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  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Let it be proclaimed and celebrated. I have been for a run.

    I am using the word 'run' in its loosest form.

    Here we go again


  • morning all

    welcome back DL - I was just thinking at least XFC wanted to go on holiday with you - that's pretty amazing for a teenager

    MC I hope school isn't too painful, same for you Podds. I'm at work and its my busy week but I'm very short on patience - I wish people would just leave me alone and stop asking me stupid questions. I have even sent an application in for another job!! not great timing really but I need to move on, although I wish I could just retire

    Went for a 20 mile run on Saturday - I survived so have now entered Chester marathon in October, something to look forward to

  • Evening - between all the chaos of the start of the year I heard today that one of our greyhound volunteers had died. 
    Not unexpected as he was quite old and had terminal cancer and when I last saw him about a month ago he was noticeably weaker :(

    So spent the day bobbing between what I'm paid to do at work and emailing with his daughter to inform other volunteers and get a notice up on our website and FB etc.......

    I promise I will catch up with everyone in a few days time!!! :D:D 

  • Podds, you are being noble to help honour the memory of your volunteer, especially when you are in the throes of school starting again. xx

    [Waves to Sluggie] When are you off on your next cruise??/

    JFF, top plodding there; but you surely will not be wanting a lot of disturbance from irritating colleagues at work, now especially. This job has been weighing you down for a long time, and when you are already grieving it's just more hassle to process. I do hope at least they can arrange a move for you. In the meantime, these are hard days so take care of yourself. At least you still have the ability to get away from it all with a long run, so maybe a marathon is just what you need now to give you some time and 'head space'. (((JFF)))

    (((MC))) I guess you are starting the school year too, but it must be hard to find much enthusiasm for it just now. Grieving takes an awful lot of energy.  so be very kind to yourself. 

    DL, you are my heroine. Starting again, a model to us all. Are you training for anything special? 

    I'm just finishing packing up as we go back to NL tomorrow. Final wash is in the dryer, just need to clean the fridge and pack the final bits. The summer has gone so fast, but lot going on top north too: not only C3's flat, but C1 is looking at houses with her bf, so there may be more packing cases in our near future :-)) Anyway, must toddle off and finish up but hope everyone has a good Wednesday, see you from the other side. xxx
  • Afternoonicles,

    Bon voyage Chuggy, I hope you have a smooth trip back to the flatlands.

    Sorry to hear about your fellow volunteer Podds. I would love to say that I hope the beginning of the new school year goes well - but I fear that would be a vain hope!

    Mc and Jenni, I know how short tempered I get when I have lost someone I loved. I feel like saying 'I've lost my Mum and you are whinging about a papercut?! (that sort of thing anyway). I hope you are spared too many irritations.

    We are off on our med cruise on Sunday :) I haven't done anything towards packing yet, haven't even decided what I want to take with me  . . .
  • hi

    have a great holiday slugs

    it was the burial today - probably my worst day ever! 

    Started back at work last Monday and already my head of dept is being an arse and trying to overload my timetable and when I said no she tries the guilt triping 'it is to support a student'..... I am going to take next week off sick and give myself a chance to breathe and look after myself. I am just at the stage of crying all the time and I really found it hard to try to be upbeat in the classroom this week. My shoulder issue that I had a year ago has flared up and I am sure it is stress because I haven't done anything physical to aggravate it. If we get a day of good weather I will just go out on my bike for the day to the forest. 
  • (((Mc))) take the time you need - there will always be another teacher but your family only have one of you!
  • Evening All

    Just a quickie - was it someone on here who got tickets to watch Strictly filming?  If so was it through the BBC lucky dip and if so part 3 much in advance did you know you had tickets?

    Ta Muchly

    ((((hugs to all especially JFF and MC)))))

    And wish me luck for tomorrow which is the hound walk which was run by our departed volunteer whose daughter and grandson will be there...........and I really struggle with the social niceties of empathy and stuff........
  • Nearly forgot - if you see this Sluggie - Bon Voyage, and don't forget the seasickness tablets :)
  • Good luck Podds and thanks for the good wishes. I am currently sporting a neat little patch behind my right ear - it contains seasickness medication and will be replaced in 3 days if I need it.

    Play nicely while I'm away.

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    (((((MC and JFF )))) you both need some  time away from work so you can let your thoughts and feelings settle. Grief can't just be put nicely in a box. 

    Well done on the job Application Jenni. I have everything crossed you'll succeed. Your lousy bosses will regret losing you. Fancy looking forward to a marathon ?
     *waves hanky and sobs*  bon voyage mr n mrs slug. Hope you have an amazing time.

    Ah Podds how sad the hounds have lost such a fab friend. How on earth did you get dragged in to the staff meeting? You've been successful in dodging it for 16 years.

    Whoa, DL has run. Is it true? I didn't see it on the news. 

    Have a fab journey family chuggy 
  • podds - hope the walk went well.

    I have informed work I won't be there all week. Chugs - you are so right about grieving being tiring - I am exhausted. Must make sure I get out in the fresh air every day even if it is just a little walk or trip to mum's allotment. It was hard to go up there the first time, her wellies and jumper and other bits are still lying around but she loved being up there
  • Take care of yourself, MC, and they really shouldn't expect you in. 

    Im copying this from my FB post, as I'm sure I can get a couple of you roped in

    Hello. I am looking for about 20 volunteers among you lovely people. 
    My class are going to make Flat Stanley, basically a cut out paper boy, and we would like to post him to places. If you would be willing to have one, take a photo of him somewhere interesting (and I know many of you live by landmarks, or have pets, or hobbies or jobs that would be suitable for this") and then email it back to us with a short message (or post it, if you are willing to fork out for a stamp), please could you either pm me your postal address, or email it to me at 
    wilsonr (@) 
    (Obviously without the brackets, but I'm trying to avoid spam ...)

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    I have been to the Long Road Country festival - it was jolly good -so a big ye ha to y'all.

    (((((MC and JFF))))) hope you're getting through it.

    Hope the Houndie walk went well and was a fitting tribute to your volunteer friend

    I would wave at Sluggie but I imagine she'll be dancing with the captain and having too much fun to notice

    Hey Yums - what's occurring? 

    I managed 2 runs - it's the routine thing that seems to have scuppered me. Must try harder!

    I have been told that I am a grumpy old git and need to get with social media - I may have to use Facebook to prove I have joined the 21st century *shudders*, what is the world coming to???

    Happy Thursday - here in the real world it's green bin day - what need have I of virtual stimulation?
  • Here in the other world, it's Roald Dahl day.

    Have a Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight to celebrate.
  • I haven't been told I'm a grumpy old git (yet) but yesterday I went to my second yoga session and was told by another newbie that I looked fit - that made me day!!!  :dizzy:
    and I'm not bringing marking home on a Wednesday if I can help it as I have come home after yoga all uplifted and relaxed and it is very difficult to bring myself to face a pile of exercise books ... especially when one answers the question:
    What are the two parts of the Bible called? (and we had just read some information and looked at the contents pages of Bibles so I didn't just expect them to know!)
    as ...

    The front part and the back part ...

    morning all

    MC - take time off sick! you need some time to recover - it really is tiring! and if you need a bit longer I'm sure your doctor would sign you off

    My mum's cremation was on Tuesday. we only had a service in the crem as we don't really do religion. the celebrant was an interfaith minister, so as much spiritual side as we wanted, which was very little. A lot of people feel that she is now reunited with my Dad - and although I believe death is an ending, it does feel like completing a circle if that makes sense

    The service was just right, the music, poems, grandchildren speaking about their Nan. It was all about her and not dragged down by dementia. Lots of flowers too because she loved flowers :) we finished with "simply the best" her favourite

    I had an interview - didn't go very well, I felt like he was saying - "nah! you wouldn't like it" I shall keep looking, I feel like I've made the decision now which is good

    yee haa DL! how can anyone call you a grumpy old git? :D

  • Oh Pippi if you still need anyone for your Flat Eric thingy, I can take him on a run to "Castle Ring" on Cannock Chase, but I'm guessing you've had plenty of better offers by now :)

    I hope the Sluggies are having a fab cruise :)

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    (((((MC and Mrs FF))) 

    Well done for taking some time out for yourself, MC. You need it. I'm sure there will be reminders of your mum some will make you smile fondly 

    Pippi I'll have one of the whippet truffle sweets please. Lol at that answer to tge bible question. 
    I saw your flat Stanley FB post. I'm guessing you have enough volunteers but if you haven't I could take a picture of him by the world's longest pleasure pier. Ditch the marking and do yoga for sure :-) 

    I don't know what's more shocking DL running or thinking of using FB. 

    Wednesday mother messed with the power in her flat and had a melt down and rang me at work in tears. I went to sort her out  but there wasn't much wrong in the flat. Most unlike her to behave like that.  Tomorrow in running the Kew 10k with chums It starts at 8.30am so we're  staying over tonight.

  • JFF - sounds like a lovely service. We aren't religious either and didn't have any service at all, literally just a burial which I think made it difficult, but she is buried in a geen site and we will be having a tree planting later in the year and I guess might have that as more of a memorial as we will be inviting others to it - the burial was just dad, us kids, my kids and OH, and a couple of my brother's kids. 

    I went the dr today and got signed off for another 2 weeks. 
  • Evening All

    ((((MC)))) if that's what you need then do it - we're all different and only you know how you feel and when you're ready to return, especially as you're not into your job currently

    Last year I wanted to be straight back at work (even though it was exam season!!!) but for me it's better to be busy than to have too much time to think and there are no real memories physically local to me unlike your mum's allotment.  Will you be able / want to keep it on or does it have to go the next person on the waiting list?  Or is it just Kent where we have waiting lists for allotments?!!

    JFF - botherations about the job - but if they didn't rate you then they don't deserve you!

    Careful DL -no overdoing it!

    Well done Pippi for being flexibly and ungrumpy :) 

    Mr P has entered me in the Winter 10K in London in Feb.........which would be fine if I could actually run more than 10 yards - and I'm not exaggerating sadly :( 
  • From Saturday morning, walking and drinking coffee.....

  • Sunday evening..............

  • ...........and blissfully my weekend and house have been a totally football, cricket and Fools and Horses free zone.............. what bliss 
  • ahh lovely pictures podds
  • Thanks

    Pippi - Flat Stanley has been done!  Not sure what the kids will make of his travels here as we don't have anything very exciting but I've had a laugh doing it today :)  Way more interesting than Y11 data and report templates!!!
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