Salford Rowing Triathlon

Is anyone else having a go at Salford Rowing Triathlon on 14th December? (details:

Consists of 3k ergo row, 15k cycle and 5k run.

I was going to do Stockport 10m on that day, but I've signed up for this instead, and I guess it's keeping my, (somewhat limited), training a bit more varied than just running.

As it's run by a rowing club though, I'm a bit worried everyone else will have finished the race before I leave the rowing machine ;-)



  • Jane - there are 2 or 3 threads on this already. I'll bump them up.

    One is cyclist wanted, and the other is team triathlons. Welcome to the gang !!
  • oh THAT's why you're all bumpy, Cougie...
  • The fastest male rower will not complete the row part in less than 10 minutes and it's such a small section of the whole race time wise it's not much of an advantage to the rowers. I'd be far happier with a 5 k row :)

    Be realistic with your ergo time if you want to go with people at that. If you're fast on the bike and slow on the row put a quicker ergo time down than you can do. The fast ergo people who will be there will be slow on the bike, assuming of course the quicker rowing machine people are the rowers. Although it may not be the case.

    I think the hope is for 300 people this year. I think it'll be more likely 200 but I don't know

  • Down to 12.12 for 3k now. Sheesh - it's hard work ! Starting to rue the day someone posted this event up ! ;-)
  • my sis-in-law does 8:30 for 2k. Is that good?
  • <sulks>
  • Not bad JJ, depends on her weight etc... But i'd say it's very good all the same regardless unless she weights 20 stoneof course
  • I might do the team event as well by the way I'm thinking on it.

    Take it nice and easy on the ergo and bike and give it all on the run. Use other peoples times on the other two sections. Decisions decisions........
  • I'd say she was about 11 - 12 stone.

    [ruffles Cougie's hair idly]
  • I'm gonna get my ass kicked by girlies !
    Sob sob sob.

    Hey - so if I lie about my weight, my time looks better ? If that's the case. I weigh 3 stone 2. Am I OK with that time ? Am I ? Huh ? huh ?

    Those ickle seats aren't v comfy on the derriere are they ? I'll be glad of my bike shorts methinks !
  • it's a decent score
  • Awww Cougie - she's a very sturdy girlie. Experienced, advanced diving instructor and canoes all the time.

  • S**t ! I need a radical diet then ! ;-)

    Atkins anyone ? ;-)

    Cheers Rob.
  • I've put 15 mins down on the form.
    You guys have got me thinking. I'd better go down the gym and have a quick ergo trial to see if thats realistic, maybe 15 mins is too long.
    Tell ya later
  • try sitting and rowing on one for 90 minutes! now that's sore ;)

    Lighter you are the better your score looks yup, but even a light weight rower should be looking at 6.40 for 2 k (man that is)

    badminton for me tonight, my legs are wrecking from weights this morning so I think I'll avoid any more ergo work today

  • i missed how many posts in writing the last one?

    I'm puting down 11 minutes on my form, I'll expect you all whizzing past me on the bike.

    cougie - when you do that in 12.12 can you get off the machine to do the rest afterwards? or is that your all out score?
  • PS Rob is it possible to do individual AND team events on the day?
    It wasn't possible at Salford Tri in July, unless you could clone yourself or something!
  • I'm sure they won't object to doing that at all. Besides if there's interest from members within their own club I'm sure they'll bend the rules for us :)

    I'd hate to turn up and by the geezer only doing the 3k on the machine - waking up that early for 10 minutes?
  • Well, I got off the rower, and taught spin for 45mins - so that was my bike and then ran to work straightaway, but I don't think that's quite equivalent to this race !

    I'll do some more rowing and running tomorrow anyway.
  • That pretty impressive then cougie! so 12.12 or better is your target time on the day! I'm wondering where I can make up the 6/7 minutes I'm going to lose on the bike and it's not going to happen on the machine....hope for a good cycle ride I think.

    Still need an inner tube though or it's the trusty heavy mountain bike for me again
  • Is Eddie McGraths near you ? They'll have tubes. And make sure you have your tyres pumped up properly. That'll save you time.
  • Oh dear - looking at everyone else's times, I think I'm going to be finishing last...

    I put a guess of 15 for the row, but I've so far not managed much quicker than 16 in practice at perhaps 70% effort. Need to get in the gym & practice a bit more I think. Do all rowing machines show roughly the same distance for the same effort?

    I'm pretty much a novice cyclist, and just getting used to a new bike. If the course is like it was in July it's quite technical, and I'm still very slow on corners, (and will be even more cautious if it's icy). I'm guessing 15k will take me 30-35 minutes.

    ... and running is always my weakest discipline in regular tris. At my fittest, my PB for 5k was 24:17, (but I think the course was a bit short). With current level's of fitness I expect 27-28 minutes though.

    At least the transition should be fairly straight forward, but I guess I'm looking at 1:15 - 1:20 for the whole event.

  • Jane,

    Looking at last years times that will probably have you winning the womens event and at least a top 3 placing.

    I'm looking at 30 - 35 minutes on the bike as well so not to worry on that score. If you can do 15 minutes on the rower that is pretty rapid for the women.

    The course is not technical at all, just 2 laps and lots of straights and gentle corners. I could probably give a full description if you want? There is also only one small hill which I'm sure at the time I thought was massively steep and went on for ever (it was into a head wind :) ) and I don't do cycling.

    The run should be easier than last year as there is talk of chaning the course, the old one is 3.5 laps with 8 180 degree turns in each lap and the new one I guess would have only 1 maybe two at the maximum. 2 lap afair.

    Cougie - I know of know cycle shops near by to where I live what so ever - so stuggling on that score at the moment. Waiting on Halfords I guess for the time being :(
  • All the rowing machines that the club has are quite new - infact 8 of them will be used for the first time on the day. They will all show the same score but you should work out the drag factor you want to do it at (that is the same for all concept 2 machines)

    I was toying with not having my feet in the straps this morning, not sure i could go fast that way but would savea few seconds in the transition

    My oppo are the rowers, not bothered about you triathletes :)
  • Morning Guys.
    Did my tryout on the Ergo last night. Resistance set at 6 and finished 3k in 13:10.
    Quite good but I was very tired. Think I'll set resistance a bit lower!

    Your times sound v similar to what mine will be Jane. A bit like in July then?

    See you all there on the day (I hope)
  • I had another go on the rower last night. I can't remember what setting, but our gym has Concept 2 machines too, so at least will be similar to the day. Was very pleased with my time. I aimed to keep my 500m time under 2'20 throughout, and managed to do 3k in 13'55. Then got up and did 30mins on the treadmill, (took it fairly easy with a few slightly faster intervals - I didn't want to overdo it, as I'm doing the 10k in Cheddleton on Saturday). Got a couple of blisters from the row - I guess that's 'cos I'm not used to it.

    Jonny - you're gonna be way ahead of me this time. You're faster in all 3 disciplines this time, instead of just 2.

    Rob - I've had a look at the cycle course on the website. It is easier than the summer one, mainly 'cos it doesn't go as far as the town hall, and those cobbles. I still think some care will be required u-turning outside the Lowry though. I nearly went too wide on one of those before, and again - it could be icy. I assume the roads going to be closed on the whole route?? - I don't fancy racing it with traffic to contend with as well.

    Looking forward to it more now, see you all there, Jane

  • Mmmm - cobbles in December. Nice.

    What time does this thing start ? I didn't see it on the website.
  • It's on the web site I think - the poster and it's 8.30 AM I think ! I'll double check tomorrow when I go for training

    I can't remember any cars last year at all but I'm not sure they closed the road (you have to stop at lights - gain 20 seconds if you put your foot down) the bike route is into an industrial estate which isn't used at the weekend so I guess that's why there were no cars.

    I'm going to send an entry in for the Wilmslow Half as well, it's the day after the 8's head hope it gets there on time and it's not to late. It'll be my second ever running race and I'm not sure I'll be in a fit state to do it but what the hell :)

  • I'll use setting 4 for the ergo - especially as the machines are quite new..... rating wise I aim to be able to hold a conversation for the whole distance so I guess 24? what have you guys been doing it at? I've not done any fast ergo pieces this season so far so have no idea on the rating
  • Used setting 5 today, and did 13:55 again. I don't think I'll be able to improve much on that in less than 2 weeks.

    The row seemed really tough though - maybe I'm still tired after Cheddleton 10k on Sat. It was all hills!!!


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