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    Spoons - loved reading your detailed blog, great insight into your training and race. 

    Macca - likewise, a great report. Sounds like you made the right decision early on which paid off. What’s your plan for VLM?

    FBT - good luck, sounds like it’s set for a good day. 

    11 miles today after a plodding week. 5k at MP felt tough but it was raining and windy so terrible conditions but maybe good prep for next week?! Strangely a steady pace cooldown at just 15s/mile slower afterwards felt really easy. Main worry is I stubbed my toe getting up in the dark and now it’s gone a worrying shade of purple and is painful to walk on. Icing it with a cold can of coke. Weather is looking slightly better. 
  • Sorry FBT - missed out that you are doing Brighton - hope its going well.

    Great blog spoons, enjoyed reading that.

    And thanks for the report Macca.  Nice details on the portaloo.. ;)

    Well done on your parkrun PB NE - good work just a week after Manchester.  

    Good results too for SQ and Jools.

    Ouch to the toe JohnOz.  Hope that is just a bruise.  Can you buddy tape it to its neighbour to give it some support?  

    The taper is making me feel rather lazy somehow - just a 5 miler recovery with some strides on Friday evening with OH and a rare Saturday rest day yesterday.  Will be out for the last MLR in a while.  This time next week I'll hopefully only have about an hour of the marathon left to run - getting close now.  Finally booked accomodation yesterday.  Just need to sort out the train timetables.
  • Good luck at Brighton FBT!

    Sure with some ice the toe will be okay come next week John

    Did anyone watch the Commonwealth marathon, absolutely brutal conditions. Was horrible watching Hawkins, fantastic from Simpson though
  • Only saw a few highlights of the marathon earlier. Painfult to watch.  You can't help wondering if he should have been backing off, given he had such a good lead...  but that's easy to say from my armchair!
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    Thought it was a disgrace the way people stood back taking pictures whilst he was clearly in serious distress. Why not get over the barrier and give him a bottle of water that most people were holding?

    He was miles ahead of Shelley so could have backed off a bit and maybe that’s cost him in the end just pushing too hard in that heat. 
  • Thanks macca, John, hazel and Scott.
    surprised myself and jogged round in 3:29 on my watch, one of my slower times but with no long runs really done due to illness very pleased especially as everyone was nagging me that I was silly to run.
    And after a wade in the sea, legs feel fine which is a good sign for next week.
    only slight concern is chest is rattling again !!!
    great day out..... full report to come. Thanks for great support on here everyone! Come on VLM!
  • Read about the Hawkins incident sounds shocking, shows how hard the elites push. Gutted for him, medics did not cover themselves in glory either. Glad he's ok though!
  • Nice jogging FBT! 
  • I guess jogging was incorrect - "controlled pace", is a better description. makes for a more enjoyable race as well , rather than flogging you guts out!
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    Well done FBT - great jogging!
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    Well done FBT. Good result in the circumstances, especially if you feel fine afterwards.
    Just watched the marathon. Real shame to see him in such obvious distress. He fell victim to his own 'hardman' racing IMO. He went from 1:42 lead at 35K to a 2:03 lead at 40K despite falling & weaving for maybe half a mile before the timing mat. He could have cruised to the Gold from 30K but instead he kept pushing the pace. I admire his attitude but do believe it worked against him in that climate.
    Just 4.7M today with half a dozen 30s efforts before a brief swim. All I had time for in the end, had hoped to get 10M in. Still 49.7M for the week means I've averaged 79.9 mpw at 8:20 pace over the final 8 weeks giving a 3:02:00 predictor (which would be a PB) http://christofschwiening.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/marathon-prediction-and-junk-mile.html
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    Toe sounds painful John! At least you don't need to do much running this week...

    Glad you enjoyed your marathon FBT. So much more fun in some ways when not going for a PB.

    I agree with the comments about Callum. His nature is to push hard from the front and that cost him in the end. He could have cruised to gold after 30K. He is a great talent though and will be back.

    Interesting marathon predictor Jooligan. Clearly 80 mpw isn't enough! It predicted 3:02 for me as well. We will have to try Spoons style training.

    Final MLR today. 13 miles @ 7:35. Legs didn't feel that special but the pace was good. Nice to get some sub 7 miles in the second half.
  • Well done FBT, great time off of no long runs. Now you’ve a LR under your belt......no excuses for VLM  ;) 

    Some good park runs up there Jools, SQ and NE. 

    Hazel - I know that taper feeling.  What’s Zurich like, scenic, flat/ hilly ?

    I shouldn’t make light of it but when I read about Hawkins I thought of one of our own threadsters down under.

    Hope the stubbed toe settles down John, I don’t envy you your journey. Not sure what my plans for next week are although I think I’ll set off at sub 3 pace.  

    Feeling fresh here although a 13m mlr felt a bit leggy but I put that down to some aerobic lawn mowing.
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    Nice one Macca, held on well by the sounds of it. Enjoyed the portaloo description.

    Well done FBT

    Loved the report Spoon. I'd be interested to hear what the coach was recommending and if you took anything from him of just ignored him completely.

    Hope the toe is ok John.

    Jools - That predictor suggested 2:52 for me last year. Only 18 minutes out.

    Really tough on Hawkins in the Comm Games and shocking lack of medical support. I always like to see an Aussie win but not like that. I like Hawkins and think he's a class above any of the Aussies at the moment.

  • Race Report

    Everyone kept telling me not to run this one as i had been so ill, and was getting grief about how dangerous it was blah blah blah....But the thing with marathons for me is that they are something I commit to and dont want to give up on, regardless of cicumstances.

    Turning up at the fast start at Brighton I felt a bit like a fraud really as I knew, I was no where near sub 3:15 pace with such little training, but to be honest I really had no idea what pace i was, I didn't want to go over 4 hrs, but apart from that was not sure if to race to 16-18 miles and run walk or adopt a sensible pace. Met a fellow runner I knew and we agreed to run at 8min miles as he had a dodgy leg. Downed almost a litre of beet it juice (god why do we drink that shit)

    Gun went off and I went off too fast for the first couple of miles with sub 7 min miles, my fellow runner went off into the distance, but i decided with no long runs in training I would pay for it later, if i kept that pace, so eased back to 7:45 min miles which felt quite slow and comfortable.

    Half way went through at about 1:38, and knew i was good for 18-20 miles but no idea after that, my pace started to slow but kept it at sub 8 min mile to mile. 19-20. I had made it to mile 20 which for some reason was my goal, and started to run/walk and did a 11 min mile, at which point i realised that it was in my head and felt ok, so started running and was back up to just over 8 min miles and overtook my fellow runner at mile 22 who had shot off at the start. Continued running all the way to the finish, overtaking many other runners which is a rare thing for me at the end of a marathon, and felt surprisingly ok. Crossing the line with 3:29 on my watch i was a very happy bunny. Quick wade in the freezing sea at the end to cool the legs, in a hope to save the legs for next week, and the train home. 

    Not one of my faster marathons, but very enjoyable under the circumstances, especially as i was dreading it to start with. Brighton really is one of the best marathons, awesome support.

    Bring on VLM!!!

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    Well done FBT.
    Due to loads of other stuff going on I haven't got much time to obsess and worry about this weekend's marathon, which I guess is a good thing. Looks like it will be pretty warm, just have to pray for cloud cover. Don't think I'm going to bother with carb loading this time, and not sure what goal is...I quite like the idea of trying to enjoy it like FBT and NE's recent marathons; so may leave the watch at home.
  • Spoons - brilliant report, really enjoyed it. It’s been great to track your progress over the last couple of years. Long may it continue.

    Macca - that Paris recap brought back some fond and some not so fond memories; those woods near the end still give me nightmares. Rest up and hopefully see you at London. 

    NE - cracking parkrun, obviously in great shape. Just get to the start line fresh now!

    FBT - sounds like a great day out, nicely paced, great way to run a marathon.

    Poor Hawkins, I really felt for him. Like others have said, no idea why he was pushing so hard, surely should’ve saved something in the tank.

    Pretty big training weekend; 10 hilly miles Friday morning, before quite hard, 4 hour turbo sat morning and a 3 mile run off the bike. Had an evening away in the South Downs and ended up walking 10 miles sat afternoon. 

    Sunday, up early to check out the local scene, and 14 miles @ 7mm felt pretty good. Trail shoes on for one of our now standard ‘longer’ walks, all along the South Downs way. Ended up back at the car after 24 miles, so couldn’t resist running a 2.2 out and back; fools. 

    Off to Paris for the week with work, back on Friday afternoon and will head straight to the expo. Do we need a list with names/times/clothing?
  • Joe - #1491. Clapham Chasers vest. Old mans flat cap. White sunnies. Same trunks as last year. A/B/C - all 2.59. (Coach has said if I run quicker than 2.58 he’s deleting my phone number and never talking to me again). 
  • Well done FBT.  Had to giggle at the idea of a 3:29 jog.  When it gets tough on Sunday I will tell myself - come on you are just going for a jog.. ;)

    Just had a fiddle with the predictor Jools.  I might get my 3:30.   

    Macca - Zurich has around 150m ascent if I remember correctly - but there is only one noticeable short hill.  Most of the course is an out and back along the lake, with some loops in the city centre at the beginning and the end.  If the weather is fine I should be able to see some mountains.

    Nice long walk that Joe.  Enjoy Paris.  Good to hear those trunks are making a VLM comeback.  

    I read the bbc report on the Commonwealth marathon.  Shocking that the bystanders didn't help - there is always something you can do.

    Last MLR for me yesterday - just short of 12 miles.  Probably faster than I should have been with an average dipping below MP + 10%.  I deliberately went out at the warmest time of the day for a bit more acclimatisation.  Agree with you westy - cloud cover makes a massive difference.     
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    FBT - Nice controlled marathon there! Sets you up nicely for VLM!
    Macca - Nice report.
    NE - Congrats on the parkrun, sets you up nicely for the marathon.
    AWC - Yeah, ultra training now. Another 2 big weeks at around 60 miles, then taper.

    22 miler for me on Saturday. Planned to do 6 at long run pace and 2 at MP twice and then 6 easy to finish. Plan was to run with hydration pack to get used to that again. However went too fast on the 2nd MP mile and it turned out to be closer to LT. So did 6 easy, 1 MP, 1LT, 6 easy, 1MP, 1LT, 6 easy, with 0.25m walking breaks every 10 miles!!! Finished with 22 miles @ 7:55 average. first section was 6:56 (MP)/6:33 (LT) and second was 6:51 (MP)/6:27( LT). Was an interesting run and defo different to just doing 22 miles at long run pace.
    Sunday was an easy 13 miler @ 8:17s to finish off a 60 mile week.
  • Dont worry Hazel, Im sure it wont get tough!!! When you think about it though a marathon is just a long jog really for us slowies.

    Joe only gets the speedos on to get on TV !!

    Westy - you are not supposed to enjoy a marathon..... that's what the pub is for after!

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    Looks like you need to go faster than Paris at VLM Macca if you want to do it in 2019. Also my time last year no longer qualifies me for 2019 so will need to ensure I get my target.
    Great weekend's running that Steve.
    You can do it Hazel. You've been pretty consistent with training.
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    Hot weather - white tshirt or vest?
  • Thanks for the Link Jools

    Oh no VLM have changed their bloody GFA times - now i need sub 3:10..... eek. Its not going to happen this year! Im a few seconds off from last years best marathon time!

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    15West said:
    Hot weather - white tshirt or vest?

    white Vest and cooling fan!

    Image result for shirt with cooling fans

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    Couldn't see any other London numbers posted yet:

    Joe - #1491
    AWC - #42333
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    Mine will just have my name

  • Hazel - sounds good, I did wonder if it was one of those straight up and down a mountain affairs.  Well done on the last MLR.

    SteveM - strong LR there, you look to be in good shape for the ultra.

    Enjoyed the report FBT.  I liked Brighton when I did it and would do it again but the number pick up at the expo puts me off.

    Enjoy Paris Joe, I really like the place.  Loved the SDW marathon and the 4hr turbo.

    Jools - after I posted about renewing my GFA I did think I would look a bit of a plonker if they moved them.  I think I’m ok for 2019 with last April’s 2:59 but it has me wondering if I should be sensible this Sunday and go for a 3:07 or 3:08.

    Westy - I didn’t carb load for Paris, I won’t be experimenting with that again.
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    Yeah that'll get you in Macca, unlike my 3:14.
    Jooligan #26012 Blue/White MIND vest, Green Start
    AWC - #42333
  • Macca - yeah expos are a pain - not as bad as london though - thats a real shit! unless there for the weekend. (even then its  long way from the centre)

    Hopefully got a mate picking mine up with a note and id.

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