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  • Hi all, I've not been on here for ages but thought as I need to start engaging my brain .... And legs .... I am signed up for 2013 Edinburgh Marathon end of May.

    My profile

    age 41

    I have been running 3 years nearly

    Have completed 2 full marathons (duchy my first 4.13 and Edinburgh 3.55) and 7 half marathons, a leg of the classic quarter endurance life run in Cornwall, plus many shorter races.

    I am type 1 diabetic on insulin

    I have a full time job and a husband and son age 6.

    I have been trying to keep up a base of 10 miles over the winter, have been hit with nasty colds during November December and again now, but I would say 10 miles or a half would be doable, not a huge amount more at the moment.

    Now, last year I suffered from Bursitis of my heel from too much pavement pounding (duchy 20 beg March, marathon training .... Edinburgh Marathon end

    May, and 13 Clift race end June) I couldn't run for nearly 6 months and had to resort to spinning and road bike for fitness. I still keep up spinning, running club, track starts soon too) and longer runs at the weekend.

    I am keen not to incur this injury again, I have purchased some great trainers with more cushioning (brooks Trance 11) my usual and preferred race trainers are Brooks GTS.

    I think I will join you guys on here for advice and chit chat over the next few months.


    Dawn aka Misty
  • Fiona - Impressive pace for your 20!

    NP - Good running

    Jason - Sounds a good parkrun, seems similar to my local one. Good running too.

    NN - Hope the LSR went well

    OH - Good running, good luck with the XC (if you decided to do it!)

    Tek - Nice pace

    Dawn - Welcome!


    4.7 miles in light/intermittent snow early this morning, nice and easy. Upper body weights done a couple of hours later with a few miles on the bike thrown in there too. Now to relax for the rest of the day!

    33.7 miles for the week, and will push towards 37-38 next week, starting with 12-13 tomorrow


  • NP- Glad you enjoyed the show and got in and out okimage

    Tek- nice frost free runningimage

    Hi Misty and welcome aboardimage

    Cold but sunny day here today and  I just had the best possible combination- my easiest 20m training run and one of my fastestimage- found myself looking at my watch in disbelief in the final miles as I rolled along effortlessly (ok on a bit of a downhill) at 6.3x pace image lol! 20.01m in 2.18.39 (6.56av) splits: 7:31 7:25 7:26 7:19 7:15 7:12 7:11 7:14 7:07 7:06 6:50 6:47 6:40 6:39 6:31 6:34 6:38 6:32 6:27 6:13 2 Very happyimage

  • 105.94m for the week ( sorry, Fiona- lol! image )
  • Some excellent long runs Yesterday - Well done Fiona et al. 

    Sounds like a good race Tek.....speed in the legs image

    Hello Misty and welcome. Thats geat progress in your second Marathon. Hopefully youcan keep the injuries away and improve again image

    Nice Running Stuart. Sounds like your building nicely. 

    "easy and fast" - I bow to you jason. Well done with your 20. brilliant in fact. 

    I took Lulu for a early monring joglet and then cam back - made breekkie for the miss's and got back into bed for a lay-in image  Then ran a MLR this afternoon. Thats 3 this week that means I did my longest ever week of 70 Miles. Very Happy image

  • Fiona, well done on your frosty 20 miler and at a great pace,

    Jason, you're a running machine, well done with the trial for park run and cake at the finish is a bonus

    Teknik, some good running over the last few days those miles and paces are climbing

    NN, good paced run the other day hope the 19 went well

    OH, good running hope the XC went well today,

    NP, glad there was no incidents and the show was good

    Hi Dawn, welcome and good luck with Edinburgh

    14 miles for me today, no ice or frost, it was a little breezy and there was a little light showers but overall the conditions were good. I was a little dehydrated and given the route I new I would struggle to keep the hr below 75%, so I decided not to bother, I ran on part of the HM course today in and around lochcardil and down dores road, nice to get a feel for the route.

    Stats for the run

    14.33m 2:39:xx @11:07mm avgHR 149(79%)
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Misty welcome - you'll get some advice and loads of chat on hereimage

    Stuart nice run and cross training. Keep building and good luck tomorrow

    jason excellent running!! Great total.

    AGF great running and well done on a big week's totalimage

    Stewart well done on the 14 miler


    Got to 60 miles here this week (without a long run yet)


  • Wow this thread is busy, Jason a three figure week is awe inspiring, good weekly totals AGF and Teknik, when are you planning your long run
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭


  • But isn't that next weekimage enjoy your long run
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik you have to go see the show I thought Hugh Jackman was out standing and so was Anne Hathaway where outstanding, if you have seen the show on stage this is as good, Russle Crew was ok but his voice was just not strong enough. Well done on a solid weeks training.

    Misty welcome to the thread my middle son is type 1 diabetic on insulin so I know you cant just go mad on carbs. Wouldn't the heel injury be better treated if you went the other way with your trainers and went for a min/shoe so you had to run on the forefoot? also off road running will also help.

    SM6 well done on the 5 miles and 33 mile week not nice out today.

    Jason another fantastic long run in the bank thats very impressive splits at this stage of training, 2:3*image* image

    AGF You need to change that nme to Am Fitter well done on your two runs and 70 miles for the week, I also think your looking at a break through PB this yearimage.

    SC Well done on the 14 miles nice running.

    Well first 20 mile run for VLM in the bank, this run had it all but sunshine and heat, lots of hills, mud, water, rain, hail and snow very cold towards the end but happy with the effort off roadimage.



  • Well done on your 14 Stewart, 

    Well done too No Pain. Super running !!! Thanks too...although I am still getting fitterimage  Hopefully I will see further improvement and beat 3:30 if I can stay fit !!

    BT - I too Like les miserable - have seen the show 3 times. Always makes me smile when I watch france play rugby too - the national anthem itself is a great one. As for the Show - "do you hear the people sing" - brilliant !!

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Excellent training all
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Week 5 P&D done 63M. Recovery week next week.
  • XC done even if I did bring up the rearguard (as usual) for the Vets in a small field (4th MV of 4). Now home with fire lit image

    Looking forward to lez miz (Elspeth just seen it in Edinburgh with our girls)
  • Lol at NP! 2.39 would be a 10 min PB, mate! Well done on your run image

    Stewart - good 14

    Oh- well done on the XC- my pet hate! image

    AGF- I agree, time for a name change! image

    Mace- nice mileage- enjoy the recovery week. Still a week to go here before mine image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason how do your splits at this stage compare to your PB marathon? your running so well at the moment mateimage.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great pace on the run Teknik and great miles with out a long run!! image

    As NP says jason you are running so well, great to see all the hard work pay off and this is just the start! image

    Good cross training and running Stuart, no snow here, just ice! image

    Welcome Dawn. image

    Fantastic weekly mileage AGF and jason it's not too late to do the 0.06! image A mere 62.70 for me but happy with that. image 

    Nice running of the half course Stewart, I always forget where it goes after Green Drive!

    Sounds like a really interesting 20 NP, great running the day after hill work!

    Well done on the XC OH.

    Blimey it's busy here!! 5 miles easy for me - I must be the thread slacker!! image

    Looking forward to another week's training! image Stay injury free all!



  • NP- you got me checking now. Around 25-30 secs per mile is the answer image

    Fiona- thanks Nice slacking! Lol! Only joking....image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason I know I lookedimage

    Fiona great running and a great weeks training. image
  • Fiona, if I take the five mile group on Tuesday that's the route they're running should be a little over 5 but we'll keep that a secretimage good mileage too, you guys are going to be doubling my weekly mileages, some already are.
  • NP- lol! image
  • Dawn,

    HI & welcome to the thread.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Evening 
    Tek looks like you got some speed back in the legs nice pace for that 7.5
    Misty ..The duchy marathon fr a first attempt !!that was in at the deep end , I have done the 20 a couple of times, giving it a miss this year its the same day as Bideford Half which I shall do instead
    SM6 good running .nice to see the mileage creeping up
    Jason awesome splits as per usual fabulous running
    AGF great mileage...that lovely lab must be pretty fit too
    Stewart well done on the 14...but I did did shake my head and sigh at those words I didnt bother to keep HR under 75%...I will be reporting you  the Hadd thread !! image but there are plenty of good runners that dont use that hr thing anyway...I know NP thinks its a load of carp !!
    NP lucky you getting the first 20 done...I was tempted to make mine a 20 today..but stuck to the plan...well nearly I did 18.5
    Fiona..we will let you off the only 5 miles ...you are doubling all week and a very impressive long run n the bag already !!

    I really didnt feel like running 18 miles when I got up at 2 oclock...but didnt actually feel too bad after a mound of shreddies
    and a couple cups of coffee

    Hilly first 7 miles....to get them out the way..then gently undulating....should have been 18 but was 18.35 when I git home OCD took over and had to make it up to 18.5,

    hard to run it progressively due to the hills but HR nice and low 72.7%

    9.47..9.41..9.40..9.30..9.31..9.27..9.27..9.23..9.21..9.19..9.21..9.16..9.23..9.21 ..9.15..9.10..9.12..9.05.. 4.30

    66.9 miles for the week arrrrrggghhh I wish I had known that..I would have made todays 18.6

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    NN OCD lol great running today and during the week for 66.9image
  • NN- nice running and nice mileage!! On hilly courses you should try to make the effort progressive rather than kill yourself trying to make the pace progressive image great going image
  • It's not to late NNimage
  • Thank you for your comments guys.

    Night Nurse.... A super run for you and that must be a real boost for you image
  • Jason thanks, I pushed HR up for last few miles , but made sure it didnt go over 80% and was pleased how strong I was feeling on the hills towards the end.

    AGF yes I am feeling good at the moment P&Ding seems to be paying off image

    NP if I hadnt already showered I would be out the door for another  .1  image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart - I chickened out of the LSR - now planned for Thursday

    NP well done on the first 20 miler

    AGF - sub 3:30 then GFA in October?

    Mace well done on week 5 - enjoy the cut-back week

    OH good XC running

    Jason that's a great training pace improvement

    Fiona nice easy 5m

    HM thanks

    NN well done on the controlled 18.5m. Good HR average...nice week's totalimage


    Snowed only a little here, but enough to put me off a long run, plus I thought that a tempo and long run back-to-back would be asking for trouble.  So just a slow 4m recovery this morning at 69%max.


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