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    Mel, you are on the comeback trail! Keep at it, although the weather isn't very encouraging right now. On the new TV issue, we bought a new, smart, one last year and then had Amazon Prime a decision which I've never regretted TBH. I watched bits and pieces of the VLM coverage and then checked the results and found that a VM65 achieved a sub 3 hour marathon. My word!

    At the the end of the running continuum I went to the Junior Parkrun yesterday to see Lily not come last but 4th from last. On the start line I noticed a girl who just looked like an athlete. She then ran 7.25 for the 2k and id so with in wonderful style. A star in the making, I wonder?

    I then went for a run which was 8k in 40 minutes which is pretty 'steady' for me. But it was horrible. I was overdressed and probably still tired from Parkrun the day before. I threw in a bit of a Fartlek session which made it even worse. During the day I kept dozing off. Hence: a rest day for me today.

    Looking forward to HS's update ...............(I saw quite a few 'virtual' marathoners on the seafront yesterday. 
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    Morning all,

    JB - I won't steal HS's thunder but I've been on Strava this morning and seen how he and Sarah F got on. I recorded the VLM coverage and saw Sarah F's interview and the highlights. You mentioned a 'natural' runner at the junior parkrun - one interesting thing in the VLM highlights was the mini-marathons. Alex Yee started the race and he won his race 11 years ago - and a number of years ago another promising youngster called Laura Muir did well in her race.

    As I mentioned, I've been on Strava to log my 4ml walk this morning. Today's pace wasn't as fast as last time at around 16:30mm, but certainly good enough for me.
  • Morning all,

    Thanks for your comments on Strava Mel! I will post a race report hopefully this afternoon, and try to catch up with everyone's post. As a starter, here is a photo of Sarah and me at the finish. 

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Such a lot of posts so please forgive me for not commenting on them all.

    Aquarius, I had forgotten about the wings. They may have come in useful, as there was a very strong wind at times. Unfortunately, though, it was often a headwind. 
    Your session with the physio sounded very painful. I hope it was worthwhile.
    Good that you are doing hill reps, very beneficial.

    JB, it's probably time that I got a new TV, as I've had mine for about 9 years. I've no intention of getting Amazon Prime though.
    An amazing run by that 65 year old!
    Great to hear of the progress that Lily is making.
    I'm not surprised that you are feeling tired after introducing fartlek into your 8k run. Enjoy your rest day and don't do 100 press ups etc.

    WtnMel, thanks for your comments on Strava re Sarah's London Marathon. Were you impressed with her interview? She's put our running club on the map! She actually went through 26.2 miles in 4.52, but because of the difficulty following the blue line, she ran 27 miles, which is what Strava is showing.
    Well done for your 4 mile walk this morning.

    Sarah and my virtual marathon had a hiccup at the start. We should have run over a bridge about 200 metres from the start, but before we started, a couple of dog walkers advised that the bridge had collapsed into the water, and was completely submerged, and too deep to wade through. We had to work out a different way onto our course, which resulted in the first lap being 14 miles. Once we knew "where we were," it went very well, and we actually ran on part of the course of the CC6 race which are club was hosting. We knew the marshalls, so it was great telling them that we were doing the virtual marathon. On completion of the first lap, some of our club runners were waiting for us, and ran the second lap with us. This was great for our morale, as it became more chatty, and the miles seemed to pass much quicker. The course was really tough, as the previous days rain had done its worse, so there was some walking, and a lot of wading through mud and water. One of our runners had a fall, but thankfully wasn't hurt. When we got to 26 miles, I decided to sprint the final .2. We finished before the car park, so stopped our garmins, and then restarted them to record the run to the car park as "recovery run!" Our marathon time was 5.35 which we were really pleased with, as our target was 6 hours. Hope you like the photo of Sarah and me at the finish.
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    Evening all,

    HS -  I left a comment on Strava to let Sarah F know we'd been kept up-to-date on her training via your good self. I enjoyed her interview and was pleased she managed to mention 'Hardley Runners'. Great photo of you and the 'other' Sarah at the end of your real-life but 'virtual' VLM. And what a nice touch that some of your club members joined you for the 2nd lap. Glad to hear the runner who fell was okay. I can't remember what equipment you already have but if your present tv is still working fine and you are happy with the screen size and quality, you don't need to get a new tv to access any of the 'additional' things like iplayer - you can do it (like I do) via a recorder (mine is a Panasonic plus we have a Humax given to us by BT). As I've mentioned before, apart from me pondering getting Apple TV to watch 'Foundation', I find I don't need any extra subscription channels like Netflix etc. Of course, this may all be irrelevant if you've decided you need a bigger tv or one with a better quality picture!! :)

    As well as walking 4mls earlier, I've also done my stretching and strengthening exercises today. I did those sit-ups I've added to the routine and can already feel it in my abs .. so I expect they'll be sore again tomorrow!

    Lucky I re-read my emails properly yesterday. I had an email from Boots and thought it was just a reminder about a hearing check this morning - it turned out they had re-arranged my appointment to 27th Oct - I could easily have had a wasted journey into Cheltenham.
  • HS - brilliant! Not quite a Bridge Too Far, but a Bridge Too Soon, perhaps? That's a lovely photo. Goodness knows how you feel, but I reckon you can sit back and be just a tad smug. (Er, what's next?!)

    Mel, I watch far too much television, but I've assuaged my guilt by sitting on the exercise bike and pounding out a 10K most evenings. Luckily it's a very quiet exercise bike! Well done on the conditioning work. Sit-ups are hard. But I don't need to tell you that right now, I suspect.

    Confession: on the rest day I hammered out a 10k on the rower. My word it was hard work. not so much cardio-vascular but the heat (sweat) and the bum.

    Today, 7k: 5k of quickish (sub 23), 1k very quick (sub 4) and 1k of quite slow (5 mins.) Yu can guess which of the 1ks was with the wind.

    Two other things to note:

    1. Mrs JB got petrol (first for 2 weeks)

    2. I've been knocked off the top of the Age Grade running league I'm in by someone getting an 81.54% WAVA in the VLM. As he ran something like 2.45 for 26,2 miles I really can't quibble! His was an epic effort, whereas all I do is bomb along the seafront for 20 mins or so!*

    *mind you, that won't stop me busting a gut trying to overhaul him before December 31st!

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I'm glad that you enjoyed Sarah's interview. I was surprised how relaxed she appeared, seeming to be enjoying the experience. She even manged to give our running club, a plug!
    The TV is working well, and I watch i player on my laptop, so as I don't want all the other bells and whistles, might as well continue with it.
    Good that you are doing your stretching and strengthening exercises, including sit ups.
    Lucky that you checked your e mails, avoiding a wasted journey. Sarah F did something similar the other day. She took her car for its MoT a week too early. Luckily it was a local garage, so she wasn't too bothered. 

    JB, it could have been a bridge over troubled water! Glad you liked the photo. Our trainers looked amazingly clean, owing to running through lots of water, washing it off.
    I'm feeling ok today thanks and the aches in my glutes which I had yesterday have gone. I will run tomorrow with the amazing Sara's.
    I didn't think that you would rest on your rest day.
    Well done for this mornings run. The 10k on the rower yesterday didn't slow you down!
    I note that Mrs JB got her first petrol for 2 weeks, and that you have been knocked off the top of the Age Grade running league. A marathon time of 2.45 is very impressive. I'll have to check what my marathon WAVA is.
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    JB - you're not the first to combine exercise with watching tv. I would struggle as our tv is in the living room but the exercise bike is at the back of the house in the conservatory. Reminds me of when I belonged to a gym and despite my best efforts, I'd find my eyes straying to the tv's on the wall even though I didn't have headphones handy - I presume you can hear your tv? Nope .. you're right .. my sore abs today are reminding me I did sit-ups yesterday which, because of my lamentable state of fitness, were hard work. Trust you to hammer out a 10K on the rower on your rest day. I've still got half a tank in the car and don't have any plans to drive further than 10mls in the next week or two so am hoping by the time I need to fill up again, lack of fuel won't be a problem. That's an impressive age-grade WAVA by that person in the VLM. Did you manage to suss out what was going on re Strava by the way? (you saying you now follow Aquarius on Strava but me not able to see you following her or able to find you on there?)

    I managed to get out for another walk this morning. Just 2.8mls today and (allegedly!) a slower pace because I chose exactly the wrong time to cross the bypass and my Garmin didn't auto-pause properly. I've also just finished doing my stretching and strengthening routine (think I'll call it my S&S routine in future to avoid all this extra typing!).

    I've bitten the bullet and have been cleaning up my Outlook email folders today. There's an awful lot of crap (technical term) sitting around so I've been going through the archiving rules and also deleting lots of unwanted stuff. I have also removed the NTL mailbox from Outlook. NTL (aka. Virgin Media) was my email provider until around 5 years ago and although I cancelled my account with them, the email has continued to function. At the time of cancelling I set up a rule to forward any emails for NTL to my Gmail account and the occasional one still appears. But I'm no longer able to logon to the NTL website so it seemed a bit pointless leaving that account in Outlook.

    I'm also still beavering away adding cd's to my itunes library - I had no idea until recently just how many had albums had gone awol when I moved stuff to my new laptop. My ipod won't know itself when I sync it to my itunes lbrary and all those hundreds of additional tracks get added to it.
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    Afternoon all

    JB: I’ve managed to log on to Strava and have accepted your request to follow me, but I have to warn you that I rarely use Strava so probably won’t see any comments etc. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your 8k, it’s miserable running when you are feeling tired. I hope your rest day helped? Oh dear, just read on and see in a later post you rowed for 10k on your rest day, then did a 7k the following day. Do you ever actually have proper rest days? (Btw you might think 5 min is slow for 1k, but mine today were all between 6 and 7 minutes). Commiserations on getting knocked off the top of your Age Grade running league, but I’m sure that Johnny-come-lately won’t be there too long if you have any say in it! Well done again to Lily, perhaps one day she will be the parkrun “star in the making” that everyone is talking about. :)

    WtnMel: It’s good to see you are back to walking regularly and also doing your stretching and strengthening exercises (extra kudos for abs). It’s hard to stay motivated when we move into autumn, dark mornings and unpredictable weather aren’t very appealing when lying in a warm bed. I watched the VLM on Sunday (was it Charlotte Purdue you read about?) and managed to catch Sarah’s interview. I noticed in AW that a 72 year old (Michael Sheridan) ran sub 3 hours, quite amazing. Good job you noticed your hearing check up had been re-arranged. 

    HS: What a very impressive run on Sunday despite the difficulties with the bridge and mud, and how nice of your fellow club runners to run the second lap with you both.  Congratulations to you and Sarah for finishing almost half an hour within your target time, congratulations too to Sarah for her VLM run. I saw her interview and she came across very well, such a nice person too. I think that’s one of your best photos, but you both look far too fresh to have just completed a marathon! Good to see your legs have recovered quickly from all that hard work.

    After some strength work and yoga on Saturday I had a 60 minute “easy run” on Sunday, which should have been at 11.40 pace, but was done at 11.05. Then Pilates yesterday morning, but I’m feeling a little bit guilty because I wimped out of my 5k last night. The weather was really bad, strong winds and heavy rain which resulted in some flooded roads on the way over to the run. The forecast was for heavy rain and gale force gusts during the run so, thinking about our 45 min drive home (and me with wet hair and wet clothes) I decided to give it a miss. I’ve done these 5k winter runs for a few years now and have never opted out due to the weather, but yesterday it just seemed like a bad idea, mainly because of the long drive home. Looking at social media later that night people described the conditions as brutal, horrendous, biblical etc so I think I made the right decision.
    To make up for it I changed my training runs around this week and this morning I did my Goal Pace Repeat session which I wasn’t looking forward to it as it was a fairly hard and long workout. I had a 10 minute warm up run then 5 sets of 1k (10 min pace) with 200m jogs between, then 3 sets of 200m (8.30 pace) with 200m jogs between, then a 10 minute cool down run. I knew this would take me just over an hour to do so I set  out early, perhaps too early as it turned out because I could barely see where I was going for my warm up section (on the Derwent Walk) as the trees blocked out what little light there was. I stumbled a number of times on unseen bits of branches and twigs that had come down in yesterday’s storm, so I slowed up, which was fortunate because I nearly ran into a tree which had been partially uprooted and blocked the path. I managed to duck under it then continued very slowly vowing to myself not to set out again that early. I made my way to the school track for the main part of the session but when I arrived I found the first two lanes had been flooded, as I made my way around the track I came across a 100m section that was completely flooded so I had to run through the standing water on every lap. To say I was a bit fed up by this point would be putting it mildly. Anyway I plodded on until the 5 x 1000m had been done, then pressed the lap button to start the next part of the workout. Somehow, yet again, I messed that bit up. I still don’t know how, but I think it may have been because if you run either too fast or slow for against the target time the watch beeps at you. It also beeps when you have to move on to the next interval. I think all these beeps muddled me in my counting of where I was up to as they seemed to occur at random times (and I couldn’t read the information on the watch face) so I walked for a bit to try to work out what had happened then before I knew it I was on my cool down, so I headed home for a welcome hot shower. I think I’ll probably just fit in one of the scheduled 40 minute sessions (should be doing two this week) on Friday then rest on Saturday as it’s a XC on Sunday.
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    Afternoon all,

    Aquarius - not sure what's going on re Strava. Logged on to download my walk having read you'd accepted JB's request to follow you, thinking I'd send JB a request. But when I looked at your profile, your only followers are me and Steve? (confused!). Yes - it was Charlotte Purdue who wanted to post a good time in the VLM - her 3rd fastest woman ever result was to make a point to the selectors. I don't blame you for giving that 5k a miss if the conditions were so bad. Well done for getting out for that goal pace repeat session - and lucky you noticed that fallen (falling?) tree. You'll definitely have to find that chest torch and leave it somewhere handy so you can see what you're doing. Bit of a so and so to have to run though water on the track .. sounds a bit like one of HS's forest runs. Sounds like it may be time to RTFM (read the flipping manual) if you were getting a bit confused with all the beeps from the watch to try and work out what was going on?

    As mentioned above, I walked again this morning. Managed a pre-breakfast 4ml walk and thanks to the route I chose, no problems today with traffic so the pace looked better (no enforced stops at junctions). I shall walk again tomorrow morning but as we're planning to dig up a shrub tomorrow morning (bacause it's garden waste day on Fri), probably not as far. Then I have a u3a Science & Technology meeting in the afternoon. 

    On Friday I'm playing golf with Alan. This time we're playing at Shipton so no bunkers to worry about but there is always the lake to drive over on the 2nd hole and the ever-present ditches around the course. In readiness for Fri, I've been to the driving range today and there were only a few 'duffers' amongst the 110 balls I struck. 

    No news yet btw on when my two broken clubs will be repaired - but I was warned it might take a couple of weeks. 

    Also, I'll mention I've signed up for a player development day on Sat 23rd. It's a 5hr group event (10am to 3pm - max. 8 people) with time on the driving range to spot and correct any problems, a playing lesson on the course, an informal competition and lunch as well. Depending on how that goes, I may sign up for some more 1-to-1 lessons.
  • Mel/Aquarius, I'm pretty hopeless on anything IT related and have a history of getting lost on web-sites, losing passwords, getting flustered and giving up! So I'd mark down my (relative) success in following Aquarius - and thanks for accepting me - as a towering achievement to rank alongside various Nobel Prize winning efforts. I'll never be a heavy user and will just pop in occasionally to check out rivals. But, Mel, thanks for your guidance on this.

    Mel, you've been bitten by the golf bug. Great to have a hobby that can lead to more social contacts. I tend to stereotype golf club members and I'm sure this is not fair. Maybe it dates back to being 'shooed' off a course when we were kids. Were I a player, I'm sure I'd bring the same obsessional qualities to the game that - a Aquarius notes - I currently do to my running and I would be a golf bore par excellence. (And don't end up in that lake!)

    Aquarius, that sounds like a pretty full-on session - and that's without your encounter with the tree. 5 x 1k is a classic routine but one that I don't think I've ever had the discipline to do (I think I got to 4 once!). Sploshing through that water must help you with the upcoming XC race. As for my times in training, it's always to be remembered that I train in optimal conditions (apart from the wind) so my times are always flattering. 
    You are right: I will redouble my effort to knock the newbie off the top of the Age Graded table but I have to admit that he is a class act.

    HS, you are right. My idea of a rest day is simply to beast myself with cross-training.  Yesterday, no run so 8x 1 minute flat out on the rower with one minute between intervals. By a remarkable coincidence the speed per interval is just under 4 mins per k - which is just about what I run over the same interval (250 metres). So I'm hoping that there's some running benefit to be had.
    Did you check out you marathon WAVA. whatever it is, I can guarantee it'll be better than 

    a) any of mine and
    b) anything I could be capable of in the future!

    Might have a gentle* run today.

    *relative term
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    JB - I'm not sure whether this group coaching session will lead to gaining new social golfing contacts .. but that may be a useful side-effect. I've already mentioned I'm considering joining the 'seniors' section at Sherdons and meeting and playing with other players. This coaching session may be the spur to signing up as I'm sure part of the day (possibly over lunch) will be a 'selling opportunity' by Richard, the club professional and owner. The only thing stopping me has been trying to find out how the seniors section operates and trying to make sure its a welcoming environment rather than a cliquey group of mates who play each other regularly and don't welcome outsiders. I've not been bitten by the golf bug btw - just trying to improve to avoid the frustration of fluffing shots and allowing Alan to beat me when I've been in a winning position. I can safely say I'm never going to become a golf 'bore' who needlessly change their golf clubs for the latest, 'better' version or spend thousands belonging to an elitist club. I'm quite happy playing on the 'pay and play' courses with occasional forays - what Alan and I have called our 'Summer Tour' - to clubs that will allow the occasional visitors who don't have a low handicap. If, like Aquarius, you probably won't be logging on that often to Strava, I'll stop worrying about how to find you on there and follow you. 

    Decided I couldn't be arsed to get up at 6:30am today to go for a walk, so turned over and went back to sleep for 90 mins. But will be heading out into the garden as soon as I've posted this to do some x-training and cut down and dig up a shrub that Margaret has deemed is surplus to requirements.
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    Afternoon all,
    WtnMel: Hmm, I’ll have to log on to Strava again because that does sound confusing. Well done on Wednesday’s walk, but don’t blame you for Thursday’s lie in, your body probably needed it as you seem to have been quite busy lately. How did the U3A Science and Technology meeting go yesterday? I hope you didn’t fall asleep after your cross training workout digging up that shrub.
    I know what you mean about some established groups being a bit cliquey, I hope that seniors section at Sherdons doesn’t turn out like that if you do decide to join. Maybe someone at the player development day will have some inside information? I hope today’s golf match went well and no one ended up in the lake.

    JB: I imagine you are getting geared up for tomorrow’s parkrun, will it be local or further afield this week?  How did yesterday’s “gentle” run go (btw you are not fooling anyone). Steve is much the same as you where IT matters are concerned, and I’m not much better. I think Mel is definitely the tech champion in this group, I’ve no doubt we are a sad disappointment to him.

    This morning I had a slow 40 minute run incorporating some hills. I’d done some strength work yesterday (abs, arms, glutes, hamstrings and quads) so perhaps unsurprisingly my legs were complaining all through my run and I had to cut short the hill reps I’d planned. I hope tomorrow’s rest day puts them right again, ready for Saturday’s cross country at Druridge Bay.

    Nearly forgot - the dashcams and app are best friends now and working well together (I hope I'm not tempting fate) although this afternoon on our trip home from the podiatrist (Steve was getting new orthotics fitted in his running shoes for his achilles problem) the chatty lady on the dashcam suddenly announced that we needed to look at the SD card. Steve is currently doing so on his computer upstairs and I haven't heard any swearing so far so hopefully all is well.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Spoke too soon about the dashcam 😒
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    Aquarius - the u3a S&T meeting was good and was a talk about recent developments in space flight (mainly Messrs. Musk & Bezos but also what Nasa is up to). The talk was marred by sound problems at the start but they eventually worked out it was due to a bad connection. Fingers crossed someone at the development day will know about the senior's section. Today's golf went well - I scored 49 (my best ever is 43) with 5 bogies and 1 par. Unfortunately Alan wasn't there to witness it or play against as he had to cry off due to a bad back. Well done re today's 40min run and good luck with the x-country race at Druridge. Shame about the dashcam ..
  • Aquarius - best of luck for the upcoming X-country. Looking forward to hearing how you got on.

    Mel, do you think Alan's bad back was merely a ruse to avoid competing with a man in form? I like your attitude to your golf, especially the 'summer tour' idea.
    What's the 'best' (most enjoyable) course you've ever played on? I've only played on 2 but one of them was in Canada where they filmed the movie 'Happy Gilmour' (not that I've watched it - but the course was stunning).

    So, today was the first of my 2 runs this weekend. I was advised to 'take it easy', given that tomorrow's is a 10k. I'm afraid I didn't. The conditions were perfect, I'm in a bit of good form so I gambled that a PB was a possibility and worth getting even if it wrecked my 10k. 
    So a 'PB' was achieved - 20.41 and, the PB bit, a 81.87% WAVA.  his was the 2nd best in the field. However, the quality was impacted by tomorrow's 10k and the Brighton HM: my time would usually get me around 30th; today I was 16th.
    My younger training partner was delighted with his best ever place: 3rd.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Popped back to say .. back in the old routine this morning and got out for a 4ml pre-breakfast walk (first walk since Wed if you don't count golf yesterday). 

    JB - joking apart, it's unlikely the bad back was a ruse by Alan. Apart from walking around golf courses, he doesn't do any other form of exercise. So I can imagine he's not very supple (says the man who himself, has not been doing his stretching exercises often enough lately).  I think the 'best', most enjoyable but also most challenging course we played on our summer tour was Naunton Downs - lots of variety and a couple of "You ARE joking!" moments when seeing what we faced on some holes. No surprise to hear you didn't take it easy, despite the upcoming 10k - well done re the PB.

    Margaret has been to the grocers and said there was laughter in there, the first time she's heard any. It can't be coincidence that the 'scary' old lady who used to run it (and had done for many years), passed away recently - that was unfortunate, but it appears the atmosphere in the shop has changed as a result.

    A strange techie thing yesterday with my phone. After getting a Whatsapp message about the u3a coffee & chat, I realised it was showing a mobile number rather than someone's name. Some further investigations showed the majority of my phone contacts had gone. The phone gets its contact information from MS Outlook, which I use on my laptop and which is where they are all stored. I fixed the problem on the phone by going into the contacts, removing the link to Outlook, then re-adding it .. lo and behold, they're all back again. Wibble ...

    Yesterday we went to the garden centre and got some grease bands to put around the trunks of our fruit trees along with a small tub of grease. Apparently, this will deter the winter moths which climb up into the tree before errr, winter :) The tub of grease is to fill up the gaps that will occur with the band due to the gnarly nature of the bark.

    Lots of dedications on Twitter yesterday from Tory ministers including Boris Johnson, bemoaning the death of James Brokenshire and saying what a clever, intelligent, good-natured, guy he was who could explain issues clearly and concisely and get things done. I'm afraid I couldn't resist so replied to Boris's tweet asking how come James wasn't leader of the party and PM in that case and why did we end up with a vacuous clown like him in charge.
  • Afternoon all,

    Sorry for the lack of posts. I just don't seem to have the time these days. Must try harder. I've read back but there is too much to comment on.

    Things seem to be going well for you all. I ran with Sarah this morning and congratulated her on her marathon interview and time. She had her flu and booster jabs this morning. She said that the flu jab stung as it went in. I've got my two jabs booked for Thursday morning. Thankfully they are at the local Leisure Centre where I had my first two. 

    I had my first post marathon run on Wednesday 6k, Thursday 8k, and 6.5 miles this morning.

    I'm going out to dinner later this evening to an Italian Restaurant in the village. It's a belated birthday meal with one of out Coaches for her 70th birthday. It had to be postponed because of Covid.
  • Mel, I've now got this image of you greasing all these trees.

    HS, enjoy your meal. 

    The 10k went much better than expected: 43.47 and a 2nd place in my category. Perfect conditions and cool so with the flat course it was PBs for a lot of runners. Had some on-course support from my grandchildren. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - still no sign of any jabs for me and Margaret yet (still waiting for the text from the surgery). Well done re your recent runs and hope you enjoy your much-delayed meal.

    JB - I put the sticky tape on the trees yesterday and also 'painted' a band of grease just above the tape .. the wingless female winter moths this is designed to catch won't be around just yet but I noticed before I had finished I'd already caught some victims (over-inquisitive flies and spiders). Well done re your 10k.

    I see we have a spammer in our midst - I've flagged it as spam .. over to you lot to finish the job.

    Had a nasty surprise this morning. My bathroom scales needed new batteries fitting and when I weighed myself I was 7lbs heavier than the day before. I think the readings over the last few months may have been completely awry due to the low-powered batteries and had lulled me into thinking I've been losing weight! :( 
  • Good afternoon every one,

    I've flagged the spammer, that's two, and I think it takes 4 or 5 to get rid of the pests.

    JB and WtnMel, thanks the meal was very good. There were the two Sarah's and three others. We went to a pub first before entering the restaurant. We sat outside of the pub, as the tables and chairs were under cover, with overhead heaters. Nobody wore masks, and it was the same in the restaurant. The sooner I get my flu and booster jabs, the better. 

    JB, well done for that amazing 10k time. It's many years since I ran sub 50 minutes. Having spectator support certainly helps, especially if they are family or friends. I've just remembered that I told you I would tell you my marathon WAVA. It's a rather disappointing 54.66% calculated on the running time of 5.35. Sarah's WAVA for her London Marathon is 56.55%, calculated on her running time of 4.52. She was disappointed with that too.

    WtnMel, I hope you soon hear from your surgery when you will be able to get your jabs.
    I see you are collecting spiders and flies now, I think there is a name for that😄
    I had to laugh at the thought of you gaining 7lbs in a day🤣 I'd never thought that that could happen, and I was wondering whether aging batteries in our Garmins might also be a factor in unusual readings. My scales don't have batteries so I don't have that problem. 

    I ran a solo 12k in the forest this morning wearing my trail shoes, the first time for ages. My average pace was 10.30 minute miling. My fastest mile was the 6th at 9.52 minute miling.
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    Spammer flagged
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning everyone,

    I flagged the spammer last night, but didn’t have time to post anything else. 

    HS: You don’t let the grass grow under your feet do you? You must have run well over 20 miles last week, not bad going after a marathon at the weekend. I hope your jabs go well on Thursday. We’ve both had our flu jabs but were told we’d have to wait until the 6 months was up from the last Covid jab before we could have our boosters, so that will be sometime this month for Steve and next month for me. Your night out for an Italian meal sounded nice, but I know what you mean about hardly anyone wearing masks these days. I’m very uncomfortable with that, particularly as the rates of infection are still very high. You and Sarah shouldn’t be disheartened about your marathon WAVAs, I imagine most people would score lower for that distance than the shorter courses. It’s a real achievement just to have finished a marathon, the time taken (in my opinion) is much less important.

    WtnMel: That u3a meeting sounded very interesting, you’re lucky that you get such a good variety of topics at these meetings. Well done on your best ever golf score, pity Alan couldn’t make it. Hopefully you’ll still be in good form for your next match with him. What an odd thing to happen with your phone contacts, but well done for working out how to fix it (what’s wibble?) I’d never heard of grease bands for trees, but it sounds a nice eco friendly way to deal with the little blighters that climb up your fruit trees, you’ll have to keep us updated regarding how effective it is. I liked your tweet in reply to Boris, it amazes me how he is still popular with so many voters, despite constantly staggering from one disaster to another. That 7lb gain must have been a bit of a shocker, why don’t you just replace the new batteries with the old ones, you’ll feel a lot better if you do. ;)

    JB: Great WAVA for your parkrun, well done. You must be delighted with such a good time and, what’s even better,  it obviously didn’t impact too much on your 10k the following day. All in all a great weekend’s running. How nice that your grandchildren (and their parents no doubt) were there to cheer you on. What races do you have lined up next?

    Yesterday’s XC wasn’t too bad in that my average pace was exactly the same as it was for the same course 5 years ago (10.14) my finishing time was 42.06 for 4.11 miles. Not really speedy, but for XC it was good enough for me. We had a rather long hold at the beginning (20 minutes) as the earlier races were running a bit late and the cumulative effect from the under 11s races onwards through the age groups to the start of our senior ladies resulted in the long wait. It was rather chilly too which made the wait seem a lot longer, but once we got going we soon warmed up. The 2 lap course was a lot drier than usual, with just one muddy section, but it more than made up for the relative easy going by taking us across cattle pasture for the first third of a mile. This was badly rutted and quite dangerous for running on as the ruts had formed (presumably) during the recent heavy rain but were now rock hard. We all staggered along in an ungainly fashion until we reached better ground and were able to get going properly. When I reached this point again on the second lap I turned my ankles a few times, particularly my left one. It was so painful at the time I didn’t think I could continue but managed to run (hobble) it off. Unfortunately the finishing area was also over this rutted ground so no sprint finish for me this time! When I got home I iced my ankle as it had stiffened up during the 45 minute trip home and was very painful by then. It’s still sore today making me limp a bit. I’m hoping it will be ok for tomorrow so I can get out for a run.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    I’m on the front row right, with my eyes closed 🙄 and in the process of kneeling down. 
  • Spammer flagged - using my alternative 'rwspamkiller1' id :) Mel
  • That's a great photo Aquarius! I haven't read your post yet, but when the photo popped up, I had to respond. 

    Well done Mel, I had forgotten that you were also a spamkiller😁
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - Margaret has received a text inviting her to the surgery for her covid booster and flu jabs .. still no text for me though. Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal. I wouldn't be too disappointed with your marathon WAVA as it was off-road and with not exactly ideal conditions underfoot wasn't it? Well done re that trail run.

    Aquarius - it wasn't my best-ever golf score but not that far away from it (for a change!). Wibble is just a nonsense word I heard somewhere - equivalent to shrugging my shoulders and wondering what on earth was going on to cause that. Grease bands are fairly new to me too - I hadn't ever realised that the bugs that attack the apples in the Spring and Summer, crawl up the trunks of the trees the previous Autumn. Well done for being able to match your XC pace from 5 years ago - there's not that many (apart from HS maybe?) who could say that. Sorry to hear about the rutted ground and you turning your ankle - hope that doesn't cause any longer-term issues. Lovely photo from your clubmate Gemma - and so nice to finally be able to put a face to the lady known as Aquarius that we chat to. Btw, that lady next to you is the spitting image of Grace Dent (I expect that's been remarked on before). 

    I see the spammer's post is still there despite our good friend rwspamkiller1 making an appearance :) Maybe it takes a day or two ..

    Good news re the surprising 7lbs weight gain. After putting in new batteries, I investigated further and turned the scales over and realised one of the connections between the foot plate and the mechanism looked out of line. There was a 'click' as I pressed it back into place and when I weighed myself again, the 7lbs gain had disappeared. 

    I swam 32 lengths at yesterday evening's swim and although my legs were a little achey this morning, I walked 3mls before breakfast.

    Been to coffee and chat at Pittville Park this morning and they've erected a temporary (but fairly permanent looking) cafe at the side of the Pump Rooms. Overhead heaters inside so very cosy .. I'd been thinking we might have to make it a 'brisk walk, coffee and chat' group to keep warm in the Winter. They're obviously hoping to keep hold of the custom they've built up over the summer. 

    Also, I've had a call from the guy at the golf club and it sounds like he'll be able to fit new shafts to my two broken clubs this week .. and said it should cost around £40 per club.

    Right - better get off the laptop and try and finish the book for the meeting tomorrow afternoon - I have 100 pages left but my friend Chris said she's only read 100 pages so she'll have to skim through quite a lot to get to the end.

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, thanks! Sarah didn't really have any after effects from her double jabs, and ran today with no problems. It will only be 2 days short of 6 months on Thursday when I have both jabs.
    I still wear a face covering in the supermarket, but very few others, including the staff do. 
    Regarding marathon WAVA's, when I ran my PB in 1993, it was 70.57%. That wasn't on such a tough multi terrain course though.

    Well done for yesterdays cross country race. 10.14 minute miling is a very respectable time for an off road race, especially one that is rutted. Sorry to hear that you turned your ankles several times, but well done for finishing. Hope the icing has worked, and that you will be able to run tomorrow.

    WtnMel, well done for your swim, 32 lengths, .5 mile, very impressive!
    I'm afraid the spammer is still there. I thought it took 5 to do the trick.

    A nice steady forest 7 miles this morning with the Sarah's. It was a lovely morning, sunny, but not too warm. 
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