The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Nice new kit received.

    Thankyou Schmunks, and a separate thanks for letting me try out a cycle jersey at Henley for sizing. Of course my teen daughter is disgusted, which is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

    Personally, I believe that you have been the single most important person in the creation and development of the PSOF as an entity, even beyond Coach Barlos and Candy. Don't tell them though. I wouldn't like to see the size of huff that a testosterone monster can generate.


  • Blisters, should make you easy to spot of I see you out training. image


  • I have dropped you an email with delivery details Schmunks.  Let me know if you haven't received it.  Cheers!

  • ... do I take it from your post that you would quite like to be part of the Pirate Ship or do you just have a penchant for black n yeller ?!

    Some form of an introduction is usually acceptable either that or cold hard cash

  • Yesterday I posted the orders for

    Bob's Your Father
    Broke But Tri'ing
    Cpt Jack Sparra

    Please remember to pop back in here or email me to let me know your parcel has arrived.  Thanks

  • Still waiting to hear from Matt Moreton and Whizkid

    If you see them around, please let them know that if I don't have their address by the end of the month I shall have to consider selling their kit as I want to close off the 2013 order image

  • Dear Kit Fairy, if you don't find them I would be happy to help you out. If it would fit me?

    Please and Thank You


  • Don't suppose there's any ladies kit knocking around that you (or anyone else) would like to get rid of? image I guess I'm probably a medium-ish...

  • Finally, I have posted the last of the kit image

    However, I still need to hear from the following people whether they have received their kit or not

    Iron Pugsley
    Prince Seigfried

    I have 80 days to claim compensation on your behalf for any lost items so it is imperative that I know whether you have received it or not should you wish to be reimbursed for any loss

  • Schmunks,

    Yes, humble apologies, mine was waiting for me when I returned home before sodding off on a skiing holiday!  Thank you very much for sorting it out!


  • Evening everyone!

    Father Christmas registered me for a local tri event and he also dropped off the marvellous literary works of Ironholgs too! 

    Am I too late to order something?????????




  • next main order is not until spring emergency order has just ben no chance sorry....

    unless you can beg steal or borrow some........your best bet for that is to interact on some of the threads on here......

    otherwise when the kit order comes back there might be some that doesn't fit and might be up for resale


  • Hi TJ

    what distance did Santa enter you and where and when?

  • The PSOF Kit Fairy wrote (see)

    These are the most ordered items in 2013 and their respective prices

    Cycle Jacket - £95
    Cycle Top - £45
    Gilet - £70
    Monaco - £42
    Tri-shorts - £33
    Arm Warmers - £20
    Women's Tank - £55
    Race Cap - £12.50

    There will be no order going through late 2014; instead it will move to early 2015 and is intended to be

    1 February - I will start a thread which will, in effect, open the order book.  This will be the time for you to register the kit you would like to order

    28 February - The order book will close.  There will be no more additions to the order book after this  time.  If you haven’t registered your order on the thread, you will not be  included in the order.

    1 March - I will approach LG for a full quote based on the numbers given in the thread

    Early/mid March - prices will be published, payment details given, and sizes and postal address requested

    31 March - deadline for payments to be made

    1 April - contract signed with LG

    Points to note

    1. It will be YOUR responsibility to come back to the forum in February if you want to order kit
    2. The 2013 prices are above so you can work out your spending and budget accordingly knowing that payment must be made before 31 March 2015
    3. Any order not paid for by 31 March will not go through
    4. This order will be conducted through THE FORUM ONLY (apart from you giving me your postal address)
    5. It will be YOUR responsibilty to keep popping back into the thread (once started) for updates
    6. No chase ups. No reminders

    This is the new process for the next kit order image

  • Hello Hoff Bear.

    Santa registered me for the Owler Sprint the Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford in August.

    A suitable place to start for a mere mortal like me!

  • Nice one TJ, have a fantastic time! image


  • Much to my annoyance it doesnt look like my gut is going to shrink in time to fit into the tri top i acquired at the start of the year image 

    So it makes sense to attempt to see if anyone else would like to acquire it.

    Its XL and never been worn out of the house.


    Any takers?

  • Budjude - I'm interested if the top is still up for grabs?

  • yeah it is mate - keen to exchange it for an XXL if anyone has one knocking around!

  • If you can't find a swap, i'll be happy to take it off your hands. PM me and we can sort out details.

  • i know this is late in the day but does anyone have a pirate tri suit (meduim) to sell or know where i can get my hands on one for this season...IM switzerland looming


  • Ah Walter White Welcome Aboard the ship!  image


  • Walter.........

    out of interest why do you want to join the pirates.......have you read the website info....

    I just ask because your first post was about kit and I gave you a detailed reply.........which you thank you or interaction at all.......

    then you post on here wanting kit.......

    just wondering as interaction with other pirates is the main thing of being a pirate

  • It's Ok Seren, Tubby Johnson popped up a couple of weeks back wanting kit in his first posts, and when he found out there was none available he vanished without trace

    I imagine we have seen the last of Walter White
  • And this is partly why the book for ordering kit will only be open for a month in February and it will be people's responsibility to come back to the forum, find the thread, and then post on it

    If we use Tubby Johnson as an example, his name would have been on the kit list from the start and then he would either have not replied to emails (and therefore impacted on numbers/prices) or he would have had kit when he has not been part of 'the pirate scene'

    I know that wasn't made 100% clear in the relevant thread but the process was being changed to 1) make it easier for me to administer and 2) weed out those who see the kit at races and 'want to be part of that' without actually being 'part of that'
  • I miss Tubby! image

    Come back Tubby there's always next year!

  • seren nos - sorry didnt get your detailed first post, im a bit of a numpty on the computer so will have to bear with me....will have a look for it... 

    joined the pirates as in my part of the world we dont have a tri., club so thought it would be good to see what other 'members' have been doing over the years, and any advise that would be useful...

    i take it asking for kit in your first post is a bit of a no-no image opps,

    dave the Ex-spartan - I'm afraid Tubby is no relation of mind so i will be popping up now and again with comments and questions maybe even some feed-back!!

    Bala 70.3 next stop (I'm sure theres a post on this so wont ask a question on this thread...)


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