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  • Afternoon everybody,

    JB, did the Queen Elizabeth parkrun take you up Butser Hill? I haven't done that particular parkrun, but it must be one of the toughest. I did the Butser Hill Challenge back in 1999, which was 4.5 miles. That was a killer!  I've also raced in the South Downs Marathon and Half Marathon. 
    That was amazing that you discovered your Grandmother's Grave in a disused cemetery. I'm surprised that the tomb stone hadn't been obscured by overgrown grass. Both sets of my Grandparents are buried on the Isle of Wight, so the odds of me ever discovering them are remote.
    Hope you enjoy the enforced rest in Northampton. Isn't that town noted for leather ware? I seem to remember it from a Geography lesson decades ago, when I was at school.

    Ran 11.1 miles in the forest this morning with Sarah F and Jane. We took an alternative route on the return leg, which turned out to be a mess of mud and water, entailing much walking and wading. Legs are aching now. Hoping tomorrows spin session will sort them out.
  • Aquarius: Sorry, I haven't a clue what atmospheric conditions created the effect in my photograph but it's very unusual.  I sent the picture to my local weather man but got no reply.
  • Afternoon all, what lovely weather we’re having this week. Hard to believe it’s just February.

    That sounds like quite a tough run yesterday HS, I hope your legs have recovered now, not long until your HM is it? Your Norfolk Broads holiday sounds lovely, it’s nice to be able to look back on carefree times like that before life got so “busy”.

    JB I hope your trip to Northampton went well and your legs are feeling the benefit of a couple of non-running days. What an odd thing to come across your grandmother’s grave like that. It must have been a bit of a shock when you saw her name. Perhaps your family did visit the grave after she died, but the visits just tailed off over time (as often happens). Maybe no-one thought to mention anything to you because you were so young when she died, they probably thought you wouldn’t feel any close connection to her.

    Running Fox, what a shame the local weatherman didn’t reply to you, I did think of suggesting you send the photo in to the BBC, to use when they do the forecasts after the news. 

    Sorry to hear of your fall Damien, but luckily it appears there’s been no long lasting problems from it and it’s good that you’ve got back into running again, keep us updated with your progress.

    On Sunday I went for a six mile run, but kept the pace easy so Steve could accompany me on his bike without having to work too hard. We hope to get an update today regarding where he is on the waiting list for ablation. Yesterday was a rest day and later today we are heading over to the reservoir for another run for me and probably a walk for Steve. I’m trying to up my mileage over the next month as I’ve somehow managed to sign up for a 10k each weekend in April. Three of these 10ks are really popular and often sell out within hours of the entries opening (which is usually months in advance of the actual race) so you need to be hovering over the keyboard ready to nab your place as soon as the entries are released, but it seems I’ve been so wrapped up with actually getting a place that I lost track of how close together the events were, until I came to put them on the calendar last week. Still, I suppose I could alternate with a hard(ish) race the first weekend, then make the following weekend an easy one, then hard(ish), then easy. Oh well, no point stressing over it now, I’ll just take them as they come and see how I feel on the day. 
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    Aquarius - looks like you are going to be pretty tired in April! It'll be interesting to see your performance across the events. Could work either way - you could get fatigued and falter or sharpen up across the series. I predict the latter  - as long as you don't pick up an injury. I think you are right about the grandmother issue.

    HS - the Northampton footie team used to be and maybe still are known as The Cobblers which gives a good indication of traditional industry. There's also a whopping great big Carlsberg brewery about 2 minutes from my hotel. No disrespect but from what I've seen I doubt whether it finds itself in many Top 10 UK Destinations lists. That Butser Hill event has a bit of a reputation!

    I picked up a really good book in a charity shop: 'Running Hot and Cold' by Doug Richards. It includes an eye watering account of the pain (and inspiration) of running the Marathon des Sables. He was a nothing-special marathon runner but discovered a talent (although he's not elite) for running horrendous ultras. As someone who thinks anything above a 5K is a bit of an endurance event, I can't even begin to imagine undertaking such  (self) torture.
  • It has taken me ages to catch up with the thread, because I don't look at it very often.
    Running Fox, that is a most amazing picture. I'd have thought you could have sold that to someone; but perhaps not, it seems so easy to "doctor" photos nowadays that perhaps no-one would believe it was real.
    Going back to the Alzheimer's "gene": - if it were me I should definitely not want to know. But you wouldn't need to know, would you? Only the researchers would need to know. In fact, it might even be better not to know as (if someone was told s/he did indeed have two copies of the gene) s/he might expect to develop dementia, and this might become a self-fulfilling prophecy, whereas left in happy ignorance s/he might prove to be one of the people who doesn't develop the condition despite having two copies of the gene.   
    Being a little tired of running through the town and round the lake, I have been out to Elan Valley for my last two "long" runs (long in time, nothing impressive in terms of distance). The first time I got blown to pieces and hailed on. The second time - yesterday - same route - I nearly melted under the torrid February sun.
    We have a new parkrun starting up next Saturday, a mere 7 miles away! I am delighted! I may never tackle another race, but parkruns are a different matter. Elder grand-daughter (aged 7) has done her first parkrun, a very creditable 36 minutes, including two walk breaks.
    Keep posting, people; it's lovely to keep up with you all.
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, yes it was a tough run, but my legs recovered ok for yesterdays spin session which was rather brutal. My half marathon is on Sunday.
    The Norfolk Broads holiday was really good, it was only for a week, but we crammed a lot into it. They were halcyon days which we thought would never end. 
    Hope your training goes well for all those 10k's in April.

    JB, I've only been to Northampton once, I can't remember why, but do remember walking round the market which did have a lot of leather goods.
    I was warned not to do the Butser Hill Challenge, as I would get a twisted ankle. I ignored the advice and ran it anyway. I didn't find it too bad, as I lived in Waterloovile at the time, and had regularly trained on the South Downs.
    I have never fancied ultra running, but know that it can become addictive. Several of our club runners do them, and they are always trying to get others to enter.

    Good to hear from you again Columba. Hope the new parkrun has a good course and becomes popular. Well done to your grand-daughter aged 7 running a parkrun in 36 minutes, she would have finished ahead of many of the senior runners. We have a new parkrun starting in Romsey. It will be round the grounds of a school, so might not be very popular.

    Had a busy morning today. Drove into the village for shopping, library and hairdressers. My hairdresser is a runner and she has just recovered from the flu, so I hope I don't catch it. I've had the flu jab, so should be ok. The new Lidl store has opened, but I haven't given it a try yet.
    I did a 6.1 mile road run when I got back, and conditions were perfect, nice and sunny, with a gentle breeze.
  • Hillstrider all the best for Sunday 
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Happy March everyone. Apologies for absence but been busy doing fund-raising/dementia stuff. Foot starting to feel a bit better so just doing short runs on alternate days. More physio next week.

    TE, have a good one on Sunday and show those youngsters how it should be done xxx

    Columba, hello there - hope you enjoy the new parkrun.

    Aquarius, you'll be amazing in all your events. Good luck xxx

    Have a lovely weekend everyone and I'll catch up properly soon  :D 
  • Afternoon all,

    Thanks Moks and Red, I'll do my very best. The wings have been updated, and are now very streamlined! The weather forecast for Sunday, unfortunately, is heavy rain and strong winds. Not ideal conditions for a decent pace.

    Red, you seem to be making very good progress now. Slow but sure is definitely the best path to take when recovering from injury.xx

    I did a very gentle 5.2 mile jog on roads this morning to loosen up my legs, pre Sunday's race. I ran round the Marina and saw the huge Cruise Ship which is anchored in Southampton Docks. I tried to take photo's of it with my mobile phone, but unfortunately, it had somehow, adjusted itself to take selfies. I had forgotten how to reverse this and found it impossible to focus on the ship. I took a picture of the pier instead.
  • Morning all,

    The sun is shining at the moment, but rain is forecast later. The winds are forecast to increase to 43 mph at 8.00am and 56 mph by 12.00am tomorrow morning. Looks like a very wet and windy race, not for fair weather runners!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Just off into the gym to do my exercises and a 5k run on the treddy but didn't want to miss Terry and sending you lots of good vibes for tomorrow - having seen the weather forecast I fear you mght be in need of the wings adn something to keep your feet on the ground!

    Stay safe everyone xxx
  • Thanks Susie,  I think I might have to convert the wings into a para glider🙁
    Hope you have a good gym session 🤸‍♀️and good luck with the 5k treddy run 🏃‍♀️
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    Good Luck tomorrow Hillstrider. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Doing my best to catch up as I see my last visit here was on 19th Feb! A general "well done" for the various bits of running that have been done and will try to visit here a bit more often ..

    JB - sorry to read you've had to withdraw from your marathon but good news re the parkrun PB. And serendipity finding your grandmother's grave. I've been to Northampton and would concur with your verdict :)

    Red - good news re completing a 10K on the dreadmill.

    HS - you really did look similar to Peter Tork. I always assumed pub visits were 'de rigeur' for boating-style holidays! :)

    Aquarius - see you were on child-minding duties .. hope you're less busy by now. Hope you soon get news re Steve.

    RF - I wondered if that photo from your post on 22nd Feb might be vapour trails blown about by the wind?

    Damien - hope you've recovered from that fall.

    Columba - good news there will be a parkrun closer to you.

    *waves* to Mok

    I ran with the club on Thu. A decent sociable run and it was enlivened by Hannah pulling up her t-shirt and bra to show of chaffage from last weekend's Bourton 10K. Not quite nipple-gate but a close-run thing ;) I'm sure she momentarily forgot I was there along with the ladies. Planning to run tomorrow morning and hoping to do at least 5mls - let's hope it isn't too wet & windy.

    Must report I won at golf yesterday with two of my best rounds of 43 & 46 - quite a comprehensive victory too as I beat my friend Alan by 19 shots! Those lessons and new clubs are really making a difference.

    And just to say my brother's daughters are going to administer his estate - so one less thing for me to have to think about over the coming months. I'm seeing them both on 15th Mar to hand over all the paperwork and discuss making some provision for my Mum.
  • I did the park run today in 27.24 and I have had a crappy cold for the last two weeks.
    I was totally knackered by the end of it and blowing out of my arse....I just want to get the time back to under 25mins.
    Not that bad really considering the ankle is still weakish.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good luck tomorrow HS, the weather forecast is a bit worrying, hope it doesn’t cause problems for your race. 

    Red hope your gym visit went well

    WtnMel well done on your golf victory over Alan - and by 19 shots too! Those new clubs have been a great investment, but talent always wins through. Or perhaps it was the effects of witnessing nipplegate? Good news that your brother’s daughters are going to deal with the estate, as you say one less thing for you to deal with. 

    On Thursday I did a fartlek session accompanied by Steve on his bike, carrying his trusty Sainsbury’s bag again for horse poo collection (we must have the healthiest roses this side of the Pennines). Today was our last XC of the season, a really nice course at Alnwick Castle and although cold and windy the ladies managed to finish before the rain came. I was pleased with my time, 43.29 for 4.2 miles, which was 8 minutes faster than the last time I ran it three years ago. But to put that in perspective I only finished 386th out of the 439 senior and vet women who took part today.  In the table of individual placings for veteran women I placed 429th out of 655 for the season. I’m really encouraged that we have such a healthy XC participation in this region, it just seems to grow and grow each year. I think more and more people are realising that XC is for something that any club runner can take part in, irrespective of ability. Whether you finish first or last the support and encouragement is always there from both the marshals and spectators, it’s a really good atmosphere.

    Take care if you are running tomorrow folks, it looks like it's going to be a bit lively weather-wise.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Think our posts crossed Damien. Considering your cold and ankle that's not a bad time at all. I'm sure you will improve once you are fully fit again.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Damien - good time considering you've had a cold and your ankle is a bit weak.

    Aquarius - my golf improvement is purely down to raw talent and practising the routine the professional taught me. BTW, I belong to a naturist swim club so boobs on show (or partly in Hannah's case) is hardly a new thing for me! ;) A good result for you for that XC race and a great improvement in finish time.

    I've been out and done 5mls this morning - it was a bit wet & windy but I think I've managed to run before the weather worsens.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Just popped in to check that Terry didn't get blown away!........

    Nice running Aquarius. Such great support for xc is excellent. LOL at Steve and his carrier bag.

    Damien, good going as you're under par atm.

    WtnMel, well done for sneaking in a run - I did 5k on the treddy as it's been blowing a gale and raining most of the day.
  • Evening all, 

    Red, I will do a more detailed report tomorrow, but did beat November's time by 30 seconds, which was run in perfect conditions and under distance 😀🏃‍♂️🍷
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hoorah, well done T xxxxx
  • Sorry I haven't commented on any of the previous posts, but promise to do so tomorrow 👍
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Well done HS, looking forward to your race report.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, well done beating your friend Alan with your new golf clubs, a good investment.
    Good news that your Brother's daughters will be administering his Estate, a big weight off your shoulders!
    You were lucky to get a run in yesterday before the weather worsened.

    Damien, that's a respectable parkrun tine, considering you have a cold and a weak ankle.

    Aquarius, thanks race report is following.
    Well done for your 43.29 in your 4.2 mile cross country race. An excellent time, and a massive improvement over your time 3 years ago.

    Conditions couldn't have been much worse yesterday for the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon. We half expected it to be cancelled, but turned up any way. There was a disappointing entry of just 200 runners, and because of the weather conditions, I believe that quite a few of them didn't turn up. The race started right on time at 10.30, with just a light rain, and the wind beginning to get up. The course was mostly on trails, but there were lots of muddy stretches, and quite slippery underfoot in places. The wind increased in velocity throughout the race, and it was really tough going up the hills and more exposed areas. Probably the worst section was over the old runways of the second world war air field. The concrete was all broken and uneven, and the wind was blowing full force into our faces. It was really hard work running into the wind, so Sarah and I were delighted to beat Novembers time. We did our customary wave to the photographer,so hopefully will be worth buying one, and if so I will post on here, like I did for Novembers race. We ran together all the way, except for the last 100 metres or so, when she out sprinted me. Mile 13 was our fastest mile, so we must has got our pacing spot on. Sarahs garmin time was 2.12.45 and mine 2.12.53. It wasn't chip timed, but results should be out today. Unusually for an off road race, the mile markers and the last .1 were spot on. We enjoyed hot drinks and cake after the race. The cakes were all home made. There were some left over, so they came round with cakes "on the house." A great way to end a very challenging and rewarding race.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS those conditions sound awful, I'm not surprised only 200 turned up. Well done to you and Sarah for braving the weather and doing so well. That air field section sounds particularly grim, I was picturing it in my mind and almost "running" it with you! I bet you were glad of the hot drinks and cake afterwards. I hope you are able to post a photo. As you say it was a challenging, but therefore rewarding race. The sort that is really tough at the time but immensely satisfying afterwards when you reflect back on it.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Fab running as always T and in such grotty conditions xxx
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius and Red, many thanks! We both felt a sense of achievement after we finished the race. The photo link isn't up yet, but I'll be looking out for it.

    The race doesn't seem to have done me much harm, as we had a "scorcher of a spin session" this morning. After the usual warm ups, we did a 17.5 minute hill sprint, and after about a minutes recovery, a pyramid session comprising 30,45,60,60,45 30 second sprints on the level, with 15 second recoveries between each effort. During the hill sprint, I was thinking of running up the hills on Sunday into the wind, which made me push harder. Great character building :) I'm looking forward to tomorrows run now.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    TE you are a beast on that spin bike now! YOu will fly along on your run tomorrow x

    I had a session with Mary Massage Lady today and she said I can try a slightly longer run now. Whoop, whoop! Still jolly well hurts though so not pushing too much too soon.
  • Morning all,

    Red, yesterdays run was a bit of a nightmare. When I set off, the weather seemed ok, so I just wore two tops and shorts and no cap. I hadn't run far before the wind got up, and seemed even stronger and colder than on Sunday. I was running into the wind, and when I arrived at the common, the ground was waterlogged and muddy. The going was very hard, and then the heavens opened.That was the last straw, so I turned round and ran back. Total mileage was 7.3 which was disappointing, as I had been feeling good, and had intended running further. Today is a rest day.
    I'm pleased that you are making good progress with magic Mary, and are taking things a step at a time.

    The sun is shining this morning, typical on a non running day. B)

    BT have upgraded the email which they say makes it quicker and more efficient. It's the absolute opposite. When replying to an email, I have to keep scrolling down to see what has been written below. It will be quicker to use my phone :#
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Red - good news on the improvement. You'll be glad to see the back of that treadmill.
    TE (HS) Great race report, horrible-sounding race! Especially the broken-up concrete bit. And yet you beat your November time!
    Builth parkrun (inaugural) was excellent, I shall go again this Saturday. It's very straightforward, 3 times round a long narrow rectangle. one side of which is dead flat by the river Wye, the other side slightly more undulating. The advantage of loops is that you can discard your jacket (I did) after the first loop, and pick it up at the end. I managed to do it within the 40 minutes, and was 1st in age group for the usual reason. 
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