Pirate outings in 2014



  • Kk its not about balls perhaps we dont give a feck if Seren half nelsoned your kid or not we are to busy pontificating about races
  • 'ang on ... if Austria is 2015, what's 2014?!  That's the thread title.  Or do I need to read back image

  • i was looking at the o to o race.i think that was in sweden.....we could do that but i think its really hard to get into.........wouldn't need to worry about the bikes as its just swimming between 18 different islands and running over them in your wetsuitimage

  • IP ... we are still debating 2014

  • Prob best not Pingu, we aren't a lot further forwards   image

  • Still not decided Pingu image
  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Prob best not Pingu, we aren't a lot further forwards   image

    funniest thing ive read all night! image

  • The usual procrastination thread ... we should just have boinged last years instead and all gone on the sauce for the night   image

  • Perhaps the clue is in the title outings i.e more than one so list time see which ones

    Floats the most boats



    The Brutal

  • But at least a decsion has been made for 2015.......image..at least 2 people agreed so that must be a majorityimage

  • Cant go on the sauce Melds putting all my pennies in a big jar with Austria 2015 scrawled on the side
  • Works for me Seren!

    Blimey Max, can you imagine the size of the list !!!

    Is Almere up to distance or do I get the feeling is has some strange differences?

  • Brit, you'll be able to fly from Klagenfurt no problem.
  • Oh good point Max, cant go on the sauce AND do an IM, that would be far too decadent

    especially a man of your age    image

  • Ooh, so there's still a chance of W Oz image

  • find us some cheap flights and accomodation and we will be thereimage

  • I think almere has now got a full and half option
  • I'd need to sell my granny for that one ..... she can bake ???

  • We used to decide at Bala which was the next years race, usually after a beer or 6 and the first person home to start the thread ..... in the days before mobile internet even!!

  • Cheers for that RBM...i now want to do the Brutal but 2014 is a no go for me....maybe i can be your sherpa for the mountain bit as part of a recce.

    I'll be lucky if i can squeeze the Midnight man in 2013.....fancy turning my hand to bike racing for one year....bargain though at £160

  • Well i am aiming to be at Bala this year image
  • FF it looks great doesn't it Last year our training group ran up Snowdon the day after The Slateman coming back down was "interesting" image
  • Yes but you sure as hell wont be back home first from there !!!

    Text me i'll do it for you   image

  • Just tell me where we're going in 2014 and i will follow!   image

    PS - I'm doing Bala this year as well.

  • Slim you playing in the Chilterns this year?

    • Ardgarton iron (12th May)
    • City to Summit (1st June)
    • Bath iron-distance Triathlon (1st June)
    • Enduroman UK (2nd June)
    • Forestman (23rd June)
    • TTTRiathlon (30th June)
    • Celtman (6th July)
    • The Outlaw (7th July)
    • XTri24 (12th July)
    • Cleveland Double Steelman (20th July)
    • Midnight Man (27th July)
    • The Anglian (27th July)
    • Ironman UK (4th August)
    • TriAthlone Shadowman (4th August)
    • Jurassicman (11th August)
    • UK Ultimate Triathlon (18th August)
    • Ireman (18th August)
    • Big Woody (24th August)
    • Ironman Wales (8th September)
    • Challenge Henley (8th September)
    • Hardman (15th September)
    • Horseman (15th September)
    • The Brutal (21st September)
    • The Pig (long distance duathlon)
      this list seems to indicate 20 odd races for this country for next year........whilst they all might not run the following year.we could just stick a pin in the list image  
  • phew - just spent 20 mins reading 10 pages - thanks for that!

    To summarise

    IMA 2015  image

    ??? 2014,
    maybe Kalmar,
    maybe C Almire,
    maybe C near Barcelona,
    maybe somewhere else....??

    I am seriously thinking of using the ignore button as well image

  • Running out of names except The SAGAMAN (for over 60s)

  • 24 Iron distance events in the UK!!!

    FFS thats (to quote Flyaway) increduble

  • middle aged midlife crisis manimageimage

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