Malt Loaf vs Jaffa Cakes



  • Jaffa cakes, jaffa cakes
    Rah! Rah! Rah!!!
  • Not keen on banana - but bought an original tonight :o)
  • My Maa makes yummy banana loaf. Maybe I need to rethink my jaffa cake vote.
  • no dont! malt loaf is on the dark side...I'll have a jaffa cake please
  • Malt loaf - the plum one is del...., sorry have to go and get one, now.
  • not sure about banana loaf - like banana cake though

    like bananas in their skins but Im superstitious of banana things as they always remind me of the bananas I find at the bottom of my kitbag 3 weeks after I put them there!
  • parkin! parkin! PARKIN!

    its just hit the shops - wow healthy- oats- ironish - treacle - sweet -carby ginger - warm and comforting

    and ginger bats buts thats just a deprived childhood - or second one!
  • Crissps
  • Crissps aren't even in the same league as Jafa Cake's or Malt Loaf
  • anyone like to bite the chocolte and jelly off ond then eat the cake bit?
  • I’m a full moon – no moon sort of guy

    Actually, I think, they are a natural bit size :o)
  • Slice of malt loaf in one hand and a jaffa in the other simple !
  • Jaffa cakes win every time
  • No!! Malt Loaf rules! Makes me remember Saturday night tea time, Pink Panther on the telly, and fighting with my older brother for the end bit - Dad always had one, so that meant there was only one left - little Sis stood NO chance! We were about ten and twelve at the time :-)

    Yep, malt loaf everytime, though there is something to be said for jaffa cakes when you're on a long walk in the hills...
  • jaffa cakes are disguised as healthy -'fruit' and low fat

    I used to think malt loaf was a laxative - same in same out - then I discovered dried figs!
  • bune
  • Does anyone know the Official Count? My friend tried the banana loaf & said it tasted artificial (maybe it's made with those chewy banana sweet things), but I like it.
  • please refer to earlier comments about banana flavoured things - bananas are greeny yellow and come in their own ingenious zipped jackets - once their jackets get mucky they turn into sguidy things that make your kitbag sticky and banana scented - banana flavoured maltloaf is made of recycled mucky sqidgy banana smelling kitbags

    I dont lower the tone I speak as I find!
  • I love banana loaf, but only when it has been home-made using real, very ripe bananas (and full of butter and eggs and sugar) the same day.
  • I love home made banana loaf...
  • Dammit! Malt loaf, banana loaf...I am now STARVING! Anyone got any food? All I've got is a couple of packets of the couscous equivalent of Savoury Rice, and I can't eat that between consultations.
  • McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake for me......Yummy!
  • parkin - real oaty treacly parkin
  • problably invented to get me through the winter bleughs!

    and thorntons treacle toffee

    and pumpkin pie
    and mince pies with christmas spice tea

    and Starbucks gingerbread latte - skinny of course

    found a cure!
  • Whoooooo,
    Love Parkin, not had it for years,
    must remidy that,
    oh and Ginger cake, where is my shopping list!!!!!!!!
  • Bleugh. I'm not hungry any more. I hate spices in my sweet stuff. Whoever thought of putting cinnamon in carrot cake, or nutmeg in puddings (NIGELLA! Didn't you mention nutmeggy fumes somewhere?) should have been quietly disposed of in a dark alley.
  • now nutmeg...

    we are what we eat...
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