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    Good afternoon everyone, 

    It's a lovely sunny day here, par for the course on a rest day.
  • HS, more storms expected overnight I hear.
    Spent some time doing hard labour on the allotment yesterday. Well an hour anyway.
    And ran slowly for an hour today today. l'm flirting with the 80/20 approach to training, with 80% easy and 20% hard. It doesn't fit very well with my personality but I'm going to try and persevere, mainly because You Tube is full of very bright athletes and coaches extolling its virtues.
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    JB, I hope not. 

    Gardening is definitely cross training in my opinion. 

    That 80/20 training is probably about right. I run 5 days a week, as a rule, Wednesday's and Saturdays being hard, and Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays being easier. 

    A lovely sunny day today and I did an interval session this morning, on grass, with Sarah H. It comprised 3 sets of 5 x 200 metres with 30 seconds recoveries, and 2 minutes recovery between sets. 

    I don't know if I have already mentioned it, but stallions 🐎 are back in the New Forest, and will be until mid July. There have been warnings to keep well clear of them, as they are protective and dangerous. 
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    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - Margaret has been getting fed up with cookies lately. She's asked me to investigate a Norton add-on piece of software that's supposed to deal with them. Oh dear re the apocalyptic weather at the end of your 10ml run. As you say, very character-building. I think the worst weather I ever experienced was when I was out in shorts and a t-shirt once and a freak hailstorm (it was supposed to be dry and sunny) got us and it made my legs sting! Well done re the intervals session. You hadn't mentioned stallions but I remember you mentioning them in the past. Good idea to steer clear of those testosterone-fuelled horses who will no doubt be very protective of their 'harem' of 'lady horses'.

    JB - well done for seeking out hills (but you're not allowed to change your name to Hillstrider as a result .. that's already been taken) :) I see you've been doing hard labour at the allotment and managed a 1hr run. I've heard of the 80/20 approach but a running friend posted about doing a 'MAF' run and I must ask her what that stands for.

    Update re golf - based on my more recent results (best 8 of last 20 rounds) I've re-calculated my handicap (got Alan to check my workings) and as a result I've lowered it from 35 to 34. Which will no doubt please Alan as now I only get 5 extra shots (his handicap is 29).

    Yesterday I went across to my house in Wootton Bassett and with my son's help, we chopped back suckers from a tree I had removed, stripped away some ivy and brambles and removed a load of weeds from the back garden. We managed to fill two of those big 1sq mtr bags that builder's merchants use to deliver sand and gravel. While there, we noticed the felt has split and blown off on the shed at the side of the house. So I'll have to go to Wickes (or similar) to get some new roof felt, adhesive and tacks so we can fix it and stop any leaks.

    I got out for a pre-breakfast walk this morning. And my Garmin 'helpfully' updated it's software again and lost the details. So I had to manually plot the route I took and I knew what speed I had walked. So not a major problem - just irritating.

    I'm having a break at the moment from battling with my swim club's accounts. Somehow, despite the new accounting year only being 6 weeks old, my spreadsheet isn't in sync with the bank account. I've managed to 'lose' £20.52 somewhere so I'm currently trying to track down what I forgot to record or whether I recorded the wrong amount somewhere along the line.

    Planning to swim again tomorrow morning then because my friend Alan is on a society day on Friday, I won't be playing golf so will have an early walk and then visit the driving range later on to 'keep my eye in'.

  • Mel, it's OK: there's only one Hillstrider! The business of golf handicaps is complex and well beyond my simple brain. I remember going to a funeral in which the main thrust of the eulogy was that the deceased was a total golf 'bandit'.
    On the swimming accounts, I've passed your particulars to the Fraud Squad. 
    Good luck on the driving range.
    The Maf approach is named after Phil Maffetone. It's got a bit of a cult feeling about it, I suspect. It's all about training the aerobic system through low heart rate training. Makes a lot of sense and many swear by it.

    HS, that interval template looks like my favourite, although I opt for 250 metres. The 30 second tests make it really hard. Funnily enough I did similar on the rower yesterday.

    Today I did a 5k session in 38 minutes. As my current time on the flat is 21 minutes or so, you may well infer that this was pretty hilly! So much for low heart rate training...
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    Afternoon all,

    JB - my brain struggles with handicaps too which is why I had to get Alan to check my workings. AFAIK, a 'bandit' is someone who downplays their skills and plays for money, then 'robs' the others by winning. Alan and I NEVER play for money and never will. I found the 'missing' money in the club's accounts - all down to dumb mistakes in my spreadsheet, double-entering two transactions and filling in the wrong amount on three others (in my defence, I filled in the 'nett' amounts rather than the 'gross' ones!). Re MSF - that makes sense as the friend in question has been trying heart-rate training and mentioned 'bugger all effort' re a recent run or two. Yes, I can see by that time for the 5k one or two hills were involved.

    I swam yesterday and did 40 lengths breaststroke and when actually swimming, it felt a bit faster. But thenks to some other lolloping around doing a slow backstroke and generally getting in the way of us (cough) 'faster' swimmers, my overall time was slower than last time.

    I did a 3.2ml walk this morning and chose a route with a few uphill slopes - aka. the 'foothills' of Bishops Cleeve on the lower slopes of roads leading in the direction of Cleeve Hill. Not proper hills at all - but a slightly better workout that keeping to the flat roads.

    On Strava I noticed Aquarius had done a couple of post-covid walks - so I hope that means she's slowly getting back to normal.
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    Afternoon all,

    I’ve a lot of posts to catch up on I see. My fault for staying away too long.

    WtnMel I wonder why your Garmin keeps updating itself like that? It must be a bit of a nuisance. I looked up those books you mentioned, not sure about Exit West but I like the sound of Once Upon a River (perhaps this will appeal to Val?) Good idea to check Youtube for swimming technique tips, I use Youtube fairly often, but wouldn’t have thought to use it for swimming technique. Boo to that Watford guy, although he’s probably feeling pretty silly now you have pointed out the facts to him. Well done on a new golf course PB, despite one or two fluffed shots. You must be quite pleased with that. I see you have reduced your handicap from 35 to 34, as a golf ignoramus I’m assuming that is a good thing? When you say you have 5 extra shots (to Alan) is that over the whole course, and if so when can you choose to use them? I hope today’s practice on the driving range was useful. I hope you are able to track down that “missing” £20.52. (Oh, just spotted your latest post - and see that you sorted it )

    JB How is your son now? I hope he’s back to full health. Your zig zag path workout sounds rather gruelling, as does the Mole Valley parkrun. Well done on a marvellous performance on that hilly course (in fact it sounds as if you are becoming quite a convert to hills lately). I’ve got a book on the 80/20 training system, and a year or two ago I tried to put it into practice myself but found it difficult to do the slow runs at quite the pace (and HR zone) required, I kept speeding up unintentionally and got pretty bored with it all. I didn’t find any benefit from it, but admittedly I probably should have stuck with it longer than I did. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. As you’ve discovered it’s not particularly suitable for hilly runs.

    HS Well done for last week’s harder-than-usual farmer’s walk. It’s surprising what we can do when we ignore the “give up” side of the brain. Are the Asics 1000 your usual trainers, or were you trying out a new brand? What a sad photo, that poor tree, do you know how old it was? That’s an amazing VO2 max, it must be in the elite range. I expect you have a very low resting heart rate thanks to all that training you do. What a scary run you had on Sunday, especially as you were on your own when the weather turned so nasty. You must have been very glad to arrive home and get warm and dry again. 

    I’ve done a few more walks recently, with a particularly hilly one yesterday, so I decided that I was ready to try another slow run this morning, with the emphasis on slow. I wanted to run all the way, instead of trying a walk/run, so I limited myself to about 1.5 miles in total. I’m not sure how to summarise it, it was certainly slow, I managed to run all the way, I checked my watch constantly to keep within my max HR (which I was reaching disappointingly quickly) but all in all I felt fine and have had no ill effects since. However I’m reluctant to acknowledge that however slow I was this morning I don’t think I could have gone much faster. It’s clearly going to take longer than I hoped to get back to full fitness. On the plus side though, I’m able to do a short yoga session every day, which is helping to get my suppleness back after a few weeks of just sitting around. 

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    Aqua, my son is fine now thanks. Had his final post op check-up yesterday - no probs. (Relief all round.)
    I know what you mean about the whole HR training thing. I think I'm simply too impatient. I am thinking about a late June (hilly!) 10k, so I'll naturally need to start doing longer runs, although I've always found it hard to get over the 1 hour mark, regardless of pace. I guess it's a sort of old dogs/new tricks syndrome.
    You are clearly at the start of a long road to full fitness. I suspect you don't put on weight easily so at least you don't have to battle with that burden.

    Mel, glad that you found the ££. Are you tempted to walk up Cleeve Hill in full? Well don on the 40 lengths - approx 39 more than I could currently manage. I like to think that's because of my low body fat but it's simply because I'm a shockingly poor swimmer - despite living by the sea!

    I'll be having a crack at my local parkrun tomorrow. The last two times I tried it I ended up limping to the finish. Thus I'm very apprehensive.

    I did a rare bit of work today. I've got 2 very slim contracts which run in the summer and that will see me fully retired. But today I spoke to some students - via 'Teams' of course. It occurred to me that this brief encounter puts to bed something I've been doing for 44 years. However, you might leave teaching but it never leaves you: the other morning both Mrs JB (former primary school teacher) and I woke up and each confessed to having teaching-related nightmares!
  • Nice day here if a tad windy.
    Big field of 413 at local PR.
    21.01 gave me a 31st place. Won my category plus beat all the youngsters in the 60-64 category.
    WAVA 81.28% was the second best on the day.
    Mrs JB managed a season's best by 2 seconds.
    Pleased especially as I ran the 3 miles to the start. Perhaps this helped?
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    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - no idea re the Garmin but I'm making a note of the time/distance at the moment before I plug it into the laptop in case it does another update. That Watford guy disputes the facts about the gala result and seems destined to keep bitching about his team being beaten in the relay race - as mentioned, we've given up reasoning with him and told him to raise an official complaint if he wants to take things further. Your golf handicap is compared to the golf course and they deem which are the hardest holes. If your handicap was 36 you would get 2 extra shots on every hole (so if par was 4 shots, you get 6 shots to score par). So my 34 means I get an extra shot on every hole and an additional extra shot on the 16 hardest holes. So good news as it means I've got better - but bad news as with Alan on a 29 handicap, I only have 5 extra shots over him. The practise session at the driving range went well. Glad to hear you've got out for a slow run as well as your recent walks. Take your time getting back to your previous fitness level.

    JB - update re MAF. Apparently it stands for maximum aerobic fitness - or 'bugger all effort' as I guessed (presumably a BAE run then?) :) I'd like to think eventually I'll try walking up to the top of Cleeve Hill. Have only done it a few times. Walking up one of the three steep lanes that lead towards Cleeve Hill would be a start. Sounds like you'll 'finally' retire in the Summer then. Well done re the parkrun result and Mrs JB's SB - maybe having run 3mls to the start you were properly warmed up?

    Having a lazy-ish day today. Couldn't be bothered to get up for an early walk this morning. And not done a lot since. I did try on again some trousers I got from M&S a few weeks ago. I've decided they're definitely not suitable and will take them back on Mon (the last date for returns is Tue!).

    I've 'pottered' in the spare room, looking at the c**p there is sitting around in there. It will need to be cleared in a month or two as we'll have our grand-daughters staying over so best to start now rather than do it in a rush nearer the time. Some is stuff that came down from the loft (photos that were supposed to have been reviewed by Margaret but have sat there ever since) and some (suitcases) is just stuff that hasn't been put back up there. But there is some stuff (old clothes I've de-cluttered) that does need to be got rid of. We both agree the garage is in desperate need of a tidy/clear-out though so that's at the top of the agenda to be tackled next.
  • Mel, I can't easily imagine you having an easy day as you always seem to have a full schedule.
    On the getting rid of stuff challenge, I tend to think there's a Parkinson's Law thing going on: stuff expands to fill the space available. (Photos are the worst culprit in my experience.)
    Are there running events up Cleeve Hill? 

    So, silly me I decided on a whim to enter the Horsham 10k today.
    No long runs in training, a dodgy hamstring, a hilly course, a hot day and a fast 5k yesterday. But I got away with it and managed 45.52. Only good enough for 4th place in my category but I'm happy with that time and felt so good at the end I was picking off runners in the final 0.5km.
    A high quality field and lovely course  in a rather posh part of the world: it started at the local rugby club and I couldn't believe how good the facilities were.
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    Good morning all, sorry for my absence, but I've had a lot of sorting out to do. 
    To make matters worse, I had a heavy fall during yesterday's forest run which has really "hit me for six!" Cuts, bruises, aches in my left side and right arm etc. I'm afraid I won't be running again for several days until the pains start easing up. I'll try to catch up when I feel more like it. 
  • HS, so sorry to hear this. A heavy fall is something you can do without. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    Afternoon all,

    JB - I'm sure you're right about 'stuff' expanding to fit the room available. The only reason my photos were de-cluttered was when I separated many years ago. We went through the 17(!) albums and sorted out who had what. Then over the following few weeks I did a further sort-out of the 8 half-empty albums and ended up with 4 albums of the photos I really wanted to keep. Needless to say, since the advent of digital photos, they've not really been kept up to date - but I still keep them for old time's sake and always mean to get some of the more recent photos printed and added to the albums but haven't done so yet. That's impressive managing to do the Horsham 10K with a total lack of training.

    HS - sorry to hear about your fall during your forest run. Were you by yourself or with some of your club-mates? Either way, hope you recover quickly.
    I've been into Cheltenham to M&S to take back the trousers that didn't fit and got my money refunded. I think M&S's sizing has gone a bit to pot because I'm usually 36" waist and the trousers that didn't fit were 38" waist. On a whim, I went and found some 40" waist ones and tried them on. They 'seemed' to fit okay so I bought them and will try them on at home at my leisure and will let Margaret have a look and see what she thinks.

    Then I did a quick detour to the local Wickes. When I was over at my house we discovered some of the felt on the shed roof had come loose and ripped. So I've bought a new roll of felt, the adhesive and some more of the nails you use (with over-large heads). I'm heading over to my house again on Thu to do a trip (or two?) to the local recycling centre to get rid of the weeds etc. we dug up last week. Hopefully we'll have time to do the shed roof as well once we've dumped the rubbish.

    While waiting in the queue at M&S I got chatting to a lady. Turned out she lives a few streets away from us. I told her about the local u3a which she wasn't aware of. She gave me some info about the local golf clubs. The  one I was thinking of joining which has a senior's section apparently doesn't have many men play there any more. But she's pointed me towards the club at Tewkesbury that they've all moved to. Useful to know! :)
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Thanks JB and WtnMel! 
    I was running solo, so was lucky that I was able to get up, and get myself home. I think it will be some while until I'm running again, but I will do my best to get back into it asap. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - take your time getting over your cuts and bruises and aches and pains. Given your fitness level, I doubt your recovery will take long once you are back out running.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, thanks, I will. It's sods law that as I've been training really well, the trip has to happen to set me back again ☹️
  • Mel, 40 inch trousers, then? Few things are more uncomfortable than right trousers but few things more annoying than trousers which keep slipping down. I live in track suits these days, and shorts in the summer (revealing legs that would shame a sparrow!).

    HS, gently does it.

    Yesterday was Mrs JBs birthday. What better present can you give a 66 year old lady than to take her to a coastal island location as a surprise and, an even better surprise, make her run the 10k around it? (And then walk another 12k too.)

    The 'island' is actually a peninsula in lovely Chichester harbour, Thorney Island. Its owned by the MoD and you have to pass through security gates. It feels totally remote with spectacular views and is known for  its birds, e.g.we heard a cuckoo for the first time in years.
    The only disconcerting note was that every now and then some sort of light tank would appear!

    I think the birthday girl enjoyed it, but it was her longest run for 20 years and on shingle, sand, concrete and through thick nettles.

    I know how to treat a lady!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel thanks for the explanation regarding golf handicaps, I think I’ve got in now :) . I know how you like to keep busy, so when you’ve repaired the felt on your shed roof, could you come up here and re-lay the felt on my son’s garage roof please? It’s one of the many jobs Steve has lined up for himself at our son’s new house. At the moment it seems that as soon as one job is almost finished another two pop up. I can see Steve spending most of his time over there for the foreseeable future at this rate! Having said that we did manage to get out for the day last week (Housesteads Roman fort) and tomorrow, weather permitting we will go over to the coast so Steve can do a little maintenance job on his boat. A bit of luck you bumping into that woman in M&S, do you think you’ll consider joining that golf club at Tewkesbury?

    JB -Another excellent parkrun from you (and Mrs JB), perhaps running 3 miles to the start did help. I got my best ever parkrun time some years ago when I ran to the start (only about 1.5 miles though). Reading your later post I see you also managed a 10k the following day. You really are a glutton for punishment, but well done anyway.

    How strange to find out that teachers have school related nightmares too, I though it was just the pupils. My Grammar School was made up of three buildings. I found it absolutely huge and very daunting after my small village Junior School, and always worried about finding the right classroom for my next lesson. I still occasionally have nightmares where I’m running up and down stairs and going from building to building panicking because I can’t find the room. Weird isn’t it?

      I hope Mrs JB got a really decent present to make up for her “surprise.” That sounds a brutal 10k for someone who hasn’t done that distance for a number of years. (“I know how to treat a lady”???) If that was me I’d be planning my revenge now, at least Mrs JB will have a good few months to fine tune her “birthday surprise” for you. :) (Congratulations to her for both her birthday and her 10k btw).

    HS Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your fall. What a horrible thing to happen, and when you were running solo too. You were lucky to be able to get yourself home. Falls like that can really take it out of you, so don’t rush back too quickly. As WtnMel points out, your fitness level shouldn’t suffer too much while you give your body the time it needs to heal. 

    Nothing much to report here, just a couple of short slow runs. Garmin is playing up again, no GPS at all on today’s run, and only for the last part of Sunday’s run. Not that it really matters, both runs were similar to the first post Covid run in both distance and pace. All three runs have been short, slow and rather tiring from the start. I just don’t seem to have any energy for running, I mange ok on a day to day basis and can even do a bit of Pilates or yoga but not running. The other thing I’ve noticed is that although I have no problems with yoga and Pilates (I can execute the poses just as well as before Covid) but the following day everything aches, which is unexpected and puzzling. I suppose I’ll just need to keep patient as much as possible, and hope in time things improve with regards to my fitness.
  • Aqua, hope you've not got some sort of long Covid variant. Running is tough enough when you are 100%, so it's no great surprise that you find even the prospect so draining. 
    The transition from primary to secondary school was pretty tough.
    I went to a boys' secondary modern and after all the stories I'd heard I turned up terrified on the first day.
    It was a rite of passage. But I never get dreams or nightmares about school. I do get them about being a student and not completing my dissertation.
    Surely Mrs JB enjoyed her birthday and I'm confident that when she starts speaking to me again she'll confirm it....  
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB I hope you are wrong regarding long Covid, but I must admit it's crossed my mind too. Still, as I've said I'll just have to try to be patient and let my body tell me when it's ready to return to running. Having said that, I'm not usually a patient person, and I've no doubt I'll struggle with that idea. Today though is definitely a rest day. (Tomorrow........who knows ;)

    I had an eye test yesterday at our local Specsavers. There was only a slight change in my vision, not really enough to warrant new glasses, but the staff were very helpful and adjusted my current glasses (issued by a different optician) so they fit better and I'm able to wear them now. I had only been able to wear them for about an hour at a time as they were so uncomfortable. 
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Once again, apologies for lack of posts, but there has been so much going on that is time consuming. I won't bore you with details, but the main one has been contact from an Insurance Company about a number of policies which I knew nothing about, which were taken out by my parents in 1946. To cancel them and claim the values, I had to search for birth and death certificates etc. There's also been a number of renewals coming up at about the same time, so again, time consuming. I've read back, but there is too much to comment on everything.

    JB, a belated happy birthday to Mrs JB! What an unusual birthday present surprise that was, to take her to a coastal island, run 10k, and then walk 12k.

    WtnMel, I see that the results of the swimming gala are still being disputed. 

    Aquarius, the new trainers were Asics 1000 V11, the current ones were V10. I've worn the Asics 1000 brand for many years, upgrading each time I've replaced them.  The sad looking oak tree must be at least 100 years old. That run on Sunday 15th was horrendous with the wind and rain, and I don't know how I kept myself going to get home.
    I see that you are still suffering from lack of energy for your running, and that you ache after yoga and pilates. Hopefully, things will start improving if you are patient. 

    Thanks re this Sundays run where I fell. I haven't run since, but did a 1 mile walk yesterday, and a short walk to the post box this morning. The pain on the left side is starting to ease, but has been worse at nights, meaning I'm not getting much sleep. I'm hoping to run/jog on Saturday if I feel up to it.

    That was good that your eyesight had hardly changed, and that you were able to retain the same pair of glasses. Good too that they adjusted them so that they were more comfortable.
  • Aqua, hope you're on the mend. Talking of Covid a friend of ours has been tested positive and is very badly stricken. I asked her partner where she might have picked up the bug as she is ultra cautious. Apparently it was either Glyndebourne or ASDA. One would assume that youd get a better class of Covid at the former!

    HS, I sense your frustration at being unable to train plus of course the physical discomfort. Going through that paperwork is probably not great therapy, but good to get it done.

    A 6k for me. The wind was great - for the first few km. Then it was a battle but managed sub 30, just.

    Slight twinge in the hammy so foam rolling this evening.

    Planning a parkrun on the same stretch of prom on Saturday by which time the wind might, fingers crossed, have eased.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB Sorry to hear about your friend getting Covid, I hope she’s feeling better soon. There’s definitely a lot worse places than Glyndebourne to catch it, if that was indeed the culprit. On the subject of Covid, I wonder how many people still have the NHS test and trace app? When Steve tested positive I was ‘pinged” but when he checked with his friends who’d been at the cafe with him (he’s fairly sure that’s where he caught it) none of them were contacted. How’s your hamstring after the rolling? Good luck for tomorrow’s parkrun, but no heroics please if it’s still very windy.

    HS Nice surprise to find your parents had those insurance policies, but a bit of a nuisance having to search out the appropriate certificates in order to cash them in. Renewing contracts etc is always a pain. I’ve just been researching the best deals for TV and broadband as our Sky TV contract ends this month. We currently have our TV package with Sky but the broadband is with BT (they had the best speeds at the time). Sky now offer a similar broadband speed to BT meaning I can get a better deal if I take both TV and broadband from Sky now, however I still have 6 months to run on the BT contract and it would cost too much to leave due to their early exit fees. I think I’m probably going to wait until nearer the end of the BT contract to make the change to Sky. Although by that time prices and available deals might have changed. 
    Your fall must have been rather worse than I imagined if it’s keeping you awake at night and still hurting on your left side (the side you fell on presumably?). I hope if you did your farmers walk today you took it easy, or better still used your car this week. Take care if you do decide to try a run tomorrow. 

    I went for a short walk last night just to see if Garmin would pick up the satellites. Fortunately it did, although not straight away. I had toyed with the idea of trying another run this morning, but the wind is so strong I’ll leave it until tomorrow when it should have died down a bit.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB, sorry to hear that a friend of yours has been badly stricken with Covid. Probably ASDA. I shop mainly in Tesco, and I'm one of the very few wearing a mask now.

    Not running is a good excuse for getting down to those boring jobs involving a mixture of paperwork and online.

    Well done for your sub 30 6k! Good luck for Saturday's 5k when hopefully, your hammie will be ok. 

    Aquarius, I still have the test and trace app, but have been thinking about deleting it 🤔

    I'm with BT and O2 WiFi. 

    I actually took much of the force of the fall on my right hand, which is why the arm is still a bit achy. I then hit the ground with my left knee, and then my left side. I've been walking in lieu of running, and did the Farmers Walk on Tuesday and this morning, but with lighter loads. After unpacking I walked to Sarah F's for a coffee ☕️ and catch up 🙂
    I haven't been driving as I can't get into my car until I'm more flexible again. The properties where I live were built in the late 70's when cars were smaller and narrower. Consequently there is very little space to exit the cars, where the doors  can only be opened part way. It's just as difficult entering the cars, and one has to be a bit of a contortionist to do it. If I tried at present I would probably be stuck half in, half out 😬

    I'm going to try a very easy pace run with Sarah H tomorrow morning, but will change to walking if any problems. 

    Good that your Garmin picked up signals during your walk last night, albeit not immediately. Its been quite a while that you've been having Garmin problems. I hope that the wind will have died down for your run tomorrow. 
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    Morning all

    HS I expect most people have deleted that test and trace app. The more I hear about your fall the worse it sounds, although you must be getting better if you are able to do your farmers walk! Did you manage a run this morning?
    We are lucky that our current house, being a new build, has a nice wide drive because they have all been designed for two car households. Our previous house (1930s) had a very narrow drive that we had to widen just to get one car on it!

    JB How did the parkrun go today?

    WtnMel any golf report this week?

    I managed another run this morning, the same route and distance as before, and I think it was very slightly easier. I might have kidded myself, it may have just been wishful thinking, but no doubt I'll get a better idea after my next run whether I am improving. 

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone, 

    Aquarius,  I didn't run this morning, but did a 4.4 mile walk in the forest with Sarah H. We thought it might be a bit iffy to try a run .It took 1.35 but it was surprising how quickly that went. 
    I have a drive up to my garage where I could park it, but I have stated on my car insurance that I keep it in a locked garage. 
    I saw your run on Strava this morning. 

    Tomorrow morning Sarah F is holding another sponsored breakfast in her very large garden, and the proceeds will be split between a cancer charity for one of our ex runners who died from cancer, and the local Hospice.

    I'm feeling much better now after this mornings walk, and hoping to try a run on Monday. 
  • Aqua, ....and just heard that another friend has contracted Covid. The epidemic certainly isn't over. Good to hear you are on the comeback trail.
    HS It sounds as if you too  are recovering.

    So just to balance things, my hammy went after 7 minutes at today's Parkrun. This was at Horsham where last week I did the 10k. Forfive me for sounding sinister but I was here for revenge over a guy who beat me over the longer  distance last week! Slightly sinister, I guess 

    But he didn't show up! Anyway it was a pretty doomed venture. I followed the 22 minute pacemaker and the guy went off like a  bloody rocket. I'm not blaming him for my injury but it wasn't  very helpful.

    But hey ho it would have happened anyway. Mrs JB got a decent time and  age grade, so the 40 mile round trip wasn't wasted.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Apologies for not putting in an appearance this week - seem to have been keeping busy.

    JB - those M&S trousers may be 40" waist according to the label but as they fit like some of the 36" ones I wear currently, I'm not panicking just yet! :) Happy belated birthday to Mrs JB - a trip to an island that isn't and then being made to run around it - yes, you really know how to treat a lady ;) When I used to drive down over Salisbury Plain a large tank or similar would sometimes appear and thunder over the road (there were plenty of warning signs to make you aware THEY had right of way!). Sorry to read your friend has caught covid and then reading on further, sorry to hear another friend has contracted covid - and that your hamstring went at parkrun.

    Aquarius - nah, I'll let Steve re-do your son's garage roof if its all the same with you. I might consider joining that club at Tewkesbury - it's 18 holes rather than 9 but to be honest, it will primarily depend on how much it costs to join and play there. Strange that you still have dreams about not being able to find the right classroom at school - just goes to show how ingrained those experiences are. Glad to see you're finally managing to get out for some short slow runs. My friend Rose is still recovering from her bout of covid and has reported various strange after-effects from walking etc. so do take your time getting back to normal. I really must arrange another eye test - it's almost three years since my eyes were last checked. I deleted the NHS test and trace app some time ago - there didn't seem a lot of point keeping it going when all around were ignoring it anyway. Probably a good idea to wait until your BT contract is up for renewal - I'm sure there'll be another offer along in six month's time. No golf this week - I was busy anyway and Alan had a society day on Fri (coffee & bacon bap, 9 holes, lunch, 18 holes, dinner) so wanted to save his energy for that. Glad to hear your latest run felt a bit easier (or seemed to!).

    HS - sounds like some boring admin you've had to do re those insurance policies your parents took out - boring, but necessary. And I see you've been having to look at various renewals too. The guy complaining about the swimming gala results seems to have finally stopped moaning (probably because we said we weren't going to bother posting anything else on that thread). Glad to hear the aches and pains from your fall are subsiding. Reading about your contortions, I had to park right next to a hedge on the right-hand side of a road on Tue and could only get out by clambering across into the passenger seat. Glad to read on and see you managed a forest walk in lieu of any running. Enjoy the charity breakfast.

    I mentioned a busy week ..

    I did a 5ml ramble with the u3a rambling group on Tue morning (we got wet!). Then it was straight home and a quick change and Margaret and I went to the cinema to see "Everything Everywhere All At Once". I won't profess to understand what the film was about (it's based on the idea of multi-verses). It was such a quick change at home, when we got settled in our seats at the cinema, Margaret quietly handed over the sandwiches she'd made me and I ate them in the gloom.

    A quieter day on Wed then on Thu I went over to my house in Wootton Bassett and fitted some new roofing felt to the shed with my son. Being two big strong blokes :) .. we were able to shift the shed forward and sideways to make getting at the roof and nailing down the felt a bit easier.

    On Fri we visited Miserden House with the u3a garden visits group. We gave a lift to two ladies - Marjorie, who needs a stick to walk with these days - and Nadine, who has been taken under Marjorie's wing since losing her husband and has suffering from depression. It was the first time either had been out for a very long time and I helped Marjorie up and down some of the more challenging slopes. They both said afterwards how lovely it had been to go out - and in Marjorie's case, how she walked further than she expected to be able to and would never have managed without my arm to hang onto.

    I cut the lawns yesterday morning and then after lunch, used the pressure washer to clean up the patio.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I mentioned we were trying to have a small 'wildlife' bit on our lawn - here's a photo of how it's looking so far ..
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