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  • ah Podds I love the houndie photos - their lovely pointy faces :)

    I hope your ok MC - I really do think you need some time away from work to get yourself in a better state. as Podds says we all react differently and I was straight back to work although I would have liked some time off I didn't actually need it. But saying that I have a week off next week and I'm really looking forward to the break

    Podds could you speed walk the 10k?

    Mr FF is back to work - he's doing a phased return (he had run out of sick pay so needed to get back) I think its a bit much really but going ok so far - he's doing 2 full days and 3 half days this week

    oh and its my birthday today :)

  • happy birthday JFF

    hope Mr FF is ok back at work. 

    I am off now till the 28th - the dr was very lovely and did say people react totally differently and even if others on the surface seem to be ok they might not underneath. I am going round to see dad every day - he is not eating much and doesn't have many friends really so is just at home alone all the time. I just can't really deal with other people at the moment, I didn't even go to swimming club at the weekend because I don't feel like chatting to people! At least I am getting chance to go to the physio and get my shoulder worked on!

  • Happy Birthday JFF - I have eaten cake in your honour as it's a colleague's birthday today too :):) and it would have been sooooooo roood not to :)

    Tomorrow I am going to Londinium for work with a fab colleague - the bad news is up at 5am to walk the pooches as Mr P is still under the patio until Thursday evening and I'm on a 0630 train :(
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    ((((((MC & JFF))))) hope the days are getting easier

    Happy birthday Farty - hope you had cake

    Enjoy London Podds - hope you get some time to do something nice whilst you're there. Great photos.

    Flat Stanley went to Derby uni yesterday, today he will be going to Loughborough Uni and tomorrow he's going to a Kylie Minogue concert - living the student life!

    I was going to run today but the lurgy has caught me. XFC has been snotty and unpleasant all week. I told her not to touch anything - obviously she didn't listen! I will have to kill her.

  • morning all - I spotted a DL on Farcebooook :O

    MC I totally know where you are coming from, I have found it really difficult to bother with other people, must be so hard for you having to look after your Dad too :(

    we had a family Chinese takeaway yesterday so that was really nice

    I didn't get the job I applied for which didn't surprise me but I have this horrible feeling of being stuck here now and no enthusiasm for the job - oh dear!

  • JFF - oh I hate that feeling of being stuck in a job you aren't into anymore
  • Don't give up JFF (I know you won't!!) - it's their loss more than yours!!

    Whenever I'm not into my job (pretty frequent!!) I list the pros and cons and in the end decide that actually there are quite a few little bits and bobs which don't sound like much but are things I like which I wouldn't get elsewhere e.g. can go to vet whenever and never have to make up the time, that make the sh*t worth putting up with..........and there's plenty of that

    Generally they leave me alone in my hermit's cell to get on with it and that suits me just fine as I generally don't have to bother that much with others

    You'll probably find the opportunity for something new will pop up when you least expect it!

  • DL on farsebook.............where? when? why don't I know?
  • Jenni-far-farJenni-far-far ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Podds DL managed to wish me a happy birthday on farceboook! I was truly honoured!

    I know what you mean about the job Podds - there's loads I like but the big downside has always been the commute. I'm not in any desperate need or hurry to leave which is a good position to be in in case any opportunity pops up :)

    I really want to have my say on what has happened but my boss is leaving and has gone extremely quiet! my grievance stands and I want it heard - the worm has turned lol :)

  • Morning all from the grey and rainy flatlands...

    MC, so glad you have got some time off. As Podds says, everyone deals with grief in their own way, and it's important you have the mental space for it. I  know how the allotment hit you. With most of us, it's something small and concrete that suddenly brings the reality of the loss crashing down. At least you will have time now to get out into the fresh air and nature; that can be very comforting, somehow. 

    JFF, how lovely that your mum's service was so 'her', with flowers and her favourite music and the grandchildren. A good service does give a sense of completion, whatever spiritual element it may or may not contain. And good for you for going for another job. As you said, it's making the decision that's the most important step. If this job wasn't it, then good you don't waste any more time on it. The right one will come.  (And just this minute starting a brand new job might not be ideal anyway.)

    Podds, what gorgeous photos. You do have the most beautiful views! And I love how the boys look in their different liveries: they remind me of the hounds you see in illuminated manuscripts. As for your 10 k, you have till February, and we all know you'll be ready by then!

    Yums, it's really good that you can be there to help your mum. It sounds as if she is becoming more fragile, which must be a bit of a worry. All the better that you are keeping other things going---hope that 10 k was good. 

    Pippi, how gratifying to be so fit at the start of your yoga :-))) And you are very right to keep the rest of the evening free to enjoy the peace. Everyone needs time that's REALLY off. 

    DL, do let us know if you do FB. That will be something worth witnessing! ;-) And lucky you, going to a country western festival. Always leaves you smiling. 

    I guess Sluggie is still on her cruise? Or just back? I hope the seasickness patch worked, will be interested to hear. 

    Been frantically busy here, unpacking, housecleaning, catching up with duties here, so we could all fly to Boston today. Been planning and saving for this for two years. Only we aren't going. C3 was playing football yesterday, took a bad tackle, and when I took him to A&E it turned out he'd broken his collarbone, with the kind of break that needs to be pinned. So he will have a short op sometime in the next ten days. Meanwhile he's in a sling, can't drive, obviously can't fly. Everyone swallowed hard, and decided we'd have a good time here anyway. So we're about to meet up for brunch at a local hotel and see what plans we can come up with to enjoy ourselves this week! xx
  • Afternoon all,

    Chuggy, how utterly disappointing for you all! Poor C3, I do hope he is not in much pain :( Was it him who had the nasty lower limb fracture  few years ago? If so, perhaps you should consider wrapping him in bubble wrap!

    Mc, it is sensible of you to take some time out from work. I completely understand the thing about not wanting a lot of people around you, especially if you would have to make small talk.

    Jenni, I'm sorry you didn't get the job but am sure there is something out there just right for you. I know I didn't really grieve much for Mum when she died - I felt I had lost her to the dementia years ago. I'm glad your mum's farewell was just as you (and she) wanted it.

    Yums, I hope your Ma is OK. It is very easy to get into a panic and stop thinking clearly, maybe that is what happened.

    I think I must have slipped into an alternate reality - that is the only explanation for reading that DL has been running!

    We had a lovely cruise and have been back home for about 3 hours. The weather was glorious, right up until yesterday which was very foggy. It was something of a shock to disembark in Southampton and walk into a torrential downpour. Sky and Alf were both pleased to see us (I expected some turned backs to punish us for going away!)

    (((hugs))) to all.

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    How is everyone? 

    Welcome home,  sluggy. Good to hear that the weather I ordered arrived. It sounds as though you've both had a fab time. Did you find at the Captain's Table? I always smile when I say that as The Captain's Table is the name of the seafront cafe I loved as a child and it's still there over 40 years later. I'm glad Sky and Alf treated you with distain in true moggy style. I bet they soon thawed sufficiently for a cuddle.

    Podds how kind of Mr P to enter you for the 10k. Still it could have been worse just imagine what he could have entered you for 😀I agree that sometimes it's the small but important stuff that is the motivation to stay in a job. I'm loving the hound photos too. I'm very impressed you have mastered the tech to post them here. What did Mr P do to deserve to be under the patio? More to the point how did he escape in the first place?

    ((((MC))) a green burial and a memorial and a tree are a lovely way to honour and remember your mum.  

    Chuggy, lovely to see you. I can't believe C3's poor luck in having a bad break to his collar bone right on top of your holiday plans that been eagerly anticipated for so long. Very disappointing for you all but you're a resourceful lot so I'm sure you'll still enjoy yourselves.

    (((((JFF))) It sounds like a lovely service which brought find memories of your mum and was very her.  Poor Mr FF having to go to work if he's not quite ready. Fingers crossed it's more like rehab rather than too much for him. Sorry the change of job didn't work out. Yay to to work that turned

    The Kew 10k was lovely. Free entry to Kew too so we met some of NYL friends and had a mooch afterwards. Medal is a cracker. Glittery purple, nice and hefty and with a spinning bit which depicts the pagoda and palm house and it has a skull and crossbones and Peter pan. I'd post a pic but need my tech expert Podds to help. Ma seems more her old self so I think you're right about her panicking, Sluggy. Work wise I have decided against trying to climb the greasy pole while I have Ma to consider. Instead I get my job satisfaction from speaking my mind😀

  • Yums, I'm glad that your Ma seems OK now. 

    Podds, Mr P gets up to far too much mischief for someone buried under the patio - just think what damage he could do if you let him out!!  >:) 

    No dining at the Captain's table for us - in fact, I don't think they do that so much these days. Although it is possible for a fee  . . .

  • Waayhaay, Sluggie's home! Glad you had yet another fab time and the weather cooperated.  How did the seasick patch do? Seasickness is so horrible, I'd love to know if there is now an effective way to treat it. But the kitties must REALLY have missed you if they didn't dare try the cold shoulder when you got back!

    Yums, glad the Kew 10 k was such a nice time. I'd love to see a photo of that medal, see if you can post one? Good that your mum is feeling more settled again. As Sluggie (always wise) says, older people panic more readily, so it's all the more important she can call you if she needs to. In that situation you are right not to add more professional stress by trying to  'climb the greasy pole' right now. Hope the no-longer-mini's are well. How does it feel to have a policeman in the family?? ;-)

    All well here, but we all suddenly feel totally cream crackered after the last few days. Been trying to sort out arrangements with the family we were supposed to meet up with (and who had already arrived in Boston when we cancelled). But all being taken care of, and C3 see the anaesthetist tomorrow so hopefully his little op can be sometime this week. 

    Special supportive thoughts to MC and JFF----it's so hard when the rest of the world has gone back to business as usual, and for you the whole world feels crazy and painful and bruised. Be very kind to yourselves, this is a really tough
     time. xx
  • hi all

    chugs - how disappointing! Hope c3 is ok and not in too much pain. Hope he gets the op soon.

    I had a back/neck/shoulder massage today as I know I always carry all my stress and tension there and thought it would be good to have some time doing nothing which was good. 

    yums, glad your mum is ok, you are right to focus on family and leave work things for now - it is so hard to deal with everything. Wish I could speak my mind at work!

  • Chuggy, I hope that C3 is able to get his op done soon, then he will be on the road to recovery.

    The seasickness patch has worked very well for me in the past. The seas were so calm this time round, it wasn't really put to the test - although I used it anyway. They do give me a very dry mouth (one of their uses is to dry up secretions) but that is hardly a problem on a cruise ship!
  • Welcome home Sluggie!
    (((continued hugs for JFF and MC))) (I've just realised I can't remember why JFF has those initials ...?)
    its still all go here, trying to keep on top of all the new stuff from our new head, and reassuring ourselves that it will all be worth it! Just a lot of changes one on top of the other!
    I had a great walk yesterday in SE Cumbria, the bet that's almost Yorkshire. People had reproofed their coats, seeing the forecast, but we were blessed with sunshine, blue skies and views across Morecambe Bay, the Lakeland fells, and even a distant glimpse of Galloway!
  • Doh! It's Far Far ...
  • Sounds like a lovely day Pippi!
  • You've been having some truly splendid walks lately, Pippi. Those views were amazing! And glad the new head is settling down. For some unknown reason a new boss ALWAYS wants to change everything, but hopefully it will all settle down quickly. 

    We've made a nice week of being here, doing something special together every day. Nothing too strenuous because C3 gets a bit tired after a few hours of being in a sling. But we saw the new Johnny English film (brilliant!), went to the pier at Scheveningen and went on the big wheel (like the London Eye: you could see the whole coastline for 20 miles in either direction), went out for brunch, and yesterday went to Utrecht to wander around the neighbourhood where C1 and her bloke are going to live. He has 3 kids who live with him half the time so they need to be there, and he wants to buy a house now anyway so it will work out well. This arvo going to meet up in the village where the is a music festival, with different bands playing all afternoon at 3 different places. Nice and relaxed. 

    No chugging whatsoever going on here, and I really feel it. Once all of this immediate chaos is out of the way (C3's surgery, his impending house move etc---did I mention that during this week he's been juggling the inevitably last-minute panic of flat-buying?) I shall solemnly pass out harriberts and invite you all to wield them.....
  • See that shiny thing, that's my halo. I've parkrunned again. A whole minute faster than a fortnight ago! Still not done anything else ...

    Our new Head isn't giving us new things for the sake of it, it is because everything has drifted for the past few years. The old Head lost interest and procrastinated, and basically didn't lead at all! So although it's been busy, it has all been positive.

    Poor old C3 - doesn't it all happen at once!

    I've been out with Pippette to see King Lear live from NT at the pictures, with Ian McKellen in the lead role. Very good. We saw Anthony Sher in it last year and it was interesting to see how the interpretations differed. That seems to be the only time I go to the pictures, to see "live" theatre. (RW seems to have a US spellchecker ...)
  • Chuggy, I'm glad you have been able to spend some enjoyable time together as a family, even though you weren't able to go away. How is C3 doing? Has he actually had his surgery yet?

    Pippi, your halo is blinding me, even from here!

    I've had a bit of an emotional week - on Monday I heard that my blind friend had died while we were away, it was her funeral on Wednesday (it was a lovely service in a beautiful setting). On Thursday I met up with my TM to learn that he had a cardiac arrest the day after we went away and is now the proud owner of an implanted defibrillator. Yesterday I took MS to the emergency eye clinic with symptoms of a possible detached retina (it wasn't) and today we had to take Sky to the vet because she was unwell (seems a little brighter today, having had 3 injections at the vets). I now declare this week officially over!
  • Oh, Sluggie! ((())) It certainly does all happen at once! I hope that's your quota of drama and bad news used up now.
    Mr P had an exam for detached retina last week, but it was something wearing out at the back of his eye which comes with age ... he saw a brightness when he looked sideways, or something!
  • Pippi, that sounds similar to what MS described.

    Skycat is heaps better today and is currently purring on my lap :)
  • Oh Sluggie, that does sound like a hard week. I'm so sorry that you lost your friend, especially being away. But good that you were able to be at the funeral. The news on TM must also have been unsettling, but it sounds as if they have got him sorted now, so it's come out to a kind of happy ending. The business with MS's eyes doesn't sound nice at all, but I gather they don't think it was a detached retina? Hope they manage to find the problem pronto so they can get it sorted. It's horrid when you can't see properly. But it's lovely that Sky is feeling better again and performing her usual lap-warming duties. She must be so glad to have you back! 

    Pippi, did Mr P's eyes turn out to be more or less OK? Does he need more treatment? It sounds a bit unsettling to have  bright sidelights....

  • Chuggy, MS doesn't have a retinal detachment, thankfully! Like Mr Pippi, he has 'vitreous floaters' which are more common with age. There is an increased risk of a future detachment - but he is at a higher risk anyway, due to his extreme short-sightedness.

    Miss Sky seems 100% back to normal and has regained her purr :)

    How is C3?
  • Evening All

    Apologies for absence - no dramatics like the rest of you have been suffering but a very long week with open evenings meaning 9.30pm and 7.30pm arrivals home Tues and Weds; a conference in London Friday and then directly to the greyhound track Fri night for a charity fundraising night and thus away from home and on the go for 17 hours solid :)

    Then up at stupid o'clock Saturday for a pre-arranged walk with the boys best pal, Stella the English setter, which turned into a 3 hours walk and 1 1/2 hours sitting in a beach cafe in the sun :)
    Then a lunchtime tutorial to my friend Jo on cutting greyhound toenails (I know how to live the high life!!) followed by swimming and then another hound walk today means that I'm back to work tomorrow for a rest!!

    In fact I'm off to bed right now :):) 

    Promise will catch up further tomorrow but in the meantime glad most things are sorting themselves out and keeping fingers crossed for imminent surgery for C3
  • I've had a very middle aged Sunday - shopping in M&S then a visit to the garden centre! I went to buy some sensible black ankle boots to add to my collection and came home with a pair in bright red suede! I bought plants to go in an autumn container but got home to realise we don't have any compost! Still, I put in some violas as bedding. It's lovely to have a normal weekend again.

    "vitreous floaters" could be what Mr P was diagnosed too.
  • Evening All

    We have had the "O" call - cue all teaching staff and middle / senior leaders looking like a cross between a headless chicken and a rabbit in headlights!!

    As I get my annual surprise inspection I'm exempt but have spent an awful lot of time backing up everyone else :):)

    Think I will spend the next couple of days keeping my head down!!
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