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  • Hidihi, yes, I guess the session I did was much more 10k specific.  I had a really bad time in 2012, where at the start of the year I had a personal trainer, I told him my ultimate goal was NYC marathon, and I had a couple of halfs on the way- his plan was so focused on fast intervals and running fast all the time that I never went above 9 miles trainin for a half marathon, got a really bad time, and picked up this knee injury, that still bugs me from time to time.  I'm honestly a bit scared of the short intervals and think I need to perhaps start with fewer, just so I don't go and twang anything.  I also (perhaps naievely), fail. To see how running 400m flat out is going to help me in my 10k  that will take approx 50 mins, except, in the last few minutes.  I know it's in many plans. So I'm not rejecting the idea, I guess I'm just trying to get to the theory.

    Long and slow builds aerobic fitness and endurance.

    race pace long intervals or tempo runs improve ur speed endurance, so u can improve Overall pace.

    what do short intervals do?


    Mr P, that's a tough one, its like when u have A job but u feel like uve done all u can there, and there's elsewhere that's offering a new challenge.  I've always been one to go for it when I think the grass is greener.  In reality, it isn't always, but surely u could try out the new club without obligation? Or is there too much rivalry between them? Don't peopl join more than 1 club and have a second claim or something as well?

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Yes and the funny thing is one or two of my clubmates have been going to the new club on a Wednesday too. It is nearer to my home, so I think I will go along. Another thing is I have run two Londons on my clubs places so I would feel disloyal to just up sticks.

    i know what you mean about jobs too,  I think we do best when we make positive decisions and move forward, so perhaps I should apply that philosophy to running. 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - tough call. I agree with Angela, no harm in trying out and it's far easier to find a  club that fits you than try to change a club to fit you. It is difficult though and I completely get your loyalty dilemma. 

    Angela - very good question re. intervals. 

    I am not an expert and so everything I say is based on what I've learned or read. It's a shame the 26.2 comp is over because I'm sure Steve or Sam would be more than happy to go through the theory with you.

    The main aim of Interval training is to increase VO2 max. By doing this you'll find it easier to run faster over 10K distance.

    Why do 400m and not just 800m or mile repeats? In all honesty I'm not sure. I guess that on a shorter interval you can maintain a quicker speed and so work on leg turnover instead of economy. You wouldn't always do 400m reps of course, you'd do a mix of sessions, changing every week so you covere a number of bases. 

    I used to wonder why you had to run so slowly on 20 mile long runs when surely all that would do is train you to run a slow marathon. Of course the point of it is to allow you to adapt to running for long periods of time without putting excessive strain on the body that would result in the need for a much longer recovery time.

    I think it's a similar thing for the 400m reps. If you tried to run a 10K at full tilt every speed session you'd end up exhausted, overtrained and injured. By doing the shorter bursts you improve leg speed and VO2 max in a more controlled manner.

    That all said, if you don't like them then I'd say don't do them image. I'm sure that cutting them out is not going to affect your 10K aspirations. There are loads of other speed work options you can go for so as long as you do some (and you do it right) then you should see improvement.

  • Interesting Malcs... hmm, would you consider this HIIT?  According to this article I could get the benefits doing it on the bike, which might also help my cycling....

    I didn't actualy get a chance to overhaul my plan this weekend, I have white blobs on my tonsils and epiglotis that seem to go away with a good night's sleep, but come back if I stay up too late, so I didn't run or ride at the weekend, and spent all day yesterday cooking naughty food again- homemade scotch eggs, roast tarragon chicken with veggies, and vanilla ice cream with raspberries adn salty caramel sauce- nom nom nom.

    This week was going to be:

    Monday: 4 mile jog

    Tuesday: 6 mile build up run (9:45- 8:30)

    Wednesday: Bike ride commutey thing - 6.5 miles in the morning, 6.5 in evening

    Thursday: Speed work- mile repeats

    Friday: Rest

    Saturday: 60 mile cycle - hilly

    Sunday: Mersea Island round the island race  12.2miles

    How do we edit this to be more 10k specific?  I guess make Tuesday a tempo going more toward a 10k pace in the middle, and perhaps switch thursday to these short intervals?



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well the HIIT could well help with VO2 max if you get up to lactate threshold. You're starting to get to the limits of my knowledge here. 

    What I would say is I'd give it more than a day between speed sessions. 2-3 days is better particularly if you're worried about injuries. Also you absolutely must warm up properly and warm down too. 

    Given the week you have there I would maybe even just do one speed session but make it really high quality. There isn't really enough room to rest properly with your 60 mile cycle and a race as well.

    Is the bike ride commute fairly casual? If so I might be tempted to swap the build up run and speed work so your legs have enough time to recover for the 60 mile cycle.

    On other weeks where you don't have a race and a long cycle I'd do one speed on Tuesday and the other on Friday so have a two day gap. be careful not to overdo it though. Personally I think one good speed session is better than two dodgy ones but that may just be me.


  • Hi Malcs, yes the commute is fairly casual, really- it's just about getting some extra time on the bike, for some reason I find cycle training pointless- cycling to nowhere.... Coz running's nothing like that!  Nah, in reality, the times I could get on my bike during the week the roads are so busy that I spend more time concentrating on road safety than I do my training, but still, good to have some tithe on the bike.  On ur advice I thought I better do a speed session today and try to fit another in on Thursday, but I felt a bit drained when I got home and just wanted to eat, plus my throat still a little uncomfortable- reckon another good sleep will heal it.... Then tomorrow early morning for 8x 800m reps with 90s recovery- another one frm that women's running article.

    i might take the race fairly easy- was never going to be an A race, but a good one to catch up from people in the local running scene image


    cant believe tr24 only 3 weeks away!

  • Hi guys. Sorry I havent been around....moving house is more complicated than I initially thought. The jobs are endless and then with going up to newcastle on friday night (set of at 11:30pm) until sunday evening its been all a little hectic. On a plus the athletics was brilliant, really enjoyed it although I kept getting the urge to run down on to the track and run round! Even if my foot hadnt been hurting at the weekend, I still wouldnt have been able to run due to being too busy.

    When we got back to York yesterday I popped to the gym before doing any housey things and managed 4.8 miles before my foot started to hurt again...disappointed it wasnt more after it being 7 days since I dropped something on it, but far better than the 1.5 miles I was only able to manage on the wednesday. 

    Decided to go on the bike for an hour today as I was aware of my foot all day, however im hoping to get another run in tomorrow. Im going to give my 10k race a miss as I dont know if I would be able to get round it all safely so im trying to be sensible. Im so worried about my probable declining fitness, endurance and speed. Its so annoying after I was ticking over so nicely

  • Thankyou all for your good luck wishes and kind words.

    Fantastic intervals Angela, I havent done mine now for 3 weeks..its driving me mad. I use to always do shorter intervals until Minni mentored me and then I changed to longer intervals which I did enjoy more. Im not sure why but they seemed to improve me more and seemed more relevant to my training. I did anything from 1km to 2 mile repeats and varied it from week to week. 

    If you have P&D, that explains the difference between the benefits of doing shorter and longer reps. One is more for your lactate threshold and the other is to improve your VO2 max.

    I think your being sensible not running with maybe bacterial if you have white blobs (exudate) on them, although it is usually viral. I would see your GP if its not settling/becomes worse.

    3 weeks until we get to eat your carrot cake image

    Hi Malcs you sound like you have learnt loads from all the reading on you fancy mentoring me for York? I need some reassurance too that im not loosing my fitness and am going to be rubbish when I get back running again. I really cant believe that I was stupid enough to drop something on my foot!image

    Hi Dotty  hows your running going after edinburgh? Luckily I managed somehow to escape a hangover on sunday morning. Had a fab night, was nice to let my hair down a bit and not worry about having to be up early in the morning to run.

    Mr P im thinking about changing RC too, my second claim club have an amazing website and have a FB page that gets updated after most races and congratulates those that run. It is well organised and has alot of social events, lots of younger runners, and its in York. My first claim club sounds similar to yours. Its a lovely club with great members but the website is dated, there is not much info on it, no facebook page etc. We didnt even get a congratulations on three ladies getting prizes in the road league and we dont get many emails about up coming races. Im so tempted to swap but I dont want to upset anyone....even though I have a great excuse with my first club being 60 miles away!!

    Anyhow had better go to bed now as its getting late again...nightimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - good to hear you are surviving the move. That's the part of the whole process I am least looking forward to. 

    Whilst the foot pain is frustrating it sounds like it's moving in the right direction. I think you're making the right call to give the 10K race a miss.

    Of course you won't be rubbish when you get back to running! These little accidents happen - at least it wasn't a break or a tear, it'll fix quickly. You will probably benefit from the rest too. I just destroyed my marathon PB on the back of a good six weeks of disrupted (read zero) running and a shortened training campaign. So for you it will be no probelm whatsoever.

    Me mentor you?!!!! Surely it should be the other way round? image  I definitely have picked up alot from being on the forums but I'm still a novice. Interesting what you say about how running longer intervals worked for you. I still think a mix is good but I can't argue with using what works for you.

    Angela - agree with Sarah, I never run if I feel ill or worn out - it's just not worth it so you did the right thing. Hope you're feeling better for your reps this morning. 

    It's 5 weeks to TR24 isn't it? I'm including the rest of this week. The event is the end of July. Sorry if that reduced the excitement any. On the plus side, it's more time for a bit of extra training, baking or in Sarah's case to find all her kit in the myriad of boxesimage

    In other news: My knee is a bit sore - came out of nowhere so I'm trying to keep sane and assuming it's a tightness issue as I've been doing alot more fast stuff recently. Paranoia drive engaged.

    Also, we bought a house - now just need to get someone to give us a mortgage image

  • Morning All- Malcs you're absolutely right- we need to blame Tigger for her bad maths... or typo!!  Congratulations on the house!!!  Have you managed to sell yours?  Sorry about your sore knee... Usually kness take the brunt of an issue elsewhere, so get that foam roller on your hips, quads, hammys, and calfs and shins to relieve it!  Especially the hips- I always find that is the source of anythink with my knee, and my lower back is the source of any problem in my calves...  I re-read the Women's running article about 10ks- it has a top 10 10k sessions.  All of them seem to focus on slightly longer intervals - 800m upward, except the last one, which they recommend doing 5-6 days before the race, whic is 400m reps - a tune up session so to speak, so I think I'll do that- pick out their longer intervals to do once per week, and then a threshold run and long run, and save the shorter intervals for the race week.

    Hiya Sarah, so sorry about your foot- that must be so frustrating, especially with the stress of moving house- I am sending foot get better vibes.  So, I'm not sure if it even was tonsilitis, if itt was it was very very mild, as i'm pretty sure its gone now, and wasn't at all painful, just a bit uncomfortable.  Asthma nurse did tell me that sometimes the steroid inhaler can cause throat issues if I don't rinse my mouth out properly after taking it, so maybe it was just that- must buy some listerine...

    I can't believe your running club is 60 miles away!  Makes me feel silly not wanting to join a club in London now!  Do you go to that club every week for their training session?

    I did my intervals this morning. . . 


  • After my dithering last night, I picked another 10k session from women's running magazine. 8-10x800m with 75-90s jog/walk recovery. I mostly walked the recoveries and they were all 90s due to setting up the garmin- also, the distance was 0.5 miles, but I'm pretty sure that is exactly 800m. This session is almost like yasso 800s- the difference being the recoveries are much shorter- after much marathon reading last night in prep for one next spring, I decided my target time for that should be 3:55, so I would be surprised to find I could do these intervals at that pace. Indeed I was pleasantly surprised as I wasn't that far off, and given my dinner last night was a Greek salad and I only had a cup of beeple juice before I set off, I think this was a pretty good one again.

    Interval paces and times as follows:
    Interval 1: 8:07mm, 4:04
    Interval 2: 7:42mm, 3:51
    Interval 3: 7:57mm, 3:58
    Interval 4: 7:58mm, 3:58
    Interval 5: 7:54mm, 3:56
    Interval 6: 7:33mm, 3:46
    Interval 7: 7:54mm, 3:56
    Interval 8: 7:48mm, 3:54

    I forgot to mention that the session dictated that odd number intervals should be done at threshold pace and even number intervals at target 10k pace. Clearly interval 6 was a bit gangbusters! But sub 8mm for the 10k should be fine again based on this session. After this weekend where I have a long bike ride and a 12 mile race, I'll see what effect these speed sessions have had with some tempo runs before tuning up pre race with some faster intervals. And what does this mean for marathon pace? We'll see for sure when I begin marathon training again, but I think that these speed sessions are possible at this level because of my fitness from training for the halstead marathon. Perhaps if it strictly followed yasso 800 format, with a longer recovery time, I might have done each at 3:50- that's an experiment for later in the season though.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Sounds good Angela. That's the food I mean image.

    If Malcs doesn't fancy mentoring, I could do it. Tonights session for instance would be a twenty minute session on the rower, a short circuit of light weight reps then twenty minutes on the treadmill. Then phone the takeaway before nipping in the shower and picking up a Char Sui Chow Mein and a few beers on the way home.

    I was so tired when I came out of work, and tbh I could have gone to sleep in the car. I felt a little odd on the rowing machine, but when it came to the treadmill, I was flying. Next week I will extend the time.

    what races has everyone planned? I've entered a 10k in Liverpool on Sunday, but we are eating out the night before so it might be messy.



  • Congratulations Malcs on buying a house, it's so exciting. When would you be hoping to move? from what I've just experienced I would suggest no where near york marathon!! What's the house like and is it near to where you live now?

    when I woke up this morning I was gutted not racing tonight as it looked so nice however I'm glad that I didn't as I only managed 4 miles bstrategy foot started hurting. im disappointed as I thought I would be running further by now but then when I look back I did have 4 days rest before running on Sunday whereas this time I had only had two days/48 hours so I'm hoping that still means my foots improving. I can't believe how much it's getting to me. stinks its been made worse by the taper I had pre Skye then tredonErnest's rest after Skye-will have almost had a month if proper training...which is rubbish. Thankyou for your positive comment about your marathon PB Malcs, it does make me feel better and I am hoping the rest will do the rest of me some good

    Internet is not working on my iPad so I'm having to do this on my phone-I apologise for any errors and's a nightmare on here!


    hope your knee isn't anything serious....wouldn't want to wish injury, accidents and immobility on anyone! 

  • Great intervals Angela, I'm jealous, I love intervals and speed training and haven't done anything since pre Skye. Is it a book or a magazine you have gotten the 10k training sessions for? Fancy reading it myself.

    Steroid inhalerJavan cause oral thrush sometimes which could leave white bits in the mouth which is normally non tender but can cause a slightly irritated Thoat, Rilke you saimoron sing your mouth out after using an inhaler can help.

    I tend to only run with my first claim club when I'm back in sheffield. During football season that's normally on alternate Sundays. I have only ran with my second claim club three times as I struggle to finish work in time, but I have enjoyed doing the races for them and meeting new people.


    Mr P where are you eating out on Saturday? I've always been told indian is a pre race no no but I did it before and was ok, but I did choose my meal wisely!

    its awful when you feel that tired and exhausted but on a positive good on you for still going to the gym. I did my weights and 32 mins on the TM so not

  • Much but better than nothing. I was tempted to go on the rower for a change but it was getting late so I had a shower instead and went home.

    I have the national three peaks challenge this weekend so no running for me. Foot (touch wood) appears fine when I'm a walking so I'm hoping it will be ok, although walking up and down mountains will be completeldifferent to walking around flat york!

    Forgot to say....I like your mentoring style!

     good luck to both you and Angela this weekend, can't wait to hear how you get on

  • Just re read what I have is predictive text on my iPhone rather than me being drunk...honest!!

  • It's ok Sarah, when I can't run, I often drink more tooimage

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Lol it reads like one of the spam threads! Sing your mouth out indeed.

    we are going for an English o n Saturday at a newish restaurant in Chester, I will probably drive to prevent me from drinking.

    i was reading the website of the club I want to join, they have their own three peaks challenge, a circuit of Frodsham Hill, Helsby Hill and Eddisbury Hill which I will tackle one sunny Saturday.



  • Hi Sarah,

    YUp, I'm really enjoying the intervals, though surprised that I've done both of them first thing in the morning- I actually think if I had left them until after work, they may not have been as good due to being so tired toward the end of the day.  I think when I'm done with this silly bike ride, I might try and make my training schedule emulate how I trained for Halstead, with Saturday being speed day and Sunday being long run day, and then easy runs in the week, with perhaps 1 quality one on the wednesday.  I emailed you the article about 10ks - to sarah osborn- do u still use that address?  It was from Women's running.

    Mr P, I like your mentoring too- sounds rather like my training when i'm not in psycho marathon mode!

    As for race plans, now there's no marathon, I've been scouting around for 10ks- I'm going to try and keep it local because of cost, but if people have any that still have places available, I might be happy for a little jaunt in another part of the country- got extra holiday to take now as well.

    This weekend-  Mersea Island Round the island race - 12.2miles

    14/7 - Felstead 10k

    27-28/7 TR24

    4/8 - Silly stupid 100 mile bike ride... WHAT WAS I THINKING???

    10/8 Hadleigh Castle 10k (I think)

    8/9 Bacchus Half Marathon - was planning on doing this as an easy for fun one since there is wine en route, but I might race it properly now

    15/9 Dedham 10k


    I haven't actually entered any of the 10ks yet, but I think I can enter the first coupel on the day - also thinking of encorporating running the parkrun at least every other week.

    What about you Mr P- can't remember, are you doing an Autumn marathon?


  • hi Sarah,

    Sorry for not being around much, but glad the house move went well; hopefully foot will hold up well for the 3 peaks this weekend. Whats the weather forecast like?

    Angela- impressive set of events lined up! What is your main aim- to get 10k time down? What is your PB? Looking forward to TR24 already...

    Malcs- Any joy with mortgage yet? Hope the knee is ok

    Now started training for Cologne- about to g out for steady state run now, then OW swim this evening after work (cross training for rubber lovers image  ) Only 3 weeks left in doncaster too....

  • Hiya Clive,

    My main aim remains qualifying for the Boston Marathon before I turn 30... I turn 27 next week, so still got plenty of time, however, yes 10k improvement is the aim for the rest of the year, since I can't fit that marathon in anymore.  Pb is 52:50 - thats the first road race I ever trained for and ran back in 2008.  Never managed to beat that!  

    But I think I'm in shape to smash it now!

    I've been looking at a 'Qualify for Boston' book by Jeff Galloway- he has a 29 week marathon training schedule!  Really giving lots more time recovery whilst still getting all the long runs in, as well as speedwork - I might look to do this for a spring marathon - If I get a ballot place for London, that would mean starting the marathon plan toward the end of September, thoguh the first long run is only 7 miles, so I could probably spend a few more weeks playing with speed for 10ks before jumping into the plan when the long run is more like 12 miles.

    I can't believe you actually like OW swimming- I was so scared by my experience during the Maldon triathlon last year, that that's the one and only time I have used my wetsuit!  Quite different to swimming in the ocean in Sydney!!


  • Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)

    It's ok Sarah, when I can't run, I often drink more tooimage

    Lol...although it is true, went out and had a few on saturday night, first time in ages! It sounds like you have all your training runs and races mapped very impressed and quite jealous again. I had done my training schedule for York marathon but its going to need amending now....when I find it!! I did some of my long runs the day after a short speed session (of about 30 mins) think its good training on tired legs once in a while. Thankyou for the email. I have printed it off so I will read it when I get home tonight. I prefer speed training in the evening to run my stress off from work, think thats why im missing it.

    I was hoping my marathon training plan for York would have been 40 weeks (ie from start of London marathon training) but ive messed that one up!

    Haha Mr P...I was hoping more for criptic rather than spam...but never mind! Still at work so I thought I would quickly come on here before I head home so my post is more readable and less challenging! We have our own three peaks in yorkshire..its a good one if you ever fancy it. I did it last year, it involves climbing Pen-y-Ghent,
    Whernside and Ingleborough

    Hi Clive. I havent even looked at the forecast yet...they always tend to get it wrong and with the weather been like it was last weekend im fearing the worse so im scared to look, although this week has been nice. I cant believe that you only have three weeks left at work. I bet you cant wait to leave. We can celebrate the new job at TR!! Whats your training looking like for cologne?

  • Evening all!

    I tried to post earlier but my iPad decided to shut down (low battery) so I lost it all.

    The discussion on interval training has been really interesting. I must read back over it and take some notes. Need to inject some speed into my running again, at the moment marathon pace feels hard.

    I wish I had read Mr P's post about running with a hangover before I set off for my long run today. I had to abort it after 4 miles. I've learned my lesson, no LSR after a night out with the girls!

    My day just got even better. I took my nephews to the park after school and couldn't resist joining in with their football game. I am now trying to type while balancing a packet of peas on my hand. I think I've sprained my wrist whilst showing off my goalkeeping skills. Thankfully it's not my ankle. Is there room on the injury bench, Sarah? I can sympathise with the pain in your foot.

    Congratulations Malcs on your new house. How's it going with the morgage?

    I think I may need a medicinal glass of wine.....
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Arggghh Just had a similar problem Dotty. I give up - getting too late now and I'm on School duty tomorrow.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the good wishes re. the house. Will post more tomorrow.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Greetings and salutations. Work and children are once again taking up all my time.

    Sarah - I do feel for you. It is an awful thing being injured. If you rest up then surely it'll be fine for your challenge at the weekend. 

    How are you getting on with the unpacking? Still surrounded by boxes? Assuming you've moved to a bigger house at least you'll have space to put everything while the process of going through it all continues. I don't think I ever asked, is the new house near York? (don't worry this isn't leading to a request for pre marathon accommodation, I'm sorted so you can relax)

    We're only moving half a mile away (if that). It's literally round the corner. Moving date is likely to be September so it won't be far off York marathon time! That's got me worried now. I will have to wear boots with reinforced toe caps around that timeimage

    House is a 4 bed with study, lounge and dining room. Currently we have a 3 bed with only one lounge/diner. My two are 11 and 8 now and I work from home. You can see why a move was necessary! It also has 3 bath rooms with 3 baths - who needs 3 baths?

    The biggest joy will be having more than one toilet. It's not much fun having a relaxing shower while a small child pumps out fumes on the throne next to you because they "really can't wait". We're paying through the nose for this kind of luxury but goddamit it'll be worth it image

    Angela - thanks for the reassurance re. the knee. I think you are probably right about it being an issue elsewhere. The heavy roller has been out in force this week! 

    That was a great set of intervals btw. If you can keep that level of effort up on a regular basis you are bound to see some big improvements. 

    Yes, sold our house earlier this month. Just two in the chain so only just a small matter of mortgages and solicitors to deal with and we're there.

    Mr P - +1 for Puffy Mentoring Inc. image  Like your style sir. I reckon the workout-takeout plan could be the next big thing - get yourself to the patents office immediately!

    Good luck at the weekend. My next 'race' is TR24. Knee issues have meant that the Orpington 10K this weekend is a no-go and I'm pretty much giving up on the idea of the Dartford half. 

    Clive - hope the swim went well (nutter). Seems like you've been waiting forever for the job change. 3 weeks is no time at all. Should be a big relief for you finally.

    Mortgage is tricky as they class me as self employed so I need to give them accounts for the last 3 years. Pain in the butt because last years haven't been done yet! That's another delay to add to the process. I just hope they give us the money.

    Echo Sarah's question, what's your training plan for Cologne? Are you doing your own, adapting one or having one tailored for you? 

    Dotty - I learned a long time ago not to run after a night out with the girlsimage  It's up there with other classic leassons learned like "Never post from a tablet" and "I'm not David Seaman"image 

    Thanks re. house. For mortgage question see above. For wine question see drinks cabinet.

    Are you training at the moment? What's your next target? 

  • Hi Dotty sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope it improves soon...your more than welcome to take my place on the sick/injury bench...ive had enough. Im about to go to the gym now to attempt another run.....please wish me luck!

    Its really difficult with running and hangovers, usually it cures my hangover, once it almost killed me!!

    Did you use to play football?

    Malcs thankyou ever so much for sponsoring me for the three peaks...I cant believe that its only two days really looking forward to it but at teh same time worried about this bloody foot- grrr!

    Weve moved to another area of York, roughly 6 miles away from our old house. Its 4 bed detached (whereas our old house was 2 bed mid town house). It feels so spacious but it wont be long before we fill it with rubbish im sure. I would have happily let you and your wife stay over pre marathon....if anything goes wrong with your plans then just let me know. Currently we have unpacked most things except things in the computer room/study as im painting that room tomorrow. We still have a wardrobe to re build in the third bedroom too but were wanting to paint that first. Im hoping that the painting tomorrow will take my mind off not being able to do a long run tomorrow (which I couldnt have done even if my foot was ok due to the three i will stop complaining and worrying!)

    Sorry I didnt want to get you worried about moving house...its bad enough with training for a marathon and moving house normally without added worries and the two together!

    We had two toilets at the last house and to be honest I dont think I could go back to having one. I hate it when I go back to my parents and have to wait for the loo whilst someone is in the shower....its so much more convinient. 3 baths wow....your new house must be huge!


    Good luck with your accounts...rather you than me!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    sarah osborne wrote (see)

    3 baths wow....your new house must be huge!

    No it's an extended 3 bed semi so it's fairly compact (this is the South East remember - you need to be proper loaded to be able to afford something huge).

    That said I think the place would be alot bigger if it had fewer bathsimage

    You're very welcome re. the sponsorship. It marks a turning point for me - I'm finally earning enough to do gift aid - woo hoo! image

    Your new gaff sounds great. That must be such a difference from what you've been used to. 

    You are so right about filling houses with rubbish. We used to think we were bad enough and then we had kids! If you want to find the real experts at filling up houses with crap then look no further than the little folk (and I don't mean leprechauns or Warwick Davis). Those little blighters are a nightmare (well, mine are). 

    Thanks for the offer of accommodation - I was only joking but it's very good of you. We'll be staying at my sister's house in Thorpe Willoughby so unless she moves we are all sorted.

    Accounts have been dropped today but won't be ready until 10th July - more delays!

    Hope the gym goes well - don't overdo it, you have a few mountains to climb in a couple of days.

    What colour are you painting the study, blue or pink? image image

  • Malcs, ur house sounds awesome!!!  Must say its one of the hardest things to put up with, to deal with leaving ur parents 5 bedroom massive garden home to live in crappy  flats that take all ur money in rent, and when I eventually bought my flat, the price was higher than they sold the 4 bed I first lived in, and not just a little higher.... A good 45% Higher...  Really I should just swap homes with my mum, but I guess the sisters may be annoyed by that!  I don't know how we ever survived with 1 bathroom and 5 people.  We have 2 with 2 of us now,and no pink or blue study until we're in a house!

    thanks for the encouragement on the intervals- unfortunately didn't manage a run today, instead been sipping on some Californian Zinfandel- we'll go taste it from the vineyard when we do RW San Fran marathon trip 2015!

    think I'll get up in the morning to run- realising how much weight I need to loose to get that fab 6-pack/jess Ennis body for my honeymoon!!!  Need to stop being so lazy/blaze about it!  This is the main problem with the uk weather- u never have to show any skin, and so having a bit of a belly isn't a bother- I was much lighter/slimmer when I lived in Australia!


    Dotty, when I was training for Berlin marathon I regularly went out until 4 n the morning the day before my long runs- had gone thru a break up, so was letting off some serious steam- it was all accidentally Saturday nights out, so I ended up movin long runs to Saturday so that I would be ok with a hangover Sunday...typical single response!

    Sarah, good luck with 3 peaks! Wish I could join ya- we didn't do any climbing in the lakes when we were there as the weather got pretty bad and we didn't really have appropriate clothing for such weather- would love to go exploring there again though, and never been to Wales or Scotland!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Just back from club night, got rained on al the way round, and it was very hard work. I forgot try garmin again, but my mates thought it was a fast session.

    malcs your house sounds lovely, I hope you're all going to be very happy there for a long time. Have you had all three baths on the go at the same time yet?

    Sarah I read an article on litter picking at Scafell Pike yesterday, they found an OCTOPUS!  My frien thinks it might have been dropped by a seabird, I think it is a prank. It is messy up there though, shocking really.

  • Haha Malcs, you wouldn't believe the number of rumours that are going around now we have bought a bigger house....everyone is excited about children....they should really know me better however, I've a marathon to run at the end of the year!!

    You will be pleased to know the study is going to be painted yellow...two shades...thought it would help keep me awake and my brain stimulated whilst working! Bedroom 2 is going to be green, bedroom 1 a type of maroon on the bottom half and a paler warm colour on top and I'm undecided about room 3. It's currently blue but I find that colour a little cold. What do you think?

    surely children can't be as bad as Chris...he keeps so much rubbish and hardly cleans up after himself..

    If you do have any problems with accommodation then just let me know. It would benefit me to have another runner in the house so I don't bore chris too much!!

    Hi Angela....that's the kind of 6 pack I want to. I've been working on it for over a year now but it's not happening. Your parents house sounds lush. Scotland and wales are amazing. i would really recommend going to both. if i dont manage to do the three peaks in 24 hours you can come with me when i re do it! i was just thinking about having a glass of the same wine....but im trying to be good after my successful ish run tonight. Good luck with your run in the morning. 

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