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  • Yes - March is a crazy month. It seems just about everyone is doing a 10K a 10M or a half. It's just a bit scary after pootling around in the dark for the last few months to have to go on show, in daylight, with thin speedy looking types who talk jargon and then disappear in a puff of smoke as soon as the hooter goes.
    Luckily my next race passes a couple of pubs so I'll make sure I've got a fiver stuffed down my shorts for emergencies!!
  • Speedwork - exhibited only when there is something better to do.

    i mean why run fast when you can appreciate the scenary and avoid stamping in dog do?
  • I never know whether to bother with it or not. If I don't do speedwork I just get slower and slower. Also, I can't really enjoy the scenery during the week anyway cos have to run in the dark so keep to horrid circuits around my house where it's well lit, so no point doing that slowly.
    But, I only very occasionaly enjoy my week day runs, so I do wonder, what am I doing them for?
  • Carold

    bearing in mind that I use the term 'speed' very loosely.

    It is only since adding a tempo run and some 100m intervals into my training that my recovery runs have started to get faster for the equivalent amount of effort.

    I know what you mean about running in the dark- but, on the plus side, Spring will be here soon to lift our evening spirits!
  • FF
    My lactate threshold is 175, i think
    so my base training rate is 150
    Or id have to walk too, and its taken me a long long time to stop felling the need to walk
    i dont use the age related formula, but did a Hadd test
    and i dont always wear the HRM
    Like i said, observation of breathing and how you feel can be very useful
  • Since doing base training, ive discovered athat i have an even slower running speed than i thought
  • I used a HRM for a while but got very put off because as soon as I did anything more than walk fast it beeped for Britain and yet I could run very comfortably, chatting away etc at that "faster" speed. If I went back to it I'd probably spend my whole life walking which I don't want.
    On the other hand a clubmate of mine went serious on the HRM and as a result of following it slavishly (including some very slow running by his standards for some time)ended up taking almost 25 minutes off his marathon PB. He was very dedicated to the programme though - I don't think I've got the patience!
  • I used to do some speedwork (last Summer/Autumn) and my times were creeping up slowly.

    I did try a HRM, but unfortunately it stopped a few times and scared me witless. Thought I had died!
  • Hello all, I'm a newbie to this thread if that's OK?!
    Heart rate monitors - don't mention them. My other half is constantly strapped up to lord knows what - he takes it all rather more seriously that I do. He lent me the HRM once - when I got home, I said that I had been running in time to the beeps and had found that really useful. He told me that wasn't how I was supposed to do it! If in doubt, read the instructions. Needless to say, HRM no longer used by me, just the trusty watch (that I have just learned to programme! - technical, eh!) Best wishes.
  • Hi Trinity1
    I have actually done quite well recently. I ran in first ever 10k in January 2003 and repeated it this January with pretty much the same time - I run at 10 minute mile pace. I also ran in the Great South Run last October which was a real buzz, again at the same pace. I will never win prizes for coming first but who cares! I'm a bit hit and miss as to when I go training but I do try to either run, or do an aerobic workout at least three if not four times a week. I run on my own which I find OK although I'm sure that having a running partner would MAKE me do more! Hey ho!
  • Hi Fiona
    Whereabouts are you? Having a running partner and / or being a member of a club does help. It doesn't mean you have to be with them all the time but it does mean there's company if you want it. I find it is often the deciding factor when having a shall I / shalln't I moment. I can happily let myself down but it's more difficult to let someone else down. I find it particularly nice on longer runs at the weekend as they can get a bit boring if you're slow and going a long way.
  • Hi all I've been at work, this thread has been busy !!
    Not running or training today, I've cranked the miles up a bit over the last week and my leg is a little sore today, I'm seeing the Marqis de Sade tomorrow aka Sport massage therapist, so I shall not run until Thursday.

    Have to go and cook tea now, pop in later
  • Hi All!

    I've been running for 3 years now, only breaking for holidays and sickness and I'm still exactly the same speed as when I started - 10 min miling!!!!!

    It doesn't matter what race it is - it could be a 5K or a 1/2 marathon I'm always the same 10 min miler.

    I reckon this thread is my new home! I'm slow but at least I get there in the end.

    So...mind if I join you?
  • Fiona
    tee hee
    running in time to the beeps
    id die
    160 bpm-can you imagine

    er, my HRM doesnt beep
    and im glad
  • Hello!! I think that I most certainly qualify - have been running (falling forwards without hitting the ground) since the beginning of the year, and am doing 13.5 minute miles. I am also doing a 10 miler in Maidenhead in April. I did set up a thread asking if this was over ambitious and the answer was a resounding 'no'. Took PH's advice and have been building up my distance and am trying to keep under 70% effort which gives me a legitimate excuse to go very slowly. Whenever I see speedwork mentioned I pretend that I am reading swahili and don't understand. Happy to plod
  • hmm, does feeling like you could walk quicker count, especially after the first ten minutes????
  • i CAN walk quicker

    MUCH quicker !
  • Hippo-Thanks for the feedback.

    My sub 70% runs are below hr 151.

    Haven't done a max hr test yet, or a Hadd test, so I'm still working to the formula in 'HRM training for the compleat idiot'

    Hopefully, as time goes by I can run more and walk less, and still keep below the 70% mark.
  • Try the hadd

    I had a BIG psychological problem with feeling i was entitled to a walk
  • Hello peeps

    another one for the group I feel!

    have been doing this for about 2 years now, although mostly was in the gym on the tready and was going great guns - 5/6 miles in a very good time
    Then I decided to save money and carry on outside and it all went horribly wrong! I can average between 10/11 min miles depending on distance and lethargy!

    4 miles today in around 35 mins I think

    I didnt get my free watch with the magazine so I rely on my dvd player for times!!

  • Staggering,it's when walkers overtake it gets a tad embarassing ;-))

    Hippo, just here keeping an eye on your confessions!

    I will let you all know if I ever make 12mm, ohhhhhh soooooooo fast......

  • I beat a pensioner to the bus stop the other day!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Imelda´s mentor, some of these "pensioners" are in the matures´thread and they can be very fat

    btw, hi
  • Ha ha ha!
    Did you mean fat!!

    They scare the pants off me!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i´m so sorry, hope Chimp never read the previous post

    i really did mean fast, fast, i promise
  • made me laugh anyway!

    promise I wont tell them
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