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  • Okay - went to the gym. How cool is this ... I ran 5K again and I beat my time I set on Monday (37mins). Today I did it in 36 mins and 20 seconds - so I knocked off a full 40 seconds and at the last Km I ran at 6mph. What's more apart from the heaviness under my right arm, I felt great. I felt strong and my breathing was okay. I was well chuffed with myself. I did my other cardio stuff as well (5K Bike, 1000m row, step 15 mins) and some weights and ab stuff. The cancer nurse the other day told me I should still be able to go to the gym but I won't be able to do anything which involves my right arm for around 6 weeks and even then I have to resume slowly. So all the rowing will be out (shame that because I detest rowing, I only make myself do it because it's part of the upper body work out!) as will the upper body weights but I can still run as long as I wear my sports bra :)

    Michelle -- speaking of being surrounded by family and friends - my phone bill is going to be non-existent this quarter because I haven't had chance to call anyone - they've rung me!!

    Barkles -- thanks :)
  • Cath - I think that you are secretly Superwoman!! All that work down the gym... I feel tired just reading about what you did! I've have done absolutely nothing at all for a bad am I..!!! I've stuffed my face tonight too, trying to kid myself that it was all 'energy' for my 5K tomorrow - I think that I've probably gained the 4lb I had lost over the last week..but am too scared to weigh myself! I promise I'm gonna be good from now on...(and if I had a £1 for everytime I've said that....)
    Michelle x
  • Michelle -- hee! Your post really made me laugh. I had Indian takeaway last night all in the name of regaining all those pounds I lost this week (5). Losing 1 or 2 is good but not 5. Seriously, I've said the same thing myself "I'll be good this week" etc etc etc.
  • I agree with Michelle all that activity, are you sure your not Superwoman?
    An Indian carry out - how lovely ! I wish, but after putting on weight last week (2lbs!) I was on sparse rations last night, trying to make up for it. Managed to fit in a couple of large gins though!!

    Your spirt and determination and the fact you so obviously have a great sense of humour is an inspiration. Best wishes
  • Cath
    I have only just seen this thread - can't believe what you have been going through as you would never guess from posts on the training forum. All my best wishes and good luck for tomorrow
  • Guys, I'm not superwoman but running is helping me. Yesterday I ran with a grim determination which I've never felt before on the treadmill. I focused upon the cancer and I was trying to run so that it would make my body strong and able to fight it. So I was imagining myself as the big machine-like factory which produces the arms for my soldiers (inside my body) to fight their duels and war and battles with the cancer cells. It sounds crazy but I felt that if I work at least as hard as I do normally then I'm not letting it beat me (in my mind there were rather more expletinves added to that :)). The way I see it is, if I lay down with woe and pity that will weaken my body and allow the cancer it's foot it the door (well it's already done that but I'm kicking it's shoe out of the way so I can close the door again!!).

    So you see, I have to do it. It's helping... mentally and physically. It's giving me some control over fighting it instead of giving all the control to the Doctors. I know I can't do it without them, I'm a nurse, I'm not silly but I sure as hell want to do my bit.... last Wednesday when they told me I felt so helpless, so useless. I didn't know what I could do. Now I do know. I can keep myself fighting fit and help my body get rid of the cells which shouldn't be there. And make no mistake I WILL do it. I WILL carry on running and exercising as much as I can as long as I'm fit when I'm not I have my step machine and I'll get a static bike. BUT I won't stop doing my bit.

    Oh and now see look what you did, I ranted!! hee! Anyway, I'll unlikely be around now until after the surgery so you guys keep running and trying and I'll be back with you soon :)
  • Cath,

    I don't know which planet I've been living on but I'd completeley missed this thread until picking it up from LauraL this morning.

    I don't know if it would help but the Lance Armstrong (Winner of the Tour De France) has written a book about similar experiences.

    Best wishes to you and the Mr and may you make a speed recovery. Sorry this is so late

    Anything we can do to cheer you up?


  • Hi Cath

    Sorry, I'm a bit slow to get here too, tend to lurk on the beginners section rather than out here in the Big Sea of General!!

    My thoughts are with you. You go girl!!

  • Cath, have you read 'It's not about the bike' by Lance Armstrong? It's a really inspirational story - it's about his fight against testicular cancer. Your post about how you used running to focus on getting your body stronger to fight it reminded me of some of the sort of things he put in his book.
  • Cath - I'm another latecomer to this thread and also realise you're not going to see this for a few days but I just wanted to lend my support.

    I know several people who've been through breast cancer of varying severity and come out the other side. I'm sure your positive attitude and determination will pull you through.

    All the best
  • Hi Cath,

    It's all been said by everyone else; just wanted to add my support.

  • Cath, just wanted to add my support too, your positive attitude is a lesson to us all!

    Good luck and take care

  • Cath. I've just picked this thread up from Tim. I have just read your last three weeks in an hour and you are a complete inspiration to me.

    My thoughts are with you while you are away and I'm wishing you all the very best for an outcome you so fully deserve.

    Look after yourself.
    x Kes
  • Cath I have just done the same, you were mentioned on another thread and I searched through to find this one as I knew that something was obviously wrong. I have just read the whole thread through - your attitude is exactly right, you have to fight this thing and have 100% belief that you are stronger than it. I speak from experience, my partner has just come out the other side, not breast but all to do with her neck and her thyroid gland. It has taken a long time for her to get through it but she did it and so can you (she's even younger than you!) Her mum is also a inspiration, she has had breast cancer and was told that she 'had months left!' she has fought it and come out the other side she was told that years ago!
    Keep positive and fight this bastard illness we are all rooting for you.
  • Hi Guys. I'm home - only got home last night at 8pm.

    The operation went well although I'm in alot of pain. It was more extensive than they initially thought because the "lymph gland" turned out to be the actual primary tumour - which I'm pleased about because there was a fear that if the primary didn't show itself we could be battling this for years until it did. Anyway so they removed the top bit of the boob (often referred to as the tail don'tcha know!!) and they removed all the tissue and lymph nodes under my arm. The path report came back Thursday - it was an aggressive grade 3 tumour with metastatic spread into the lymph nodes but thankfully only the one. However what this means is, I have to now also undergo aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy and will be quite sick (I'm told) in the months to come - to add that to all the nerve damage pain they've caused due to the surgery which should resolve eventually but is fairly unpleasant (burning, tingling, hyper sensitive skin, icyness, itching etc etc).

    So in essence, I'm home, the cancer is gone and I'm okay but need som extra treatment. Apparently when the arm feels better I can run again as long as I feel up to it but even so I can walk anyway. My medical team are really upbeat and were amazed when I got myself out of bed to go to the loo on Monday evening!!! (without help)

    I wanted to thank you guys so much for thinking of me. My family and friends have been marvellous as have all you guys online :) See you soon - posting might be a bit sporadic :)
  • Good to have you back - we've all been waiting for you to post.
    Great that the cancer is gone, and I'm sure with your positive attitude you can cope with the chemo.
    All the best
  • Cath,

    Largely good (a relative term I know) news then.
    Keep fighting - you're doing brilliantly already. We'll all be supporting you through the months ahead.
  • ditto. we've all been thinking of you this week Cath, and its good to hear you sounding so upbeat.

  • Welcome back, been thinking of you and best wishes for the future, pamper yourself now and again.
  • Hey Cath, so pleased you're back and it went well. Don't suppose the next few months will be much fun for you but try to keep smiling (Scouse humour usually helps!). Did you say you were going to Clatterbridge? My friend received excellent treatment there and the staff were fantastic. Still thinking of you and sending lots of supportive waves!
    Love and hugs
  • Glad you're home Cath, and so glad the surgery found the cancer and got rid of it, albeit in a more extensive way than I'd realised you'd have to go through. I felt scared just reading your description so God only knows how much fear you've had to deal with. As always your acceptance and courage are a humbling example to me and I really wish you the best in the months to come.

    As you'll see lots of people are asking about you and we all want so much for your recovery to be as smooth as possible.

    Lots of love
  • Cath

    Great to hear from you - I'm amazed you've found the time/energy to post - as always "Whadagirl"!

    And as always you're sounding upbeat about your experience - I'm sure this attitude will help you through the rather gruesome chemo ahead of you.

    Do keep posting when you can - not just news but also feel free to join in the banter - there's been a rather droll ironing thread recently. When I was ill earlier this year I didn't post because I felt a fraud as I wasn't running. Now looking back I realise how silly that was. You are a runner. And I'm sure your excursion to the loo on Monday was due in some part to all the exercise you've been giving yourself recently.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers

  • good to see you back, as has already been said, your determination is inspirational.

    in my prayers
  • OBOB ✭✭✭
    very impressive Cath - the very next morning after you get home, you're reporting back to us! I've been looking out for you to share your news with us and I wish you all the best for your recovery.

    Can I use this as an opportunity to wish the same to others on here who may also be experiencing their own particular traumas.
  • Welcome back.

    You have the longest thread on the site, I think and all filled with good wishes.
    Please keep posting then we won't have to read all this rubbish about Im a Celebrity etc.

    Good luck and keep up your spirits.
  • Cath

    When I said about the longest thread I hadn't seen the one about ironing. Please post more and more and get rid of that one.
  • Bravo Cath,
    I've been checking all week to see news of you. Through that hurdle, and we'll all be waiting to hear how you get on with those that inevitably follow. Don't think we'll tire of hearing about the ups and downs of getting well. You're one of us, and will be even when moving the mouse is a major achievement. Keep us posted.
    And while you're not up to running yourself, we'll run for you.
    Could just add that running has been for me absolutely the keystone to getting better/not giving up. I discovered I Really wanted to run. I am sure that is why I now can. When the lurgy gets me, it's the forum, the RW, and various running books that beat back despair.
    Put your trainers somewhere where you can see them easily. Let them call you back to health, even if, for the moment, all you can do is think about it from time to time.
    All the very very best, Marj

  • Hiya Cath

    Welcome back! I'm lost for words (everyone else manages to sound so articulate!) - but as Stickless says, make sure that you feel you can keep coming here and updating us. You have a lot of healing to do yet and I'm sure you'll use all your many resources to hasten it!
  • Nice to hear from you Cath.
    Stick with the positive thinking,and best wishes for the next few weeks.

  • Hi Cath,

    Glad things went OK, or as good as poss ... I know it wont be easy.. and I along with the rest of the forumites will be thinking of you ... keep up you'r spirits and determination... and when poss.. keep posting with updates ...

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