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  • Is anyone else watching Boston Mara on BBC Sport? Conditions look horrendous! 
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Yeah its awful looking Scott! Not going to be any fast times posted today with that wind and rain.
  • Surprisingly the men are going at a decent pace considering, women very slow though
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    Wow - Daska has blown and Linden is leading now after Heartbreak Hill. Crowd going mad!
  • Kirui is defining hitting the wall! Kawauchi may have run a weird race but is going to win....amazing! Suberb from Linden as well
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    Unbelievable race - Linden wins, Kawauchi wins :D - Tom Williams is gonna blow up on MT this week!

    Totally gripping viewing
  • I'd love to see some individuals splits from Boston, there were a lot of blow ups. Bare in mind Yuki went out in a 4:37 mile I think
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    Best race ever!! So happy for Yuki and Desi, what a finish! Am watching it in Japan in the middle of the night and have to admit I am welling up for both of them. What great motivation for Sunday. 
  • Hi there, I wanted to ask a quick question. I have been training for the Madrid marathon but suffered from IT Band Syndrome (runners knee) about four weeks ago which completely stopped my training. I've done a couple of five K runs in that time but my longest run throughout the whole training period is 14 miles with a couple of half marathons thrown in. The race is coming up on Sunday and whilst my legs are pretty stiff I can no longer feel the pain in my knee and am fairly confident that I could at least start the race and see where I get to.

    Does anyone have any advice? I've booked myself in for a deep tissue massage this Thursday to hopefully ease the legs and then I was planning on foam rolling, eating well, drinking lots of water, sleeping and taking it very slowly on the way round.

    I'm not a massive runner but I reckon I could do a half marathon without any trouble - its just getting through the second half. For background I did London last year with no problems but obviously with more training

    All thoughts/comments welcomed


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    Charlotte - you've not really trained for it so you're going to struggle...but you could just walk/jog it and enjoy the event.

    Yuki is such a dude. 
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Nice work FBT. What a feeling to finish so controlled. But surely you want the fan behind you for a tailwind?

    Holiday adventure photos look great Jooligan. What is your favourite parkrun of all time? Not sure about that predictor. I put in my PB, my recent training and it increased my time by 9 minutes! Still, hope it works out for your PB and perhaps even he sneaky sub 3. Will you be going with pacers?

    How big is the lawn, Macca?!

    Westy I also don’t carb load. And if the weather is really hot, leaving the watch off is a brilliant idea. I am almost certainly too much of an idiot to actually do so. 

    Solid 40M day there Joe! So good you are both into the endurance together. 

    Hazel that course description sounds lovely. 

    What a legend Yuki is! Gutted I didn’t watch it live now. Although probably flogging himself for not breaking 2:15. 

    5M trail recovery with the wife this afternoon. Love running in these warm sunny afternoons. Just praying Sunday morning isn’t so! Have been cracking on with the saunas - 5 done now and managed 30mims more easily than the previous go. No idea if it’ll help but some literature suggests so. Nice opportunity for a sneaky nap as well. 

    90s MP efforts begin tomorrow. 

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Anyone else get the email saying Wokingham Half is no longer, at least by current organisers? A shame. I thought it was great this year. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Yes SQ, just seen the Wokingham email. It’s been one of my favourite races over the years.
    new VLM GFA rules are a bit of a pain in the arse as well. Was hoping to spend more time enjoying a few different races but still being able to enjoy my yearly outing at London after passing 40. Will have to start putting the effort back in now.
    Still resting my niggles and working on my physios instructions. Will probably run parkrun as my fitness test before Sunday.

    I’m 32802 red FGFA start. Blue Salisbury vest with Millsy on the front.

  • Arrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.  Just seen the GFA changes.  Just when I thought I had a shot.

    I even thought that being 54 on race day might save me from the changes because it remains 3:20 for the 55-59 age group, but they also changed the qualifying dates so that it's your age on the day of the qualifying race that counts not the date of the VLM.

    And of course, they've changed it so nothing is guaranteed. So if I go out at suicidal 3.15 pace and by some miracle hang on, then there's a fair chance the actual qualifying time will be reduced further, depending on how many achieve GFA and apply.
  • Just thinking a bit more...  how would I have felt now if I'd battled to 3:19 in Manchester last week?   

    What if I'd cruised to 3:16 and enjoyed the crowds rather than going all out for 3:14:59.   Lots of people must have been in those situations.
  • RamjetRamjet ✭✭✭
    Nice report FBT - glad you enjoyed it.

    Nice training JB. I'll look out for you as 2.59 would be great but I guess if you're in your trunks all the screaming may get annoying!

    Nice MLR Hazel.

    That sounds like a much more interesting than normal 22 miler Steve. Fab weekend mileage as well.

    Charlotte - I would do what Westy said. Run / walk from the start and enjoy the experience.

    The GFA changes are savage for the men. I already have GFA for next year but I guess I now have a C target of GFA (3.05) for 2020.

    I think they should make the GFA times a lot easier but only allow you to use 1 GFA every five years. I feel a bit guilty entering London almost halfheartedly mainly because it seems silly not to when I have qualified.

    I also noticed that getting a GFA time does not guarantee a place! If there are too many entrants it looks like the slower ones will not get in.

    Boston was crazy! You can basically tell who has been training through winter weather and who hasn't. Over 50% of the elite field DNF.

    7 miles recovery for me.
  • Good luck to all the VLM runners for the weekend! I'll be jealously thinking of you. I won't be getting over to watch now either, my OH organised for some non-running friends to come stay... there were words had. But I'll get the tracker going from home. 

    GFA times are interesting, it must be very frustrating for anyone who ran Manchester/Brighton etc aiming for a certain time. I know I would have been devastated, I only just scraped under to get the ladies time and near killed myself in that last mile to do it. Good on them for the 50/50 gender split though.  

  • Charlotte,

    I was in a similar situation for my second marathon and had chronic ITB (This is not runners knee...Patellofemoral pain syndrome is runners knee where the knee cap tracks out of line  - ITB is where the fibres of the ITB rub over the knee and inflame the knee).

    I could not run for 2-3 months and had to run Berlin as i was doing it for sponsorship. You can do it, but your time wont be great. What i did was plaster my knee in volterol and strap it then ran till half way in a reasonable time and kept going as long as i could (about 18-20 miles) then adopted a run walk approach and finished in a half reasonable time.

  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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    Thanks SQ and Rammers.

    On another note - I feel drained today , like a zombie. VLM not looking clever now!

    How do people run 2 marathons in a weekend? Was it Macca that did that last year?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    BBC weather has it at 16C at 10am on Sunday and 20C at 1pm, and mostly sunny. Make sure well hydrated VLMers.
  • Better than pissing down with rain I guess!

    This is looking like my last VLM with changes to GFA, unless i start becoming a proper runner!

  • A very busy long weekend working on a project down in London means I’m a bit out of the loop. I’ve had a read back, lots of great running going on as usual.

    Great race report Macca, can’t believe you went up the Eiffel Tower after a marathon!

    Congrats on the PB NE.

    Well done at Brighton FBT

    HA the coach was suggesting much less mileage, and more sessions (mostly LT work, often 3 per week). It was a complete turnaround to what has been working for me so far. Assuming all the speed hadn’t injured me (he was suggesting things like a big LT session on the Tuesday after a 10K race), I feel it would have left me fast but with no endurance. I tried to adjust a bit to his suggestions, but ultimately lost all confidence in what he was prescribing so ignored it entirely.

    Glad people enjoyed the race report. I didn’t intend it to be that long, but once I started writing I found I had a lot to say!

    Gutted I missed both the Commonwealth and Boston marathons, both sounded great. Didn’t think Yuki Kawauchi could be any more of a legend, but he’s managed it.

    Can’t say I’m that surprised they are tightening GFA standards but it’s a bit poor they announce it after a lot of key spring marathons. Interesting to see they're switching to a Boston style system - I wonder if, and by how much, under the time the cut off will be? Hope they're not also planning on revising the champs time!

    My legs felt really good after my sports massage, and I would have probably ran at the weekend if it wasn’t for the aforementioned work swallowing all my time. I finally made it out this morning for a gentle 5 miles. Went fine although as usual I feel like all my fitness has evaporated, and I’ve no idea how I ran 2:45 just 8 days ago. However I’m definitely looking forward to running London without any time pressures, and just enjoying the whole experience.

    Spoons - #32655 (red FGFA). Yellow vest with navy piping, stupid sunglasses, and possibly a red visor if it’s sunny.
    Millsy - #32802 red FGFA start. Blue Salisbury vest with Millsy on the front.
    Jooligan - #26012 Blue/White MIND vest, Green Start
    Joe - #1491
    AWC - #42333

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭

    Congrats on the PB NE.

    Well done at Brighton FBT

    I just copied and pasted that from Spoons >:)

    No idea who this Yuki person is, I better get on Youtube to find out.

    Did my withdrawal for London so I will be drinking in the sunshine in Paris instead. Good luck to all those running.

    Just two runs last week and 15 miles as I went cycling in the Brecons for three days. Felt pretty strong on the bike though often having to wait for others so the lack of cycling over the winter doesn't seem to have done any harm.

    Back to running this week.

  • Thanks so much 15 west, FBT and RAMJET. I highly doubt i'm going to be getting a PB but i'll give it a go and like you say take it slow with a walk/run strategy at the end.

    FBT - would you recommend the gel over talking painkillers? Also what do you reckon with regards to this week? I ran yesterday, did 30 mins on the cross trainer today and am now planning on stretching and foam rollings until Sunday

    Thanks again!

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Christ are they all a bit soft in Boston, why were they running in jackets?
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭

    Spoons - #32655 (red FGFA). Yellow vest with navy piping, stupid sunglasses, and possibly a red visor if it’s sunny.
    Millsy - #32802 red FGFA start. Blue Salisbury vest with Millsy on the front.
    Jooligan - #26012 Blue/White MIND vest, Green Start
    Joe - #1491
    AWC - #42333 Green Macmillan Cancer vest, Red Start

    This GFA stuff has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works for me.  Based on my last long MP run at 6:55/mi I was going to be heading out at 7:00/mi to go sub 3:05 for obvious reasons. Now that 3:05 itself is a bit of an irrelevant time I think I’ve got 2 choices

    - revert to my original sub 3:10 target going out at just over 7:00/mi so I don’t blow in the second half
    - go out at 6:50/mi for GFA/sub-3 and risk total detonation in the second half knowing that 2:59:59 probably won't even qualify

    Decisions, decisions...
  • Bad luck to those affected by the VLM gfa changes and especially the uncertainty around the exact times. I guess it isn't very helpful to say that there are other marathons.  Not having run London I can't say if it is a must do or not.  I would theoretically have a gfa time but can't use it as I'm not a UK resident so I can look at the whole topic in a very relaxed way.  

    I didn't get to see Boston on the box, I read in the paper this morning that Yuki won the Zurich marathon 2 years ago in 3 degrees and snow / hail / rain so he seems to be a bad weather runner.  Re. jackets - I would hate the feeling of it sticking to me - but I also remember the lady in second place in the same Zurich marathon collapsing on the other side of the road to me (she was on the return leg of the out and back bit whilst I was still on the out bit).  She was only wearing a lightweight vest and shorts in those conditions and I did wonder if her collapse had something to do with it.    

    Enjoy Paris Reg.

    Day off yesterday though I also did some cross-training in the garden, will be out later with my group but will take it nice and easy. 
  • Charlotte, as the expert on running marathons with no training due to being ill / injured, i would not advise taking painkillers (everyone recommends against as it does your liver and kidneys in when dehydrated if you take a lot, however i have sneaked a couple of ibruprofen in at around mile 20 - very naughty i know).

    Im not a great believer in streatching for ITB, but foam rollering def worked for me, and in fact i used a cricket ball and rolling pin.

    I would do as little as possible this week as you will gain no fitness, but you may feel the need mentally to turn the legs over.

    You will be fine, have the self belief and determination.

    Hazel - Im sure others will disagree but i think London is worth doing but probably over rated. Its not in my top 3 marathons, so its no great loss to me.

    Reg - Running in jackets? seriously?

  • Hi all,

    Team GB athlete Josh Griffiths who was the fastest Brit in the 2017 London Marathon is doing a Live Q&A on Facebook this Thursday. He's answering running/ training related questions. Will be very insightful on how to improve your overall performance. I can't post the link but if you head over to endur8 facebook page that is where they are livestreaming from :)
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