P&D Spring Marathon 2019



  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Jeez, SQ, not what you want on race morning!!

    I'm stalking and totally impressed with people's metronomic pacing. You guys rock 💪

    I put the Vienna ghosts to rest today with a 1:36:48 half marathon in Hamburg in torrential rain. Loved every minute of it. I think this is the first time I ever experienced being totally in the zone. 3rd in age group and 23rd woman overall. Especially pleased with a 77.1% age grading.

    Hope you guys are as ecstatic when you cross the one as I was : )

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    Kipchoge is amazing.
    But HA77 is the man!
  • Chiksta is amazing too!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Aww, NE thanks :heart:

    Agree with Westy though. How great did HA run today. Wowsers. Mo was a bit pants ;)
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    Exciting evening tracking everyone from afar, brought back good memories from last year (whilst blocking out the heatwave). Massive congrats to HA77 and macca, stellar performances!
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    HA - totally smashed it. Unreal running!

    well done Chicksta too 

    3:07:51 at Shakespeare for me which I’m delighted with. Well inside my target of 3:10 and a 13 minute PB. Also 3 weeks after my 50 mile race so feels like plenty more to come if I properly prepare for a marathon. 

    Onwards to the South Downs Way 100 now on June 8th - aerobically im there so its  hill work galore for the next 6 weeks!
  • Well done AWC! Great run Chicksta, congratulations.

    Not so stellar for me, I had to step off the course. That's my first ever DNF. I went off cautiously but just felt worse and worse as the race went on. No injury,I was just not feeling right in myself. By 8 miles I was feeling like death warmed up and spent the next.5 miles agonising about whether I could continue, then 2 miles at a much reduced pace to see whether I could possibly get round before pulling the plug on it. Oh well, there will be other chances, I'm sure.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Brilliant stuff, AWC. I'm doing my first ultra next year (2 Oceans). Really looking forward to the training for it :)
  • dctdct ✭✭✭
    Not 100% but possible sighting of Joe vomming after crossing the finish line. Fair play
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Chicksta - training is the best bit of ultras for me. All those easy miles off road on trails and beautiful countryside
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Yeah, that'll make a nice difference to LT runs and intervals :D

    We're off to Provence in 2 weeks and have rented a villa on top of a rather big hill.

    dct said:
    Not 100% but possible sighting of Joe vomming after crossing the finish line. Fair play
  • Not sure about the throwing up, but Joe posted a pic with his Strava activity looking in good spirits having a drink after.

    Some amazing performances today, much deserved after hard training. I didn’t think it would be so stressful trying to spot you out on the course, totally forgot how busy London gets!
  • runspoonrunrunspoonrun ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Congrats Chicksta.

    Sorry you had a rough time Muddy. You didn’t seem right at the start. DNF probably a sensible decision. I still have your fleece. Fancy a Pitchcroft parkrun any time soon? :lol: 

    I also posted my first ever DNF. I was feeling pretty good but at about 19.5 the glute started to twinge a bit so after a bit of internal debate I pulled up at mile 20. I figured it just wasn’t worth risking further injury and more time off. It feels fine now so hopefully no damage done. 

    Bizarrely of all the thousands of spectators, I bumped in to Katie, Joe’s girlfriend, on the tube on my way to the finish. I hope she didn’t find some random, slightly emotional man introducing himself to her too weird :lol: 

    I still had an enjoyable day overall, despite the disappointment. I was just slow enough that I saw Kipchoge on the way back as I was heading towards Docklands, which was a genuine running highlight. And it was good to see Muddy and SQ at the start, and SQMaccaMillsy, and HPR at the finish for a few beers.

    Congrats on some amazing performances, perhaps above all HA’s amazing sub-2:30, and Macca’s sub-2:45 so soon after his Manchester 2:45.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Nice pic :+1: Sorry you had to pull out, spoons but like you said better this than carry on and aggravate things.

    Muddy: I didn't see your earlier post mate. We must have x-posted or I'm blind. That doesn't sound good :(  Hope you're ok 🤞
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Spoons: must have been a tough decision but sounds like a very sensible one!

    muddy: sorry yours didn’t go to plan. Hope you get better soon. 

    chicksta: running in Provence - amazing! That’ll be awesome!
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Cheers for the congrats everyone. 

    In short, had a great race, 2:29:10, slightly fast start but pretty consistent throughout with a 30s positive split. Started losing form around 23 miles but was close enough by then to push on to the finish. Couldn't really sprint at the finish though.

    Awesome effort Macca, see you on the champs start next year. 

    AWC - 13 min PB - that is awesome and not unexpected. 

    Sounds like the right decision to pull out Spoon and Muddy. Live to fight another day.

    Great to catch up with Joe as always at the start and finish, though he did spend longer in the toilet than expected when I let him use my vasoline. dct - it's hard to have any doubts trying to spot Joe - I've not see anyone with the same flat cap, swimmers combo. Those swimmers shock me every time. Couldn't hang around for a beer as had to get my son home for a birthday party. Was worth it though to have him and my wife supporting on the course and at the finish.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Congratulations AWC, Chicksta, HA, Macca, Millsy, Joe, Hamo & SQ.
    Some phenomenal results today & thoroughly excellent splits too. Sorry you just missed the sub 2:50 again SQ. Commiserations Spoons & Muddy.
    I ran Shakespeare marathon today too but clearly hadn’t recovered from Brighton yet. Despite a controlled first half running 7s, marred only by a portaloo stop about 9K in, I faded badly in the second half finishing in 3:44😟 At least I didn’t get abducted by the medical team this time 🤣
  • Oh my goodness... some tremendous performances.  Massive congratulations HA... and Macca.. phenomenal, given the amount of racing in your legs.  AWC... Huge pb.    I'll have to wait for details of the other great performances as haven't been able to track today.

    Unlucky Spoons and Muddy. Really tough for that to happen today, of all days.  Jools too.  Hope you can get well rested for your next one.

    Spoons... who's in the line up? You're the only one on there I've ever met... and I'm obviously not as good as you at recognising people I've only seen in photos.  Amazing you picked Katie out. I can picture her but cannot believe I'd ever be sure enough to approach her if I saw her on the tube!
  • Chick - that's an amazing run, well done!

    AWC - absolutely brilliant mate, outstanding stuff. 

    Muddy - so sorry to hear that. You'll bounce back stronger.

    dct - I can confirm it was falling in a crumpled heap rather than a vom. I was absolutely done in.

    Spoons - so sorry it didn't work out for you chap. Good that you gave it a go and really glad you got to meet Katie! She told me all about it.

    HA - as already mentioned, just quality mate. Loved celebrating with you at the finish. Perfectly executed race. You da man. 

    Checking in very early this morning as sleep is proving pretty hard to come by. Overall, really happy with my run, but maybe not so much the execution of it. 

    Got carried away off the Champs start and went through 5km in 18:06 but then settled in with a clubmate. I knew by 10 miles that the effort was slightly higher than I wanted it to be, and it was going to be an absolute slog second half. Halfway in 1:18:36, not enjoying the though of another 13.1.

    Kept the focus on individual miles at a time, but my mind had already flipped from thinking 'PB', to 'just get to the finish as quickly as possible'. Started slowing from mile 20 (but only by 10-15 secs a mile), however the lights had started to dim. 

    Picked up the same clubmate I started with, with 3 miles to go, which was the boost we both needed, realising that sub 2:40 was still just about there. Locked in the pain cave running down the embankment, hearing loads of people shout but feeling like it was all on TV rather than reality.

    Felt like I was sprinting down birdcage (definitely wasn't), with the 200m signs seemingly taking an age to arrive.

    Turned down the mall and saw it was going to be tighter than a Scotsman on burns night, threw myself at the line, and ended up with 2:39:57, 9 seconds slower than my current PB. Spent some time lying on the floor just over the line, and just about didn't vom. Couldn't have thrown any more at it.

    Properly the proudest marathon I've run to date though, as I really had to battle the mental demons. Hung around with HA for a bit afterwards, but felt pretty terrible so needed to find somewhere inside to go and have a nice sit down. 

    Will write a full report on the blog in the coming days, unfortunately ;) 

    One more ironman this summer and then I might have a think about shifting the attention to just running. 
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Really well done everyone, super running. Especially HA, that is an unbelievable time, AWC, mighty run, and Macca, absolutely delighted for you. 

    Sorry to hear about the DNF’s Muddy and Spoons, but in hindsight probably the right call. 

    On the phone in the hotel here, and properly hungover so it’s a short and sweet one from me... 2:39:42 delighted, and still a bit shocked if I’m honest. I’ll post a proper review when I’m home, but the short version is, went out hard, felt ok til 20 mile then had to dig in, gave it everything and can’t complain. 
  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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    Well done Chicksta - Awsome performance..

    AWC - bloody amazing mate....as you say shows what can come !

    Joe - Gave it all by the sounds of it - congrats. You managed your sub 4hr you wanted LOL

    HA - Did you cheat and jump the barrier at London bridge!!! Only joking - Totally amazing.

    Muddy - you are a legend and will bounce back stronger as always!

    Well done Hamo , millsy and Macca - Usual top performances....

    Jools - Jeasus man - give yourself a break... you are going to run yourself into the ground! Still a pretty good performance given Brighton, I know what it feels like to run marathons a week or 2 apart and you fade quick.

    SPOONS-You got to 20 miles and dropped out! 20 miles.... 20 miles...... and dropped out!!! only 10k to go. I would have walked it and have done so in the past it even.....But I guess that's the difference with you speedsters and us tortoises!

    Well done everyone - great marathon. Kipchoge looked as fresh as a daisy at the end when everyone else had buckling legs. Total machine (A bit like HA77)

    I think this year has had the most amazing performances from everyone.. totally inspiring stuff

  • A very quick check in,

    NE - left to right, HPR, Spoons, me, Millsy & SQ.

    Away from London, fantastic results Chicksta and AWC.  Chicksta, sounds like you really nailed it well done.

    Muddy - sorry the day turned as it did but it sounds like you started with an illness, rest up and go again.  

    Jools - I do love your racing hunger but remember to look after yourself, although pot calling the kettle black springs to mind.

    One of the many highlights of the day was meeting Spoons, HPR, SQ and Millsy.  I think we chewed the fat courtesy of Fuller’s so won’t repeat it all here.

    HA - it really is a privilege having someone with your talent posting on here(until you start posting about cricket😉). Well done.

    Joe - given the last couple of weeks to dig out that time speaks volumes.

    Hamo - richly deserved, well done.  I get the shock bit but I think we all knew what you were capable. That said you still have to go out and do it and you did, and some.

    Perhaps it’s easy to say when you get an unbelievable result but I love this city and it’s marathon.  Walking back up Whitehalll afterwards with the road closed to traffic, people were sat everywhere, picnicking, drinking, recovering and that was with the slightly iffy weather, love it.

    6s under a champs time, what an unbelievable journey it’s been.  The last 600m kept swinging between “you’ve got it, you’ve blown it” , but each of those steps and everyone of the preceding 20 weeks has been worth it.
  • Chicksta - congratulations, sounds like an amazing performance. Not sure if I’ve ever experience this ‘zone’

    AWC - huge PB and definitely more to come if you focus purely on the marathon, well done

    Muddy - Sorry to hear that, definitely the right decision to DNF. It could have been dangerous trying to power through

    Spoons - You seemed in good spirits about it yesterday. As you said before, it was just a training run, but with a lot of support. Hopefully you’re good to continue training this week.

    HA - great run, well done on the sub 2:30.  It seemed very consistent from the tracker.

    Jools - I agree with FBT, maybe it’s worth taking some time off the heavy racing schedule and then focusing on a mid to late autumn marathon to nail that sub 3.

    NE - left to right is me, Spoons, Macca, Millsy and SQ. I felt a bit of a fraud being in the picture having not raced, but stood on the end so I could be easily cropped out if needs be  :)

    Joe - well done on toughing it out yesterday, you looked very comfortable at mile 12 so it’s surprising you were already feeling it. I think you were unfortunate with illness the last couple of weeks, so still being able to hit that time shows you’ve got potential for some decent future gains

    Hamo - Great performance as well, much deserved after the training and short distance results.

    Macca - I still think if you can run a seconds over 2:45 and 3 weeks later a few seconds under then you didn’t go hard enough at Manchester  ;)  Big congratulations again and I completely agree that London on marathon day is something else.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    A week in Cornwall (wedding planning), did 17 miles and 90 mins on the bike on Friday, drove down Saturday. 8 miles on Sunday, then 7/13/10/3 during the week. Then this weekend 10 miles and 90 mins on the bike on Sunday after return drive on Saturday. Miles in Cornwall were hilly (obvs!!) got 1138ft in 7.1 miles towards Lelant on the costal path and then 1463ft in 10.2 miles towards Zennor on the coast path! Other runs stuck to the roads but still a lot hillier than I usually run for comparison my 13 miler at home comes out to 440ft in Cornwall was 1270ft!! 44 miles last week as a cut back week after 3 weeks of 50 miles.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Chicksta - Superb running!
    AWC - Massive PB, congrats and well deserved!
    Jools - You machine another marathon!
    Macca - Well deserved PB so soon after Manchester! What's the next ultra?
    HA - Brilliant running!
    Joe - Great result and so close to a PB
    Hamo - We all knew, great running!
    Muddy / Spoons - Tough decisions to drop, but you'll be back.
    SQ - Great run from you, that sub 2:50 will come.
    Millsy - Superb from you too!
    Sorry if I missed anyone....this thread moved quickly!!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Well done AWC, good run there.

    Jools- you nutter, you should have waited til yeovil.

    Macca - excellent run, esp so soon after manchester. It was a nervous tracking !

    Spoons - tough day there, hope you get back to it soon.

    Same for muddy, having to bail is tough

    HA - wow ! You were flying, Reading showed me how fast you were.

    Hamo - great run from you too, amazing campsign, with all the build up race times too.

    It was a good follow, i was jealous of the conditions though.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Good reports so far. Agree with TR - envious of the conditions this year.
    Normally I'd've been OK for a slightly slower marathon attempt after 2 weeks see Abo/Snowdonia but I guess it's taken much longer this time as I crashed so badly at Brighton - not to mention the hard w/e of racing over Easter :D I'd hoped to post a halfway decent time as reward for a decent winter of training, ideally GFA, however now I'm even deeper in the hole. It felt so good at the start & I was conscious of going slower than my legs wanted to & I kept telling myself not to get greedy but looking at my HR it was still unsustainably high. Wish I'd gone for 7:30s to 20M then picked up the pace if I could now. Ho Hum.
    Certainly feeling wiped now & I'm back at work unlike post-Brighton.
    Yeovil is far from ideal TR as I've got a party to attend on the Friday night & a wedding/birthday the weekend before too.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    You're too kind Macca. It's been a privilege to see your improvement these last couple of years. Still can't quite get my head around how well you pulled up from Manchester. Taking of backing up, how're feeling for the 100 miler on the weekend? Madness, I tell you, madness!!!!!

    Jools - Crazy, but that's what we like about you.  

    Hamo - Fantastic race and great dip below 2:40. Your tune up races suggested that was about where you should be so I don't think anyone else is shocked. Must feel good to know you could dig in and get the job done.

    Well, this mumbo-jumbo about the vaporflys keeping your legs fresh doesn't seem to apply to me. I'm as sore as ever today, had to come down the stairs sideways and was overtaken by an elderly lady walking from my car into the office. I think it'll be a solid 5 week recovery again before I start any serious running. 

    Saw the stats page is up with the results:
    1st half - passed 277, passed by 22
    2nd half - passed 57, passed by 7

    Putting together a big report, so it might take a while.
  • Its all good training though Jools.

    Macca - I agree with HPR - if you can run 2 back to back 2:45, then there must be more in the tank, as you are not 100% fit after 3 weeks racing a marathon! (95-98% probably).

    TR - was lovely conditions - but last year was scorchio and Brighton was quite good... so you can never tell (Brighton is the better marathon anyway!)

    I used the running shoes again from winter training and the PF and heel pain came back and started running forefoot to take the heel pain away and my calves have a really dull pain now.. the bin - been nothing but trouble!

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