P&D Spring Marathon 2019

HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
If no one else is going to do it, I might as well get it started.

London 28/4
HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30


  • Good on ya :)

    When does London training start?
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    Good work HA. Chicksta a traditional P&D 18 week plan would start on Christmas Eve with a LT workout on Christmas Day :D

    No idea where to set my sights for London given my current fitness levels, but hopefully I can get back in to 2:45ish shape by April and perhaps find those damn 7 seconds!

    London 28/4
    HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30
    RunSpoonRun - P&D/NAZ/BAC hybrid - sub-2:45
  • Good work HA. Chicksta a traditional P&D 18 week plan would start on Christmas Eve with a LT workout on Christmas Day :D
    Bloody hell - that'll go down well with the family for sure :D.  
  • Thanks HA, would have started the thread at the latest today.

    Can't add anything to the list yet - must start thinking about a target race for the Spring to keep myself motivated, though currently I am happy enough without.

    LT on Christmas day could be a good thing spoons - think of all those calories you will burn off and can replenish in good style over Christmas dinner!

    Finished off week 2 of P & L multi-distance today with 11 miles pre-breakfast on tired legs.  Did my first attempt at 200m intervalls yesterday and with LT intervalls on Thursday and a race last Sunday I've had a pretty busy week speedwork wise by my standards.  Coping with it ok though. 

    Hope this weekend's racers have had decent conditions, pretty windy here - wouldn't want to race into it.
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    No! This is the official thread!!!!!
  • HA you might have told everyone about it on the old thread. :o
    Don't think it's possible to delete a thread either. :/
    I've put a link to this one on there & declared it closed as you got the ball rolling first.

    Brighton 14/4
    Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59

    HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30
    RunSpoonRun - P&D/NAZ/BAC hybrid - sub-2:45
    Reg P&L 31-47mpw to Wokey followed with custom marathon plan sub 2:45

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    Anyone after a speedy 10K to kick off 2019 would do well to enter this https://sites.google.com/view/speedway10k/home
    Jan 20th Only a tenner & cash prizes too. Last time over 75% of the race revenue was handed out in prizes.
    30% of the field got a PB & the course has been modified slightly to take out an awkward bend & finish so it should be a couple of seconds quicker.
  • Thanks for migrating my comment Jooligan!
  • Brighton 14/4

    Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59

    London 28/4

    HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30
    RunSpoonRun - P&D/NAZ/BAC hybrid - sub-2:45
    Reg P&L 31-47mpw to Wokey followed with custom marathon plan sub 2:45
    Muddy - P&D 12 week inspired but without the hard stuff - up to 60 mpw - sub 2.50

    Adding myself to the list but not starting properly until mid Jan. I’m training for a 10k and half in the meantime up to around 50 mpw.

    Thanks for the 10k tip Jools, I think I’ll give that a whirl.

    10 mile race in the wind yesterday went well - a six second pb in 58.20 for 4th place and 1st v45.
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    Thanks for sorting that Jools. Yeah, should've mentioned it on the other thread.

    Jools - Well done in Telford. How much do you think the parkrun takes out of you for the Sunday race? 

    Muddy - Great 10 mile time.

    Reg - I like your plan. If your body holds together you could go well under 2:45. Early bid for thread sandbagger title?

    Chicksta - It's funny you ask when my plan starts because I was just thinking about it over the weekend. I've only set out a 12 week plan, starting early Feb but I've had a pretty good idea what how I want to build up as soon as I'd recovered from Leicester, so I guess it's really a 23 week plan.

    6 mile muddy off-road tempo this morning.
  • To be clear, Hazel, I have zero intention of doing a LT session on Christmas Day! A gentle jaunt around the river will suffice for me. Great week of training from you.

    Congrats on the PB Muddy

    Telford 10K yesterday, insane quality field, with 17 people sub-30, 47 sub-31 and 89 sub-32! I’m a long way from peak fitness so was happy to run 38:28 at the end of a biggish week, although my chip didn't register at the start so official time was 38:39. Decent conversion really given I’ve been running 19:00ish parkruns lately. And most importantly, no foot pain. Slowly getting there! It was a bit breezy, but didn’t feel too bad in the end, the course it quite sheltered thankfully. Was good to see Jooligan again afterwards.

    Final recovery with SQ for the year this morning. My legs didn't feel too bad given I hadn't done any fast running over 5k for over a month.

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    Now found the correct thread. 

    After a few month away from serious racing I’m hoping to be back for the spring.
    have spent the last 4 months following the physios advice to strengthen my weak hips and glutes. Mileage has been slowly building up from scratch and am ready to start proper training again. Have done a handful of track sessions and hard parkruns (best 18:04) and a half marathon (1:24) so feel in a good place to start the next campaign.

    Hoping to do a coastal 50 miler in Feb, if all goes to plan and then pick up the P&D 12 wk 55-70 plan for London hoping to regain GFA. It’s a long way off so target will be decided a lot nearer the time.
  • Here you all are......

    16 miles at the weekend for me in a smidge over 2 hrs, so quite happy, base is building for the spring onslaught.

    Millsy - sound in very good shape to me

    Spoons 150 people sub 32 min, and 17 sub 30 min, was it Olympic trials or something!

    Impressive PB muddy!

  • HA, no sandbagging from me, my target for Wokingham is sub 75, that would be a PB by nearly four minutes. Realistic is 76/77. I will firm up my marathon target once Wokingham is done.

    Telford sounds like a good race, nice run Spoons.
  • Nice racing in Telford Spoons - I had a look through the results yesterday and the standard just looks crazy! Nearly 500 people under 40 minutes. Looks like the comeback continues, and things will only trend upwards from here.

    Glad the new thread is off the ground. Feel like I'm at a real crossroads at the moment, not knowing what I really want to focus on next, and as such I've just been cruising through the past couple of months.

    With a lack of structure, I'm now tipping the scales at 15 pounds (7kg) heavier than when I ran London in 2017. No wonder I'm slowing down a bit! There's being strong, and then there's just being greedy. That's the first thing I'm going to need to sort before I start moving forward again.

    I'm entered for Challenge Roth (big ironman in Germany) in July, but struggling to get up for it after ticking off what was a life goal with Kona. My heart definitely wants to just run, but I feel like I've not yet reached my potential in triathlon and so don't want to jack it in just yet.

    I'm in for London again, and the dream would be to run with Katie for a sub-3 tilt. But if I'm honest, I think that's more likely in Valencia in 12 months time (3:03 is my prediction for her in London). But it'll be a great day out as it looks like most of the thread will be there.

    Going to try and get some purpose and speed back into my running, targeting a couple of shorter races with the Reading/Wokingham double.
  • Anyway, I'll put my tiny violin away and just get on with it like normal people instead of moping about.

    Brooklands parkrun on Saturday - it's a new one (only event #4), mixture of half flat-fast tarmac and half off-road, twisty trails. Gave it a fairly hard effort, was in the lead until about 2km with a big group of 6 others. Watched as one by one they drifted away from me and I ended up 7th in 18:42. A decent marker but a long road back. 

    A nice 17 miles off-road @ 7:30mm on Sunday post club Christmas party. Need to start getting some sessions back in.

    May or may not be doing a 31 mile run on Sunday (which means I am..). I accept I'm plotting my own downfall and this isn't helping my cause.
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    Jools you fooled me with your imposter thread :)
    Millsy: good to see you back. Sounds like you've been very sensible in rehabbing the injury. I'm sure that will pay off in the long run.
    Glad I've found the right one.
    Marathon wise my plan is 12w/70mpw plan for Southampton marathon on 5th May (I think) plus a couple of 100 milers in the summer.
    No idea of targets for Southampton but a PB would be nice. Current one is 3:20 from Abingdon 2017.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    Brighton 14/4
    Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59

    London 28/4
    HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30
    RunSpoonRun - P&D/NAZ/BAC hybrid - sub-2:45
    Reg P&L 31-47mpw to Wokey followed with custom marathon plan sub 2:45
    Muddy - P&D 12 week inspired but without the hard stuff - up to 60 mpw - sub 2.50

    Southampton 5/5
    AWC 12weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 3:15

  • Jools – that’s a decent time given you’ve felt off the pace recently.  Well done on the Ponty thing, are you an alphabeter too ?

    Likewise Spoons, a decent comeback time, especially off a big week.

    FBT – should you not be first on the list ?

    AWC – hopefully the ill feeling was something and nothing, tis the season to be knackered.

    Muddy – v impressive sub 60, well done.

    Millsy – welcome back, you don’t appear to have lost the speed !

    Hazel – well done on keeping up the speedwork.  I’ve only done the P&L once and it was a bit of a shock to the system but it pays dividends.

    HA – a muddy tempo, I bet that felt like an effort.  I’ve noticed my off road runs feel a lot tougher with the recent rain.

    Joe – the speed will come back with a few pounds shifted, intrigued by the long run.  I might have one up my sleeve soon. I might to borrow that violin.....,

    Week 1 of 18 done and dusted with almost no drama.  A training LT PB earlier in the week set me up nicely for my local park run.  It quickly became apparent that all the fast locals were elsewhere.  I had been following the lead runner for most of the first lap as I wasn’t sure of the route despite being part of the core team !  Once I was happy with the route I passed him and it became a solo run.  Towards the end of the 2nd lap a marshal tried to direct me back onto the loop for what I thought would be an extra 3rd lap.  I was having none of that as I thought I knew the route better so I peeled off towards the finish and I emerged from behind some trees to enter the finish funnel, only it was the back of the finish funnel and everyone was looking the other way, what a plonker I was.  Having snatched ignominy and deflation from the jaws of glorious victory, I jogged back round the trees and not knowing whether to step off the course or not I compromised with a walk for the last few metres across the line.  Despite the disappointment, the comedy value of appearing at the back of the funnel was almost worth it.  I suggested they expunge me from the results but as I had run longer than 5k they declined.

  • Brilliant parkrun cock-up there Macca. I've gone wrong on a couple of courses but never far though 2 small extra bits cost me first past the post at Valentine's about a year ago. Yes I am an alphabeteer too so will certainly be making a trip to Jersey Farm as soon as I can fit it in with a visit to that side of the country. I'm guessing this was the scene of your debacle?
    Maybe have a season of running purely for fun Joe? Do some ultras, fell/trail races & random triathlons that take your fancy. When you have a new goal in mind you'll be ready to submit to a structured training plan. No point losing the enjoyment.
  • Brighton 14/4
    Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59

    London 28/4
    HA77  - DIY plan ~ 100km/week - 2:30
    RunSpoonRun - P&D/NAZ/BAC hybrid - sub-2:45
    Reg P&L 31-47mpw to Wokey followed with custom marathon plan sub 2:45
    Muddy - P&D 12 week inspired but without the hard stuff - up to 60 mpw - sub 2.50
    Sorequads - P&D 18 weeks 70-85M, sub 2:50 (fifth attempt!)

    Southampton 5/5
    AWC 12weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 3:15
  • Great work starting the new thread, HA. Almost a shame that you are Jools won’t have a rival thread smack down.

    Some great looking targets on there. And also good to know quite a few for Wokingham. I think: Sorequads, Reg, Spoon, Jooligan, Joe, HA (if he fancies divorce). Anyone else?

    Nice intervals, Hazel. And good efforts at Telford, Jools and spoons. Cracking sub 60 in the 10M race, muddy. Good to have you back, Millsy. Haha, brilliant parkrunning Macca.

    So the true A race of the year on Sunday – the Sudeley Castle Santa Dash. The baggy trousers ripped during the warm up, so sacked them off early. This still left me with a gown, hat, belt and beard. It felt at times like I was chewing the beard whilst running, so it eventually got pulled down. Whilst it was great fun, it was also a proper trail race. 5 and a bit miles of hills, mud, trails and views. Ran in second place the entire way. But I’ll take the moral high ground as first Santa. Same positioning in the females for my wife.

    I’m going to start the plan a week early, in order to give a bit more flexibility with Christmas week. I would genuinely love to run a tough LT session on Christmas morning, but reckon some family time could top it.

  • Great photo SQ. Well done on the moral victory too.
    Really enjoyed the Valencia blog Joe: only just got round to reading it. Sounds like a must do marathon.
    7.5+5 along the canal already today & that's my lot. Looking forward to a relaxing evening for once: dinner's already made & the fire's laid :)
  • Jools - I don’t feel so bad about a wrong turn if a seasoned park runner can do it.  Yes Jersey Farm indeed, we seem to be getting a few tourists, shout if you are ever up this way.

    Brilliant photo SQ. A festive t-shirt doesn’t quite cut it so agreed, a moral victory.  The mind boggles at what kind of warm up ripped the trousers, good job you had shorts underneath.  I hope to be at Wokey too.

  • Great news you'll be at Wokey too, Macca. Whilst I do love a good lunge and twist, the less said about the trouser ripping warm up the better.

    Quite the homemaker, Jooligan

    Hoping to fit in a pre carol service long run tomorrow night, so kept things short today. 6M including 6 x 12s hills, then 6 x 100m ish strides on grass.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
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    Well done SQ and Mrs SQ. Looks like fun. Although chewing on a fake beard during a race wouldn't be great.

    Great parkrun effort Macca. Bet you felt a right clown.

    Good to have you back Millsy. Sounds like you're already in decent shape. If you can stay injury free I'm sure you'll get the GFA time.

    Spoon - Great work in Telford. Amazing depth in the field.

    Joe - I'm sure you've not lost as much fitness as you think. I liked in your blog how you questioned if you'd ever get back into pb shape again. It's a familiar feeling but I always think it only takes 2 good sessions to feel like you're back in the game. You definitely deserve some down time. No doubt you'll be hitting your straps early in the new year.

    Up to the track this morning for some 100s, 200s and 300s. As I jumped the fence on to the track I heard a muffled thump. It was dark and I couldn't see a thing. Initially I thought I'd startled an animal but when I put on my light I saw a lady had walked straight into the water jump. Given how dark it was I'm not surprised she didn't see it. I gave her a hand up and made sure she was ok. She was pretty embarrassed but I reassured her, telling her I'd done the same before, which is true but at higher speed. Good deed for the day done. 
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Definitely out of wokingham. Booked a hotel in the cotswolds for the weekend. Disappointing to be missing the race.
  • Had to giggle about the 2 threads after initially there wasn't one at all.

    Nice to see the spring list growing and people making plans and starting them in the last days.

    Great photo SQ.  You certainly did take the win regarding the costume.  The guy in front of you should have received a handicap for not wearing a beard.  Well done to MrsSQ also.

    Well done on your 10 mile PB muddy. 

    Good running in Telford Spoons and Jools.

    Good to see you back and in good shape Millsy.

    Good luck for the weekend Joe.  Good advice from Jools regarding the motivation.

    Oops to the parkrun route Macca. 

    Bad luck on Wokie HA.  I hope there was no water in the water jump to receive that lady?  Though it might had made for a softer fall.

    Into week 3 of P&L this week for me - nasty sounding 7 x 3 mins hills at 5k effort later.. Hmm another new one for me - actually that it is what I am enjoying at the moment - doing some new / different training.  Recovery week due next week but I will probably postpone that to Christmas week as it won't always be easy to get out.
    Got a sore spot on the top of my left foot - must have folded the tongue of my shoe in some way on a run last week.  Could hardly wear a shoe on Monday (rest day anyway) but it is a lot better now and I could run yesterday ok.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Nice session Hazel. Always good to try different things. Hope the foot is ok.

    Forgot to mention that I splashed out on a pair of Vaporfly 4%. I normally only spend 50 quid on shoes and I'm a big tight arse so spending that much feels ridiculous.
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