

    He could run quite fast

    But he never finished last

    The problem was he looked like a fish


    There once was an Irishman called Carl

    When running he would often snarl

    Off to Paris he goes

    Lets hope it does not snow

    And after the race he does not gnarl

    (not many words rhyming with Carl !)


    There once was a man called Spoons

    Who enjoyed eating plenty of prunes

    He was old and he was wise

    And loved eating burgers and fries

    But to the gym he would go in the afternoons

    (not sure why this is all food related !)


    There once was a man called Ricky

    Coming from Ireland he wasn’t very picky

    He enjoyed the crack

    Running fast he did not lack

    After a run he would always have a biccie


    There once was a man called Carter

    In a marathon he was a first time starter

    He started running faster

    Especially after some pasta

    And his missus said he was a farter 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Regarding mind over matter, at the half I did a couple of weeks ago I saw a guy pull up at about 12.5 miles....and he pulled out of the race.  The marshalls were saying "The finish is literally just around the corner", but he just shook his head, took his number off and gave it to a marshall.  My first thought was "why run 12.5 miles of a half and not finish?", but I suppose he could have had a big injury.  However, he didn't look like he had an injury...he just looked tired.  I can only presume he was going for a PB and realised he wasn't going to get it, so pulled out.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Carter - you probably already know, but on Garmin Connect you can search for races of other runners to get an idea of the profile if the event was run last year.  Look up 2 or 3 runners as there are discrepancies, but I used it as a guide on the half I did the other week.

    On Garmin Connect go to Explore-Courses.  Click on "Show filters" and use that to narrow down the search.  One small tip is to open up each link/result in a different tab/browser as if you don't, when you click the back button on your browser you have to type in your search criteria again.

  • Carter - The standard has been set. I won't say what that standard is just that it's been set image

    7 miles this morning at no great pace in the end. It turned in to more of a recovery run and a challenge to stay upright all the way around. I didn't feel confident enough to try and pick up the pace with conditions being what they were.

    7 miles @ 8:55 avg pace

    Now if you will excuse me I have some Limericks to write

  • Ladies and Gentlemen your attention please. image


    I joined this forum as everyone seemed nice

    With Spoons' encouragement and good advice

    With the minimum of fuss

    he's convinced all of us

    to run 13.1 miles not once but twice


    This was all inspired by Ricky W

    who had the options of a race or two

    it's not such a pity

    he went for "Stab city"

    As they put on a really good do


    Carter was the talk of the town

    A sex machine just like James Brown

    It sounds quite improbable 

    but he was unstoppable

    the King of Soul had yielded his crown


    In the countryside a runner named Carl

    Suffered a mishap hurdling a stile

    He noticed whilst pissing 

    a testicle missing

    which ruined his smooth running style

  • A charming female runner named Dobster

    In pain turned red as a lobster

    Her left leg blew up 

    she nearly threw up

    She looked like she'd been hit by a mobster


    I was confused when joined here by BIg G

    as that's what my father calls me

    don't you think it a bit odd 

    that the silly old sod

    calls me that, as surely he's Big G not me


    Now let me tell you all about Hannah

    who has been nervously eying her planner

    but like it or not

    London in April can be hot

    so we are all on standby to fan her


    And finally we all come to Bruno

    whose pacing is causing him terrible woe

    he's not the fella from "Strictly"

    who makes me feel sickly

    but someone training as if he's Seb Coe



  • image

    I'm not even going to try..... image

  • My life is like my training; I really must get out more

  • Too much time on your hands on this thread! Get out running!!!!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Runningrachel is very slow

    She'll never beat carter as we all know

    She's far too old to have a chance

    She'd be better off running in France

    The gun has sounded now off you go
  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Tempo Tuesday was done on the road tonight rather than the track. I found the tempo run quite hard as the legs were tired.

    Warm up of 1.5 miles @ 9:33

    Tempo of 4.0 miles @ 7:28

    Cool down of 1.84 miles @ 10:16
  • Outrageous!!!!!

    Give me a minute or two to compose my reply!!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    The clock is ticking as we all wait

    Her limerick reply will no doubt be late

    She's replying to a verse from carter

    We'll have a long wait as no she is not smarter

    But it looks like she has taken the bait
  • Make poetry not war image

  • There was a bloke called Carter

    Who claimed that he was smarter,

    Shouting "I am so fast!",

    he then came last,

    and Rachel laughed much harder!




  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Way too much time on peoples hands today. Productivity must have been poor in certain places !!! image

    I am going to brave the conditions and go out for a tempo run.



  • Carl- Doesn't scan, rhyme or conform to the structure of a Limerick. A very poor effort. image

  • I don't believe it, I had a tricky run this morning because of the snow and ice and didn't really acheive what I wanted from it other than the mileage and it has all thawed away now. I was running across fields in a snowstorm 12 hours ago, I wish I had waited now.

  • Lmaooo - can't follow that from the limerick artists!

    I skived off early and got out on the road for a run at 5pm. Now my tempo Tuesday is usually a 6 miler but I had time to get my MLR done before the sun went down.

    So I combined the MLR with the tempo session and did a solid 10 miler all at tempo pace.

    Quite a tough country lane route all the way with some long tough climbs in mile 2 & 3, downhill mile 4 and undulating for the rest.

    Ran the 10 mls in just over 81mins and averaged 8.08 pace.

    8.15; 8.18; 8.16; 7.35; 7.57; 8.09; 8.21; 8.12; 8.10; 8.02

    Felt strong and felt I could have sustained the pace quite easily for another few miles.

    I suppose it tells me my HM pace must be close to 8 m/mls?
  • Ricky - probably a bit quicker if you're knocking that out in training

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    oirisheyes wrote (see)

    Carl- Doesn't scan, rhyme or conform to the structure of a Limerick. A very poor effort. image


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Anyway back to the serious stuff. It was very cold out there tonight.

    1 mile wu at 8:50 pace.

    6 miles tempo :

    7:40; 7:33; 7:31; 7:16;7:12 and 7:05

    1 mile cd at 10:00 pace.

    Had a very busy day at work and ate at all the wrong times. Thought that my legs would be a liittle heavy after Saturdays efforts but found that after a few miles I was able to really move and I quite enjoyed it.

    Very few runners out there tonight.

  • Speedy one Carl! I think you have definitely emerged as the greyhound of this thread ... you are the first to race their marathon and I suspect you will set the bar very high for the rest of us!

    No pressure of course.......image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Carl - yet another great session. Can't wait to see what time you get at Paris.

    Oirish - good running in what sounds like difficult conditions. Lets hope that's the last snow and ice we see for a few months.

    Ricky - nice tempo session. I agree with Spoons that your HM pace will probably be quicker than 8 mins
  • Nice tempo Carl

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Following my tempo run last night my calf is giving me a bit of grief this morning. It first came on after Liversedge half and only appears after a speed session for some reason. I have my calf guard on will do plenty of stretching during the day and rollering this evening. Rest day for me today.

    What's everyone else got planned for today ?

  • 6 miler for me - usually do intervals on the treadmill on this one but might just do a steady run as I had a speed session yesterday & have another one tomorrow (hill session) and will prob switch 2nd MLR to Friday as Sat's kinda busy for me this week.
  • I feel quite leggy this morning after yesterday's run, on reflection my "can do" attitude yesterday disguised what bloody hard work it was. I didn't feel confident to try and go faster on the pavements and in honesty I felt I didn't have the oomph to drive it faster even if i had wanted to.  I am fortunate to have a rest day as part of my HM taper so I think some stretching will probably be the extent of it today. I am keeping it positive so the tiredness I'm feeling tells me yesterdays run was more testing than I had given myself credit for. In hindsight I was running on a surface everyone else around me was struggling to stand up on

    I want to do a tempo run tomorrow just to reassure myself the pace is there and then it is easy street until Sunday nothing more than helping out on a Parkrun Saturday as the sweep up runner so that'll serve well as a loosener without being too strenuous.

    Happy running 

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