Thames Meander Marathon



  • Yes it definatly was a lovely race - both me and my other half keen on doing it next year!! 

  • I used this race as a training race for Berlin and ended up finishing in a faster time than i did in the London Marathon. Lovely course, friendly marshalls and well stocked drink stations and a great medal, and a bonus of running past about five stags with huge antlers in Richmond Park, i also loved the cooling rain and the fact it was on a Saturday, could still go out for a few beers on Saturday night.

  • What a day !! I was one of the marshalls at Barnes train bridge and boy oh boy....did it RAIN !!  Never done a marathon marshal before and never marshalled at a water / aid station so it was pretty frantic at times......hard not to panic and tried to give you all you needed and pretty quick at that !!  Great fun tho and many thanks for all of you who thanked us on the day and since. I have always thanked marshals and been appreciative of them up until now anyway, but after that experience I will be even more so.  image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Possum hopper - I think we briefly chatted on saturday. Thank you for your support, your encouragement.

  • Possum Hopper, without people like you events like this couldn't happen.  All of you on the day did an amazing job considering the weather... I think when we all signed up, you included probably, we though we'd need sun block not arm bands!  Thanks again

  • Hi I had a great day with a pb at the end so can't and shouldn't complain. The really heavy rain started for me in my last half hour and pegged me back a little in the run-in through Richmond Park that is mostly uphill. But the run along the river path was great and this was overall the fastest course of the seven I've run this year. So I was buzzing at the finish and can thoroughly recommend this event. Good organisation generally, a great idea to have the spagetti at the end - really good. One quibble only - that mile markers would really help as it was a little frustrating not to know the distance covered. However this was better in the run back from the turn as one then knew roughly where one was. But mile markers would definitely help and make this the perfect marathon. Thanks to all the marshalls for braving the atrocious conditions later in the day. The school provides a great base as well - one of the best I've come across. Happy days!

  • Have signed up to run this year. Am a litle apprehensive that will be a bit too warm but it sounds like a lovely route and I'm quite looking forward to it. And the training should be a good way to shake off the post Brighton marathon blues. Also hoping there will still be tshirts for sale at the somewhat of an event tshirt hoarder image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Carley - I'm not sure about T-shirts... and dont worry about it being warm. It's a bank holiday in the UK ;P

  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭

    See you all there, Me and the OH will be running this year.image

  • Haha Emmy...I did think that a great British bank holiday...better pack my rain jacket! A buddy and I will be taking this on together, we recently ran brighton and she twisted my arm...not that it took much!

    We've booked our hotel for the night before so we are all set on that front just need to decide if we will drive down or get the train..we're thinking post event beer on the way home so train is winning currently! See you there guys image

  • Yes got soaked last year so much so that my eyes were sore for a day from the rain running into them. I will be wearing a hat this year. Might be for the sun or the rain who knows?

  • Great route and friendly race. I ran the half last year, got soaked and ended up with a nasty cold for weeks after, but that was my fault for not having a jacketimage Definitely recommend it!

  • I will pack for both eventualities to be on the safe side, and the use of the showers after will be fab if we do get soaked. Don't fancy travelling all the way back to Gloucester after getting a soaking, even after changing into dry clothes. Might have to pack goggles too in case it rains like last year!

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    I've entered the marathon now. Glad the hill at the end has been taken out (yes I'm a wimp) - the new course looks good, though I'm not looking forward to that little extra bit at the end when the course goes past the finish a few miles before you actually finish!

  • How's everyone's training going? 19 last Friday and 20 today out at 6am to avoid some of the heat.

    Not long now 29 days.

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    Got my 20 done last Sunday, trying to decide whether to do another long run (18-20) this Sunday or to start to shorten the long runs now.

    Had a fantastic 20, for some reason everything clicked and I felt great for a lot of the run (across beautiful countryside in the South Downs, so lucky to have this terrain within running distance!) Hope I feel like that on 23rd August...

  • Not long now. Annajo imho 18-20 is too long for this Sunday. My last long will be 10 on Fri/Sat this is longer than I would normally do a week before a marathon. 6 is about right for me. Only doing longer as I am using the meander as part for my training for a longer race in Oct. You want to be at the start line with bundles of energy.

  • If anyone knows of a spare place, I would be interested.  

  • This was my first TMM, and I loved it.


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