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  • I don't understand all the issues here and there's probabaly more to this than meets the eye, but at face value I can't understand what the Council is up to wanting to finsh the race elsewhere. A potentially iconic finish in an iconic location. It's what attracts people (and runners) to the city.  Imagine if London, New York, Boston, Berlin etc etc all finished on the outskirts of the city. 

    Never been to Liverpool, but was planning on running the Marathon (good reviews and good atmosphere) and bringing the family up with me. Seems to me to be a significant loss of revenue for local businesses. Can only wonder what the locals think.

    So looks like it might be Dublin again then. They don't seem to have a problem closing their streets in the city centre.  

  • Well it looks like Eindhoven might be the answer, big marathon 10,000 runners, traffic free, same day and nice place and cheaper

  • I've submiited a revised waterfront road use proposal to LCC yesterday and await a reply. My solution allows for uniteruppted access to the waterfront on the city side for vehicles with runners using the opposite side. Seems a perfectly workable solution to me and if offered the opportunity to discuss last Wednesday then it may not have been neccessary to cancel the event. We were not given that option.

    Hope springs eternal...

  • Good old Plan B

  • to be fair it does pretty much shut down the entire centre of the city for a full day.

    Loved running it in 2012 though, hope you can resolve the problems and get a route agreed.

  • London manages to shut down for their marathon and plenty of other occasions ?

    There are plenty of ways to get into town even with the road closures.
  • Nick, Liverpool attracts millions of tourists every year. It has been European capital of culture and is an extremely vibrant, exciting city with a rich heritage and an extremely important place in history. Without wishing to give you a history lesson you're clearly not interested in because you seem to have made up your mind about the place, you should probably come and see what all the fuss is about. I handed bibs out last year to people who had travelled from all over the WORLD to run the marathon and had chosen it BECAUSE it was in Liverpool.
  • Good to see the Echo advertising the Chester marathon on the same page as they report the Liverpool marathon cancellation
  • Liz & Phil don't moan about the London Marathon finishing in their street......

  • Advertising generates revenue and subject matter is irrelevant. Good on Chester to seize the moment. I would do the same if the roles were reversed.

  • The echo website also had an advert for snickers.

    I guess it must be activated by some kind of marathon tag ?
  • It has its problems, same as anywhere. But if you've not worked there in a while, you might be surprised at what it's like now. I think it's evolving at breakneck speed. It has the fastest growing economy outside of London now. And we can still afford to buy houses in the North west.
  • Is there any chance of the race being re-instated if the council agree to the new propostion for The Strand? Wanted to do this last year, but being a Preston girl opted for the Guild races instead. Well it is only 'once every 20 years'. Was looking forward to the Liverpool marathon this year but may have to go Chester way if this is definitely a no go.

  • "I'm from the North West" perhaps says it all.  So am I.  I'm from that part of the NW where anti-Scouse sentiment at least borders on racism.  But I've always found Scousers warm and friendly; and never felt an outsider.  It's hard to objectively compare cities; experiences vary dependent on whether you work there, study there, live there, who you know there etc.  But for me, Liverpool and its people/culture are great.

  • Keep Left wrote (see)

    "I'm from the North West" perhaps says it all.  So am I.  I'm from that part of the NW where anti-Scouse sentiment at least borders on racism.  But I've always found Scousers warm and friendly; and never felt an outsider.  It's hard to objectively compare cities; experiences vary dependent on whether you work there, study there, live there, who you know there etc.  But for me, Liverpool and its people/culture are great.

    Couldn't agree more,but then again I married a Scouser image

  • As someone who doesn't usually get involved in social media, I have read with interest the various comments here. I would question whether or not Nick Windsor actually works for the council, as he seems to have done a very good job of deflecting the reason for this forum, sniping at the people of Liverpool wont get the Marathon back.

    If Alan and his team did not request a route change the blame can only come from the city council but then I notice that there is a meeting suggested by Joe Anderson, the mayor, to thrash out the difficulties.

    When is that meeting, surely it must be soon as people will start to look elsewhere.
  • I'm not really sure what the difficulties are. I note that Tweets fron JA on Friday evening sugested a possible meeting to resolve matters. I came in on Sunday and prepared a suitable and workable Plan B response which I sent at midday. Acknowledging there is no one in Council office on Sunday this did at least ensure something to consider was on a desk, somewhere.

    As of 5.00pm yesterday I had not received an acknowledgement of my efforts and prompted confirmation of that my suggestion had been received.

    It has been this morning with the comment 'there's a lot to consider.' Can't say I agree with that as it seemed straightforward to me.

    GillliesS - people come on to these Forums with hidden agendas all the time and you may well be right.

    Some suggestions that have been forwarded to me from members of the Runners Revolutionary Party (Social Media) include and Open Discussion Evening, perhaps on Radio Merseyside, a marathon protest run around the Town Hall during a lunch hour, several petitions and a suggestion that some members of the running community attend marathon meetings to see what really goes on.

    Food for thought. 

  • Tweets to @joeforliverpool if you want to tell Mr Anderson how much you love him by the way.....image
  • I do like the English language (English isn't my first language by the way).Something I have learnt is that when somebody says "There is a lot to consider", generally, it isn't a very good sign.

    Another good sentence is:
    This is very interesting ....

  • DD - as I said as far as I'm concerned there isn't a lot to consider... if you understand what is being proposed!

  •  I remember the old Mersey marathon used to pass the Liver Building. It was the 19 mile mark and after that it got hard.

    The strange think about all this from the council is that they are complaining about vehicle access to the waterfront because of the road being used. If you could not get vehicle access how far would you have to walk ? About 200 yards and then you fall in the mersey.

    Obviously no access does not apply to people and I would have thought that the businesses in the Albert dock, not to say Liverpool 1 amongst others would more than welcome the increased trade. I am not sure which business' would actually oppose.



  • Nick, whilst you are no doubt entitled to your view I find it extraordinary that you can decide that the entire population of a city all behave in precisely the same way.

    Generalisation like that baffles me. Not everyone in Newcastle is friendly. Some are, some aren't. Not everyone in London is rude and nobody talks like Dick Van Dyke. People are PEOPLE. Some Liverpudlians are the salt of the earth. Some are probably a pain in the arse. Most will be somewhere inbetween.

    And that's my view. And I'm NOT from Liverpool.
  • I think Nick is taking us off topic here quite sucessfully.

    Lets move on and hope we get some good news this week on the race.

    I've still not entered Chester....
  • it was with mixed emotions when i heard the marathon had been cancelled from the off it should have been panned better to avoid main roads after all those fat council men have to wait hours to get tp macdonalds kfc and other fat food shops along the route and our mayor bless him he couldnt run for a bus so why shuold he care after all good old joe sells off school playing fiellds to bulid houses on taking away parks and and open spaces and when mr rothwell brings an event like the marathon to lverpool the shopkeepers moan shame on you all liverpool one liverpool gone thanks to joe

  • Sadly the people of Liverpool voted Joe and the rest of the council into power, so they are operating with the mandate of the people
  • Dave - appearances can be deceiving. Someone came into our office yesterday and suggested that the lunatics have taken over the asylum... it would be interesting to find out precisely who makes these decisions (and why).

    It always seems to be someone else, never anyone we speak to.

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