The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • Well done everyone, big miles being logged, well done on the 500 Cal & 600 Harmander.

    I'm lacking miles last week, only running club and small issue of the inaugural local trail race called the Soulbreaker 10 miler....I got lost and made it 12 miles (the extra 2 miles were up and down a hill) 1600ft of climbing.

    334 miles YTD

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Did the extra two miles break your soul then, Hobie?

    8 miles nice and early with 6 at MP. Some bodily grumbles on the cool-down mile - I don't think it likes going slow.

    YTD: 512

  • Cal, ha weirdly had kind of the opposite effect...since the getting lost bit was at mile 2 I kind of decided to just enjoy the rest of the race and enjoy it...I finished third from last.

    3 miles last night with my home & he appeared from playing computer games and asked to go for a run...who was I to argue :-)

    337 miles YTD

    Running club handicap race tonight, last Winter one of the year.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Well done Hobie...going the extra mile(s). Hope your boy can keep his interest in running.
    Sounds like you are 'champing at the bit' Cal. Counting down now.

    Today's plan was a track session, but it was booked out by a school...So, improvised some grass kms and 800s.  A useful 8'.   YTD:493'.
  • Great going you guys/gals,
    Over 500 next run MrM2. Congrats in advance.
    4 minutes faster than last week for the 14.17 miles yesterday.
    YTD = 639.50 miles.
    Incidentally, I will be a panel member at the VLM Expo on Saturday 27 April talking about Diversity in Running. Just in case you want to miss me when collecting your number. lol
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    4 really ropey miles last night - going through a really rough patch at the moment, not sure what is wrong but I just feel rubbish and lacking in energy in every run!

    Will persevere and try again tonight.

    235 YTD

  • Come on Andrew, you only need 15 miles by Sunday to be spot on schedule  for the 1000 miles by 31 December.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Thanks Harmander - did 4 today and they felt ok actually. Hoping for similar tomorrow and a long one at the weekend to get to 250 by month end!

    239 YTD 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Cal,well done on reaching 500 already,halfway and not even in April yet.

    It's great that your boy wanted to go running with you,Hobie,it's a good habit to get into.The Soulbreaker seemed to be a toughie as well.

    That's a good efforts session,MrM2,it always blows the cobwebs away.

    Keep at Andrew,hope you feel ok on today's run.

    23.03- 5

    25.03- 10.03

    26.03- 6.9

    28.03 - 8

    YTD - 417.65 miles

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    A paltry 4 miles today due to tapering. Lovely day - could have gone longer, but I'm being sensible.

    YTD: 516
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Harmander; had a 'crossing the line' celebration yesterday (501')
    Andrew...sounding a bit more positive...keep it going.
    JD1...Thanks; always feel that I don't get quite the same pace on grass, but somehow the efforts are worth more.

    Couldn't resist opening up a new shoe box yesterday (I've got four that look at me every day!) so took a new pair of Cumulus for a gentle 8 miles (80 mins.). I think we're going to get along fine. Currently using three pairs for different occasions (they've done 500+, 300+ and 200+miles, so thought I ought to get another pair ready.) Got out just after 7 this morning, and it was misty, but showing promise. Turned out to be one of the best running days of the year. Really enjoyed my third 20' run of this campaign (3:08). Somehow the first few miles seemed quite hard work, then it all came good.
  • Afternoon,

    JD1, Great consistent running, well done on passing the 400 mile mark.

    Cal, Congratulations on the Osterley PR and passing the half way mark, brilliant effort.

    MrM2, Again, well done on the 500 mile mark and some great long runs, hope the new trainers don't get to dirty.

    Hobie, Well done at the soulbreaker, what is an extra 2 miles eh? Great to hear your son likes going out for a run, hopefully mine will to one day, he is only just about to turn 8, so a few years to go.

    Harmander, I have been thinking and maybe I should start training ladies, quite like the idea of having them chase me ;) 

    I took the advice of my sports therapist, and took a full week out from running, but did go to the gym (low impact) a couple of times and had a splash in the pool, but I find it is just not as enjoyable as getting outside.
    So, I went out yesterday for a plod and again this morning, although I can still feel the leg, it is not painful, so hopefully all will be okay.

    Whilst I had the time, I have been booking events for summer and into autumn, we are very lucky with how many great events are around.
    I found one in particular that floats my boat, it is based on the 4.2 miles an hour circuit with a slight twist, it is a 24HR event and lap 1 starts at 12.01pm so you have 59 mins to complete, lap 2 starts at 1.02pm so you have 58 mins to complete and so on, if you don't get knocked out and manage the last lap in 36 mins it is just a flat out race for lap 25! Maybe next year?

    28.03.19 - 4.12
    29.03.19 - 5

    YTD = 340.93
  • Afternoon all, been a busy week so not as many miles as I'd hoped. Congrats on all the significant milestones. I also opened a new box of shoes this morning. I currently have 10 pairs on the go, 7 of them being Saucony Kinvara, 2 Saucony off road shoes for the desert and a pair of Saucony racing shoes - they don't get much use.

    Hoping to get a few more miles in this week, youngest son is on a school trip to Kenya and the other is off school for end of term. Wife is around all week as well so no excuses. 

    Can't remember when I last signed in but 19 miles over the last 3 days gives me:

    YTD 474.67 miles- my worst start to a year this decade!!!
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    5 for me tonight. Up to 244 YTD. Need 6 on Sunday to be on track after 3 months.

  • I was another three minutes faster over 14.16 miles last night.
    YTD = 653.66 miles
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Thanks David.
    Blimey, Dubai - when I was at school we got to go to the Isle of Wight.

    Today's parkrun was a good deal slower than last week's. I attended the inaugural parkrun at Sunny Hill (near Hendon) and I'd be surprised if it wasn't now the hilliest parkrun in London. It's certainly the toughest fully paved parkrun I've done. My time was 27:21. If I was any good at downhills I could have made up a lot of time but I'm rather nervous of them so I took them slowly. I'd be a rubbish fell runner.

    YTD: 519
  • Cal last year he went to Borneo on a school trip, this year he had the choice of Tokyo for a technology trip or Kenya for community service!! He's only 12!!! My 14 year old had football trip to Madrid and doing his Duke of Edinburgh award in Oman, the joys of Private schooling!

    David, we have a backyard ultra type race here in June run in the desert, temperatures should be close to 50 during the day dropping to high 30s at night, thankfully I'm working that weekend and can't get off!!!
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks David. Yes, I'll take care of the new shoes! Where do you find your events?! 24 hr challenge with diminishing time for each lap?? Dubai certainly has the right approach; 'I'll be working!'

    Decided to do our local parkrun today, even though I ran the 20' yesterday. Thought that I could treat it as a social event, then I decided I could run it a marathon pace. Then we set off, and I wondered how fast I could run it after the long run! Not my best, unsurprisingly, (26:37) but good enough to scrape in with a 70% age-grade.  Pre and Post miles gave me 5' for today.
    YTD:526' Planning on taking a couple of rest days, then I'd like to do a set of hills before we go away. (Three weeks in Sicily) Still wanting to do another long run before tapering. Not going to be easy to stick to any sort of plan for the next few weeks. (I know...if that's my biggest problem....)
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019
    Ytd: 275. 4

    A poorly laptop which has gone to the laptop hospital, well Jan up the road who does that type of thing and a city break to Lisbon has kept me from the forum. 

    Since last reporting, Friday 22nd was 10.1 as I work towards the Sheffield half in mid April, middle of the week was 5 treadmill miles, today has been parkrun and 9.5 this evening.

    Well done to  everyone posting, it really helps my motivation. Some of the numbers are huge, the efforts everyone makes is even more. 
  • Going to do my tapering while asleep.
    10.19 parkrun sandwich makes my
    YTD = 663.85 miles
    before the Fauja Singh BEM Birthday Challenge Marathon in the morning.
  • Lisbon and Sicily are 2 places I really fancy going to.

    Was planning to get out this morning but a biryani last night has had me up half the night. Need to try to get up as I've a new car to collect this lunch time.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Great job, MrM2!
    Good luck today, Harmander.
    Donnie, good luck with the half. Sheffield is anything but flat.
    Speaking of which, that hilly parkrun yesterday must have done for my legs because I felt really sluggish on my 10 miler today. Cadence was the same but stride was short, which means my  legs are tired. They better perk up before next weekend!

    YTD: 529
  • New car collected, now have 3 to choose from. Late lunch with a few Guinness and got home and thought it was a good idea to go running as it had cooled to 32 degrees

    4.31 miles

    YTD 478.98 miles

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Managed 7 quite comfortably today, so got past 250 before the end of March.

    251 YTD 
  • On target Andrew!
  • A toasty 31 degrees at 8 am, 7.48 miles done

    YTD 486.46 miles

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Welcome back Donnie 2, and all the best for your Half.
    Cal.....Thanks. You seem to have given yourself a tough taper (?) Hope everything is ready to face Vienna! Enjoy the Pasta's special.
    Dubai...Fuelled by Guinness?! Three cars, and running in 32C, and shift- work. Can't quite relate to all that but glad that you are finding/making time to keep the campaign on target.
    Andrew D...7' and passing 250'. Good news.
    Feeling good for an evening run, so a mixed pace 7' to start off April. March tally was 193' (a high figure for me). YTD: 533'.
  • Well done everyone, some brilliant mileage being recorded.

    Not much for me to add as I was busy moving house last week, but managed to fit a few runs in, so here it go's

    28/3 - 5.4 miles
    31/3 - 6.53 miles
    1/4 - 4 miles

    YTD = 59 miles
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    MrM2 - maybe too tough. A cold is trying to set up shop - trying to chase it away with Vit C and echinacea. I do not want a repeat of Valencia.
    Alas no pasta party for me - gluten is not my friend.
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