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  • morning all

    I've just realized that last time I posted I'd missed a chunk of your messages - I now know that DL is in the US with XB, XFC is home-alone and the miniYums is a baby policeman, and Daffy has entered an ultra!

    oh MC I'm so sorry your mum is declining in health - the good side to this is her acceptance and how she is not missing out on family occasions. I know you will make the most of the time together and also you won't have the regret of things unsaid etc  - lots of love xxx

    Daffs that race is by the company that organized the "snickerthon" that I recently did - I do like these smaller events and may even join you :)

    I'm a bit cross with my boss he has miraculously created a new position for someone who has left us twice (still in the same company) and it appears to be a higher grade than  me which is properly cheeky! I have emailed him - I wanted it in writing in case I want to take it further in future (not the sort of thing I would normally do)

    Mr FF has his next hospital appointment this week - I'm not really confident he will be getting rid of the boot judging by the pain he's had when he overdoes things- trouble is he's also now out of sick pay - yikes! we have organized a mortgage free period so that's a bit of help 

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Jenni, I really hope that Mr Farfar's review gives better news than you fear. Also hope that you manage to get things sorted at work.

    Podds, I hope your life is easier now that term is over/nearly over (some of our schools have finished, some have another 1.5 days to go).

    Yums, I'm sorry you ma is not entirely happy in her flat. As you say, there is nowt you can do about either of those things :( Sorry that work is boring too!

    LOL at the idea of Emess offering services to other ladies. Maybe they want to learn bridge/bowls?!

    It is a tad warm here again!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Are we all quiet because we're lying in a cool bath to escape the heat?

    Oh Jenni, he did Mr Farfar get on at hozzie? I really hope he can get the boot off as the sooner he is back to work the better!  I love the smaller quirky races. If you enter the same ultra as daffy she'll have to keep up with you :-)

    Do you go out and about this hot weather, sluggy? How is Thursday Man?

    Today miniyums2 turns 19. He has a big choklit cake so he's happy. It is currently 32° in the shade in my garden where I'm posting from. The house is 31° Great for drying clothes but not much else
  • happy birthday minyum 2 :)

    not the best news on the ankle - another 6 weeks with "Das Boot" he's a bit disappointed but at least it is healing slowly. They are not very specific with their instructions but he has been told to increase walking without the boot - and I believe that is what will encourage bone healing. so today he is spending some time in a normal shoe and will do that more (he only pottered about on it barefoot before)

    Also his car is out of action but as its automatic he's also going to that sorted and start driving again - I think that will make a big difference

    in other news I did a 5 mile race on Wednesday evening which was lovely (Cannock chase) although my time wasn't great but a PB because I've never done the distance before. Most memorable moment was a old guy wearing very thin white shorts and not much else - positively indecent! but where do you look....

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    Evening all,

    Happy Birthday to MiniYums and also to FP!

    I do get out and about but try to stay in the shade most if the time. TM is well, thank you.

    After weeks of cloudless skies, tonight we have thick cloud and cannot see the lunar eclipse. I hope we do get some rain!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Well hello

    Had a fab time in that there USofA. Chicago and a tour of Wisconsin. Went camping and got rained on mightily with thunder storms, leaky tent and everything. Unusual weather there apparently. Returned home to rain and storms. No need to thank me. Wisconsin is famed for beer and cheese. A good time was had!

    Happy birthdays mini Yums and FP.

    I see Daffers has completely lost the plot. An ultra????!?

    Hope Mr FF is getting more mobile and the new boss is a good one. 

    Catching up with work. Funny how time goes so much more slowly when sitting at a work computer!

    Need to start thinking about when to start running again. Shall put it on my to do list.

    Hope the rain rains on you (seems to be what people want!?) I'd quite like a bit of sunshine.

  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    Morning waister chums. 

    Thought of you today when my old home made 'waister' t shirt appeared from a box :D Those were the days... 

    Yums - how can mini yums be 19?! You're only 21 yourself!

    Gosh Jenni, Mr Far Far must be mightily sick of that boot by now. 

    DL - have you put 'running' on your to do list, or 'think about when to possibly start running'? If the latter, have you done it yet?

    Bizarrely, I am still on track with the couch to 5k - Week 6, Day 2 today! (well, I'm drinking tea ready to go out...). I think this is the longest I've ever stuck with any kind of training plan. Shocking really. Don't know why - possibly I like instructions, possibly I'm in a challenge with my sister (and winning, for once). Possibly cos every run out of the front door is in glorious scenery and so has novelty value. Possibly because I'm not teaching at the minute so work start times can be a bit more flexible (I'm rubbish at getting up early enough to run AND start work at 9am - clearly, as it's 4 minutes to and I'm not even out of the door yet)

    Anyway, not analysing too much, will just get out for a plod :) My first 25 min run (no walk breaks) is this week - I'm going to 'cheat' and go somewhere flat just to see how 'fast' my 'normal' pace is these days - I've a feeling it's rather a lot faster than it used to be - or at least it would be if every run didn't literally have a trig point in the middle...
  • hi all

    daffs - well done on sticking to the c25k

    DL - sounds like a great holiday

    I volunteered on the pirate feed station at outlaw last Sunday - the worst weather for months! Saw medly go through on her bike

    I asked my youngest (well he is 14 now) if he wanted a day out while the eldest is off at camp and he chose the National Holocaust Centre (he loves history) - not the cheeriest of days out but a very good museum and memorial. 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Yay to slightly better news for Mr Fafar. Slowly but surely. He must be pleased to be able to get back to driving.  Only ever enter new distances, Jenni and guarantee a new PB every time

    Daffy,  what's a trig point? Fab to hear c25k is going well. 25 mins running is the same time hilly or not.  Best stay on track as your ultra is only 4 months away.

    Lol at you and the weather both home and away, DL. Let's face it you're not on holiday if you and OH don't have a leaky tent. Hope XFC was pleased to have you back.

    Well marshalled MC. I loved the weather but I wasn't doing outlaw!

    Today no2 is attested to the specials. No1 and I are off to county poliss HQ later. No2 has the shiniest boots. I am like a cat on a hot tin roof. 
  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    Ooh, exciting Yums! Well done to Mini No 2! (not so mini now!) :) 

    Good marshalling MC :) Can't believe the weather that day (probably better than blazing sun I suppose although it might not have felt like that at the time!)

    Trig point is a 'triangulation station' - usually some kind of post/concrete block etc that's visible from other places so surveyors and mapping folks can work out where things are in relation to other things. Apparently when they were set up, whichever one you stood at, you could always see two others. They're usually right on the top of hills, which is why it's not brilliant to have one in the middle of your run!

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    Congratulations to Miniyums 2 :)
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    "What's a trig point?" asks the Essex girl!! Bit flat round there? Apparently the lowest one is in Norfolk and below sea level.
    We have been to Brittany for 10 days or so just next to Concarneau. We also had thick cloud for the lunar eclipse and a rainy day last Sunday. Mostly it was warm and sunny, not too much for the poor freckly redheads. It was warming up considerably the last few days.
    Tomorrow Mr P is back in work, I am packing again, then I'm heading off to Scotland on Wednesday for the West Highland Way! I don't mind it being cooler. A gentle breeze to see off the midges would be appreciated.
  • morning all

    you get about these day Pippi - I love the sound of your walking adventures

    phew thank goodness DL is back my garden was dry as a bone!

    nice plodding there Daffers you do seem to be very happy in your new surroundings :)

    I've had a funny old week, my Mum had a stroke during the night last Thursday and seemed to have lost the ability to swallow so I spoke to the doc and she thought it only be about a week - but she has picked up a bit and took some food yesterday so I don't know where we are now! I worked from home most of this week so it was easier to visit but I'm back in the office now. Its like we are in limbo now, her quality of life is poor really but you can't wish her life away - so we carry on.

    I have no races planned and not much structure to running, not even been to club runs for a few weeks - its a strange time

    oh and I have put in a grievance at work - I know it won't make any difference but I don't like bad behavior!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Jenni, I am sorry to hear about your mum, I guess your emotions will be all over the place :(
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Ah daffy thank you for the trig point explanation. Funnily enough I've never found one on my run!

    Ah Jenni, I'm sorry to hear that your mum quality of life has deteriorated. Sad for her and hard for you to watch. It's a shame you feel nothing will result from your grievance.  I do agree that sometimes it's necessary to address issues of unfairness. At least you will feel you've been true to yourself.

    Pippi fire all ways rambling these days. :-) Are you west highland waying with a group ? Are you checking out a table  route or simply for pleasure...?

    How are my favourite puddy tats, sluggy? How is Emess finding bowling this weather?

    And I'd just like to point out that Essex does and some cheeky hills albeit nothing in comparison to those tough northern hills and we did host the Olympic MOUNTAIN biking :-)
    No 2 ceremony was lovely. He's heading out on his first shift any moment. Tomorrow he's paired with a regular and is on 999 response. 

    In other news my mother and sister have fallen out. Sis was mean and upset mum who said something which would have been better left  unsaid. I can only hope sis doesn't behave as she did last time someone dared to express their feelings

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    Morning WAISTers,

    Yums, I'm sorry that your Ma and Sis have fallen out. I remember how your Sis behaved many years ago :(

    Puddy tats are doing very well thanks. Sky continues to confound the vets, who didn't expect her to live beyond last summer and cannot give us any idea whether her good health might be maintained. It is a real example of living for the day and not worrying about tomorrow! Alf is in his element here and enjoys 'untin' - to the detriment of the local squirrels!

    MS plays indoor bowls all year round, and the club has good air con, so the weather really doesn't make any difference to him. In fact, he has gone to play a match this morning.

    SB was in South Africa for work a couple of weeks ago, this weekend he is in Edinburgh (for pleasure) and next week he goes off to Lake Garda for a mate's wedding. Ex GF is getting married in 2 weeks time ( sob) and SB will be there to wish them well. He doesn't have time or incentive to pursue a relationship!

    WAIST well all.

  • OMG Did I really see that miniYums2 is 19????  How on earth did that happen :dizzy:

    JFF forgive my memory - what is Mr FF recovering from?  Sounds like a real drag and it can be so difficult to get the balance to be doing enough to strengthen without overdoing it :(

    Situation at work doesn't sound great JFF - new boss I think you said and now this odd "new" position for the dodgy employee...........hmmmm..........don't blame you for putting in a grievance

    Sorry to hear about your Mum too.........these in between times I think are harder than when they actually go............

    DL - happy returns to the UK.....I guess I knew you were back as we had torrential rain :dizzy: Sounds like a good time was had mind, especially with beer and cheese :)

    Families eh Yums.........lets just leave it at that!!!!

    I was at a wedding on lunar eclipse night and the bride was really looking forward to some stunning photos with the moon..........but we too got stormed out that night!!

    And in other news....................

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Podds, I have lost track somewhat  :( Which is the newcomer?

  • LOL The new comer is in the middle (Tom front and Badger back) and his name's Trooper

    He has a fear of people and anything new or different - he's spent 7 months in his kennel never coming out so of course nobody has shown any interest in him.  However he gets on really well with other dogs, particularly if he can follow / copy them. Therefore our lifestyle is good for him as we don't have a social life or visitors etc and he can just chill with the other lads during the day
  • podds what beautiful dogs

    JFF - sorry to hear about your mum,  and the work situation

    yums - oh families can be the worst at times!

    pippi - I am in Ullapool at the moment, hope you have a good walk

  • ah I just popped in - and I get to see lovely houndies! they are obviously not fussed about fairytale hair :)

    Podds Mr FF had and ankle realignment surgery - hopefully this will last a few years before he will have to get the joint fused. its a long old process of healing though

    Yums so sad your sister has fallen out with your Mum, I do think we have to make an extra effort to be tolerant with our oldies (unless they are particularly difficult which I know you Mum isn't)

    not much news here, mum is still with us, she's eating and drinking a little but seems to be sleeping a lot more than usual. I'm visiting as much as I can, having a day off today because the other 2 have been.

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    Podds, Trooper is a very hansum lad, I am very glad he has found a home with you :)
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    ((((Far Far)))) hope your Mum isn't suffering and you aren't stressed to the hilt. Difficult times.

    ((((Yums' Mum and sis)))))

    (((((Anyone else with family issues and/or illness)))))

    Podds - your hair must be looking fabulous these days, and the hounds are handsome too! Did you get to the point where you were just looking at too much carpet???!!

    We are in the midst of another teenage strop. Interesting as this time next week we should be taking her to Turkey for a week. Wonder how many of us will survive!?! 

    Still haven't conquered my to do list so no thinking about running yet. How's the ultra training going Daffers?

    Happy Thursday
  • Absolutely DL, more dogs = less carpet = less hoovering - simples :dizzy:

    Ankle realignment sounds pretty major - hope Mr FF continues to make progress 

    Hugs to all with ill or stroppy families

    I have been on the Isle of Sheppey at Day 1 of Greyfest and have 2 guest hounds staying the night one of which is a complete fruitloop girl who's driving everyone nuts!! Day 2 tomorrow if I survive the night
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    It's August - what do you expect???

    I'm back from the West Highland Way. It was one of the best paths I've walked - well surfaced for much of the way and well waymarked. I quite liked walking alone - I wasn't sure how I would be for a whole week - but it was nice to keep bumping into the same people once in a while and have a chat. The first day, you just nod to people; by the end of the week you compare how it's gone and how you feel, know some of each other's life stories!

    The walking was pretty easy really, although I found that the 'easy' days that followed a harder day could be tough. In fact my worst day was going over the hill from Glencoe to Kinlochleven. It was the shortest day, but also followed the longest day, plus it was pretty wet on top of the hill and my legs felt like lead! Interestingly, another walker I met the next day had said exactly the same. 

    I felt great walking, but have been shattered and my legs have hurt since I came home. What's that about??? DOMS?

    I seem to have inspired Pippette who is thinking she might like to do the Coast to Coast next year. 

    Anyways, it's still August. I'm off again to Shrewsbury Folk Festival for the Bank Holiday, then Mr P is off work so we are heading to Wales to walk a bit more of the coastal path ... 

    (((JFF))) and (((Yums))) and (((MC))) who all have a lot to contend with ...
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    That's a fair bit of walking Pippi!
  • Pippi that sounds fab! Well done and enjoy the rest of the holidays

    my mum died yesterday, I haven't really come to terms with it, but deep down I know she was getting weaker and I didn't want her to get to the point where she was totally bed bound, but that doesn't make it easier to deal with at all. Unfortunately we are in Scotland, I was in two minds about coming but I knew she didn't want me to not come, and the last thing she said to me was 'if anything happens you are not to cut your holiday short.' and dad doesn't want me to come home. My sister and brothers are there with him.  

  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    So sorry to hear about your mum MC :( ((((((())))))))) never easy. I can't imagine you're feeling in a very holidaying mood :( xx

    (((((((Yums and Jenni too)))))))) lots to deal with in the waister lounge :(

    Hope Turkey goes well DL. Good luck! I have a feeling you might need it...

    Happy new houndy Podds! Trooper looks very regal sitting there and I'm sure has found the perfect home with you :)

    Well walked Pippi! Not surprised you're in need of a rest mind you...

    Ultra training is going well - I'm just going into the final week of the couch to 5k ? Of course in my case everywhere is so hilly and I'm so slow at the minute it's more of a couch to 2.45 miles right now but I'm sure I can build up to 30 or 40 miles in the next 11 or so weeks - no problem.

    Got this week and next week off work but already it feels like it's slipping by... Need to make a few more concrete plans I think...
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