2013 Marathon Thread



  • NN- Sorryimage, back to 2 runs today- 6.56m am and 6.57m pmimage

    Fiona- nice run- plenty of time to buildimage

    HM4- good luck with the physioimage

    Tek- take it easy.....

    AGF- who's a nutter?imageimage Nice running from you twoimage

    NP- good banking- and your prediction re Fetch was correct- number 1 at this moment in timeimage 

  • Tek,

    The bizare thing is we've had early morning temperature of about 6-8 down here recently so I think it's the return to exercising which has upset the balance as I've hardly done anything recently.  However the weather is a fair bit colder today.  Hope your knee settles down soon.


    Should do.  They've worked before.


    Well done on everyone's training.  This weekend's weather looks pants & I'm working on Saturday and have things to do on Sunday so may not get out for a run.

  • xpost with Jason,

    It's not fresh physio only re-doing exercises from when I broke my shoulder a couple of winters ago.



  • A term if endearment Jason image. Thanks
  • 6.5 miles w/6x450ish (@~6.10m/m pace) tonight.

    Never done 400s before, so I think I ran them too fast. That was one of the reasons I only ran 6, instead of my original plan of 8-10. The 2 unleashed dogs and 8000 strong jog scotland group that desended on the path I was running was the other reason.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik nice running on and off road.

    AGF Nice dog running bet Lulu will be marathon fit come Aprilimage

    Jason nice double and nice 1st place I have moved up to 14th but that idiot is sill just below youimage just happy to be on the first page again image

    SM6 Nice session.

    Second 7 mile run done and banked.image



  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    More miles in the bank NP! image

    I hope the knee has settled down Teknik? image

    Nice easy miles mace, AGF & Lulu.

    Great intervals Stuart!

    Back to the doubles jason image just done my second run, 6.25 miles in total with 4 miles at 15k/hr off 200m (very slow) recoveries. Legs were feeling tired, I think the miles are catching up on me! image


  • I see you there NP, good running matey image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona another great days training in the bank, funny my legs where heavy yesterday and this morning but felt ok after a couple of miles tonight, on course for 80+ miles this week image

    Jason no catching you buddy.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Cross post NP, another 7 miles!! You guys are really racking up the miles, I've just had a look at the league table. image


  • NP- early days image
  • Another xp- well done, yourself, Fiona! image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Is that a three way crossimage

    Think the low 90' are my limit plus I need to get off road at the weekend for my long run it would kill me if I suffered another stress fracture. I change my shoe after every run and have four pairs going in the rotation OCD setting in this time round.
  • Why is everyone getting cross here?imageimage
    Another 10.6 miles banked this evening, 5.5 with the JS group, image
    but no Fetchying for meimage

    Time to get another LSR in on saturday  (but also XC on Sundayimage)

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    So many cross posts image

    Just trying to figure out a 20 miler off road.....image

    Got to be OCD NP!


  • Six rep hill run for tonight, nice and cool & no wind. Plenty of other runners around as well. Rest now until long run sat morning.
  • NP- on the shoe front, I have 2 pairs of cushioned shoes which I rotate between recovery runs, but everything else- 10m + I've started running in flats, purely because it's easier to run at the right pace without the weight.....
  • Good running guys, JS tonight, 2.5 run to the sports centre, took the one mile group for a little jog round the block. I only had thirty minutes to get home, so I ran a 5k route I've previously done, 29 minutes, nice to run at a quicker pace, not as speedy as some. Back to the 75% runs tomorrow
  • Some terrific mileage going on, congrats on getting to number 1 Jason.

    Great doubles Fiona Jason and NP, I am looking forward to giving the a go when schedule calls, have been tempted to try them but wary as I really dont want to veer of the plan, I would be devastated if I picked up a niggle, I am lucky and stay free of injury.

    SM  well done on the 400s rather you than me image

    5 easy for me and a few weights today.

    11 mlr tomorrow

  • A small jog this morning with Lulu and will try to get out later on my own for 45 Mins !

    A rest day tomorrow as I am off to watch some footy and think the Day rest will do no harm !!

    Keep up the good running Everyone

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona OCDimage

    SC. well done on your runs.

    NN always next time for the doublesimage

    Well done on the easy run and weights.

    AGF and Ligf well done on your first run ( Ligf Lulu is getting fitter)

    54x25m swim front crawl out for 6 easy later.
  • NP I that is my plan, if vlm goes well I will do an autumn marathon and introduce more doubles. Nice swim

    AGF what breed is lulu ?

  • Thanks NP.... Hope the wrist was better in this swim?

    Hi NN. A 17 month old black lab. Currently in season so cannot let of lead. Normally let her off as I run around the racecourse or similar. Cannot do that at the moment for obvious reasons. She's working pedigree which means = energy and short walks leave her frustrated, which means a few more runs on the lead at quiet times in quiet areas. Not ideal but in a week or too she can go back to longer walks off lead etc (and bird chasing)
  • 6.5 Miles done tonight - which will help with the calories when I take Mrs AGf out for a meal tonight to lift the potential January Gloom image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF nice running - enjoy the mealimage

    jason - awesome mileage

    HM thanks. Hope the exercises are helping

    SM6 LOL. Nice intervalsimage

    NP nice double again y'day, and well done on the lengths in the pool

    Fiona wow speedy mile intervals

    OH image...nice 10.6m

    MG well done on the hill reps

    Stewart nice running - it's good to have the odd blast

    NN well done on the easy run and hope the 11 miler goes/went ok today


    Sports massage first thing, then 90 mins hot yoga. Lots of one-legged dips and stretches. Managed to haul my heavy limbs out for a 4m recovery this p.m.


  • NN, enjoy your mlr tomorrow

    NP, I'm still unsure of the benifits of doubles, are they used only to get your mileage above a certain threshold enjoy the 6 easy

    AGF, good running today you've earns that meal

    Teknik, i see you have had a massage, and have done some miles, I had a sports massage today, should I have a rest from running this evening or go out for a easy run, to be fair most of my running is easy image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart - I run every day during marathon build-up, as I find it keeps me from stiffening up - so get out there for an easy 3 or 4 (sub70%)...image

  • A sub 70% would be a slow walk for me, kinda shuffling along @11:30 at the mo for 70-75%, thanks for the advice image
  • Tek,

    They are thanks.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Hi everyone. First run for me tonight since my LSR on Sunday,

    Forgot to pack my shoes for working away, d'oh! Packed everything else Barr the shoes. Ill do 10 miles tomorrow and 15 on Sunday to make up for it lol.

    Watch ran out of battery after 2 miles so don't know splits but felt consistent after first two miles at 7:10 min/mile.

    4 miles at roughly 7:10min/mile with the mutt, she was knackered lol.
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