Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one



  • You keep on going Sinbad, good luck with everything.
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Thanks for that Perezoso and Paul Clarke 46.

    All you can do is one day at a time.

    I been saving up for my outboard engine (£1115), thats helped keep me in lol. All being well I should be buying it on Wednesday or Thursday.

    How's the weather where people live? Blizzard conditions here.

    OMG BBC TV moving home, thats one hell of a move.

  • Blizzard conditions here, no run this weekend by looks of things.
  •   Spring is arriving here - I'm a lot further south than most of you. Having said that, me and the missus are popping back to Blighty for a few days next week, so perhaps we'll see a bit of the snow.

  • sinbad, hopefully running will help you take your mind off 'stuff' and keep your chin up image

    Only been out twice in the past fortnight, this flu virus has really taken it's tole but hopefully I'll be back to base training soon.

    In addition to base training in 'normal' shoes I'm also going to be running in my new Vibram FF Bikilas and Huaraches but doing it properly and building up from shorter distances. It's still a bit cold out for the Huarches so using those as slippers for nowimage

  • I'm going to do the Mablethorpe marathon on the 6th of October which seems a long way away yet but I'm sure it will be upon me soon enough!

    I used to go caravaning every year to Mablethorpe so I know that the terrain is very flat. Hopefully I should be able to run a good time, even if it is my first marathon.

    The hard work starts now.
  • Good luck 19scott90
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    Hi All,

    Andi McGill thats part of what I'm hoping for. Building up slowly and nautrally for the half marathon and full marathon.

    Perezozo, lucky you with spring beginning where you are. Stay there for time being you may get snowed in here image

    19scot90 welcome to the thread. Sounds like a plan to me.

    Andi Mcgill, yes its yes the weather is atroucious. We have had a good 40 inches here, and is now slowly turning to ice, you just dare not try to train, only reluctantly going to shop with great care. I don't know how other people feel, but I feel that I'm losing all the hhard work, I have put in so far, not being able to get out there with this weather.

    I'm buying my engine (if no hicups) on Wednesday, but won't be able to pick it up, depending on weather. This time last year, I was camping on her.


  • Hi,

    I'm new on the forums....I read them a lot but never posted until now. This seemed like the perfect thread for me to get some advice on, so here I am..!!

    I'm doing my first marathon, I've not even done a 5k before, and it's Brighton on 14th April. I have been following a 16 week plan. While I've always enjoyed running, mainly to keep in shape, I only ever ran 20-30k a week (a lot of which is done on my treadmill indoors).

    Since doing a lot more road running I have found it hard on my ankles and knees so have had to use ice and ibuprofen to help as it would seem I have tendonitis in my right ankle in particular which is having a knock on effect on my knee. I have rested a little last week but had my 20-22 mile this weekend and was dreading it as I'd only done 15 previously. As most know, weather was 'pants' and I really didn't want to take the risk of going out & injuring myself so I ran 20 miles on my treadmill....!!! image Conditions were awfully hot as the heating was on full blast to keep the kids & other half warm but I'm not sure 20 on the treadmill will get me through...? My next long run is 15 with an 8 the Sunday before the race, anyone have any comments that might help...? The one positive thing I can take from it is that the impact on my ankles was less and I'm not in too much pain...!!!
  • Welcome Darcy image

    Newbie here as well so probably can't offer much in the way of answers sorry. I take it your shoes were fitted at a 'proper' running store? (gait analysis etc). So close to your race there is really nothing you can do now as your about to start your taper and (imho) would be unwise to try for a road 20 miler so close which means it's probably time for you to reconsider your goal time and maybe adopt a run/walk routine for the race?

    Whatever you do just getting through the 26.2 miles will be a personal best and you can build on that another dayimage

    Good luck and be sure to let us know how you get on image

  • Much like Andi, I'm no expert, but 20 miles on a treadmill is no small endeavour, and I'd taper as planned if I were you. No reason you won't be fine. 20 isn't a magic number anyway!

    As for my own training, other than some swimming (which I struggle with - it's so boring!) I haven't done anything. My leg is starting to feel a little better, but its definitely still not right. Physio mentioned seeing a GP if it doesn't seem to be healing image

    Going to go to the gym tomorrow, try some time in the cross trainer, and maybe go out this weekend - I feel increaingly like I've nothing to lose.
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    imageHi All,

    Darcy welcome to the thread. Your doing everything right, even if your getting on the treadmill, just make sure you rehydrate properly if too warm. ry and eat properly, theres plently of information on the internet about eating right. Try not to worry too much, as one person said, running is meant to be fun as well as a challenge. You will do great.

    russellelly, just be careful. Try and ease yopursself into it. Enjoy the gym.

    Hi Andy McGill 2 sounds your training is going well?

    Darcy is it a half marathon, or full marathon your doing in Brighton?

    Well I'm frustrated I live in an upstairs flar, so I won't risk buying a treadmill, I may go through the floor image.

    . I not even got the money to get to the gym, as I'm finally buying my new outboard engine Wednesday. As Darcy feels I daren't run on the roads because of ice and snow, so when snow finally goes, I will be more or less starting from scratch again. But I hope it won't take as long to get back where I was.

    Another wo ho. I got an offer of another mooring this morning. Its away from the harbour wall away from the kids but is a little away from any of the harbour steps. But I'm hoping to buy a £150 inflatable tender, so I hope it won't be too bad.

    Hope your all okay?

  • Hi all, we'll I'm beginning to feel better again so I'm going to wait until weekend and get out again, I've not run for 3 weeks and only got about 5 weeks until the Chester half so I hope I'm gonna be fit enough, but saying that I did the Silverstone half early on this month so I think I will be ok. Happy running all.
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    Hi All,

    Paulc46 I'msure you willdo great in the Chester half.

    Wish I could get out running. We had snow showers here again today, it just doe's not seem to want to go from here.

    Like yourself I have not run in about 3-4 weeks now, its doing my head in, thats how bad the weather is here. Ifeel Iam losing the progress I made over the past 5 months image.

    I have no idea when I will be ready to do a HM now, I'm so frustrated.

    Hope your all okay?

  • Paul/sinbad just make sure when you do get out there again that you take things easy, the lost miles are.. well lost and playing catchup is a recipie for disaster.

    Managed another 5 miles today but am struggling with my avg HR, when I went down with the flu 2 weeks ago I was averaging 68% of MHR and the 3 runs since have been 75% at the same pace - am hoping it's just remnants of the flu and things settle down soon.

  • Just signed up to Chester in October as my first marathon, seems a popular choice and is reasonably local. It's all a bit intimidating, 26.2 miles doesn't half sound like a long way. That said, there's plenty of time to train and get my mileage up where it needs to be.

    I've done the Anglesey and Liverpool half marathons in the last few weeks and they went surprisingly well so here's hoping for great things.

  • I decided to bite the bullet and went for a 4.5 mile run, legs went a bit heavy last mile, not felt that since I started 12 months ago, but I managed without stopping, I reckon in 2 weeks will be back to normal, rest day tomorrow then out again Friday.
  • Thanks everyone for the responses, think I'm just having a little 'panic up' about being good enough...!! I have trained really hard and only missed 4 small runs in my training program (illness or just tiredness from the kids being poorly & keeping me up all hours) but for some reason feel that I haven't done enough...? I've had all my stuff through in the post (I'm running for Scope) and I looked at the route map.....when you see how far it is, like that, it's really quite scary...and mixed with dodgy knees and ankles...well I'm thinking I might've bitten off more than I can chew with a full marathon...!! imageO

    Friends and family are very supportive (quite a few coming to cheer me on) and this makes me feel that I'll be fine but it's nice to get opinions of fellow runners.

    Andi McGill 2: I do over-pronate and I have Asics gel visage 6 to help but my right side over-pronates more than my left...!!! So while they have worked brilliantly for my left ankle and I have pretty much no pain when running (just stiffness after) my right ankle is still a little painful. image It is bearable though and I'm sure it won't stop me now I've come so far. I will be tapering now so hopefully that will only help. I'm trying not to think of time now....just getting round is my aim....think I will look into a run/walk strategy.

    Anyway, sorry for another long post...!! imageO I do hope everyone is able to get back out on the road soon and this rotten weather 'does one'.....for those who have been ill/injured, speedy recovery to all and hope everyone gets back on track soon.
  • Darcy, sounds like you have all the bases covered and if you have only missed a few runs then you might just surprise yourself and be fitter than many runners on the start line image

    I read that if you opt for a run/walk stratergy then your best off doing it from the beginning of the race rather than 15 miles in when your pooped. Maybe try a couple of run/walk sessions before the big day.

    And GOOD LUCK!

  • Hey Darcy,

    Just wanted to say, it sounds like you have a similar issue to me when I run. It is compounded by running on roads and is generally caused by tired over pronating feet.

    My tip and one I have used for all my half marathon races, is to take some ibuprofen before the race. The pain you are getting is inflammation and as an anti-inflammatory you will probably find that the pain will be kept at bay longer during the run. Now I'm not saying that everytime you run you should be gobbling down pills, but it will help race day performance and you can heal more naturally once you have the medal round your neck.

    Ice packs are always a good idea post run!

    Some of that pain is also going to be worse at the start and then the day after. Mid run it will probably die off a bit.

    The other thing that will be important out on the road is your refuelling times. Think about the treadmill run and thik where it started to get really hard, you needed to refuel before that point. It will be even more important while road running because the treadmill does help your movement to some extent.

    But you sound like you've really given the training a good go and that's the hardest part. Time for the real thing!

    Finally good luck! You must be getting pretty nervous at this stage? I'm doing Hamburg on the 21st and I know I get all sorts running through my head when I think it is only 3 and a bit weeks away!

  • Again, no expert, but please do some research on Ibuprofen before using. Combined with dehydration it can be dangerous (maybe fatal?). My understanding was that it generally wasn't advised for use before running, but maybe afterwards.
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    Hi All,

    I take your advice Andi McGill about the lost miles. I'm sure your HR will improve.

    Theakster welcome, wish my running fora future HM goes aas well as yours have.

    Paulc46 good going.

    Darcy post as much as you wish. I'm sure you will do great for your first marathon.

    Mrdicalert, thats sound advice you have given. Welcome to the thread.

    Russellelly, personally I don't take any medication for sport purposes, but I  understand why people do though.

    I start backin training for a HM next Wednesday no matter the weather, there's always the treadmill in the gym. I'm not signing up for any HM till I'm at the correct distance, I'm hoping this will hep with the training.

    I bought my outboard engine Wednesday, so I can rest assureed there now, and get concentrate on running.

    Hope your all okay?

  • I give my advice as someone who works in a medical field. (Paramedic) and while I understand there are some risks while taking Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, for me the benefit for the start of those massive runs is there.

    Now I agree there is some evidence to say that it can be bad for you. It does play with your kidneys and means you need to be well on top of your hydration game.

    The scientific studies in the main are pretty poor when it comes to working out the cost benefit and there are some that suggest that it can make post run injuries worse.

    However, my personal opinion on pain killers in general is that they should be used only when you need to do something that requires you to get through the pain. It should not be ignored in the main (including in everyday life) it is there for a reason! But I will certainly be taking some before Hamburg starts because the inflammation in my left shin gives me less problems over the long distances when I do.

    I totally agree you should do your research and as with everything medical you have to weigh up the cost benefits of taking a medicine.

    I don't use them often and I would like not to have to at all, but for race day on the 21st I will have them in my prep.

    My physio didn't have a problem with what I was doing and neither did my friends Doctor when he ran the Chicago marathon last year with tonsilitis in under 3hrs 30!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Wow sounds like your giving postees, some really good information on tablets medicalert, thank you.

  • Hi All, I had a great run this morning in the sunshine, I managed 7 miles in 1hr 4 mins, back on course for Chester half.
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    Hi All,

    Thats great news Paulc46.

    Isn't it strange howsome of us can go up and down with our training?

  • Hi All

    Does anyone here use the map my run app? If there is maybe we could become friends on it and share routes.
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    I personally don't, but  I'm sure there will be someone.

    I use my trusty Garmin.

  • Hi Sinbad113,

    I've been looking at the Garmin Forerunner 110 and I must say I'm tempted to get one, what do you think?
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    The forerunner 10 in my opinion is a good starter one.

    I did 15 miles in 5 hours last month, very sloow I know. But the watch still had a little battery left.

    Battery life for me is its down side. The battery life may just reach 5  possible 7 hours.

    On the plus side its so easy to use. You can just push a button and away it goes (depending where the sattillite is.

    The 2 other points I would make is that there is aa power save on the watch whereby you have to be careful of. But I have not yet tried to see if  it still runs on the power save.

    It is not water proof.

    Over all though. Its a dam good starter watch. and gives you all that you need for data on your computer, as wel on the watch  itself.

    I feel lost with it now.

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