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Can you help me find good running shoes as i am a beginner in running. I am having difficulties to find on.


  • go to a shop where you can have your feet looked at, your gait analysed and proper advice given. Its not a simple thing. What works for me may not work for you.
  • Apologies for hijacking this thread, but as im new I can't create new post, I've not done any running for a number of years and trying to get back into it, I have a pair of Saucony Hurricane 15's....does anyone know what the latest 'version' of these are now?
  • In 2018: I have purchased 2 pairs of Nike Pegasus 35, a pair of Clifton 4, a pair of Nike Odyssey React and a pair of Nike Zoom Vomero 12. On my shoes to buy list are: Clifton 5 Flyknit and Pegasus 35 Turbo or Bondi 6 in the triple black. I mainly stick to black/white or all black colour schemes. 
  • Please visit runners need as they will analyse how ayou are running and recommend accordingly.dont go after brands or fancy colours, functionality matters
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    The least amount of support you can get away with is better than going for running shoes that over correct. Stability/motion control shoes are solutions searching from a problem but end up creating more problems. The barefoot/minimalist shoe movement challenged the stability/motion control paradigm that dominated the past. Running shoe brands are now offering more running shoe options for consumers.

    Real gait analysis are expensive and more accurate than stepping on a magic pad in a running store. Less support in running shoe is better than being over corrected by wrong shoes. They are not qualified in a running store and their free gait analysis are highly inaccurate. Coincidence the stores recommend the most expensive shoes to fix issues that do not exist. Corporate greed is behind stores pushing the most expensive shoes for most profit!
  • Hello guys! I am running on a treadmill 20k per week on average I have a pair of Saucony which is ok but I am planning on ivnesting on a new good pair of running shoes. Would you recommend Asics or Nike? I am between those 2

    Thanks in advance :smiley:
  • Since starting running a year ago from scratch, basically c25k I have tried various brands of running shoes from Brooks, Asics & Saucony,
    I went to Up and Running the local running shop and they said I need a stability shoe as I was over pronating, any way 18 months later I am now doubting that advice a little bit.
    Has anyone else been incorrectly set up with stability running shoes when neutral would have been ok?
  • I recently started wearing Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, initially standard D width but they skinned my little toe so sent them back and got 2E width.

    I've always worn half a size bigger than my dress shoe size but have found that my toes are stubbing when running downhill with the big toe now being bruised.

    Does this mean they're too big or too small? Does anyone wear a full size bigger in running shoes?
    Carnmore - most runners I know go up a full size for running shoes.   

    You might also want to look at lock lacing, tying your laces that way can stop your foot sliding to the front of the toe box on downhills.   I use elastic laces and that helps keep the foot snug and in place, thus preventing blisters.
  • Hi

    New to this forum- and not sure how to start a new thread- but I have a credit note for £125 for up&running. If anybody is in the market for some new shoes/clothing/accessories and would like to buy it from me please let me know.

    I currently don't need anything new- so would rather have the cash! It's valid til next June 2020.

    Many thanks
  • I like low drop shoes, but it was an acquired taste.
  • I am a beginner at running. Can you help me find good running shoes?
  • <div><span>I’m looking for new running shoes and thinking of moving away from asics, I currently run in kayanos and ds gels for shorter runs. I’m probably classed as a heavier runner as I’m over 100kg although I run quite a lot. I’m looking at on but when your paying over £100 for shoes I’m in 2 minds whether to change or not so anybody’s thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated</span>
  • @StevePritch I am also running in Kayano's but getting calf aches on shorter runs in both legs, ran about 400km in them and only recently had issues. What are the DS gels like? Let me know if you get any recommendations for other brands.
  • New balance beacons are a great shoe
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