P&D Spring Marathon 2019



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    Macca - Presumably TP 100??
    HA - Great stats - looks like you paced it well to be passing so many in the second half.
    11 mile MLR this morning, foggy but about 5c....lovely conditions. 10:xx first mile then finishing with 8:2x, felt good. I must say I've had marathon envy over the Manchester/London weekends!!
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    Well done on the half, chicksta. What a really strong time and placing.

    Super running, AWC. Smashing PBs everywhere, especially impressive in the context of your ultra goals. Funny to see Jooligan make a last minute appearance there too – hope you recovery well mate.

    Hard luck on the DNF, spoons, but I think it made perfect sense. Your goal was a long run to set you up for Berlin training – any injury would have been detrimental to this.

    Hard luck also to muddy. Sensible decision if you weren’t feeling right. Hull again?

    I am absolutely delighted for you, HA. What a stellar result. Love how you did it all ‘off watch’. Backed yourself and smashed it.

    Well done too, Joe. You said you had been feeling unwell, so to dig in and produce a sub 2:40 is amazing. You should be rightly proud.

    Delighted for you, Hamo. And you deserve the hangover – or at least what preceded it. You have followed the plan so diligently, and truly got what you deserved.

    Macca I am truly made up for you. Incredible powers of recovery and determination and just superb running. You were so polite when you came past me, but zoomed off into the distance – I was sure at that point you’d do it.


    London Marathon 2019 race report:

    Training had gone well, following P&D 70 – 85M 18 week plan almost to the letter. Only a couple of small hiccups, but plenty of positives – easily biggest mileage and PBs at 5M, 10k and half marathon. Two weeks out from London I was shocked to see I weighed more than at any point in the last 4 years. A concerted effort to eat sensibly in the last two weeks, especially having dinner early and then nothing after 6pm made a massive difference, and I ended up feeling light and fit, as well as greatly reducing the amount of insulin I was taking.

    I followed the same plan as last year: spoons kindly collecting my number before I got the early coach from Cheltenham on the Sunday. Unfortunately, some loose wild horses on the M4 led to a nerve-wrangling journey, but all was fine in the end. I enjoyed sitting outside the Yellow pen waiting for to meet spoons, just soaking up the atmosphere. I retrospect, not getting changed at this point, even if it meant a brief bit of nudity, was an error. Time seemed to rush away, and before I knew it, we were in the toilet queue and being informed the baggage trucks would soon go. When I emerged from the loo, I saw the trucks had pulled their covers down – shit! Spoons and muddy were helpful in keeping me calm and organising my things. Fortunately, there seems to be some sort of broom wagon to collect the late bags – worth noting. Disappointed that I let myself become flustered – an example of not controlling the controllable. Of further concern was the fact that, despite trying on several occasions, I hadn’t managed to poo (TMI – sorry), for two days. And, spoiler alert, not shitting myself during the marathon was probably my greatest achievement. So, into the pen for a chilly wait. But, as usual, a cracking atmosphere from many like-minded folk.

    So, 350 words and three paragraphs and I’ll actually chat about the race. The start of a marathon is a strange one – I don’t particularly want to do a warm up, acutely aware of how tiring the end of the race can be, but I never, ever, go from zero to a 6:30 mile at any other point in the year. So that, and a bit of congestion, are probably behind a slightly slower first 5k (average 6:32 pace). The steel band in the underpass after the downhill were, as ever, brilliant. I genuinely find that moment spine-tingling.

    From then on, the pace staying remarkably similar: 6:29s measured over each 5k (according to the tracking app), with little variation per mile. I had a funny moment at mile 9. I recognised Chrissie Wellington (greatest ever female triathlete who I have had similar times to in a few races), so I pulled alongside for a brief chat. As we were running, I became aware of the crowd shouting my name and not hers (she had a blank vest). I know this is meaningless, but for some reason it gave me a real lift. I know – what a loser.

    Unlike last year, I didn’t drink, other than the liquid within the gels. This made a massive difference and I didn’t feel sick with water sloshing around my stomach. Through half way and out towards the Isle of Dogs. I was feeling tired, but making a conscience effort to compare it to last year – I was never even close to being that destroyed. This comparison was useful, and I was doing my best to produce a Kipchoge smile (having watched Breaking2 the previous evening). I think that moderating my effort, and having even pacing made a huge difference for me – I was able to feed off the crowd’s energy and appreciate all the named shouts, whereas last year, knackered and slowing down, I just found it oppressing and a further drain on my energy.

    I kind of suspected sub 2:50 wasn’t quite on the cards with a few miles to go, but I was determined to go hard, enjoy myself and truly empty the tank. Pleasingly, I started to actually speed up, with mile 24 a 6:18. When you turn right at Big Ben is the moment I think ‘nearly there’, but it’s actually a fair old way until you make that final right hand turn. I was overtaking quite a few, and it’s good to see this backed up in the results: 1st half I overtook 854, with 330 overtaking me, the 2nd half was 326/48. Most overridingly, I felt strong throughout, with a really positive finish. It was, mentally, such a good way for me to run a marathon. My finish time was 2:50:16, and whilst this wasn’t the sub 2:50 I have openly dreamed of, I feel truly satisfied by it: I gave it everything, paced it well and feel I left nothing out there. I am genuinely very happy. In years to come, I will look back on this with real positivity.

    The agonising walk to the baggage trucks (always the last one!) took forever, before a painful plod to the Red Lion. I quite enjoyed the ‘finish line’ gantry at the entrance, and it was fantastic to meet up with HPR, Millsy, Spoons and Macca for a couple of beers. Despite spoons being an absolute hero and getting loads of Fullers vouchers, I wasn’t actually in a fit state to drink more than a couple of pints.

    Today has brought sore quads (obviously), but I am feeling not to tired on the whole – not overdoing the eating and drinking yesterday has definitely helped. That said, there is a lovely bottle of Sav Blanc awaiting my arrival home from work. My wife and I are expecting No2 at the end on September (I am pushing to name him Eliud, but fear I’m facing a losing battle) – this means an Autumn marathon is definitely not going to happen. I will seek some random fun races over the summer, perhaps with an off road and/or hilly marathon thrown in. I will, I suspect, do London again next year, but will certainly not be able to give it the time I did this year.

    I have really enjoyed sharing the journey with each of you – absolutely love this forum. Long may its rich contributions continue.

  • Great Report Sir SQ. And great race.
  • Congrats again HA. Look forward to the report. I find my legs feel better in anything below marathon with the VF, but I’m still trashed after a marathon. 

    Take it easy Jooligan, your body is clearly telling you to recover.

    NE, she appears quite often on Joe’s Instagram, plus she was wearing a Clapham Chasers beanie which helped confirm it.

    Superb result given the illness you’ve been suffering the past few weeks Joe. I’m always impressed by how much you manage to dig in and rinse yourself in races. I’m certain without the illness you’d have set a healthy PB. Plenty more to come especially if you do give up that triathlon nonsense ;)

    Amazing time Hamo. While I don’t think it’s any surprise given your build up races, I know that feeling of being amazed at a time that not long ago you wouldn’t have even contemplated.

    I know FBT, but I could have done a lot of damage in those six miles. The priority had to be Berlin - another lay off due to injury is that last thing I need right now! Sounds like the bin is the best place for those shoes.

    Again, awesome work Macca. The fact you’re even contemplating the 100 miler blows my mind!

    Sounds like a busy weekend Steve.

    Great report SQ, and some impressive splits towards the end of the race.

    My glute and ITB felt fine yesterday other than a slight ache when I first woke up. All ok today so headed out for a classic canal 10. Felt good throughout, which I’m really pleased about. Pulling out on Sunday was disappointing, but the ultimate goal was to not reinjure myself, so mission accomplished. I can now crack on with building my fitness back up and ensuring this glute/ITB issued is properly sorted. It feels like I’ve a long way to go before I get back to pre-Manchester fitness levels, but all the amazing results from everyone has definitely inspired me to crack on.

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    Nice report SQ. Great you had a strong finish and a really positive experience. More importantly, contrats on No. 2, great news! I imagine he/she will be ready for the buggy just about when your daughter is out of it. It's always hard to plan running when you have a change like that but I've found I naturally fall into some sort of routine that fits with the family requirements.

    Spoon - glad the itb felt ok, sounds like you were on that limit and pulled out at the right point with no damage done.

    I started writing a report as a blog post but the prerace stuff got too big so I'm going to do 2 separate posts. Here's the link for the prep, pretty long and probably boring for most but I wanted to write it all down. No nice pics either. I'll try to get the race report done soon, which should hopefully be more interesting.

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    Thank you very much everyone for the kind words.

    Macca...I agree, and its easy to say after good results, but London and the marathon is just something else, really top class. I cant imagine how you must have been feeling going flat out down the mall/birdcage walk, with the clock in front ticking away...sheer elation when you crossed the line i'm sure though. Best of luck with your 100 miler, nuts but fair play to you.

    Steve..That is a good week of running, the hills will pay dividends i'm sure.

    Jools...Madness, but fair play to you for going at it, really inspirational how you approach races.

    FBT...Sorry to hear about the feet issues, but definitely the right call binning the shoes.

    SQ...Class report, really good read, and so happy for you. It was a super run, which you deserved, and one you should rightly be very proud of. Huge congratulations on the upcoming arrival too, brilliant news.

    My race day started well, up, breakfast ate, beetroot drunk, and on the tube to the start with no issues at all, what more can you ask. Feeling good i went into the yellow start zone around 8.45, joined the queue for the toilets and then found a nice quiet corner to sit down and relax. About half an hour to the start i went out the back of the zone, for a half hearted warm up, where i seen the elites warming up on the road to the right of the grass area. Seeing Kipchoge warming up beside me is a moment that will stay with me for a while.

    Back in for a quick pee, and i joined the start pen, getting through the start line 20 secs after the gun went (so didn't have a bad position at all). Plan was to start at 6.05 min/miles and decide after 5k how i was feeling, with the option to drop to 6.15s to still go sub 2.45. But, as is normal for me, i got a bit caught up in the whole atmosphere ran my first mile in 5.56. Felt good, going through the first 5k in 18.28, so still faster than planned but feeling good. And that feeling lasted right through until mile 20, going sub 6 min/miles for every mile to that point. Left thigh started to cramp a bit, but i just about held it off, slowing slightly to avoid a full blow out, i had to dig in deep through the last 10k. Ran past the wife just after mile 24, and that gave me a physiological boost to push on and leave everything out there as i knew then i was nearly finished. Up birdcage walk and turned onto the mall to see the clock showing 2.38/39 and knew then that with a bit of a push on i would get sub 2.40. Threw everything at it down the mall (safe in the knowledge i had a 20sec cushion over the clock) as i wanted to finish with 2.39.xx showing on the gantry in my finisher pics...the vanity.  :D

    Delighted with the race as a whole, maybe went slightly quick over the first half, and paid a bit for it in the 2nd so will look at that (however that is normal enough racing etiquette for me  :D  ), but overall i cant complain at all. To get Champs standard was a pipe dream a year ago, and now i have, so proud and still a bit shocked.

    Plan for the next few days is to rest up and eat all the  food i see, strange having run every day this year, to have a day off yesterday  :D and maybe get a few recovery runs in. Belfast marathon have changed their course this year (flatter and faster apparently, and moved the day its run (big news at home  :D ) to this Sunday. It would be rude not to give it a go, as I've ran it every year from i started running, so want to see what the new better route is like. Will see how the legs feel on Friday/Saturday and let that dictate pace, but it'll not be raced in any shape, and it will be nice to run it as a vicory lap per se, with no pressure.

    Ill have a month or two of 'fun' running, and decide where to go next, at the minute i'm thinking of trying out the faster road racing schedules and targeting the Great North Run, rather than aiming for Dublin marathon in the Autumn, but we'll see.

    Id also just like to echo SQ's sentiments on what a top quality forum this is, your  advice and help has been invaluable during this campaign, thank you.

    Apologies for the, more than likely, poorly written, long ramblings  :D
  • Hamo nothing poorly written or rambling there... Top report and great run totally inspiring.
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    Been stuck down with hubby's Norovirus. Spent Sunday night and most of yesterday hugging the porcelain 🤢 Great timing though - wouldn't have wanted that on race morning ;)

    Jools: You nutter! Can't believe you ran another marathon. Are you aiming for the 100 MC?

    Joe: You gave it all on the day and put in another great performance to be proud of. You're still really young so lots more to come, especially when you stop this triathlon nonsense ;). Looking forward to another epic blog.

    FBT: Blimey. I've never had shoes that gave me so much trouble apart from killer heel stilettos ;)

    HA77: Truly outstanding time and certainly worth a massive report. Will read it in a minute. Just making myself a nice cuppa for maximum enjoyment.

    Macca: 2 2:45 marathons in 3 weeks is mind-blowing. I need some of that recovery juice you're on ;)

    Hamo: Another great report. Your performance doesn't come as a surprise after all those stellar tune-up races. Hope you're still basking in post-race glory.

    SQ: Fab report and a great time. Not having a poo before a race would freak me out, not pooing for 2 days would make me a DNS :D Good idea to watch breaking2 for a bit of inspiration. Eliud is the perfect name for baby no. 2 :)
  • SQ - First of all, congratulations! That's great news. Enjoyed the report as well, you had a great run, sorry I didn't get to see you on the day. Don't be a stranger even if you're not going long. 

    Spoons - Gutted to see you pull out, but definitely the right decision. Katie really enjoyed meeting you, even if it wasn't in the best circumstances. I know you'll get the rub of the green sooner rather than later, looking forward to that day very much.

    Hamo - you literally must have finished about 10 seconds ahead of me. And considering I went out like an idiot (5km in 18:06), you must've come past me in the later stages of the race? Can't say I was noticing much in the last 6 miles though!

    Macca - over the lifetime of this thread, yours and HA's stories have been my personal favourites (no offence intend to others!). Your rise in the last 2 years has been astronomical and brilliant to witness. Proof that hard work can take you so much further than you ever thought possible. When I opened my phone up after bag collection, HA and I loaded up your result and I was made up for you - no more than you deserved. Good luck at the weekend, you absolute maniac!!

    Held it together in the 2nd half on sunday better than I thought.
    Passed by 55 but passed 66, so just about still moving forward. Just some light recovery stuff this week, keeping the muscles moving. 
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    SQ: great report and fantastic race. Strong overtaking of 326/48 in the 2nd half shows how well you were performing even if you couldn't perform on the loo! And most importantly congratulations on no2 - that's awesome news! The running certainly does take a hit as I found out when no2 came along last September but after the first 3-4 months things settled back into a more normal routine.
    Hamo: fantastic performance - beating your champs time target by 5 mins is huge. Sounds like the race was executed pretty well even if the first half was a little quick. Nice to have a victory marathon lap next Sunday as well. I've always been tempted to go home for the Belfast Marathon but its never quite fitted in my diary. Enjoy the day - you deserve it!
    Macca: no idea how you are contemplating the TP100 - I'm gradually coming round to the idea of a recovery run today or tomorrow!
    Chicksta: norovirus is nasty - rest up and get well soon.

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    edited April 2019

    Shakespeare Marathon

    My target was to get under 3:10 this year, however with a 50 miler at the start of April I wasn’t sure if my legs would be recovered in time. So my plan was to run by feel rather than having a specific pace in mind and hope for something between 7:00-7:20 per mile

    Start – 5 miles

    I set off a bit quick but quickly settled into a nice rhythm at 7:05/mi pace. The first few miles go around the town and past Shakespeare’s House and other local places of interest, before heading out of town and into the country lanes. There was plenty to look at and lots of others runners from the half marathon to make the time pass fairly quickly.

    6-10 miles

    We were well into the countryside and pretty little villages by now and hit the only real incline of note around 8 miles in which my pace dropped for that mile to 7:25/mi, but still averaged 7:10/mi for this section. The drop from the top of the incline is very steep and as I was bombing down it, I tweaked my groin/hip flexor area which then became a bit uncomfortable. This didn’t go away, and in fact grew gradually worse over the next few miles.

    11-15 miles

    Went through half way a few seconds under 1:33

    Saw my family at 13 miles which was a nice boost. It then felt scary thinking I have to do this all again but with no half marathoners to pull me along and not many spectators about.

    I now started to feel like I was beginning to struggle a bit, but looking back at my 2nd half splits this was really just a mental battle at this point. The tweak in my groin was also bothering me and I was wondering if I might struggle to finish – I was also worried about coming down that hill again being in pain. I was deciding how to approach it to minimise any further damage and so decided I would take it fairly easy and forget about making up time lost on the uphill section.

    16-20 miles

    Felt pretty good in this section even though it had a repeat of the nasty incline at mile 19 and I had slowed by 5-10s per mile to about 7:15/mi but only because I was nervous about blowing up and didn’t want to push super hard at this point. The groin was really sore coming down the hill so I tried to take it easy but didn’t want to lose a load of time at this stage. It was very uncomfortable for a few miles, however as the course flattened out the pain began to subside a bit and it certainly wasn’t getting worse.

    21 miles – Finish

    21/22/23 were really good miles at around 7:05/mi so I had plenty left in the tank and the groin was continuing to ease up, so I knew it wouldn’t stop me finishing.

    I did slow a bit by 10s/mi in 24/25/26 but at this stage I knew I wasn’t going to have a blow up and I could push through to the end.

    I was overtaking quite a few now who had really hit the wall or were cramping up which spurred me on to keep pushing, and whilst I was hanging on a bit now I certainly wasn’t in trouble.

    A bit of self-talk helped me to keep pushing to the finish, where I knew my family were waiting in the park. It was a really enjoyable run into the finish, not being close to any time goals so I didn’t have to completely rinse myself. However I did feel a bit wobbly and woosy after crossing the line and took me a minute to compose myself.

    Finished in 3:07:51 which was a 13 minute PB – thrilled with that

    1st Half c1:33

    2nd Half c1:35

    So only a slight fade in the 2nd half of the race which I’m pleased with given the groin issue

    Really pleased with the result and really enjoyed the whole marathon.

    Overall it was a good marathon – 2nd lap was very quiet which I don’t mind as I’m used to countryside running with the ultra stuff I do. For some though I think this would make it a lot more challenging. Stratford-Upon-Avon is a brilliant town for a weekend if you like historical buildings, a festival atmosphere, lots of local produce at numerous market stalls etc. We’ll definitely be back!

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    Love this time of year with all the race reports :). Great read, AWC and such a massive PB.

    Not wanting to be left behind here are my ramblings:

    This is the first time I specially trained for a half. All my previous ones were done in the middle of marathon training. I haven't run particularly well since 2013 when I set all my PBs. Suffered from a slipped disc in the autumn of that year and training/racing had been hit and miss. The back kept causing nerve issues (try running with no feeling in your left foot) and I suffered from stress fractures for a while due to a rubbish gait and lack of hip stability. A blessing in disguise as it made me discover yoga which led to a whole new level of body awareness and strength. Those nerve issues were now a thing of the past. My comeback started last year at the ripe old age of 50 with a solid 3:35 marathon in Berlin run in the comfort zone. Yeah, I'm a bit of a tree hugger these days ;)
    Decided I didn't want to do a spring marathon as I really couldn't bear the thought of those awful long runs in the cold. So having delusions of grandeur I bought the P&L book in the hope of defying age and setting age-graded rather than absolute PBs. Training went rather well until the end of January when a virus knocked me for six. Couldn't get near any of my previous training paces for weeks. Leading up to the Vienna half marathon things started to look up and my Garmin told me I was peaking predicting a 1:24 half marathon :D yeah, right. No idea who created those VO2max. algorithms for Garmin but he or she better smoke less dope. Anyway, went to Vienna in good spirits just to come down with a filthy cold a day before the race. FFS 😡.
    Did my best on the day without ruining myself but it was only good enough for 1:41:56 and I was sure I had a sub 1:40 in me.
    What to do? Back home I started looking for a plan B. But apart from the Hamburg half (a new race that is the same day as the main event but starts an hour earlier at 8:25h) there was nothing that appealed. And it was sold out. But they allow number swaps against an extra fee. So I trawled eBay small ads and managed to secure a place at the last minute.
    Race day started with torrential rain that wasn't forecast when I checked before I went to bed. And the temperature read 8 degrees ❄️
    Had to get up bloody early because of the number faff hoping against hope the rain would stop for the race. It didn't. Fast forward to race start: Lined up next to the 1:40 pacers running the first 500m with them before it really felt too slow. Settled into a good rhythm that felt natural and sustainable. I had two women in sight who were marginally quicker but didn't fancy a surge so early. First 5k has a gradual incline between 2 and 4k plus about 300m of cobbles in it - split was 23:07. Bang on the money. The next 5k is my favourite bit with a lovely long downhill section and lots of noise running along the harbour with various tourist hot spots: 22:15 for that. Feeling totally in the zone today. Don't even notice the rain and how cold it is. I've passed girl number 2 now and gotten closer to girl number 1. 10-15k has is largely flat but you pass through a tunnel which always stinks of exhaust fumes even though it's closed for traffic on the day. 22:46 for that. Girl number 2 is coming up by my right side. She's breathing hard whereas I'm ok now I'm out of the tunnel. We run together for a while. I'm on my usual pre-work running route around Hamburg's inner city lake Alster. You have to cross a number of bridges and I can feel that a bit but mercifully not red lining. My running buddy has vanished. But girl number 1 is still in sight. At the 18k mark I spot hubby for a sweaty hug and a kiss, passing our parkrun course. The route then turns right, away from the lake, going uphill for a bit before a downward stretch underneath a railway bride at the 20k mark. 23:06 which is fine given the lumps and the hug stop. Ok, now it's going to get painful. Paying for the lovely downhill earlier the final bit is going up again and into the wind. I'm searching hard for a kitchen sink that I can throw but my legs have turned into mush. Girl number 1 and I have a bit of a surreal battle, at times feeling like I'm going backwards but not letting her get away. Eek, suddenly my right calf is cramping. WTF?? That's never happened to me in a half. I can see the finish now but my usual sprint finish is impossible. Instead I'm hobbling like a demented rabbit unable to read my Garmin but the finish clock displays 1:37:01 as I dive over the line neck and neck with girl number 1. We high five and hug thanking each other for a fun race. Blurry vision clears and I'm ecstatic to see 1:36:48 on my Garmin which just happens to be my second fastest half ever. Spot girl number 2 and thank her as well. Post race beer was nice but a Glühwein would have been even better. Took me ages to warm up again but it was well worth it. Getting changed created another couple of comedy moments as both calves kept cramping and then the toes joined the party as well 🙄

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    Fair do's jools

    FBT - I'll be at Brighton

    HA - that was a great read, and you havnt even written the report yet

    SQ - glad you had a strong day and enjoyed it, marathons are tough for us bigger types. Congrats on baby no 2. You have plenty of time to run more strong maras.

    Great run Hamo, really well executed campaign.

    AWC - great controlled race, esp after the ultra.

    Chick - good one.

    Just me still at it now then ? Mlr last night (inc a tumble for some road rash) and a tempo 6 today.
  • Hi all, just a quick scan from me again, sorry. I'm going to a conference at the end of May in the states, maybe the. I'll have that thing I used to call free time..

    I'm really sorry for the DNFs, but we'll done for making the right decision.

    Great runs elsewhere and baby news is always fun. If I can get back out to a marathon in 9 months then you'll be fine SQ. 

    I had a great time on Sunday. I played it safe, hung with the 4.30 pacer until a stitch around 19/20 miles. I then just cruised it in for 4.38. It was nice having no time pressure, I enjoyed myself and was just happy to be there.
  • TR... hope you're ok.  I've still got my marathon ahead of me on Sunday.

    SQ, Hamo, AWC, chiksta - great reports.  Actually really helpful for me to focus as this weekend approaches.  Nice report from you too, Coop - if a little briefer!

    HA & Joe... not read yours yet.  I need to get to bed as I'm promising myself a good week's sleep.

    Half expecting to see Jools standing on the start line with me in Newport   :p 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    NE - all the best then, hope you snash it.
  • Good to see you back Coop...Well don eon sunday, enjoying it helps.

    AWC - 13 min PB is amazing that's half a min per mile faster. Whats the secret? (Oh and great report)

    Chicksta - nice report, and sounds like you nailed it perfect on the day. I liked the " I'm hobbling like a demented rabbit unable to read my Garmin" quote... mainly as I have an image now of demented rabbits wearing garmins!

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the well wishes for mini-mini-SQ!

    Enjoyed the pre-race blog, HA. I think you, possibly more than anyone, are aware of your body and the recovery required, and then make excellent decisions that help you get the most from yourself. But does this controlled version of you mean no more estate agent sign smashing? That would be a shame.

    Jooligan I saw you posted you RHR post Shakespeare. I am right in saying this was quite a bit higher than post Brighton? Take it easy, make sure you truly recover.

    Hamo cool that you saw Kipchoge et al warming up – I hadn’t realised how close to our pen they would be. What an excellently paced race from you. Can’t believe you’re doing Belfast on Sunday! Definitely the right call to treat it as a victory lap. I’ve always wanted to nick someone’s beer mid race – this is your opportunity!

    Super report, AWC. Sensibly managed hip issue mid race as well.

    Hard luck with the ill-timed cold, chicksta. But well done on a great race.

    Well done, JCG. Really pleased to see you finished it iso positively. The twins will be proud in years to come.


    Very enjoyable 5M recovery with spoons this morning. Glorious early morning weather. Legs felt horrific yesterday, but marginally less bad this morning. Zero stiffness in the calves (had I worn the adios there most certainly would have been), but quads tight and sore. Felt so much better gently running (9m/m) than walking! Keeping things firmly in recovery mode for the foreseeable.

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    Great reports AWC and Hamo - sounds like both really well run races.
    AWC - Hope that groin issue settles quickly and the good race sets you up well for the SDW100. Backing up from that 50 miler is a great effort.
    Hamo - Good luck on Sunday. Backing up in short time seems to be a common theme this year. 

    Chicksta - Great race and great report. I like the battle with the other girls but can't believe you stop for a hug. Well done.

    JCG - Well done. Great you had a fun day.

    Still no running today, probably a shuffle tomorrow. 
    Anyway I finished my report for the actual race:


    It's pretty self indulgent but breaking 2:30 is something I've been thinking about for a while so I figured it's somewhat justified.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    HA: nice report - sub 2:30 definitely justifies one that long! Sounds like you preserved some energy by dropping off that pack 7-8 miles in, especially when you passed them later in the race. Also a 5 minute PB - didn't realise it was so much, especially at that pace. Incredible running - you should really bask in the glory of that over the summer and enjoy the trail running, I highly recommend it :)
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    AWC / Hamo / HA / AWC / JCG / Chicksta - Nice reports.
    SQ - Nice report and congrats on mini-mini SQ!!
    TR - Still here too!! Got a month until HM.
    Easy 9 miles this morning!
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Not been on here for a while but wanted to say a big well done to HA77, loved the report on a very soundly executed race.  Macca - your a machine, 2 sub 2.45s in quick succession, inspirational. 
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Loved the blog, HA. I certainly know what you mean about the pain of having to run a few metres to one side for the pedestrian crossing zones - small things seem huge at the time. Great video - the road is so sparsely populated! Super family shot at the end as well. 

    Best of luck for the weekend, NE
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Spoons...glad to see the canal 10 went well yesterday, definitely shows Sundays dnf decision was the 100% right call. Inwards to Berlin now.

    HA77...Class pre race report, very inspiring to see how in tune you are to your needs/recovery. Even better race report, just super reading, lovely family pic as SQ says.

    Joe...Funnily enough, when i watched the finish line videos on the iplayer last night (i know vain :D ) you cross the line under the same arch about 1-2 secs after me, I'm assuming its you of course, cant imagine too many ran in a flat cap and swimmers on Sunday  :D Not sure when we past each other, i was very much deep in a pain tunnel by that stage, and noticed very little other than the clock.

    AWC...Belfast is OK, though ill let you know if the new route improves it any, but no more than that. I always feel like id be missing out if i didn't do it, as so many from the club, local area etc do it, and it would be a shame not to do a city marathon that's 20 mins down the road, when i travel all over to do them. However, if you were looking one to do at home, in my opinion Derry and Dublin are fair superior options.

    Chicksta...excellent report and race, well done, even having time for a hug, class.

    TR...not good, hope the tumble hasn't taken any toll at all.

    Coop....well run on Sunday, well done. Brilliant when you can just relax and enjoy it.

    NE...very best of luck in Newport.

    SQ...There is a bar on the route that hand out beer as you go past, always been tempted to take some, might actually go for it this year  :D Glad the recovery run went well.

    I ventured out for a nice slow recovery 4 mile today, was nice to be out and moving again. Legs a bit tender, but not to bad once they got going. Sun is out and its a lovely day, would be perfect for a nice long run too...sods law  :D
  • Great Blog HA.. Almost as impressive as the marathon.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    SQ congratulations for the impending fourth family member. Glad you're happy with your race too. Correct my RHR was very elevated Monday, had improved by yesterday & was back down to 42 this morning which is pretty much where it was pre-Brighton. I've not run since Sunday but I did cycle to work today & am planning to swim in a bit too.
    HA Looking forward to reading the blog. IIRC You've had a couple of blow-ups en route to the sub 2:30 so I can imagine achieving it's all the sweeter.
    Hamo Go super easy for the first 25K at least as you won't know how well you've recovered til then. I did London 7 days after my Mara PB (3:02) in 2016 intending to take it easy & enjoy it but unfortunatey, after a first easy mile, I got carried away & went through half way in 1:32 feeling fine but about 3 miles later a piano landed on my back.
    Brillant report & result Chicksta. Sounds like a really good race too although not sure how you managed to get a hug in too!?
    Sounds like you had fun Coops which is what this is meant to be.
    NE You may well see me Sunday if the weather's OK but I'll be supporting on the bike again.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Cracking read HA, the balance between running/life/family is impressive.

    SteveMac - glad its not just me still training.

    10m today
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Did a 4 mile recovery run yesterday and a few light weights in the evening. Felt good to get mvoing again - will do another recovery run today. Thankfully the groin isn't giving me any problems so a couple of days rest has worked.
    NE / FBT / Macca up this weekend? Anyone else?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    NE - not me, i have 5 weeks yet.

    As well as "just stay fit" the other advice that folks have given me, is to do a bit of quality before yeovil. Tuesday i did a 6m tempo as progressive 2m sections in my commute 10. Today i split the 6m section into 6 x (approx) 1 mile with 60sec recovery, which was proper old school training and proper tough too.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    TR - Sounds like you'll keep yourself if good shape for a good run at Yeovil.
    NE / FBT / Macca - Good luck this weekend and anyone else racing.
    10 miles with 2 sets of 2*1.2km and 1*0.8km for me today, paces were 4:31/4:22/2:56 (1200/1200/800) and 4:28/4:31/2:55 (1200/1200/800). Consistent enough, and a tough session.
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