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    Sorry I've not been around. Had to miss the club run on Thu due to a sore throat which has since developed into a stinker of a cold. I'm managing to type in amongst sneezing, blowing my nose and dabbing my eyes which are constantly watering - so not a happy bunny at the moment. Our grand-daughters are having a sleepover with us on Sat night and we're supposed to be taking them to Bristol (Brizzle!) during the day. But Margaret took one look at me this morning and said she'll probably leave me behind! ;)
  • Afternoon all,

    Columba, thanks! It's a lovely race when conditions are good, but yes, they were horrible on Sunday. Sarah and I were really pleased to have beaten Novembers race time, albeit by less than a minute. I think we are experts now at running into the wind! There was no MV70 age category, but I was 4th in the MV60 age category. It is possible,of course, that there could have been other MV70+ runners in the MV60 age category.
    Great news about your new parkrun. How did you get on today?

    WtnMel, sorry to hear about your stinking cold, there are a lot of them about. Were you left at home this morning?

    Ran 8.3 miles on the roads this morning. The first few miles were good pace, until I turned into the wind which slowed me down. I can't seem to get away from windy runs :rage:
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    Afternoon everyone,

    HS you certainly seem to be having a few blustery runs lately. After battling windy conditions for so long you’ll be super speedy when the calm weather arrives.

    I hope your cold is getting better WtnMel, you’ve had a stressful time recently and it’s probably affected your immune system. Take advantage of your enforced rest while you can, you’ll soon be back running again.

    Columba, did you manage to get to Builth parkrun again this week? It sounds a similar course to the one I did this week (3 laps with a section along by the river).

    Good news that you can increase your distance Red, have you managed to fit in that longer run yet?

    I thought it was time to get started with our club’s parkrun challenge today (consisting of 13 of our closest park runs, judged on finishing times and WAVA). I chose a parkrun I haven’t done for 3 years, but remembered it as a fairly flat one. When I woke up and saw it was snowing I was a bit worried but fortunately it didn’t lie, it was just rather cold and a bit sleety from time to time. I was quite happy with my effort although I was almost a minute slower than 3 years ago, but that was in summer and it was not nearly as congested then as it was today. There were over 400 runners on narrow paths, which meant we had to walk for the first few yards, then jog very slowly for about another 400 metres or so. By lap 2 (of 3) it had spread out a bit, apart from “clumps” of chatting runners who were difficult to pass. However that was probably a good thing as it took away the temptation to go too fast and therefore run out of steam before the end. I don’t do parkrun very often these days so I find that participation of 400+, or even 500+ runners is quite a shock. Time 29.38, WAVA 69.46%, 2nd in age group.
  • Afternoon everyone,

    A bright, but windy day, and a rest day.

    Aquarius, that's what I'm hoping, that running into the wind will make me quicker when the wind drops.
    Well done for your parkrun, 69.46% WAVA is an excellent standard, especially over a crowded field, impeded by inconsiderate runners.

    I'm running with the two Sarah's tomorrow. It will probably be a road run, as the forest is rather inhospitable. I've entered three more races this year, they are the New Forest 10 miles, Salisbury 54321 half marathon and the New Forest Half Marathon. I've got to get my act together, as my WAVA's are struggling to get into the sixties :anguished:
    The Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon photos are available now, and there are 18 of Sarah and me. I've purchased one and will post it on here when it arrives.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    How did your run go today HS? The weather here is challenging to say the least. I hope it didn’t affect your run with the Sarahs. When are the three races you’ve entered? I seem to remember you’ve mentioned the 54321 race before, isn’t it one that can be run over different distances? Good luck with them all anyway (looking forward to seeing your photo when it arrives).

    A slow 6 mile jog for me yesterday, I tried to time my run between the rain and sleet showers and almost got away with it, but I did get caught by one shower about a mile and a half from home. I was running along a track that was lined with trees which were creaking and groaning ominously in the wind. It was quite unnerving, especially as there were a number of newly broken branches lying around. It was miserable running into the wind and rain, and I did think at one point I would take shelter under a bridge, but as I was pretty wet, and quite chilled through by then, I decided it would be more sensible to press on for home. Later that night I had earache and a headache which I’m sure was as a result of the driving rain and strong crosswinds. I’ve had no lasting effects fortunately, a couple of paracetamol last night seem to have done the trick. After I got home the snow started, and was quite heavy for a while, but fortunately it was all gone this morning when I got up.
    Today has been a rest day (well, it was a rest from running but I had lots of household jobs to do) and tomorrow I will be going over to the coast again for another of our club’s 5k Grand Prix events. Looks like the course may be changed (yet again) due to the council digging up part of the footpath, but I’m sure the organisers will come up with a suitable alternative. I just hope the gale force winds which are forecast won’t stop it going ahead. I’ll also take advantage of being over there to pay my club subs which are due again.

    It’s a bit quiet on this forum at the moment, I hope everyone is well and just too busy to post (which is usually the case with me :) )
  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, it was cold and windy this morning and we set off for our road run at 8.30. Sara H ran 6 miles, Sarah F 9.2 miles and me 10.1. The NF 10 miles is in July, the 54321 in August and the NF Half in September. You are correct, the 54321 does have different distances. I've run the 33k twice and the 21k for the first time last year. That was my first race since my injury in 2017, and you may remember that I puffed and panted my way round, with frequent walking breaks. Hoping to do much better this year.
    Your 6 mile run sounds similar to one of mine last week in the forest, when I got caught up in the winds and torrential rain. The worst part was when I was only about half a mile from home, and waiting to cross the road over the roundabout. I was soaked to the skin and shivering, but the cars were continuous, driving down the hill and "over" the roundabout. It was at least 3 minutes before I could get across the road, and I had a job to get going again, as my legs had nearly seized up.
    Good that your headache and earache cleared up with no lasting effects. We've only had one day of snow, that was weeks ago, and didn't settle. Good luck with tomorrows 5k Grand Prix, and I hope the weather will be better for you. We have a yellow warning tomorrow for the wind, but luckily I'm spinning, so won't be too affected.
    I'm also hoping that everyone on here is ok, it's unusually quiet.
    Here is a photo of Sarah F and myself taken about a mile before the finish of the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon.

  • I posted the above yesterday, but for some reason it didn't go, so I've just posted it again.
  • Hello, Hello, Hello, where is everyone, I'm getting lonely on here :/
    I had a good spin session yesterday, getting over 100 rpm for the first time during one of the flat road sprints.
    Today was another very windy one, but thankfully, rain free. I ran 9.25 miles on an out and back road run. I seem to be making progress now, as I ran "feeling easy," yet maintaining a good steady pace. I'm hoping that I can now put the 2017 menisci injury behind me, and regain some of my lost pace.

    I'm hoping that everyone is ok, as it is unusual for things to be so quiet!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Hello HS (and anyone else who may be popping in)

    That’s a great photo, considering how far into the run it was you look very fresh and relaxed. 

    Well done on your 9.25 miles today. It’s a lovely (but often elusive) feeling when you are able to maintain a good steady pace “feeling easy”. You certainly seem to have regained your form again. 

    Our 5k ended up being cancelled last night due to the weather that had been forecast for yesterday evening, so instead I did some hill repeats at the local park in the morning before it got too windy and wet. This evening I joined in a session with an alternative running group that meets on Wednesdays at the coast. It tends to be a mixture of running and circuits, but always something different. Tonight was skipping, sprints, press ups, more sprints then relays. All done in a stiff wind on the seafront. I’m now typing this in a changing cubicle at the swimming baths (I’m only here to use the shower, not for swimming) then I’ll go along to the Beefeater next to the Premier Inn and have a coffee. After that I’ll walk along to meet Steve who’s at a meeting at the sailing club. Then home. 

    I hope everyone is ok and just really busy. HS and I are worried about you! :|

  • Hello Aquarius and everyone else.

    Thanks, we ran together and felt quite relaxed throughout the race. We were pleased with our race times, as the wind was awful. Yesterdays road run did seem fairly easy, despite the strong winds (yet again). At around mile 7, I was running up a steep hill, into the wind, when I heard my name called. I looked round and it was Chris, one of our Coaches on her bike. I upped my pace a bit, and kept up with her for a short while, before she sped off at the top of the hill.

    Shame about your 5k being cancelled, but well done for doing hill reps at the local park instead. That session with an alternative running group sounds good. We had similar sessions when I was with Team Solent, back in the eighties. A mixture of track sessions and circuit training.
    That's a novel idea, using a changing cubicle at the swimming baths to do some typing, inspirational lol. I bet the coffee went down well!

    Today is a rest day.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Good evening HS, (we’ll have to stop meeting like this, people will talk ;))

    Well done for keeping up with your club coach while running up a hill, particularly as she was on a bike. I suppose in a strange sort of way it helped you maintain a good pace uphill. I bet she was impressed though!

    It did feel a bit bizarre typing on my phone while in the changing room, a definite first for me. I don’t suppose I’ll be doing it again, it just so happened that I had time to kill before meeting Steve so I decided to drink my water and check my emails before leaving, I was quite tired and there was a convenient bench, so I sat down and saw your post about getting lonely and thought I’d let you know you hadn’t been deserted.

    The weather continues to be windy and very cold, but today was a rest day so I was only out in it briefly to go to the supermarket. Tomorrow looks equally as bad with sleet and possible snow for Saturday. When will spring arrive?

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Our parkrun was cancelled this morning due to the snow, but as it’s melting now (because of heavy rain) I think I’ll try to get out for a run before the wind builds up again this afternoon. 
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    Morning oldies!

    Apologies for absence but life is getting in the way of everything atm. Mike's pulled his shoulder and hurt his big toe (doing too much gym stuff too soon methinks!), Tilly the cat has had a major operation to remove a suspected malignant tumour from her tummy (waiting for the results on that one) so she's rather under the weather poor darling, I'm embroiled in fund-raising and gentle recovery from PF but really ramping up the gym work and strength training which has had a big effect on my shape (just 4 more weeks to go on the plan by which tiem I expect to be goddess-like!).

    TE, that's a fab photo! It sounds as if your speed is coming back so I can't wait to see what you achieve at your next event xxx

    Aquarius, how are the house repairs going? You have snow?. Crikey we've just got gale-force winds and torrential rain. There's been so much damage to our fencing/trees/barn roof over the past few weeks (86mph winds last weekend!) but it's been too windy to start repairs! Hope you manage to sneak in a run without being blown away - I'm treadmill bound #wimp  :p
  • Afternoon all, and welcome back Red!

    Aquarius, thanks! Keeping up with my Coach on her bike, whilst running up the hill, did make me increase my pace, so I was glad when we got to the top and she sped away. It enabled me to ease up a touch.
    Sorry to hear that your parkrun was cancelled due to snow! Hope you manage to get out for a run, before the winds get up again.

    Red, gosh, you really do have a lot going on at the moment! Looking forward to a photo of you in 4 weeks time with your goddess- like shape :naughty:
    Glad you liked my photo, not god-like though, I'm afraid. Sarah and I ran together, like we did in November, and she got a pb. Very impressive over a tough course and in gale force winds. My next race is the New Forest 10 miles in July, which is mainly on trails, and I'm hoping to increase my average pace. Sarah has also entered it and we hope to run together again. She is getting quicker though, so I might not be able to keep up with her.
    I ran 7.26 miles on roads yesterday morning, but had been intending to run further. I'm afraid the very strong winds got to me, so I cut it short.
    I'm having today and Sunday as rest days, and then running Monday morning with the two Sarah's and possibly Jane. Jane is running in the Fleet Half Marathon on Sunday, so may take Monday as a rest day. 
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    Hi everyone (well, HS & Aquarius anyway!). Sorry you two have been lonely. My excuse is being ill and then being away from home (see below).

    HS - you were asking and yes, I did get left behind so Margaret took the girls to Bristol by herself (but the taxi, trains, buses all connected perfectly for a stress-free day out). Great photo of you and Sarah F by the way.

    Aquarius - I think you're right about my immune system being affected by recent events. I'd have probably shouted "Coming through!" before running past those chatty park-runners! :) Do the swimming-pool people know you're only there for the showers ;) Feel for you having snow - here darn 'sarf we've not had any more snow but the wind is very strong today so I'm pleased I'm indoors.

    Red - sorry to hear about Mike's injuries, Tilly's op and the damage to the fence/trees barn.

    You'll recall my brother died intestate and his daughters will be administering his estate? I went to Tring on Thu and saw them in Hemel Hempstead yesterday to discuss providing for my Mum. I think they'll 'do the right thing' but we'll have to wait until they've arranged "letters of administration" so they can contact the pension companies to find out details of what benefits will be paid out so we can discuss in more details who gets what.

    I thought I might be able to run this weekend. But I'm still full of catarrh so will have to see how I am by Monday.

    Despite my cold/cough I've had to do some enforced DIY over the last few days. Our bathroom sinks and the shower/bath have been 'gurgling' a lot recently when emptying the water - then the toilets stopped flushing properly .. more of a problem! On Wed I lifted the manhole cover outside the house to find the drain was blocked. That leads to a shared drain - I enlisted the help of my neighbour and we discovered that was blocked too. We checked the third drain at the end of the drive near the road but thankfully that one was clear. I had a long piece of plastic conduit in the garage so I used that to poke around in the shared drain and thankfully that was able to break up the blockage. Then there was a mini-eruption as the drain near our house was able to empty into the newly-clear drain. There then followed the application of copious buckets of water and a hosepipe to clear the drains completely. I guess I should be grateful my nose was bunged up from my cold! :s;) I've now added "check drains" to my list of regular jobs in my calendar.

    In contrast, one of the brackets of the curtain pole in the spare room had worked loose and come partly unstuck. I had to repair it with wood glue and have put it back up this morning but that was an easy (and less smelly job!) :)

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    Sorry to hear about Mike’s injuries Red, did he do both injuries at the gym? I can understand how he could have pulled something in his shoulder, but what was he doing to damage his toe? So sorry about your cat, I hope the test results aren’t as bad as you are expecting. It’s probably a good thing that you are so involved in fund raising and strength training at the moment as it will help to keep you from worrying too much about Tilly (and poor Mike of course). I hope these horrible winds die down soon for you so you can get your repairs done, I for one will be glad to see the back of this windy weather.
    Thanks for asking about our house repairs,  we are now down to just two or three outstanding issues. One is our gas fire which has burn marks on the glass front. We had the glass replaced but the marks came back the next time we used the fire. A number of residents have the same problem so the company who fitted the fires is trying to get the manufacturer to come out to look at our fire as a sort of test case, but no sign of the manufacturer yet. Another minor issue concerns a loose wire on a light fitting under a kitchen cupboard. Quite a simple thing to fix really, but we’ve had three people out so far to “look at it”, each one promising to order a new light and wiring unit, but they always return with the wrong one. A more major issue it the guarantee a group of us are trying to get for the retaining wall along the rear of our properties. This wall failed shortly after being built (and before our houses were completed) due to sub contractors infilling with the wrong drainage materiel, so the builders have arranged for remedial work to be done and we have all been promised a guarantee. The sticking point for the residents is the wording of the guarantee so we’ve involved the local MP (to little effect I have to say) and last night we had another residents meeting to update everyone with the latest position. I think we’re making progress following a phone call Steve made yesterday to the company who designed and installed the wall, so hopefully this issue will be resolved in the near future. I have to say I’m pretty fed up with all the problems we’ve had (as are other residents) so it will be a great relief to finally get everything sorted out.

    HS, 7.26 miles is good going in strong winds, it’s probably 7.26 miles more than a lot of people would have done once they’d seen the weather conditions!

    WtnMel, fingers crossed that your brother’s daughters are able to make fair provision for your mum in the near future, the business of sorting out people’s affairs after a death seems to go on and on and can be a very draining experience. I hope you are able to wind things up soon and get back to “normal life” again. You are wise not to try running at the moment if you still have the lurgy hanging around, especially in this horrible weather. I suppose DIY work can be classed as cross training, but I don’t envy you the drain unblocking, I’d rather face a run in torrential rain with a gale blowing!

    Fortunately my run this morning was only in moderately heavy rain, although the wind was picking up by the time I'd finished. I decided to do some hill repeats in our local park (where the parkrun course is, but by the time I got there the snow had been washed away so the hills were safe to tackle).  I think tomorrow will be a rest day and hopefully the weather will be suitable for a longer run on Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone
  • WtnMel, sorry to hear that you are suffering from a nasty cold, a legitimate reason for your absence :)  The photographers at that race seem to be very good. Most photos by different photographers at other races are not worth buying.
    I'm sure the death of your brother with all the subsequent sorrow and stress has been a major cause of your illness. Your immune system must be very low. Hopefully your brother's daughters will be able to provide for your mum, once the legalities etc are sorted out.
    It's good that you are an expert at do it yourself, as you always seem to have various jobs on the go.

    Aquarius, I hope you and your neighbours are able to get the various problems with your properties sorted out. There was an item on the News a while ago highlighting problems with new build.
    Lucky you were able to fit in your run on Saturday before the rain got really heavy. Hope you were able to do a longer run today?

    I received a letter this morning from the Office of the Public Guardian advising that they had registered the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for property and financial affairs in respect of me. Hoping it won't be needed for many a year!
    The weather was ok this morning and I did a forest run with the two Sarahs. They only ran 6 miles, but I carried on alone, and ran a total of 14.26 miles. The forest was still very wet and muddy, and I ran in an area of the forest that I hadn't run in for several months. Very hilly with lots of horizontal roots trying to trip me up. The wind actually "got up" during the last 4 miles, but mile 14 was actually my quickest, so pleased with that. I'll "be recovering" tomorrow with a spinning session.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Yes I did manage to get out for my run yesterday HS. Only half your distance though, however 7.1 miles was enough for me. I’m trying to gradually increase my long runs because, as I’ve already mentioned, I have a number of 10ks coming up in April, but I know from past experience if I do too much too soon it will end in either injury or illness, so easy does it. I’m hoping to get out for a short plod today just to accompany Steve on his bike (I’m still nagging him to try to take some exercise from time to time to get a bit of fitness back before he has his ablation procedure, although the latest we’ve heard is that the ablation is unlikely to take place before the autumn, which will be a year and a half after first seeing the cardiologist).
    Tomorrow I hope to go over to the coast to join in with the Wednesday running group again, I might even send you an update from the swimming pool changing room again HS. ;) Well done for getting your LPA arranged, not a particularly pleasant task but I imagine it will be a weight off your mind having it in place. I think I would probably do the same if I was on my own. As you say though, I hope your’s won’t be needed for many a year (and judging by your running and spinning achievements I’m sure that will be the case!)

  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, you are quite right to only increase your mileage gradually. The rule of thumb is considered to be not to increase weekly mileage by more than 10%.
    Hope you managed to get out for a plod, accompanying Steve on his bike, today? It does seem a good idea to ensure that he does keep up exercising.
    Looking forward to your report tomorrow from the swimming pool changing room :)  

    I had another good spinning session this morning. There has been a change in the participants. The class has previously comprised mainly of females, with just me and two other men. There has since the new year been an influx of men, now outnumbering the women.
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    Hi HS & Aquarius (and anyone else who pops along),

    Aquarius - hope you eventually manage to persuade the builders/manufacturers to fix those outstanding issues. I find the 'broken record' approach (keep repeating the same question/query until they respond and actually answer the question) usually works in cases like this (or whenever I'm complaining about something). Obviously the cold/cough has set my training back a bit but like you, I have some 10K's coming up in April/May so really do need to build up my fitness/mileage again. Careful - this weekly reporting from the swimming pool changing room might become a regular thing ;)  And now, over to our correspondent Aquarius sitting wrapped in a towel in a cubicle in a changing room somewhere .. :)

    HS - I wouldn't say I'm an 'expert' at DIY but I'll try things that don't require too much specialist knowledge and I do seem to have improved as I've got older. My brother's death has concentrated my mind on making sure my papers are in order and my partner Margaret suggested I might like to think about setting up LPA. Interesting about the influx of men to spinning classes - wonder what prompted that?

    Nothing to report re my brother's estate but it's early days and these things take time.

    I've still not run as this cough seems to be hard to shift. But I'm feeling better than a few days ago so think I'll go to the club run tomorrow morning. Meantime, I moved my bedroom around yesterday - the furniture was plonked down in a particular order when we moved in but I think the new arrangement is much better and means I can now fit in a much-needed 2nd wardrobe.

  • Afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, you tackle jobs that I wouldn't know where to start :blush: I would definitely advise everyone to take out an LPA, as one never knows when they may be incapable of managing their financial and other affairs. 
    I think the change in the make up of the participants in the spin classes, is because everyone seems to be booking their places a week in advance, and some of the regular ladies have been unable to book a place. The evening spin classes are always fully booked, so I suspect most of the "new men" are those that couldn't get into the evening sessions.
    Good to hear that your cold is getting better, but they do seem to hang on, don't they? Hope your club run tomorrow goes well.

    I ran 5.6 miles on roads this morning, with a few fast efforts thrown in here and there.
    I'm going out for dinner this evening with Alice and Chris. Chris will be driving, so I will be able to have a beer!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Well done on your run today HS and I hope you enjoy your meal tonight (and beer).

    Sorry to hear your cough is lingering on WtnMel, I had something similar last year and it took a while to go completely. It’s very frustrating when that happens. Take it easy if you get out with your club tomorrow.

    Well I’ve been out with the Wednesday group tonight and now I’m shattered! So just a quick update from the changing cubicle. ;) I did manage to get out yesterday HS, I ran about 4.5 miles while Steve did about 7 slowly on his bike and needless to say he bumped into a neighbour who was also out on his bike so they stopped for a chinwag. (I say needless to say because I’ve never known anyone like Steve for bumping into acquaintances wherever we go, either old school friends, old workmates, various relatives and friends, but mostly old rugby teammates.)

    Tonight our session started with repeating a loop of running up a hill then down a flight of steps, then sprinting to one further lamppost on each repeat. We did that for 20 minutes, then did hill repeats up a different slope for 10 minutes.As I’d been shopping all afternoon in town I was flagging somewhat towards the end.

    Anyway I have to meet Steve now and start our journey home. So time for a quick shower I think!

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - I'll give most DIY things a try if I think I'm capable. I wonder if the morning spin ladies will try and book even earlier now to force the men to go back to the evening session? Well done re yesterday's 5.6ml run and I hope you enjoyed your meal and your (well-earned!) beer :)

    Aquarius - well done re yesterday's session .. sounds like hard work (harder than I usually do anyway). Hope you've recovered today. It does amuse me to think of you sitting in the changing cubicle catching up on the RW forums. I'm not sure I have as many acquaintances as Steve but when I walk down into the village I often bump into people I know and have to do a mental recap to work out where I know them from .. U3A? Bowls Club? Ramblers? Running Club? Nuddy swim? ;)

    We needed to visit a plumbing suppliers to choose and design our new bathroom. The only suitable appointment they had was this morning so I had to miss out on the club run. It took a while to select what we wanted but we're pleased with the end result (they had a funky 3D modelling package to show you exactly how the new bathroom will look).

    I was ready to run today so did 4 mls when we got home. It went better than expected (didn't end up coughing at the roadside) and pace-wise it was about the same as before.

    I discovered this afternoon my MOT ran out on 15th March!! I was shocked as I'm usually very well organised when it comes to remembering things like that (diary reminders etc.). I've booked it in for next Wed afternoon and as I'm insured to drive Margaret's car so she's going to let me borrow her car for golf tomorrow. And we'll use it on Sunday when we're taking my Mum out for an early Mother's Day meal.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    There's a turn up for the book .. popped back here but no-one has been to play since my previous post.
    Since I'm here, just to report I won at golf again today (third time on the trot). Much closer match this time though. My mate Alan needed to sink a 4-foot putt on the last hole to finish all square .. the ball ended up 2" from the hole so I won by one shot!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, a new bathroom, how exciting! Are you going to be putting your DIY skills to use, or are you getting someone in to install it? Oh dear re the MOT, however it’s easy to do. I am the organised one in our marriage, and I pride myself that I rarely forget or miss anything, but I have to admit it does happen sometimes, life just seems so hectic these days. You have the perfect excuse for missing your MOT though, you’ve had a lot on your mind lately and haven’t been very well, so no need to feel bad for forgetting about it. Perhaps having to borrow Margaret’s car brought you luck in your game of golf (or perhaps it was just skill ;) ). Well done for fitting in your run after your trip to the plumbing suppliers, and for a good pace post virus/cough. I hope your mum enjoys her Mother’s Day meal tomorrow.

    A rather chilly run at parkrun today but I’m gradually improving my time, although still a full minute off the PB I set at this parkrun 3 years ago. I wonder if I can regain that sort of speed again, I think I may be able to get a few seconds closer to it, but probably never improve on it. Never mind, as long as I’m fit and injury free I’ve no complaints.

    I hope to be able to get out for my long run tomorrow, if the weather permits. The wind has been getting up again the past couple of days, and I have to say I’m getting a bit fed up with it now.
  • Evening all, 

    Sorry for my couple of days absence, there has been a lot going on.

    Aquarius, thanks, the meal was really nice and the service excellent.The beer went down well too :relaxed:
    Glad to hear that you got out for a run on Wednesday. Thanks for the report, hot off the press, from the swimming pool changing room! Sounded like another toughie, but you will get the benefits.
    Well done improving your parkrun time, getting closer to your parkrun PB. Hope you mange to get out for a long run tomorrow.

    WtnMel, thanks, it was only a steady run to help build up the mileage. We can only book classes a week in advance, and I think people have been re booking as soon as they have finished their sessions. I have managed to book a place in Tuesdays spin class.
    The meal was really nice thanks, and the beer was good. Chris had booked a window table, which overlooked Southampton Water. There was a pair of binoculars hanging from a window, to enable customers to view the ships anchored in Southampton Docks.
    After both of my parents had passed away several years ago, I had a complete refurbishment of the bungalow, decorating all the rooms, new kitchen, bathroom and shower. It was all undertaken by contractors', as there was no way that I could have done it myself.
    Good that you were able to run without coughing, so you must be getting better.
    The garage where I have my car serviced, and also where I bought it, automatically send me an e mail when an MoT and service are due. I have both done on the same day, so that they are bound to pass it.
    Hope you and your Mum enjoy the Mother's Day meal!
    Well done for another golf match win. Your new clubs were certainly a good investment.

    I did a steady 6.25 mile road run with Helen this morning. The weather was good, bright and sunny, and very little wind. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    I’ve just got back from a 7.5 mile slow run, and I was very glad to get home and out of a swirling bitterly cold northeast wind. Surprisingly the strong winds didn’t deter the many runners, and even more cyclists, that I saw out enjoying their Sunday exercise. Personally I think I’d be nervous of cycling along the Derwent Walk in these gusty winds, as some parts are higher up than the surrounding countryside and quite exposed, but there again I’ve never seen anyone come to grief so maybe the wind doesn’t affect cyclists as much as it does my puny 7 stone body - a sudden gust can have me running sideways instead of forwards.

    Running Fox I hope you’re still popping in on here to catch up. I tried to post a comment on your blog page but couldn’t work out how to do it, anyway I just wanted to say please don’t stop blogging; just because people don’t necessarily comment on your posts it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in them. I always find them interesting, instructive and inspiring. 

  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, well done running in bitterly cold, swirling n.e winds. It was the opposite here in the New Forest region. I hadn't intended to run this morning, but it was so nice and sunny, that I decided to go out for an easy pace plod. I ran 6.11 miles on road, bringing my weekly total up to 38.33 miles, from 5 runs. The highest weekly mileage since my injury in June 2017.
    The two Sarah's and Jane did the Eastleigh 10k this morning, and both Sarah's got PB's. Jane was 1st in the VF60 age category.  
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Aquarius - we have a plumber we've used before who will install the new bathroom. He'll help us find an electrician/chippy/builder to do the other bits of work needed. The job is far too complicated for me to consider doing (apart from perhaps a bit of painting after it's been installed). My improvement at golf is down to improving my skills. Well done re improving your parkrun PB (I'm still chasing down PB's from a few years ago but also doubt I'll ever get there). Glad to read you managed to get out for your long run and boo to the cold wind - hope it improves soon.

    HS - glad to hear you enjoyed your meal (and beer!) :)

    Will just mention I won at golf again on Friday. This time though, it was only by one stroke as my mate Alan missed a 5 foot putt on the 18th hole (I was holding my breath at this point). We should be playing again this coming Friday - I'll obviously let you know how I get on.

    Had a lovely "Mother's Day" meal yesterday with my Mum (and Sister and BIL). HS - we went to "The Oak" in Aston Clinton .. would recommend it if you fancy a meal out next time you're in Aylesbury. 

    What a lovely sunny day! I cut the front lawn earlier - I wanted to run so decided to leave the back lawns until tomorrow. After a short break and cup of tea I went out and did 4.5mls @ 10:43mm pace (including, according to my Garmin, a fastest mile @ 10:00mm pace) so I'm gradually getting back into my running. I might go out again tomorrow but should definitely be out with the club on Thu.

  • Aquarius: Thankyou for your kind words.  Yes, I'm still logging into this Forum on a regular basis, keeping tabs on you all and wishing I could still do many of the things you're all doing.  I'm still running (or jogging) and blogging but at coming up 87 in May I've told my body I'll give it a rest.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love running, regarding it as a God given gift and regularly thank Him for all the unbelievable things He's helped me to achieve.  I'd run forever if I could but can't help thinking 'forever' might be considerably shortened if I carry on. 
    Carry on running everyone.  I'll be willing you on......
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