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  • Good to hear from you again Cath - all the best
  • I'm so glad to hear from you again Cath. Well done for getting back to the forum so quickly - quite amazing!

    We are all thinking of you and will continue to support you through the next few months.

    Best wishes
  • Good luck for the months ahead. Everyone here will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. A good friend of mine had cancer in his mid -20's but fought it off and although it took him some time he gradually regained his fitness until he was once again thrashing the pants off me!

    Hope to see you running again!
  • Fantastic news Cath - good to hear from you so soon :o)

    I can only really echo what everyone else has said - stay positive.

    Take care, Iain
  • Welcome back and well done that girl! Look after yourself and concentrate on getting better. In my thoughts and prayers.
  • Dear Cath,
    It's so good to hear from you, and great that you're now back at home - the best place to be.
  • Hi Cath,
    Great to hear from you so soon, Keep your spirit up and all the very best for your remaining treatment. Will be thinking of you
  • Hi Cath,
    Good news. Hope the nerve damage pain subsides. It took me about 5 weeks before it settled down - symptoms sound very similar.
    Hope things go well. Stay positive.
  • So glad you've come through the surgery so well, Cath - you still sound wonderfully positive, and I'm sure you're well up to facing the treatment that lies ahead.

    Don't feel you have to keep your postings upbeat, though. If you have the occasional bad day (and you will), log on for a good moan - or I'm always happy to be e-mailed if you want to send a dose of vitriol out to be lost in cyberspace!

    Blessings, V-rap.
  • V-rap -- thankyou so much. That really means alot.

    Barkles -- your post has given me some hope that this might not last forever. I hope not. The radium apparently may make the symptoms flare up but if it's so short term, I can manage.
  • Not posted before,but good luck .
    Dont be afraid to whinge if you need
    All my love Ruthxx
  • Cath,
    Was just reading Zest Magazine (Octobers issue). In it, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is a six page article about breast cancer featuring other peoples experiences. I read it and thought of you. Some of their stories are quite inspirational and there are brief descriptions of the different treatments etc. Just thought I would let you know. It might make an interesting read for you while you are recovering at home.
    Take care.
  • Look after yourself, Cath.

    Take care,
  • Hi Cath,

    I am just getting back up to speed with your news. As so many people have said, your attitude is terrific, and your resilience will be of great help to you in the coming months.

    I'd like to agree with V-rap; don't be afraid to let us forumites take the rough with the smooth; there will be ups and downs, and we're with you all the way, on good days and bad.

    I remember when I was still an 'amateur' in the cancer biz, I rather felt that I had try to be in good form all the time, both because I did not want to worry my family (who were on the other side of the globe!) and also because I had a superstitious (and false) notion about so-called 'negative' feelings. Now if a treatment is difficult, I'll rage if I need to. But you'll find your way to do things, that is the main thing.

    I trust you are getting tons of practical info about dealing with the treaments, but as a veteran of the cancer biz, I'd be happy to try to give you coping pointers, if and when needed. (e.g. take sweets or gum to chemo; it tastes very strange and metallic when it goes in - that sort of thing. But you'll already be aware of much of it).

    Mostly, I just want to wish you all the strength and good luck in the months ahead, both that your treament is negotiated without too much discomfort, and that it is totally efficacious. We are all rooting/hoping/praying for you.

    Take care.

  • Good to see you're back Cath. Think I might resize me head to celebrate.

    Keep us posted

  • Welcome back Cath, thanks for letting us know how it went. Sounds like you're in for a pretty hard time for a few months to come but remember your virtual friend are ready, willing and wanting to help you through it.

    All the best

  • Cath, so good to see you back online. Keep posting when you feel like it - we are here!
  • Cath, just getting up to speed with your latest news. I'm glad that they seem to have caught it all, although the next few months will obviously be tough for you. Your post about how running helps was inspirational and made me feel a total wimp as I didn't go running yesterday because I was too tired. I guess my tiredness comes nowhere near your's!

    We'll all be thinking of you in the coming months.

  • Cath welcome back, you're probably not feeling up to much at the moment so its time for some pampering, get in the chocolate, the magazines, running books, put your feet up, take it easy, get yourself well, in a few weeks you will be out there and running again.
  • See, this is when I need YOU guys... when everyone else goes to work! All my friends and family work during the day and it's hard when no-one is around to just pop in and especially as I can't drive yet. It's funny because at the moment I imagine this as a road I'm running along and the disease had me in its sights and I managed to dodge the bullets and from now on I'll have to keep looking over my shoulder checking for snipers (read --> doing regular breast exams) and so I also imagine that although I'm on the road alone... my partner is running just off the road to the side of me (as if, he can't run to save his life but in my imaginings he's running to save mine!!) and all my friends and family are the spectators who are screaming for me to run and to do well and to get through... whereas you guys, see you're the quiet spectators with the banners and placards and waving flags (always pink for breakthrough breast cancer) and in your way you al are helping!! See I have a problem with the "fight it" analogies and metaphors that health professionals in particular, but all of use in relation to how we approach cancer and it's treatment. This is mainly because what about those days when I don't want to fight or do feel negative..? I don't want to feel like I'm not doing all I can to get through -- so I've decided I'm running and some days I'll run slowly, like last week and other days I'll run steadily, like yesterday when I took the dog out and went shopping and finally, other days I'll do just fine - when I run again.

    So I was wondering about starting a new thread because this one is huge but then I kind of stalled on the title... so I avoided it.

    I'm doing pretty much okay today. I went to see my GP this morning and took him a copy of the path report - he was really disappointed but pleased, a bit like we all were last week. Yep, it's gone but it ain't over yet. So he asked did I understand everything and I said, without being facetious I probably understood about as much of it as I could without actually going through it yet (chemo & radium).

    Dalya --- I'm taking everyone's experiences and it's like I have an information hoover and file system - I'm storing it all and using it to try and smooth the path I'm running on so I don't get too many injuries.
  • Dear Cath

    It's hard for any of us to know what you are going through, especially having this all happen in what must seem such a short amount of time. But if there is any help we can give, by being here for you to talk to or sound off at, then you only have to ask - as you can see from the responses you've had already. I haven't been on the forum much recently so have come pretty late to your story, but I'd like to add my support/best wishes also.
  • Doobs -- thanks and I know I can ask and I intend to, really I do. The hardest thing at the moment is being off work and feeling relatively fit (except for the arm nerve pain) and yet, not being able to do much. I'm keeping a diary of events and I thought I might use it to write a paper for a nursing journal (I'm a nurse) or I might use it to get ideas for my PhD that I want to start next year.
  • Cath we are at work as well, but don't tell the boss about our little addiction, us Forumite junkies need to stick together on this. How's today been, what sort of run did you have today, I have a feeling your dog could be getting lots of extra walks over the coming weeks, that will keep you fit, keep your chin up.
  • Wicked Witch -- didn't run today. I don't think I'm allowed to run just yet - although the physio says I can use my bike as long as it doesn't hurt my arm or chest and I'm not on a main road. I was going to take the bike to the park I usually run in but it's pouring down with rain now - and I have to avoid coughs and colds so it's been a bit of a duvet day really today. The Mr's mum popped round with some vidoes for me to watch. Aside from that not really done much but there again have felt a bit tired too. You're right about the dog! I took him out with the Mr last night (who hates taking the dog out because he always misbehaves when the Mr comes along!) Hopefully I should be up to running at some point next week - it depends on how the chest heals.

    Oh and I won't tell your bosses :)
  • Oh what I wouldn't have done for a duvet day today, I spent the weekend in Glasgow with husband and youngest daughter, we went to a James Taylor concert on Saturday night, and then a trip up to Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne on Sunday, far too much to eat and drink, knackered getting up this morning, but its the gym tonight,and an early night. Speak to you tomorrow.
  • 'fraid I've got to pick you up on your earlier comment as well Cath - what's all this about not being at work? Bl**dy cheek!

    Can I come for a run with you sometime?
  • Hello Cath,
    Pleased to hear you are on the road to recovery! Make sure you pamper yourself, watch all those videos and read all those books you've been meaning to! At least you have the thought of running to motivate yourself to heal up quickly, and the weather is so yukky it's good to be inside anyway. I am thinking of skiving the club training session tonight (lightweight or what!)..
  • Neilruns & everyone else -- I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply that you lot weren't at work... I just meant its nice you guys are there for me when I don't physically have my family and friends around me - you know what I mean :)

    Wonder Woman -- it's been a strange day today really. I've done nothing, literally nothing but I don't think it's because I've avoided anything. I think I've kind of wandered around the house going from room to room, almost as if I've lost something and I suppose I have lost something really, although I'm not sure what it is but I know things have changed - I'm not sure how or why but I'm different. I hear people talk very often about diseases leaving "their mark" on you and I kind of understand what it means now. Thanks for being here today guys... it's the first time I've faced what's happening alone - since it started I've been surrounded with people - either the mr or friends at work or family. But today, I wasn't at work, the family and friends were at work as was the mr. We decided he should continue and we'd try to keep things normal - for us. For me it's very strange. I've had the TV and radio on as well as the PC.
  • Cath - I'm new to this thread, was prompted to search for it after seeing messages asking after your health in other threads.

    Just wanted to say that I really admire your positive attitude and determination, I can scarcely imagine what a difficult time this must be for you. I know everyone else has said it all already but can only add my best wishes and prayers for you to theirs.

    Please keep posting whether upbeat or downbeat, we would love to hear how you are doing and offer support if you need it.

    Take care and all the best again

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