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  • Mel - well done for runs and VO2 score. When I have a 'bad' run I reflect that 95% of folk of our (well, my) age don't or can't run and of the ones who do most would be a bit slower.

    HS - I think we could all do with borrowing that sensible hat from time to time...……

    Aquarius - good idea to avoid running on a slippery surface. I've never owned a par of spikes or trail shoes come to that. Calves can be little devils. Hope physio did his/her magic.

    Parkrun for me tomorrow, back on my 'home' course. I've put in some decent training this week (by my woeful standards) and will be aiming to get below that (pesky) 22 mark. The first thing will be to take note of the wind as this can (literally) blow away a plan. There's a V65 I've been chasing for a few weeks. He's remarkable as he simply seems to get better and better (he's only been running for a few years). I get to the mid-way turn before him and then - almost inevitably - he eases past me on the way back. And race over! At my best I should have the edge over him, but 'my best' is now 6 months behind me and I'm beginning to think I might not get back to it. However, his performance does show that you can improve with age, so I'll try to be inspired by it. Or maybe I'll jut stick my leg out as he runs past me...…..
  • Morning all,

    Aquarius, sounds like you've had a very busy week. Very dodgy running on an icy track. Many years ago, I used to do the bog eyed jog, which was 2 hours on the track and in aid of Children in Need. One year it was foggy, freezing cold and the track was icy. I managed to complete the challenge without falling, but many did fall, and not many completed the 2 hours. I ran 70 laps which I think is about 17.5 miles. A distance in that time which I can only dream about now.
    Hope the physio session was productive.

    JB, Hope you achieve your sub 22 minutes for todays parkrun.

    I had a very good road run yesterday in my new Asics. It was 7.7 miles on a very hilly route. I took the first mile fairly easily, and then pushed myself hard for the remainder. I achieved a Vo2 max of 47, so must be doing something right.
  • HS - some good stats from your run. Nearly 8 miles on a hilly route is impressive - as is the Vo2. Well done. 

    Thanks too for your good wishes which must have done the trick for me as I managed 21.47 (AG76.28%). This was easily my best run for 6 months especially as it was quite blustery on the prom. It didn't give me a category 'win' though: there's a chap I've been running against for nearly 35 years who has found some form of late. And my VM65 rival wasn't there. A VW50-54 managed 19 something for which huge respect.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all, just popping in to see how you're all getting on and my goodness there's some good stuff happening! Hope I don't miss anything out......

    JB6 chapeau to you for that stonking time!

    TE, going from strength to strength which is brillinat to see.

    Aquarius, hope the Physio helped your calves and well done for avoiding the ice as it's treacherous. Hadn't heard of "rooves" as a plural before so have nothing to add about its retirement from use. Weel, except that as hoof turns into hooves it would seem acceptable!

    WtnMel, sounds as if you're doing really well. How's the golf?

    Exhausted, hope your cold has improved. How's your grandson now? Poor wee mite, I hope he's recovered by now xxx

    With regard to rats, we always used to get them in the barn in winter and they had to be dealt with using a bait box as the urinated on the horses hay and got into the feed bins (until I put locks on them). Sadly that also trapped a mouse once and I was so upset I didn't use the bait again. Since the horse feed has gone and the bird seed is locked we don't seem to have any in there this winter which is a relief although I know there are still plenty about even though we don't see them. I remember reading that rats are "thigmotrophic", which means they prefer their body to be in contact with other objects, which is why rat runs often follow the line of a wall.

    I'm still working hard at my fitness routine and am enjoying it. Weekly visits for Mary to poke and stretch the sore bits alongside my own stretching/icing routine have seen some improvement and I'm trying to see a Podiatrist next week for more advice.
  • No running for me this weekend. I felt a bit washed out on Friday evening so decided to give the parkrun a miss on Saturday (it’s quite a gruelling one as it’s mainly hills) and today it is blowing a gale and keeps trying to snow, so I’ve contented myself with some strength exercises. 

    Well done Red for sticking to your exhausting fitness routine, and good luck with the podiatrist next week. I suppose the one good thing is that your enforced (running) lay off is taking place while the weather is so miserable and cold, if your injury had happened in the summer it would have felt much more frustrating. 

    JB - 21.47!! congratulations, I knew you would do it. ;) Great WAVA too, pity about missing the category win, but the main thing is you broke that 22 mins barrier.

    Well done HS on your hilly run (are you happy with your new Asics?) You just keep going from strength to strength at the moment. I’ve never checked my VO2 stats in Garmin Express. i don’t think I even know where to find them. Do you need to enter any data yourself or does the device calculate the results for you? 
  • Evening all,

    JB, well done for your parkrun, an AG of 76.28% is excellent.

    Red, good to hear that you are persisting with and enjoying your fitness routine. You are doing all the right things, and I hope you will soon be up and running again.

    Aquarius, a good idea giving the hilly parkrun a miss, and doing strength exercises instead.
    I'm very happy with my new Asics and Salomons. I ran 11 miles in the forest in the Salomons with Alice this morning. The first few miles were into the teeth of an almost gale force, icy cold wind, which chilled us to the bone. What made it worse was the first 4 miles were uphill. It was obviously easier on the return, but by then the damage had been done. We still managed to average 10.58 minute miling, so pleased with that in the circumstances.
    To check your Vo2 max, you don't need to use Garmin Express. Open the Garmin Connect app and click the three parallel horizontal lines in the top left hand corner. Then click Performance Stats and then VO2Max. You will see the figure in the circle which is your current Vo2 max. There is a graph in the top panel of the figure  for each run day. If you click training effect, it will show you the Aerobic training figure i.e 2.3 maintaining aerobic fitness. 5 is the maximum, which should only be aimed for occasionally. Hope this helps and that I haven't confused you.
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    Many thanks to HS, Aquarius and Redhead for your customary kind and supportive comments.

    So - got up this morning (await chords from a blues tune) and got on the scales. Oh no: my 'red line' weight has been reached! And this despite decent parkrun followed up by a hilly 4 miler yesterday. Desperate times call for desperate measures: I've signed up for a marathon. Some of you might remember being bored witless by my last attempt (so much for 'never again') when I flogged myself around a velodrome 73 times in a time (and condition) that I'd rather forget. Even I'm not stupid enough to repeat that performance. So this time I'm running around an athletics track 100+ times in May: one that Redhead has done before.
    This gives me 14 weeks to prepare. I start from a pretty low base distance-wise. I'm hoping that the Spring weather will entice me. I'm also hoping that an athletics track can't b as hard as an eccentrically designed outdoor velodrome...……..And (Redhead please correct me) this one has the faster guys overtaking you on the outside rather than having to move over (or 'up') on the velodrome when they come past.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Been treated by the lovely Mary Massage Lady again first thing and her ministrations seem to be helping as there's much less inflammation now and everything seems to be shifting in the right direction. Icing, stretching and rolling continues and I've decided to give it another week or so before heading to the Podiatrist for assessment. My goal now is to be back running by the end of February. Did a monster workout today with the battle-ropes followed by work on my abs then press-ups and squats to finish.

    Hahaha JB6, we can't have you turning into a fat bloater now can we! Hope the track in Eastbourne is kind to you. It has definitie pb potential and I was heading that way until the wind, which we ran into on every lap, finally set my asthma off and I finished in 4:49 which annnoyed me intensely. Lovely people organising it and friendly marshalls too. I still say 'never again' though as the boredom quotient was just too much for me even though I danced along with 2 of the marshalls on each lap when I'd slowed down and was fed cake and sweeties. Hmm, sounds more attractive with rose-coloured specs and a couple of years gone by :smiley:

    TE, thank you. That sounded like a toughie yesterday. The wind was hideous adn you did really well, especially as the first 4 miles were uphill.

    Aquarius, I don't blame you for skipping that run and strengthening exercises make a real difference.
  • Redhead: your time for that run was almost identical to mine for my velodrome effort. So - off for a 1 hour run today to demonstrate my resolve. Managed 6.93 miles BUT knee injury flared up. This is something I did a few years ago when I came off my bike. It usually behaves itself (ish!)but if it can't cope with a mere 7 miles then I'm a bit worried about a 26+. Will need to monitor. 

    I think I need a pint or two of whatever HS is drinking!!
  • Make mine a double JB.
    No running for me at the moment as my grandson has kindly shared his virus with me. Hope to feel well enough for a masters XC at the weekend, but rather doubt it.
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    Afternoon all - catching up after a few days away ..

    Aquarius - never heard of 'rooves' .. was always 'roofs' when I was growing up ;) Well done re your recent training (hill session + 6 miler). Hope your tight calf(calves) aren't so sore by now. I followed HS's instructions but my Garmin Connect looks different - I see a bunch of options down the left-hand side and found VO2 Max under 'Reports' .. hope that helps and will try to attach a jpeg image as well. Reading on, sorry to hear you've caught some lurgy - fingers crossed you might feel well enough by the weekend for your Masters XC race.

    JB6 - I feel the same .. I'll never be as fast as some of my compatriots .. but I'm beating the ones sat on the sofa. Good to hear you managed to break through the 22min barrier at parkrun. Running round (and round) a track does sound easier than a velodrome track - not something I've ever been tempted to try so good luck with that.

    HS - well done re that recent 7.7ml run in your new shoes and your forest run.

    Red - well done for continuing with your fitness routine and hope that plus visits to Mary ML and a podiatrist do the trick. Re golf, see below.

    For those vaguely interested (!) I played golf on Friday and my mate Alan (who analyzes our golf in great detail) tells me I won 4 & 2 (4 holes lead with 2 holes to play) if we were doing 'matchplay' .. but lost by 1 if we'd been using 'Stapleford' points. All I know is, these new clubs are really helping and I'm averaging 8-10 strokes better per round. I also know I was leading by 2 shots over the last few holes but fluffed my drive on the 18th and he beat me by 1 shot!

    Getting back on topic, I ran 4mls around town this morning (first run since last Thu due to a busy weekend). It felt like hard work (heavy legs) but turned out to be a decent run (for me) at avg 10:30mm pace.

    Hoping to run again on Thu but looks like there may be snow on the way - might have a treadmill run if that's the case and then put my sauna on afterwards.
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  • JB, good luck with your marathon training.
    Sorry to hear that your knee has flared up again, but you are very welcome to a few pints of Adams Ale :lol:  

    Red, good to hear that the massage and stretching are producing results. You are certainly working very hard to maintain your fitness :smiley:
    Thanks, that run was indeed a toughie.

    Aquarius, sorry to hear that you have caught a virus from your Grandson, but hope that you will be fit enough for the Masters Cross Country this weekend.

    WtnMel, it looks as if you have taken the information for Vo2 max from Garmin Connect from your laptop. I take mine from the Garmin Connect app on my phone.
    Thanks for your comments on my recent runs.
    I don't know much about the technicalities of golf, but it is good to hear that the new clubs are helping you to improve your game.
    Well done for your 4 mile run, at a very respectable pace.

    I ran a hilly 6.5 miles on roads yesterday, with the first mile as a warm up, and the remainder at tempo pace. I achieved a personal record on the steepest uphill segment on Strava; I'm really pleased with that.
    This morning was a spinning session, which nearly wasn't. I was walking very cautiously towards the Leisure Centre on the icy pavements, when my right leg slipped backwards. Miraculously, I managed to retain my balance and proceeded without further incidents. It was another good session and almost "a full house." The various classes are always very busy in January with New Year Resolution participants. They soon drop out. I noticed that several of the regulars were missing this morning, probably because the class was fully booked a week ahead by the newcomers. I was lucky myself to get a place, and had been looking for several days on the app to see if anyone had cancelled.

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    Afternoon all,

    I've spent the last 2 hours sitting in the waiting room at the Quacks for 2 separate appointments, one for my asthma review and one for high cholesterol both of which I get hauled in for every so often. I read a quarter of my book whilst I sat waiting and spent less than 5 minutes in each appointment. Apparently I'm still in the sub 10% you're-going-to-have-a-heart-attack bracket with my high cholesterol (which we reckon is familial as no diet changes/exercises make a difference!) and no I don't want to take statins yet thank you very much. I'll save that treat for a few more years yet!

    Worked out my waiting-room anger by thrashing the battle-ropes, spinning on the static bike, doing 50 tricep dips, 75 squats, 25 press-ups, 125 Jumping Jacks, 50 step-ups and 50 mountain climbers.

    I want to run soon please!!!

    TE, love that you beat your PR on the steep slope xxx

    WtnMel, that was a good run and well done with your new clubs.

    Aquarius, sorry to hear you're lurgified again. Please take care and forget the xc if you're still feeling grotty xxx

    JB6, you'll do much better than I did at Eastbourne you speedy boy  :D
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    Morning all,

    Very cold and frosty here, with snow expected later this afternoon. I was intending to run early this morning, but will wait until I have walked to the supermarket to see what the pavements are like. Unfortunately, I have about 3/4 mile on pavement/roads before I get into the forest, and trail shoes are not the safest on icy tarmac.

    Red,it must be so frustrating for you having high cholesterol, when you obviously have a healthy diet and exercise more than most. I am really impressed with your "vicious" circuit training session. I don't know where you get the energy from! I think when injury free, you could easily train for Iron Man triathlons, although I don't think you have ever mentioned swimming training.
    Thanks for your kudos for my PR on the hill segment. It is .25 mile, gradient 6%. x

    Stay safe everyone!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    HS - you're lucky you didn't 'pull' something when you slipped on the ice (easy to 'twang' something). Well done re that 6.5ml hilly run.

    Red - grrr to all that waiting around at the docs but sounds like it helped to take your anger out at the gym.

    Some sad news to pass on - my brother passed away in his sleep on Wed night. I'm in Tring for a few nights now to be with my Mum while we deal with things. Been to register his death today but now have a lot of other 'stuff' to sort out (organising funeral; notifying bank etc.). Also hoping tomorrow to start getting advice on how to go about dealing with his estate as unfortunately, he didn't leave a will. 

    I'll pop on here as and when over the next few days/weeks - with all that is going on, think I will need a little 'downtime' now and then. 
  • Morning all,

    The promised snow came, starting around 7pm last night, and snowing throughout the night. It's stopped at the moment, but looks as if more could come. I haven't been out yet, but hope to go for a run later if the snow holds off.

    WtnMel, I'm very sorry to hear of the sad loss of your brother, who passed away in his sleep. Take care yourself, as I believe the snow is very bad in the Buckingham Region. I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice regarding his estate etc, as thankfully both my parents had made Wills, so thing were relatively straight forward. The Bank should be able to advise Companies that specialise in these matters, or of course a solicitor, but these can be expensive. Please keep in touch as and when you can, as we will be thinking of you. 
    You were right that I was lucky not to "pull anything" when I nearly fell. I did jar my back though,which was probably where it enabled me to regain my balance.
  • Afternoon peeps,

    WtnMel, so sorry to hear about your brother. Much love to you and your family. It's always hard for a parent to outlive a child so extra hugs for your mum. It's difficult when someone dies intestate so I hope you manage to sort things out quickly.

    TE, please take extra care if you're running over the next few days as everywhere will be treacherous if it freezes.

    We had 'what's the point of it' snow last night, all slushy and not much of it! It's raining now and everywhere is mushy. Did a good session on the static bike with some battle-ropes and circuits thrown in for good measure. Got an appointment with a podiatrist next Wednesday so I'm looking forward to his suggestions.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your kind thoughts ..  

    HS - Have spent all day sorting through my brother's paperwork which was in complete disarray. Nowhere near finished but at least now things are in order and I have a feel for what bank accounts etc. he had. I'm going to have to speak to a solicitor to clarify the legal position about who can administer the estate etc. 
    I know you have to apply for 'letters of administration' in cases like this. But for instance, I don't know if I'm allowed to volunteer to do that or whether the beneficiaries (his estranged daughters) have a say in what happens. 
    Red - my Mum is 91 so would not be able to cope with winding up my brother's affairs - so me and my sister will be dealing with everything.

    The main roads here (Tring) were clear this morning but it was a case of 'slip & slide' getting out of the Premier Inn car park. Had a sort of repeat performance a short while ago when I returned to the hotel. But as far as I can see, the snow is already thawing and will continue disappearing tomorrow.
  • Thinking of you at this time WtnMel, hugs to your mum x
  • As you'd mentioned your brother's death on one of the "Fetcheveryone" threads, WtnMel, I was aware of it, but not that you have the unenviable task of sorting out papers in disarray and no Will. If his daughters were estranged, it will be ironic if they are the ones who inherit. Thinking of you.

    Red - good to hear from you and goodness you seem to be working hard!

    Aquarius - never heard of rooves, always roofs. Dwarfs / dwarves seem to be optional, though.

    John B - that's an amazing age grading! Mine has never got into the 70s, though once was very close. Yes, I ran in Greenwich Park but it wasn't a parkrun. There is a Greenwich parkrun but it isn't in Greenwich Park, it's some distance away. Came home with a cold, which is par for the course on my London visits, and haven't run since because when the cold was beginning to clear up we got the snow - not very much of it, but it has left icy patches here and there, whcih I don't wish to risk myself on.
  • Hello all.
    I have been doing some steady walking and some runs to strengthen the ankle,some days it is sore and some it is ok.
    Im having a few beers tonight as Im off work tomorrow and seeing how I feel in the morning I might even attempt the Fleetwood Park run again.......hopefully no accidents this time.
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    Damien: Funny you should say that.  I once surprised my brother by turning up in his local pub one Saturday night. "I'm carbo loading ready for the Pennine marathon tomorrow" I explained.  After 4 pints I'd a good night's sleep and not only won the M55 category next day but also set a new M55 course record.  Rocket fuel!
  • Damien NagleDamien Nagle ✭✭✭
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    I did it and managed 26.57mins.
    I am aching now though but I'm quite pleased at being able to do it.
  • Morning all,

    Red, we had heavy snow yesterday afternoon, but it didn't settle. The pavements were icy this morning, so I decided not to run.
    I'm reading a book at the moment called "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. It's about a tribe of bare foot Tarahumara Indians that can run hundreds of miles without rest. Christopher had suffered for years with various running injuries, so decided to locate the tribe to ascertain how they remained injury free. He first took advice from cutting edge Harvard science labs, and a podiatrist recommended that he try bare foot running, gradually building up the mileage. He did this and eventually pits himself in a breath-taking fifty mile race through Mexico's Copper Canyons against the Indians. I haven't got to the end of the book yet, so don't know how he got on. I just thought that it might be interesting if you asked your podiatrist what he/she thought about bare foot running. 

    WtnMel, I've made a Will, but am trying to make my affairs as straight forward as possible, to sort out, after I've passed away. I've also taken out Lasting Powers of Attorney, so my financial affairs etc can be handled if I lose the ability. That does expire though after my death.

    Damien, it's amazing how many runners do some of their best races, suffering with hangovers. Perhaps it deadens the pain.

    RF, I think that if I drank 4 pints nowadays before a race, I wouldn't  be capable of running next morning. This must be an age thing, as a few pints never did me any harm in my younger days.

    Stay safe everyone :fearful:
  • TE: 31 years ago I was quite good at both drinking and running. Now, at coming up 87, I'm reduced to the odd glass of wine and a jog round the block!
  • I'm really glad we decided to get a Discovery Sport in December, as the snow is a few inches thick here and our BMW wouldn’t have been able to get off the drive, never mind get us up and down hills. The only problem now is avoiding those road users who haven’t got 4x4s and are sliding and skidding all over the place (just like we did last year :) ). 

    HS/ Runningfox - lately I’ve also found drinking alcohol and running the following morning doesn’t work. 

    JB - did you manage a parkrun today? All our local ones have been cancelled due to snow and ice. The Master’s XC is still on, but I’m giving it a miss as apart from still feeling a bit under the weather (if you’ll pardon the pun) I visited the physio last week with a sore calf which is still a bit tight, and, as this is a new course to me, I was worried I might make it worse. 

    WtnMel, although my mother left a will when she died 10 years ago my sister and I still had to apply for power of attorney, but I can’t remember why now. I do feel for you though because it’s a horrible job arranging everything after somebody dies, it just seems never ending. As HS says we are all thinking about you and sending our best wishes. 

    Damien, well done, that’s a great time, you must be very pleased with it, but take care of that ankle.

    Columba - hope your cold clears up soon. I find these days that whenever I go away for a day or two I’m likely to come home with a bug. 

    Red I can commiserate regarding the high cholesterol as I am in the same boat. I eat healthily (well 90% of the time) exercise, and I’m definitely not overweight, but I always have high cholesterol. Like you I think it must be genetic rather than lifestyle related. To make matters worse I am also pre diabetic, which is even more frustrating as the only advice given is “lose weight and start exercising”. I’d disappear if I lost any more weight.

    Re the use of rooves v roofs, I found this on the internet -

     as a plural for of roof is dated, but not incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary lists “rooves” as an alternate to roofs, one of several outdated spellings used in the UK, and in New England as late as the 19th century.” 

    I know I’m getting on (65 yesterday actually) but I wasn’t at school in the 19th century! Strangely enough my husband also remembers being taught to use “rooves” when he was at school so perhaps the usage lingered on in pockets around the country. I also found this definition of rooves, which I think I rather prefer - 

    “The plural of roof for people old enough to read the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, in fact old enough to know that the real Napoleon was not Dynamite or a brandy."
  • WtnMel: I've got a bit behind with the posts and I'll sit and read back in-depth. However, I'm so sorry about the death of your brother and I can't imagine what your Mum must feel. Lots of love!
  • Been a bit out of it for a few days as my internet connection has been a problem. I won't though miss the opportunity to wish Aquarius a happy birthday. You are just under a year ahead of me. So you are now in a new and more forgiving age category! And I too am in the not-really-fat but high cholesterol club.

    I'm having problems posting right now - I have to cut and paste and then repost (!) and I've just lost 95% of my intended one so I'll limit this to sending condolences to Mel.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Thanks for more kind thoughts ..

    Today I had the unenviable task of informing my brother's ex of his death (he wouldn't allow us to let her or his daughters know he was ill). 

    Damien - hope that ankle of yours continues to improve.

    RF - my mate and I used to do 25/50ml charity bike rides for a few years (but we didn't like to talk about it .. a la Smashie and Nicey)  and always joked about carbo-loading the night before (just a good excuse for a spag bol to be honest).

    HS - I've got (and have read) that book about the Tarahumara indians. I've also made a will but the last day or two have made me question how organised my own papers are.

    Aquarius - thanks for the info re roofs vs. rooves and happy belated birthday!

    Will be heading home tomorrow for some R&R. On Monday I'm going to contact a firm of solicitors in Tring to arrange an appointment. Hoping I'll be able to clarify the legal position re my brother dying intestate and his estranged daughters being the beneficiaries with no provision for my Mum .. also hiw/whwther I'm able to apply for 'letters of administration' (similar to being an executor).

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