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  • Afternoon everybody,

    WtnMel, well done with the golf, you seem to be improving every match, and as they say "practice makes perfect!" 
    Good that you had a lovely Mother's Day meal! I'll ask my daughter if she knows "The Oak" in Aston Clinton.
    Your running pace is also improving, so keep up the good work! Hope you are able to run with your club tomorrow, that will help increase your average pace.

    Runningfox, you are amazing to still be running/jogging, and I wouldn't be surprised that after resting your body for a while after your birthday in May, that you start gentle running again. I hope that I am still running in my eighties, if  l live that long.

    I ran 7.53 miles in the forest on Monday with the two Sarah's and Danii. Yesterday was a spin session and I ran 5.27 miles in the forest this morning. It was a short run, as I wanted to inject some pace into it.
    It was my Auntie's  90th birthday yesterday. She is amazing and received 67 birthday cards. She is always out and about, and still living at home, without the need for Carers'
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    RF - shame you're having to think about stopping running/jogging. Maybe you'll need to take up rambling instead so that you don't stop moving completely? :)

    HS - the golf does seem to improve the more I practise ;) Well done re your recent runs and spin class. I think I may have mentioned my Mum has been looking at moving into warden-controlled accommodation since my brother died. Not because she can't look after herself. Purely because she can't look after the large garden by herself and at the place she wants to go to, she'll have company. The council have told her she'll be in a good position regarding the 'points' she has because they're keen to move her on as its a 3-bed semi she lives in at present.

    My car is legal again! Can't believe I missed getting it MOT'd and it ran out on 15th and I was driving around without an MOT for a week or more. Thank goodness I was able to use Margaret's car in the meantime. Anyway, its been MOT'd this afternoon and I've signed up for email reminders for when it's due next year. The garage said not to worry too much - they've had customers driving around without an MOT for 6 months or more.

    I was aching a bit yesterday evening as I cut the back lawns and then got on my hands and knees to remove grass growing up between the bricks of the back garden path. It was worth the effort and looks much better now. Have had a rest day today but looking forward to getting out with the club tomorrow morning.
  • Wthmel: Rambling?  My wonderful partner leads U3A walks, up to 12 miles, and is forever figuring out new routes which she'll ask me to check out with her before the official walk.  My usual response is "only if we can run it, walking is boring".   Once a runner......
    Maybe if I acquired a good lurcher and became the local poacher again, that could make walking more interesting!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    RF - my comment was definitely tongue-in-cheek as I couldn't really imagine you stopping exercising completely :) Maybe you can jog on ahead and loop-back to your partner on those recce walks ;)

    I've been out with the club this morning. A lovely sociable (well, it is pub to pub!) 5ml run in the sunshine.
  • Morning all, it was very foggy earlier, but has cleared up now, and is bright and sunny.

    WtnMel, seems a good idea for your mother to move into warden controlled accommodation for the reasons you mentioned. An aunt of mine, a few years ago, did a similar thing after her husband died. 
    Gardening is classic for causing aches and pains with the bending, kneeling, stretching etc. Probably a better work out than a gym session. :D
    Glad that you enjoyed your social run yesterday, presumably a soft or hot drink in each?

    I did a 7 mile road run yesterday, with the intention of pushing the pace. I averaged 9.49 minute miling, so very happy with that.
    Today is a rest day, and hopefully will do a longer, slower forest run tomorrow.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Running Fox, what do you mean by “....become the local poacher again”. Again? Is this something you can share with us? I hadn’t realised we had so many law breakers on this forum, poachers, MOT dodgers, next I’ll be reading that HS has been arrested for fighting over the bikes at his spinning class!   ;)

    HS we have a number of very good runners at our club in their 70s and 80s (including at least one UK record holder). It’s very encouraging for the younger runners to see these oldies turning out each week and training alongside them. It’s certainly changed my view of what we can achieve as we grow older. 

    We’re booked into the Premier Inn at the coast for a couple of days and have been enjoying a walk in the sunshine this morning. We came over yesterday so I could go training with the club last night (first time for weeks) and today I have a physio appointment booked, then Steve has a training course at the sailing club tomorrow. I had intended doing the parkrun tomorrow as it’s virtually right outside the Premier Inn, but unfortunately it’s cancelled this week, so I’ll go for a run along the coast instead. Our club is hosting an athletics meeting at our track tomorrow afternoon so if the weather holds I’ll go along to watch that.

    I enjoyed training last night as we started the session with drills, which isn’t something we normally do. Then we had a track session and my group had a wheelchair athlete training with us (in preparation for the GNR). It was a bit strange having her alongside us as we ran around the track, she had to keep close to us as a number of other training groups were using the track (and field area) as well so it was a bit crowded.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - well done re your 7ml road run .. and have just seen your forest run pop up on my Fetch notifications. Just a hot drink at the end of the sociable club run - the 1st pub is purely included  because we start in their car park.

    Aquarius - don't know if it may be the same Premier Inn? But when we're at the North East Skinny Dip, we stay at Ashington and I've run around the lake which is right outside (Queen Elizabeth II Country Park). Hope your coast run goes well and well done re your track session.

    Just back from a 5ml run around town. Odd conditions as it was sunny for the first half, then became murky & misty .. but it was back to sunshine at the end.

    I'll just mention I won at golf again yesterday (smug mode).

    And one other bit of news .. my sister phoned last night and a flat has come up where my Mum was interested in moving to. My sister has 'bid' for the flat and at present my Mum is in first position (she has the most points). So who knows, she may end up moving quicker then we expected.

    We had a new lady join us at the Thu club run. She's posted a photo she took of us in the sunshine with the blossom on the club's Facebook page. I've downloaded a copy and will try and post it here in a moment ..
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hopefully this will include the photo I mentioned. I'm 3rd from the right .. Claire (our leader) is front middle in the pink top ..

  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone. I haven't posted as I haven't run, so it seemed a bit cheeky. However, I do run like fun in spurts between houses, tube stations, bus stops etc. - often for half a mile or so with coat on and carrying handbag - does that count?

    There's quite a bit to catch up on. First, going way back, in defence of Northamptonshire. I used to do some business with a motor firm there, and once my family came with me to explore Northampton for the day while I worked. They visited the museum and were bowled over by a video which ended up with a warbling big-hair crooning ballad, "I wish I was back in Northaaaamptoooon. ooooh - ooooh---oooh." The lads fell about laughing and competed with each other with their own renditions. However, I have a great friend who is on the Northamptonshire County Council and has written books about the county and even runs his own little museum. A group of us had a weekend history trip in the county and there is so much to see. Take away the obvious ones like the battlefields (Naseby etc.) The River Nene has lots of amateur archaeological digs that we visited. Mosaics, lots of oyster shells (a sure sign of a Roman settlement) and a pit of female infant bones on one of them (they think the children of female servants - boys could be useful but girls not so - pretty brutal eh?) Also, Ashby St. Ledger associated with the Catesby family and the Gunpowder Plot. The church is lovely with lots of little carved cats in the pews - a pun on CATesby. Also, Fotheringay with the ruined castle and the impressive collegiate church there. We only briefly visited Braunston which became the new Klondike with the building of the canals which then, just as rapidly, became usurped by the railways. It's a fascinating county. 

    Hillstrider: Well done on your recent half marathon success and you look very cheerful in your photograph. Firmly back on form and running good distances every day

    Aquarius: You seem to be getting through your packed schedule of races with stoicism. I like the way you've turned the leisure centre changing room into your private office. 

    WtnMel: Congratulations on your golfing prowess. I'm glad that the major part of the trauma of dealing with your brother's affairs are behind you. I like the photo above with the tree. Good luck with moving your Mum. It's amazing that she's been independent for so long. 

    Red: Oh dear, deary me. Has Mike recovered from his injuries? How is the cat? How are you bearing up in readiness for VLM?

    Running Fox: A momentous decision to take a break. I'm sure you won't sit around and you've achieved such fame in your running career.

    If you remember I was going to participate in a clinical trial which required me to take a DNA swab to see if I had the dreaded APOE4. Well, it came as no surprise that I have. I've inherited APOE3 from my Dad and the dreaded APOE4 from my Mum. This increases the likelihood of me developing Alzheimers over the next few years. I won't quote the risk factor as they say 25% more but other studies make it much higher. So, I've agreed to participate in the clinical trial which will last up to 8 years. My children have a 50% chance of inheriting this gene, so I'd better make sure there is a drug to treat them when they reach their 60's. There is a great body of research that says lifestyle and environment can stave off the plaque build-up so impairment may only be mild. Do I go so far as to take up running seriously again? Hmmm.
  • Before the accident in December I was doing 5 k in less than 25 mins.
    Today I managed the 5 k park in 26.40 will be there in 5 months
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, I had to laugh at the thought of me fighting over the bikes in the spin class. I must admit though that it does annoy me when someone puts their towel and water bottle "on my bike," especially if they are not a regular. 
    Regarding older club runners, I made a comment on Strava on a younger club members parkrun at 7.30 pace, saying that I wished I could get down to that pace again. He replied by saying that I had always been his role model, and to keep on running. 
    Hope you enjoyed your coastal run yesterday? Our club always does drills on arrival at the venue, before undertaking the session. I must admit though that one of the Coaches does go a bit over the top with them, and everyone just want's to get on with it.
    Before I took up running, I was a club standard table tennis player, and one club I played for was Stoke Mandeville Paraplegic Athletic club. We had a mixture of able bodied and wheel chair players. They were amazing and seemed able to reach balls that appeared way out of their reach. They were masters of spin, but could also attack with great power.

    WtnMel, our club social runs in the forest with head torches, usually end up in a pub, and   entail alcohol and a portion of chips!
    Well done with the golf, it appears that Alan "has met his match!"
    Sounds like good news with your mum being in prime position for a flat that she had been interested in. 
    I like the photo that you posted. I'm not surprised that you have a big smile on your face, surrounded by all those ladies :wink:

    Exhausted, good to hear from you again! 
    That's a very interesting write up on Northampton, I didn't realise it had such history.
    Thanks for your comments on the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon. Sarah and I really enjoyed the race, and finished strongly.
    I'm sorry to hear that you have inherited APOE3 and APOE4 from your parents. It would seem that plenty of exercise and healthy lifestyle would help, so I would say definitely take up running seriously again. 
    Sarah H, not the Sarah in the photo has recently discovered that she has inherited the Huntington gene from her mother. There was a 50/50 chance and unfortunately she has it. I'm running with her tomorrow. The other Sarah is on holiday abroad.

    Damien, hope it doesn't take too long before you are back to full fitness again. Saturdays time was very good, so it seems as if you are well on the way.

    Yesterdays run was 7.5 miles in the forest. I'm afraid that I rather overdid it, running in two hilly Inclosures and pushing hard up the hills, and "sprinting" on the leveller sections. I've rested today, and tomorrow will be a slow run, probably 10 miles.  
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    Damien: I'm sure you'll be there earlier than 5 months but you're right not to rush it. 

    Hillstrider: It's a testament to how far you've come that you can now go-it up hills and sprint on the levels. Extreme sympathy to Sarah with the Huntington gene. I've seen that disease first hand, and it is cruel. 

    Mr Exhausted was surprised when I appeared in my running gear at about midday yesterday and urged me not to do something I hated. Anyway, I faffed around for a while then went for a run. About 8 miles I think. Came back with a beetroot face and felt a wee bit queasy - so nothing new there. Skylark, chiff chaffs some early St Marks Flies (ugh), brimstone butterflies, bluebells and stitchwort.  
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Exhausted - always lovely to hear from you. I don't think actually running is de rigeur for posting on here! :) Do you take your running shoes for those little spurts between tube stations, bus stops etc.? The business of dealing with my brother's estate being handled by his daughters has taken a weight off my mind. The 'signs' that they will look after my Mum properly are promising. And I've discovered the council will move my Mum and provide packing boxes etc. so that's good news. Sorry to hear you have the APOE4 gene. I plan to keep running for as long as possible and I'd suggest if the research shows lifestyle can help in preventing problems you ought to be doing the same. I'm glad to hear you did get out for a run after some 'faffing about' - my partner Margaret calls me "Mr Pink" on my return, red-faced, from a run. And console yourself with the fact that you, who haven't been running recently, managed 8 miles. While I, running regularly, am struggling to get over 5mls just lately.

    Damien - hope you continue to improve your 5k times. I know (from experience of recovering from several injuries) that it takes time to get back to the fitness level you had before.

    HS - maybe you need to leave your towel on 'your' bike (though I must admit I don't like the way people 'reserve' things that way and would be tempted to move said towel and water bottle if they weren't present - but that's just me). Our Wed evening club runs are moving location this week which means the off-roaders (not including me) will have direct access to some nearby hills .. they'll still need their head-torches for a while yet. I'm hoping Alan has met his match but I'm looking at the longer term rather than the most recent results. Those ladies are a lovely bunch to run with and I forgot to point out "Bradley Waggins" hiding behind Karen on the extreme right of the photo.

    Did a slow plod around Cleeve yesterday (needed two walk breaks as legs didn't have anything in them). Am glad I was able to run in the sunshine yesterday instead of today's rain.

    Some club members (who are triathletes) have been celebrating because the Sanford Park Lido in Cheltenham has re-opened. Margaret checked online and said oldies like us can get a swim there for £3 so we're planning to go there soon.
  • Afternoon all,

    Exhausted, thanks, I'm making good progress now that my knee "is behaving," but I must hold myself back a bit. I'm pushing too hard, and must do more steady pace running, in between the harder runs.
    Thanks for your kinds thoughts for Sarah. Her mother was also a runner, specialising in half marathons. 
    Well done for running 8 miles. that's a long run when you haven't been running lately.

    WtnMel, the towel and bottle leavers at the spin sessions arrive before me. They go into the gym first "getting their monies worth!" I arrive 30 minutes early, so they must get there very early. I used to use the gym after spin class, but put so much effort into the session these days that I have nothing left to do a gym work out.
    Good luck with the swimming, you will be doing triathlons next :lol:

    Had a lovely 10 mile forest run yesterday morning with Sarah and Jane. 
    I decided not to go to spin class this morning, but to have a complete rest day for a change. Hope to do a longish run tomorrow, and try not to push too hard. I'm tempted to enter the South Downs Trail Half Marathon which is on Saturday 16th June. I last did it in 2014, when it was extended due to a last minute route alteration, due to a cycle race being held over part of the course. This meant running up Butser Hill twice. The total distance was a touch under 15 miles! They have discontinued the marathon due to costs etc.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - I'd say I haven't got a bike so can't do triathlons. But my Mum has offered me my brother Steve's bike. I've not seen it but I'm told it's a mountain-bike style (hybrid?), quite new and little used (even before his illness). So I need to arrange to transport it back here next time I go and see my Mum. Have you been tempted to enter the South Downs HM? (am assuming your mouse was hovering over the entry page yesterday).

    Off out for lunch today as it's my birthday (67 yrs young). Nothing else planned for today but we've booked a couple of nights at a spa hotel for the end of this month as a birthday treat.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all and apologies once again for disappearing.

    Things just kept happening, as is their wont, so I needed to regain some focus. Mike's back is OK now (thanks to Mary Massage Lady) and the toe issue was nothing major. I've got him doing lots of stuff with me in our gym to get him moving about more! Tilly the cat has had a steroid injection to help keep her comfortable and encourage her to eat but the prognosis isn't good as the tumour was malignant so every day is precious until we have to make the dreaded phone call.

    My running has taken a giant leap forward with 10 & 15 miles under my belt bringing no major grumbles from the foot. So I gave it an outing at the weekend and completed a marathon with only slight discomfort in the last few miles. The good news is that after an ice bath followed by a hot bath with Epsom Salts it felt tickety-boo the next day! I may do another one this weekend depending on the weather.

    I've tried to remember what I've read but now my brain's turned to mush and I've forgotten most things, sorry!

    I loved the photo of WtnMel and clubmates, Happy birthday too, but I don't believe our MrFox will ever retire fully from running.

    TE, you're being sensible so hope your knee is OK? Sorry to hear about Sarah as I had a friend who developed that cruel disease.

    Aquarius, glad to hear you're enjoying your training again and hope you enjoyed your visit to the coast.

    Exhausted, that's a right bugger about the inherited genes love. I shall continue to raise money for research and I know there has to be a breakthrough soon xxx

    Sorry if I've missed out anything major and I promise I'll be back on a more regular basis.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Hi all, I’ve just been quickly catching up with everyone’s posts.

    WtnMel - no not Ashington P Inn, but Whitley Bay. A bit further down the coast. Great photo, you’re all looking very happy and relaxed (presumably taken pre-run?) A very happy birthday to you for today, and fingers crossed that your mum is able to get that flat.

    Exhausted, very sorry to read you have inherited the APOE4 gene, reading on I saw you’d laced up your running shoes and got out for an 8 mile run, so you obviously still have quite a decent level of fitness to be able to do that after a lay off. I hope you’ll fall back in love with running again, I’m sure it will be of benefit to you in the long run (no pun intended). What does the clinical trial involve?

    HS - how nice of that younger runner to say you had always been his role model. You must feel very proud. Did you get out for your longish run today?

    Redhead, sorry that you got bad news about Tilly’s tumour. My son is having to get his dog put down next week, having delayed the inevitable for as long as he could. It’s never easy, is it. Glad to read Mike is on the mend, and great news about your return to running. Keep that sensible hat firmly in place though.

    Last night was our club’s last GP race of the winter. Last month’s GP was cancelled due to a combination of bad weather and council works on the course, so when I saw the sleet and hailstone showers yesterday, plus workmen’s barriers on a different section of the course I rather thought this month’s would be cancelled too. However the weather cleared up in time, and the barriers were not impeding our run, so luckily it could go ahead. I was glad it did as for once I was actually leading the race in the latter stages, but I was overtaken by a runner about 50 metres from the finish. Before you all jump in with your congratulations I should point out that it is a handicapped race, and I was one of the first half dozen or so to set off. Still it was my fastest GP time this year (9.18 pace over 3.6 miles) so I was pleased with that, particularly as I found it relatively easy to maintain the pace throughout and overtake people without having to alter my pace. My next event is a 10k at the weekend, so I will probably not run in the meantime.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Red - nice to hear from you and a shame that 'life' has been getting in the way lately. Glad to hear Mike's problems were nothing major but a shame about Tilly. Good news re your running and being able to do 10 and 15 mile runs followed by a marathon.

    Aquarius - as you'll have guessed, my geographic knowledge is limited and the Ashington PI was the only place I knew with a park on the doorstep. That photo was actually taken about 4mls into our 5ml run. Well done re the last GP race of the winter - good pace and a shame you got overtaken. My club has a handicap race series in the summer and it's always enjoyable to set off earlier than the faster runners and try and beat them (never happens though!).

    Red saying her running has taken a leap forward reminds me mine needs to do the same. I've a 10K in three and a bit weeks time so I really must up my 'long' run from 5 to 6 miles or I'll be coming up short on race day.

    Been out with the club this morning - cold, wet, windy. It didn't help that Clare (leader) turned back because of her foot and while I was saying bye to her, the other six set off while my back was turned. I followed them trying to attract their attention but after a bit they were 100 yds ahead and no-one thought to look around and notice at any point. I must have followed them for a couple of miles. At one point I lost them completely then they re-appeared on the other side of a road I was waiting to cross (they'd gone a slightly different route). But even then, none of them noticed me standing there! It took until a mile from the finish before someone eventually noticed me behind them (knackered by this time from chasing them down unsuccessfully). I was pissed off by this point and thinking of running back to the car by myself and giving the post-run pub visit a miss. But I relented and even bought them birthday coffees (stupid me?). Anyway, Claire has given the offenders a 'slap' and reminded them to check behind more often - or even once in my case!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Oh dear WtnMel, that sounds like a horrible run. Nasty weather and inconsiderate teammates. 

    I’m sure it was thoughtlessness though rather than a case of deliberately ignoring you. A similar thing happened to me when I first joined our club. We had to run from the club to a particular location where that evenings training was due to take place. The runners split into two groups, one group of slower runners (as I later learned) taking one route and the other group taking a different route. I wasn’t aware of the distinction at the time and followed what turned out to be the fast group, who rapidly upped their pace after half a mile and lost me. Fortunately I knew the way so arrived somewhat out of breath (and rather annoyed) just as training had started. As with your experience I don’t think it was done on purpose, it was just a case of no one being given the task of looking after the newcomer. Everyone assumed someone else was keeping an eye on me. 

    I’m sure now that Clare has “spoken” to your teammates it won’t happen again. Good for you for putting aside your annoyance and buying them all birthday coffees. 

  • Good afternoon all, I'm just having a new smart gas meter installed, which will mean that I won't have to read the meter again. I already have a smart electricity meter.
    I seem to be several days behind, so also have some catching up to do. 

    WtnMel, a belated happy birthday! Do you find that the years go by quicker nowadays, I certainly do.
    I haven't pressed the entry button yet for the Southdowns Trail Half Marathon, but will see how my training goes.
    That was very remiss of your club mates running off and leaving you behind! Enough to put you off returning again if you weren't an established club member.

    Red, welcome back! Good news that Mike is making a good recovery, but sad that Tilly has a tumour.
    That's fantastic news that magic Mary has worked miracles, and you have run another marathon. There will be no stopping you now!
    My knee is behaving now, but I'm still being cautious with the speed work. Thanks for your kind words for Sarah. She is being very positive and would rather know than not know.

    Aquarius, yes I did feel very proud to think that I had been the inspiration for a younger runner to train hard and improve his pace. I did get out for my long run on Wednesday and ran 8.27 miles on roads.
    Well done in the last GP race in the winter. That was a very impressive average pace, and much quicker than my current average. I must try a parkrun again to see how I get on with a shorter distance. Good luck with your 10k at the weekend, I believe that you will record a fast time.

    Yesterdays road run was a bit of a nightmare! It was raining steadily at first, but then rapidly deteriorated. The rain became torrential and then turned to hail with hailstones. The wind blew up to almost gale force, and chilled me to the bone. I was soaked to the skin and had to cut the run short. I just managed 5 miles, which was more than enough. It took me ages to thaw out when I got home.
    Today is a rest day :relieved:
  • Evening all,
    Just a short forest run 5.3 miles this morning, as I was finding it heavy going. I took a couple of photos which I will try to post on here. 

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Lovely photos HS, and well done to you for getting out for a run today after your soaking yesterday. That sounded a horrible run, when are we going to see the back of this awful weather?
    The forecast doesn’t look great for my 10k tomorrow, I think I’ll try to get an early night tonight because I’ve a horrible feeling I might be coming down with my son’s virus. We went out on Thursday evening for his birthday, but he was feeling a bit under the weather and now I feel the same 🙁
  • Morning all,

    Thanks Aquarius, I don't often take my phone with me on my runs, but decided to yesterday.
    I hope you don't come down with your son's virus, but if you do, I wouldn't advise doing your 10k race. If you are ok though, I hope you do well.

    Today is a rest day, and all being well, will do the Solent Half Marathon route tomorrow morning with Sarah F and Jane. Jane is running really well, and is frequently first FV60 in parkrun and road races.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, a rest day here as I completed another marathon yesterday on a route 2/3 concrete 1/3 trail to test my foot. It only complained a bit and feels OK this morning so I'm happy with that.

    WtnMel, what horrid clubmates! The same thing happened to me when I made the mistake of joining Hastings Runners Club and they left me on my own in the dark in an area I didn't know. I never went back.

    TE, hope your run went well today. Nice photos.

    Aquarius, hope you didn't become lurgified and were able to run your 10k.
  • Red, well done for completing another marathon. Good that your foot is feeling ok this morning. Glad you like the photos. I'm not running today, it's tomorrow morning that we intend running the Solent Half Marathon route again.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
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    Aquarius - I know being left behind wasn't deliberate .. it was the lack of checking behind that annoyed me. By comparison, I had a calf strain once at my previous club. I started heading back clearly struggling a bit and everyone, including a (now former) close friend, jogged past me as if I didn't exist. Needless to say I left soon afterwards. Hope you don't catch your son's virus.

    HS - we've not bothered with smart meters .. we don't see the need and don't find supplying meter readings a chore. I don't find the years go by any quicker (yet!). Your run on Thu sounds very much like mine (heavy rain, cold wind) apart from we didn't have any hail. Liked the photos - you're lucky to have the forest on your doorstep.

    Red - well done for completing another marathon. My clubmates are generally very good - Thu was an aberration and down to the stupidity of not checking who was carrying on at the split point and no Claire there to keep them under control. They were just lucky I did go the pub afterwards - I was all set to head back to the car and leave them to it. Mind you, if it happens again ....

    I'm doing the Corsham 10K in a few weeks time. Been out this morning and managed to do 6mls at 10:40mm pace with minimal walk breaks (primarily crossing roads). Apart from one 6ml run in Feb, that's the longest I've run since last year's Corsham 10K so hoping I can repeat today's run a few more times before 28th Apr!
  • Evening all,

    WtnMel, I didn't request the gas smart meter, but I had a phone call from British Gas, advising that they would fit one free of charge, so I decided to accept. 
    I know that I am really lucky to live so near to the forest. The New Forest was featured on Country File last night.
    That was a good pace run you did yesterday, so hopefully your pace will increase with you repeating the run.

    I ran the Solent Half Marathon route this morning with Sarah F, Jane and Sally. It was fairly cold when we set off, but warmed up during the run.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - I think smart meters are just one-way traffic (all the benefits for the company; none for the customer) and I don't like the idea meter readers are being done out of a job. I stopped watching Countryfile because I got fed up with them 'filleting' the stories into bite-sized chunks. The programme would be full of them saying "later, we'll find out more" then reminding you about something you'd already seen. Presumably this was for the benefit of people with a short attention span who couldn't remember something from 10 minutes before but it used to drive me nuts. Is it still the same format?
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all, I missed Countryfile this week HS, perhaps I'll be able to catch up with it later in the week. 
    I know what you mean WtnMel about presenters in certain programmes who pad out the programme with that annoying technique. It drives us nuts too!
    I'm in the Lake District this week (Ullswater) as Steve is having some sailing tuition. I decided against my 10k last Sunday as I definitely felt a bit "off", but today I've been for a slow 4.5 mile jog around Ullswater. I still don't feel 100%, but I'm hoping I'll be fit enough for a trail 10k this coming Sunday. I may rest until then to be on the safe side.
  • Good afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I remember you commenting on Countryfile before, and yes, it is still in the same format. I don't watch it regularly, but as The New Forest was one of the National Country Parks featured, I decided to watch it.

    Aquarius, a wise decision to give the 10k a miss, being that you were still feeling "a bit off." Ullswater is lovely.  I spent a week there many years ago, but did more walking than running. Hope you enjoyed your jog, and that you will be fit enough for Sunday's trail 10k.

    I had a good spin session yesterday, and ran a tough, hilly 8 miles in the forest this morning. It was sunny, but quite chilly, with a very cold wind into my face on the return leg. My pace is improving and I am running stronger. I was also pleased that my average heart rate is now coming down, especially as I worked hard up the hills.
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