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  • Well that got the spine tingling Rodeoflip, thanks for posting, i'm sure it will have a profound effect on me, no doubt about that. 
    I'll be on my own, coming in by train on the Saturday, and going back on the Sunday - so have a few extra things to think about - like not having anyone to hold my phone to take a photo of me when i finish, and plenty more that will come to mind but i'll work through it. 
    I see Paddington station have showers available, being that is the station i'm leaving from it could come in handy. Hotel have already agreed to hold luggage and they are only a few mins walk from the station.
    Guess i'll have to carry some cash and my travelcard in short pockets. Thinking about the mobile again - how safe is it to leave such things in the kitbag, or is this not allowed? 

    I can't see me being ready for Southampton Harmander...... concentration is to get everything as good as i can for London. Southampton was originally scheduled for the same day as London, but put back due to roadworks on the M27 i think. Abingdon would be a good local one for me afterwards... but lets not get too far ahead of myself lol  
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    One thing that will impress is the slickness of the operation! you get given a big draw string bag to put on the luggage lorries. I always pop a tenner and my bank card in with my phone. 

    you want need a travel card it's free with a race number pre race andvyoyr medal post race all over the tube system. 

    There are official finish line photographers and loads waiting to take your photo after the line with your medal with race day background. 
  • That's fantastic DT19, thank you. Good i can put phone, card, etc in the kit bag.
    Wasn't sure if free travel on the day was just for trains or included tubes, but that's cleared that up - only need the travel card for the saturday then. 
    I'll be sure to get a photo too.

    I love my running, so training whilst hard, will be enjoyable in all weathers. The difficult thing for me is taking rest days!

    Thanks again for the detailed response, put my mind at ease which is much appreciated. 
  • Just for the slower runners from outside of London who wish to use the transport system - it is only free until 5:30pm (in previous years) 
  • Heard it here first, there are some BIG changes for the 2020 London Marathon. 
  • Is it going to be twice as long?
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    Such as???? I've a gfa for then so will be there. 
  • Come on Milkman 15, don’t leave us in suspense, spill the beans or let us know where to find it,lol 
  • Add a three-legged category? lol
  • Pound to a penny that now they’ve appointed a “charity manager “ there will be less places for ballot,gfa,clubs, etc,unfortunately, I predict that within the next few years this will become a charity only event,with an elite entry to sell the advertising,please let me be wrong
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    well they have to retain some element of a race don't they just to remain in the majors series? 

    I'm amazed they've not had a charity manager prior to now!
  • They will still have a “race “ but the entry will be via a bond place that’s dictated by the charities,Mr. Foreman will have to ensure the maximum income to cover his,probably, very sufficient wage bill and of course that off all those now employed at Marathon House
  • Big changes - getting rid of the charity runners and making it more about the runners than the charities?

    No, thought not....

  • Not a snowballs chance in hell of that happening, money talks, and charities pay big money up front 
  • davewood - haven't you got a corporate sponsor place? surely that's just as bad or even worse than the golden bond ones?

  • I had a corporate place before, that resulted from the leisure company my wife worked for staffing water stations so were given places as thank you, ,one was spare,I took it,next year I have one from a colleague whose business has to close for the weekend as it’s entry/egress is blocked off, this is a “sweetner “lol,but that’s being stopped in 2020
  • Hi New here !!! I am in to do VLM2019   any recommendation  of which part of the city to stay  I have  a place in Wimbledon SW19 7NL  and wondering  how busy the  public transport dose be on the morning of the marathon  or should I try staying  somewhere closer?? 
  • From my missive of 8 November:

    As in previous years I offer training runs along different parts of the VLM course that combine progressive increases in distance as we get closer to the race day with course familiarisation to help you on the big day. They all have three things in common:
    1. We run at 12 minute mile pace.
    2. I bore everyone with useless details about the course while running.
    3. There is a Big Mac Meal involved.
    The first run & moan session will be on 25 November starting at 11 am from Cutty Sark tube station (this is near the 7 mile marker on the run route) - we will run up to the half way point - or add a few more miles by running along The Highway to Narrow Street (just past the 14 mile mark) and returning on the other side of the road to Tower Hill tube station which is close to the 23 mile mark. I will then expect to be treated to a Big Mac Meal by everyone who joins me (I accept legitimate IOUs) or a small contribution of your choice towards a charity of my choice.

    So far I have not heard from anyone on this Forum.  Still time left.

  • 26_2 said:
    Hi New here !!! I am in to do VLM2019   any recommendation  of which part of the city to stay  I have  a place in Wimbledon SW19 7NL  and wondering  how busy the  public transport dose be on the morning of the marathon  or should I try staying  somewhere closer?? 
    My 1st marathon, and am staying about the same distance away from the start as you (an hour away), although i'll be Paddington as it's nearer the finish. (15 mins)

    I was originally looking for somewhere nearer the start, but thought i would rather get up early and make a longer journey to the start, then the other way around and have a longer journey after the race. 

    Got a single ensuite room for less than £65 a night too, as price was also a factor. 
  • Portlanders - that's a good plan. It might be a faff getting to the start, but at least you haven't run a marathon by this point! Getting home afterwards should be as easy and convenient as possible.
  • Afternoon everyone. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am running for Brain Research Uk and its my 2nd marathon. My last was 9 years ago so im pretty much a novice again. My sister in law had a brain bleed in Sept and felt the only way i could help was to raise money. Anyway, im looking forward to reading everyones updates and advice for the big day. Take care. John
  • Had a very pleasant run from Cutty Sark DLR station to the halfway mark of the VLM course earlier today.
    Ran with a first marathon runner who had deferred from last year. Had to slow down from the intended 12 minute/miles pace by 26 seconds a mile slower as this 6.85 miles was their longest run so far and we had to walk a couple of times so that she could finish the distance.
    She promised to be a minute a mile quicker when she repeats it before Christmas. That will make it a 5 hour marathon pace.
    Have agreed to repeat this on Sunday 23 December if anyone is interested.
    Start time will be 10:30 am
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    Fair play to that person.

    I don't ask this question in a dismissive manner, but if I couldn't run 6 plus miles, I'm not sure i'd even contemplate a marathon and would set my sights on perhaps a half. I guess my question is why do people want to go from zero to marathon in such short timeframes?

    I couldn't imagine anything less appealing and would see a half as a great challenge and achievement to tick off.

  • DT19,

    No worries anout asking any questions.  I take a different view to anyone wanting to take on a marathon challenge.  Here are the reasons why I get a buzz out of helping others achieve their life goals.

    I her case, she is the wife of one of our club runners - she ran a 1:45 half before she had two kids five years ago - she is starting over.

    VLM has a 8 hour time limit.

    I trained Fauja Singh to run his first marathon at the age of 89 in 12 weeks. He did it in 6:54, afew years later he did 5:40 aged 92.

    Louise Simpson (a double Paralympian Goalballer) who has been blind from birth took up running marathons a few years ago and has beaten the 5 hour mark - I am one of her guide runners.

    As a regular pacer at Parkruns to marathons, I see the sense of achievement when I have helped people knock two seconds of their previous PB.

    Basically I see the positives in people making the effort in being the best they can be.

    Hope this gives my perspective on running.
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    26_2 its busy but there is a constant flow of transport meeting the need, not really any cause to be concerned as long as you plan ahead and stump up with reasonable amount of time to go. I tend to use overland trains into Blackheath, irrespective of what the guide says you should do re the different coloured starts. I find you are in easy reach of them all from there. So would a Wimbledon trip consist of train 1 to Waterloo, a short walk to Waterloo East and then onwards to Blackheath? This is just a suggestion, there are many ways to crack this one.
  • Wimbledon would be fine - but getting onto a Blackheath train at Waterloo East might not be as they normally fill up at Charing Cross?

    How about tube to Victoria and get a Blackheath train from there?

  • I stayed in premier Inn King's Cross. No issues with travel on the day .Most routes (tube/DLR) to the marathon didn't even look for a bib as it was so busy.

    Unbelievable support. Loved it. My daughter came With me and we met Mo Farrah on the tube. Got a photo and then went on and got a pb in the heat. 
  • Having won my place in a competition, anyone have any ideas as to which start i will be assigned to? tia
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