Malt Loaf vs Jaffa Cakes



  • fortunately avoided the joys of tripe -and it took me a long time to realise that cow wheel was in fact cow heel!
  • Posh city now innit?
  • Yes it is and its expanding all the time Benz, every time I go back to vist its changed again......
  • Off out sooon gaz may catch you later
  • I'm playing hockey in Leeds in 2 weeks time - theres a running shop there - I think
  • Just like york is expanding
  • I go to york quite a lot, my Dad lives in Wetherby
  • Yorks ace

    theres a starbucks and a costa!
  • Bye gaz, gotta paint my face and run for the bus, well a slow jog
    See you later!
  • For anyone who likes the odd drink york is wall to wall with pubs.........
  • Byeeeeeee Benz, look forward to picci
  • mm went on a hockey weekend there acouple of years ago - pizza then pub crawl!
  • Whoops we have diverted somewhat from Jaffa cakes,
    funny the subject allways turns to drink.

  • Why do you think ive got a drink problem
  • You lucky so & so's in UK. I haven't tasted malt loaf in over a year, being stuck here in Germany. Miss it SO MUCH. !!!
  • unfortunately definitely Jaffa Cakes!
  • I'm going to disa pear now - have a walk to do to the Jaffa cake shop after Ive bounced a coupl'a times

    see you guys later
  • Byeeee bune, i am of to watch corrie
  • Tin bath in front of the fire ????? had it cushy Gaz. We had to wait till it rained heavily, and then strip off and run into the back yard with a bit of emery paper to get the dirt off ourselves.
    Used to steal our malt loaf & fig rolls from Liptons.....remember them???
  • Ummmm jaffa cakes yum! I eats lots of them but thats because I dont have a good meat loaf recipie (oops spelling!) anyone got a good one they're willing to share?
  • Oh god just read the thread properly!! still it is friday night. Well now I have to change my mind as MALT loaf definately does it for me.
  • Personally I prefer malt loaf - with or without butter. Jaffa Cakes are nasty.
  • I cant believe there are people whose lifes are so sad they spend Friday night arguing whether malt loaf is better than Jaffa cakes. Well its malt loaf .........Doh!!!
  • In case we need a bit of extra welly to tip the balance, Kevin the Teenager (who is a forumite) and Mr V-rap (who isn't, though I suspect he lurks occasionally) have given me their proxy votes for...MALT LOAF!

    And none of us likes Jaffa Cakes. That's six thumbs down.
  • JAFFA CAKES so there
  • Hahahahahahahaahahah.....................
    they got meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • How about a malt loaf and jaffa sandwich..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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