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  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Risky -  going to see Tori Amos?  Oh....

    Will have to experiment with password protecting cells then

  • Risky? I've heard that Tori Amos attracts a pretty dangerous crowd (present comapny accepted)... image
  • SVT,

    With some of the countries I currently deal with, and will be dealing with in the future you would understand my need to protect! image

  • Afternoon all

    Happy Birthday Min

    Do the newer versions of excel allow more than 65536 rows? That was always a major limitation for me but then again either MathCad or MatLab are much more useful. image

    I'm off to the 20:20 tomorrow so obviously the weather forecast just said it's going to rain tomorrow evening.

  • Hello kids, flying visit, back from seeing Jon and the Jersey boys in Edinburgh (they were awesome, 2.5 hour set, loads of classics, nuff said) and am shortly off to get the train to Penzance. Will see some of your en route, feel free to share generalised whinging you may recieve via text message.

    PS: My back is still knackered.

  • Ah. Was just about to enquire about your back...

    Do you have a route map anywhere - would be fab to catch up with you if I can.

  • I am not the one in charge of routes. The Garmin Oracle has that responsibility. I am in charge of accomodation. As such, I know where we're staying, but havent a clue how to get there!!

    I think we are around your area Thursday/ Friday though. Ask the mop head if you need more specifics.

  • I have texted said mophead!
  • Afternoon all

    Ant - yep, no more 65k rows and 256 columns restriction in Excel. It's now roughly 1,048,576 x 16,384. image

    Flyers - have a great jaunt, looking forward to the updates and report.

    I was going to pop out at lunch to a local music shop to try out some more basses but my boss has nicked my car.  Never mind - I get my eBay bass back from my trusty guitar technician later.  After fixing the cracks, restringing and setting it up properly I'm expecting it to be like a whole new instrument.

    Maybe a tuba.

  • Although I do think that using a moped is cheating... image
  • SVT - 2^20 is still way too low for the types of things I used to do.

    I'm off to the cricket - everyone get their washing in.
  • Ant - 2 ^ 20 is significantly more than 20-20. Enjoy the cricket/swimming. image

  • *backs out of thread quietly...*
  • (locks door so Min can't escape)
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    afternoon all (that includes you Min)

    Did an enjoyable 4 miles lunchtime and am now nicely relaxed

    Never heard of Jon and the Jersey Boys

    Off to B'ham tonight or early tomorrow for friends OU MBA graduation do at the Symphony Hall. Will try to negotiate a trip to the local parkrun.  It means that I am missing the Cotswold way Relay

    Been a while since I have filled a whole page in excel by pasting when whole sheet is highlighted. I know on my last computer it took about 3 mins to do and undo

  • musky - nice running/relaxing

    I'm guessing Flyers was obliquely referring to Bon Jovi (who, as we all know, hail from the Channel Islands).  image

  • *resigns herself to Death-By-Excel*
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    SoVeryTired wrote (see)

    I'm guessing Flyers was obliquely referring to Bon Jovi (who, as we all know, hail from the Channel Islands).  image

    image they are playing in Bristol on Monday.  Hope that they have repaired and reopened the Cumberland Basin road by then - a lorry overturned and spilled fuel that means a resurfacing job.
  • (insert 'Slippery When Wet' joke here)

    Min - let me tell you about pivot tables...

  • Evening all

    I am still here but I have broken the computer

    Min - happy belated  birthday
    flyaway - happy lejogging
    SVT - very impressive - I'm sure I should be able to do more with Excel but I'm quite impressed by my meagre knowlege!
    Ant - it's raining here - you were right image

  • I'm delighted at having understood the Jersey boys thing. 

    I can tell you where Flyaway will be on Wednesday image  Have fun Flyaway!

    I shall be going out for a run later, something that I've failed to do all week.  It has been one of those weeks in our house.  I should like not to repeat it.  I now have only 2 working days left till my contract ends, then an interview on Friday for something new which is less money but not proper teaching, so no prep or marking, which very substantially offsets it.  Having been told that the Biology group sizes for next academic year might be 35 (can fit 24 max in a lab, so no practicals) and 2 groups =approx 18 hours marking when the first assignment comes in, I'm mildly less enthusiastic about taking all that on.  

    I can do everything I need to in Excel.  Including making very pretty graphs.

  • Hello all

    I am officially unfit. I did the Malvern Midsummer Marathon walk/run event today in 7:52. It does have an overall climb of 1800m but I had lots of cramping problems after 12miles and the heat got to me in a major way. Normally I sweat buckets but today I hardly sweated anything, I'm not sure what that means but it can't be good.

    Wotsit - If you can do everything in excel you're not producing enough data. image
  • Evening All.......just popped in out of the sun. image Office 2003/2007/2010........Grrrrrr!!! Jealous yes....I haven't got 2010....I NEED 2010 on my Laptop for Sept......I NEED to learn how to use it before September.image The college are jumping from 2003 to 2010 (why on earth did i put 2007 on then image) , however they don't have any manuals printed yet for the course or can find a publisher that has any for this particular course.......Stoopid Or What!!!!

    Ant........Drink lots sweaty means dehydrated..big time!!! Your probably not unfit....more like the conditions got to too hot, thats why you were cramping (cor i nearly put that without an M image...typing skills....Cramp without an M).

    I have been swumming /swimming...splashing!! As my lickle leg hurts a lickle so rest from running for a few days.

  • Trying to keep up, though at times I can't image(
  • Lexi - if you are buying it, make sure you get the student licence which is hugely less than for a normal person.

    I can't imagine why you'd want a course book for a course that doesn't start till september - the lecturers are probably still writing it!  At our place, we haven't finsihed teaching this years' students and we don't even know who is teaching what next year.  Course guides are a LONG way down the list of priorities.  There are a lot of books on MS Office 2010 available though - why not just get a generic guide? 

     Ant - well done on the Malvern thingy.  Lucky it wasn't today, eh?

  • Thanks Wotsit for advice.....will take both re student licence and 2010 manual....image. Am halfway through the diploma, they just have to write the book in 2010 format instead of 2003. Have got the course book in 2003, might just follow it using 2010 manual....if that makes sense.image

    Morning All.........nice an warm innit. image.

  • Morning all

    Ant - well done on getting round, hope you managed to rehydrate succesfully.

    Lexi - can I raise another grrrr from you by letting you know I've got Office 2010 on my home desktop and laptop for £8.95? (special deal via work)

    It's flippin' hot, isn't it? I ran at 6am but even then it was warmer than I'd like. At least teh longest day is past and we're heading towards the lovely cool days of winter.

  • Morning all - back from a mad weekend as Transition Manager at Liverpool Tri. 2300 athletes is a lot to keep happy...
  • Morning Min. Well done - them athletes are a tricky lot to keep happy. image

  • They are indeed, SVT! Good job we're not all like that, eh?
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