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    I know it's a hard event but there are a lot of preachy posts here. I am a crap swimmer, I did less than 20 swims in the 2 years since my last Outlaw, I did 1 ride over 60 miles and I buggered my run fitness with an injury a few months before this year's race. I still finished in 14.09. If you're a bit stubborn and eat at every feed station you can do this. I'm in for next year, btw. This time I'm going to attend the tri club I've joined for years (but never been) and learn how to swim fast. 1.40 means you are nowhere for the start of the proper race.




    goodbuck.you are male and fit.and probably the younger side of 40 jusdging by your picture........so are coming at it from an easier angle


    A lot of people are coming from an angle of being older or carrying a few stione extra.and from a marathon PB of 5 hours.........these people have to seriously train to get to finish it.......

    those of us inbetween have to still work hard..........and yes young fit males with a stubborn desire to keep going can do it on a hell of a lot of training.......but most of those wouldn't be happy with just a finish.they want a sub 11 hour and therefore have to also train hard

  • I like you, Seren Nos. I'm 47 and a was a stone overweight (my wetsuit unzipped itself! Porker!) I agree with what you are saying, I have done two 'happy-with-a-finish'-es, but after seeing how many people I overtook after the swim, next year I'm going to compete, so it will be serious training. I just don't think it's supportive to tell people "you must swim 4k in an hour and ride 120 miles in 5 to be able to finish." Loads of us can't and did.

    See you all there. I'll be the fat geezer in the water-wings trying to flag down a taxi.

  • you look good in your photo .......image

    but no one needs to do those times....

    but most really need to put a lot of training in.....the great thing about being a slow swimmer is overtaking all those people on the bikeimage

  • image Seren are you trying to chat up young men again? image

    The slow swimmer's are the cool kids arn't we?

  • describe 'slow' mr cake!

    (i want to be cool)

  • Dude I can't even crawl. image First time I did this not sure about my time because I had to be cut out of the wetsuit but think it was about 1:38/ 1:40 roughly it's hard to tell. Last year when I DNF I did it in 1:59.

    As above if your a slow swimmer you can catch up people on the bike. But would say take some time now and sort your swimming if you can.

  • you cant crawl but can finish IM events? thats massively impressive.

    Guess, once a bloody again. i am not cool image

  • image Your as cool as you want to be matie. Just don't believe the hype. image

  • GoodBuck, by definition you're wrong when you say 'If you're a bit stubborn and eat at every feed station you can do this.'

    Plenty of people trained harder than you did for a DNF or a slower finish. I feel you're not able to 'think down' to that level. If you can blag 14.0x, you may have decent genetics for endurance sport; wonder what you could do if you lost weight and trained properly?

    Truth to tell, not everyone can blag an IM. Traditionally, the Piratey way has been to do some swimming, biking and running then rock up and give it a crack. It's very easy to buy into the 'rock up and give it a crack' part, while neglecting the rather less glamorous 'doing lots of training' part. I think you'll find that most of the 'preachy' stuff is disabusing people of the notion that you can do the latter without the former.

    You may have a degree of talent that isn't shared by the majority. You can say 'preachy', but I would say 'passing on hard-earned wisdom.'

    CH (4 IM finishes, 2 DIM failures, various ultras, physiology/anatomy/biochemistry qualification)

  • personally welcome any advice given by any party - its upto the individual to take it on board or not.

    isnt that the point with this website / forum  image

    for me this is all new and i will use bits and pieces of advice from lots of you on here (i already have in sprint and oly distance events) and filter out what i think fits.

    i dont buy in to the just rock up and give it a go - i am more from the camp of train to the best of my (limited) abilities and then if i DNF its not because i havent tried my best - thats all thats important to me.

    i dont think i could blag my way round the bike / run section of an IM event and hopefully i never will have to.

  • Budjude, your northwest aren't you? Give me a shout if you fancy going for a ride sometime during your training. I did outlaw this year, first IM...second triathlon (first being the pirate DIY) if you want any info give us a shout.

    Also, not decided yet what to do next year. I am currently between Outlaw, IM Wales (if on) or both. Will be having a discussion with my mentor re this image

  • blue peter yeah i am north wales - might be good image

  • After seeing the support and atmosphere created by the pirates at this years race i've decided that this will be my A race for 2014. After 2 attempts at ironman ( 1 fail, 1 success) i have taken a year off so will be starting from scratch. All my training to date has been done solo. So this time round i'm looking to be more involved with others to better my experiance on race day.

  • image Iron Blade This is just a guess but is the blade part of your forum name to do with Sheffield United? If yes and your in the city of henderson's relish I'm not that far from you. Wednesday fan through so as well as a training buddy will be boring you with football if your interested.

  • Is that played with a 'round' ball Cake? image

  • Hi cake it is a reference to the red side of sheffield. Although origianally from sheffield i now live down the road in chesterfield.

  • Just checking to see if my Pirate flag works on this thread...

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I can't see it image

  • But I can ...there's something a foot!! image

  • I can see it Raf.....you must be wearing your kilt half mastimage

  • ironblade wrote (see)

    Hi cake it is a reference to the red side of sheffield. Although origianally from sheffield i now live down the road in chesterfield.

    Oh mate you poor thing. image I'm a bit north of you in sunny stocksbridge if you ever fancy some tomfoolery Just in case you havn't heard about it there is a open water race this weekend if you are up for the crack. linky

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    But I can ...there's something a foot!! image


    seren nos wrote (see)

    I can see it Raf.....you must be wearing your kilt half mastimage

    I think he must be wearing my kilt Seren

  • image If he's wearing your kilt what are you wearing? image

  • his kilt is a little longer than your nurse.......it needs to be


  • Ah but how much longer?  1 inch...2?image

  • Schmunkee said she'd keep that a secret image

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    image If he's wearing your kilt what are you wearing? image

    A smile

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