Thames Meander Marathon



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    Tiger wrote (see)
    I am in image

    Curly I'm in Ashtead, you & Magpie could come over to me & go for a run on the Downs, then it's 5 mins from me to the shop. A run & a bit of retail too, what could be better?!


    Tiger wrote (see)
    I am in image

    Curly I'm in Ashtead, you & Magpie could come over to me & go for a run on the Downs, then it's 5 mins from me to the shop. A run & a bit of retail too, what could be better?!

    Would of course have to win something first image

    Must enter at the weekend...

  • Lisa123 wrote (see)

    Hi, all am thinking about entering this as my first full marathon, have run a couple of HM's and I really like the look of the course - not completely flat and not all on roads which is a bonus. My only concern is upping the distance through the summer months although as it appears that we have entered a new ice age maybe the summer training won't be so bad image

    Bearing in mind, 24 August could well be a hot day, marathon training across the summer will get you conditioned for the heat.

    To look at it another way, plenty of spring marathons are run in relatively warm conditions compared to the cold winter training undertaken beforehand. I did London back in 2009 where temperatures got to around 16c-18c and boy did that feel warm on the day!

    Are you in then?

  • I took part in the Folkestone 10M today and beat my PB by almost 2 minutes to get down to 67:25. Pleased with that!

    How's everybody else getting on?

  • Slowly recouping distance lost to 3 weeks of flu - tedious but necessary. Stoke Common (Bucks) is flooded and the puddles covered in ice, but at least it's not 18 foot snow drifts! image

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    Just entered the half - looking forward to the hot food afterwards (not that I think about my belly as well as my run, but.. well yes I do!)

    How does it work with the meal afterwards, by the way, if I have my other half with me at the race supporting, can he get some grub too (paying, of course!)

    Really looking forward to running around this area again - it's my old 'stomping' ground for training and commuting, very much looking forward to returning for some more miles around there image will have a crack at breaking 2 hours if the conditions are good too...

  • I am still trying to decide whether I should sign up for the full or half. By the time I have made my mind up no doubt both races will be full image

  • Okay, just entered. THis is probably the sign for me to fall over a tree root and sprain something ...

  • Just signed up for this marathon. It's my second and it sure is a lot closer to home than my first - Budapest last October!

  • Hope you guys don't mind me crashing in on here (half marathon forum seem very slow) just put my entry in for the half , so see you all in August even if your all going a different route when we get to the water.

  • hi people this will be my first marathon any advice you can give me? I 've all ready started training im up to 17 miles already ive only been running for 7 weeks is this to much already? I've slowly increased my distance iv'e gone from 5 to 17. would be grateful for any advice or tips. ( if you see a nutter running along the thames from Twickenham to Putney in a red jacket that's me!!!!!!!)

  • I'm no expert but can't help but think that you are increasing the volume way too sharply and are in danger of getting injured.

  • wozer 83 - the usual advice is to increase by no more than 10% per week, in order to avoid injury and give your body the opportunity to adapt and repair.

    when you say you are up to 17 miles already do you mean per week or for your long run?

    Most marathod schedules are around 16-18 weeks and won't have you doing 17 miles until around weeks 6-8 so I would think with this in mind you might be advised to back off a bit and start a steady build up hopefully peaking on the day!

  • thanks guys for getting back to me 17 miles is my big run on the weekends but during the week I do between 15-20 miles so it sounds like I must cut down a bit!!! this is all very new to me I've never done any kind of running before so im very grateful for all the help and advice.


  • Respect at having gone from 5 miles to 17 miles in 7 weeks, but even if you are naturally gifted that still sounds a bit quick (not to say demoralising for us tortoises at the back) Slow up a bit and enjoy!


  • thanks for the respect!!! thing is because I run on my own I really don't know how to pace myself like I say its all very new to me i do enjoy it but maybe i need to enjoy it a bit moreimage

  • I have just added a training schedule on to my profile on Garmin Connect, which seems like a neat feature. Apparently I will be doing an easy run this Sunday - my official starting point for my marathon training. Unfortunately, the rest of the schedule is not so "easy" - perhaps I should not have selected the "advanced" training...!

  • Really itching for a PB friendly marathon and tempted by this one. Checking the calendar with girlfriend...

  • C'mon Duke - join us!

  • Does anyone know how many competitors run this one, is there a cut off date for entry etc. We are based overseas in Qatar at the moment but will be back in UK for a holiday in august and would love to do this one as have done most of my previous  marathon training runs in richmond park. Prob will be around the 4 hour mark time wise. 

  • Done! All signed up for the marathon! Girlfriend is signed up for the half image


  • Duke Toblerone wrote (see)

    Done! All signed up for the marathon! Girlfriend is signed up for the half image

    Well done to both of you! The hard work starts now!


  • So, what's the latest out there - how's the training going???

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    anyone know the terrain profile much on this? ive not run on this section of downs(only the North downs on the 50) .hoping theres some ascent somewhere?image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


  • theres a slight drop at the start and of course ascent at the end. Other than that the biggest hill is Putney bridge!

  • Okay, I'm into 'running further than I ever have before' territory. My knees are still speaking to me (just)! How's everyone else doing?

  • Just back from a week visiting my Daughter in ireland got a couple of runs including 6 miles yesterday, which is the longest since my calf tear, so looking good to start ramping up now.



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Loulabell - I think there's one on the Hermes Running website. As JMopper said - there's only one really bad hill at Mile 24 (that you run down at the beginning) and then putney bridge.

    Redheadedraver - I'm doing good. I've decided to do this one.... but I just need to sort out the entry!

    Wozer - I'm amazed that you managed to ramp up the distance so quickly.... but as others have said - back it off. Are you following a training plan?

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