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  • As long as you're being paid, it sounds like a perfect morning, SVeetee! Good work on resisting the super-injunction joke!

    Min, I'd rewrite my past too if I could; it may terrify you all to know that I'm much more cool and interesting now than I was as a teen image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Gigs HAVE got quieter, which is a travesty. Surely it's my decision if I want to destroy my hearing?  I may take someone to court for infringing my human rights.

    SVT - you do a lot of this driving to places, having a drink and going again, don't you?

    I'm going to see Take That in a couple of weeks.  Yippee!

    Aside from that, it's Friday afternoon and I've just got  into work.  Something is wrong somewhere.


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    image   <<<< PS - does anyone think that's an emoticon for a man having a prostrate examination?

  • image

    Mouse - at least this time someone else was paying for my fuel and time! The last couple of gigs I went to definitely weren't quiet. I came out of both with my hearing largely intact but only after a while to recover. And I completely lost my voice after the last one.

    Maybe you're just going to the wrong venues?

  • Mousers, 13:52, world class, I salute you image

    Yep, there's something wrong with arriving at work on a Friday afternoon!

    I'm off tomorrow as it's the Churchill Cup finals at Sixways; 3 games of rugby, including England Saxons, followed by a curry image

    All I can say about the gigs is that Motorhead at the Birmingham Odeon in 198x was so loud that you could only feel the noise and had no idea which song was actually being played; last night in Wolverhampton, you could exchange pleasantries and hear your neighbour's reply! Dashed H+S! image

  • image and yes, probably; as a man of a certain age, I guess I have all this to look forward to. At least I'm going to the doc's on Monday about my eyeball; there can't be anything too embarrassing about that...can there?
  • Maybe image is the doctors view when looking at one eye through a magnifying glass?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Right, that's my day done, I'm off.


    Or alternatively, I have swapped one set of marking (completed earlier) for the next (to be completed over the weekend).


  • And now all I can 'earworm':

    'C'mon hear the noise...
    Girls meet the boiyse...'

    Nice work, Crashie! image

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    oh EYE ball.....

    Thanks for that Min

    Don't work to hard on the marking Mouse 

    marshalling the parkrun tomorrow - looks like I am going to get wet

    See you all

  • Mouse - prostrate = lying down, prostate = male gland producing one of the constituents of seminal fluid.
  • Afternoon all (or should that be none?)

    Mouse was obviously thinking of men having examinations lying down... image

    My parkrunning continues to improve - 24:40 today, knocking 40 seconds off last week's PB and going sub-25 for the first time (but if you did the maths you'd get that from the first two pieces of information...)

  • Evening all

    I once came back from an event and my ears were still ringing 24hrs later.

    I have been away this weekend camping in Dorset attending a 40th birthday party. How come I now know lots of people having 40th birthdays? How did that happen?
  • Morning gentlefolk!

    Ant, it's cuz you is getting old, innit? image

    Nice parkrunning, SVT. Do you feel you're getting fitter? More experienced over the distance? Both?

    Churchill Cup rugby followed by curry on Saturday; extreme hedge-trimming followed by 20-20 cricket Sunday; doc's in a few minutes...

  • Gooday chaps, I've been in the nether world of night shifts for the last week. Nights are gruesome anyway but last weeks were particularly gruesome. People really should stop falling off high things, getting hit by cars and getting blown up.

    Yes, gigs are much quieter gone are the old days of having tinnitus for a week after the gig, You were always guaranteed a spot of deafnessafter a night at the New Street Odeon. Solo's should certainly be banned, worst drum solo ever was Neil Peart of Rush at the NEC in 87. Funniest guitar solo Dan Spitz of Anthraxat the Odeon in 86. Best (by default as it's the only one I've ever seen) bass solo Cliff Burton of Metallica at the Odeon in 86. Burton got squished by the tour bus a week later, devine retribution perhaps?

    Wotsit, thanks for pointing out the prostate/prostrate difference. Makes me chuckle when people confuse those words.

    Good luck at the Doctors Mr H. I'm probably going senile, buit do I remember you saying you managed to get tickets for the Marss Bar gig? If you did how much do I owe you?

    Which Park Run do you go to SVT? 

  • Good morning all!

    Good running, SVT!

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all!
  • Gizzy, fear not, we'll sort out the money on the day...

    Back from doc; will be doing a fasting blood test on Wednesday and have a trip to the ophthalmologist planned; deep joy!

  • Did i read that right or should i see a

    . .> O P H T H A L

    .> M O L O G

    ..> i s t

    Hope your tests go OK Crashie......!!

    Evening everyone, I went for a run in really hot weather.......later after a swim in the gym, i walked out into a downpour and i'd left my jacket in the car. I was tempted to put my swimsuit back on to run to the car.!! Certainly would have turned a few heads in Wrexham.....image.

  • Lexers image

    Morning gentlefolk, I have been a lazy non-running git. This must change...but not today as there's no time!

  • Morning all

    (squints to read Lexi's post)

    Crashie - sounds like fun. Hope the results are definite and good news.

    Ant - I also know people who have celebrated their 40th this year. But she wouldn't like me mentioning it!

    In answer to previous questions and comments, in no order: thanks, Milton Keynes, fitter but also know how to pace the distance better.
  • Morning Wussies.


  • Thanks Mr H. Did I ask you to get Jon a ticket? I really am losing my memory!

  • Yes; I have tickets for you, me, Jude, Jon and Chris.

    Did I see that Jude was in a car crash? It happened at about the same time as the Great Laptop Crash of '11 and I missed the follow-up; is she ok?

  • (I've got me worried now image)
  • Super duper bout tickets. I need to email you my address, will be sending you a different gmail address hat I use.

    Yep Jude got side swiped by a foreign lorry at the M6/M1 junction. The git was in the wrong lane heading to the M6 wanted to stay on the M1, he just pulled out hit , span her round, then he didn't bother stopping. Jude's fine, just waiting to find out if the car is or not.It's all on CCTV so hopefully they'll get him, not holding my breath tho.

  • Good luck with that one; hopefully they got his number plate; when Squish got hit by the hit and run coach, the git got away with it...

    Glad she's OK, even if it's "DNR" for the car image

  • Morning all

    Needed to think on the DNR for a minute - I'm more used to seeing DNF.  Glad to hear no-one was hurt, and I'm guessing the lorry driver will have escaped back home.

    Did I mention that my niece was competing in the World Transplant Games in Gothenburg? This is the niece that had a kidney transplant back in 2006 from her dad (my B-I-L) and prompted me to raise some money for the hospital when I did the Cardiff mara that year.  The following year she started getting into swimming and represented the hospital in the British Transplant Games (in various events). She stuck with it, taking the swimming more seriously, and got selected to represent Britain after last year's games.  After two days of competition she's coming home with silvers in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke, gold in breaststroke and team gold for the relay.


  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Moring Proud Uncle!!

    I am quite busy at work, and so is everyone else judging by how quiet it is in here

    Very tough training session last night - 10 x 2  mins with 40 secs recovery follwed by 10 x 1  min with 30 secs recoveryimage

    Was lapped many time by someone from BADTri (our session, which are free, are open to anyone)

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