BUPA Great North Run 2006



  • Hi San and Scilab - nice to see you over here!
    just seen your pics - they are good! you have loads san don't you?! nice pics!
    don't worry about the comments san - i got a bit annoyed yesterday about it but have calmed down now - you are a runner no matter how fast or slow you are and you have the photos to prove it!!
    i was wondering about the guaranteed place too - want to make sure i get in next time and couldnt bear it if the ballot meant i couldnt!
  • san - just ignore it. I have. that's not why i come here at all. people like you are the reason i keep coming back to share problems, ideas, achievements etc.

    last time i did the GNR i was offered first refusal on a place for the next year. hopefully they will do that again.
  • DS - i noticed that you are grinning like a cheshire cat on all your pics, you obviously enjoyed yourself!
  • San - I was exactly the same - got into my stride after the half way point, and really struggling at the start. Just about to search for your photos!
  • Sandra - there is a way to get round not having a credit card. I'll email you if I can.
  • Have emailed you sandra - forgot to say who I was - the subject is photos!
  • Sandra - yeah i loved every minute of it!!
  • whats the website address for photos please
  • scilab

    don't know what you mean, you look like a pro runner on the photos!!

    HELLS TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    get a pic of me it will scare he bloody kids-keep them away from the fire though


    four GNRs
    still haven't got me finishing.


    So, It's not their fault I haven't found myself on the course, my number came off before mile three. But I know when I crossed the line, and they take pictures at the finish every 2 seconds or so, so I just need to trawl patiently through the shots.

    Except there are no photos for a minute and a half between approx 1:54 and 1:55:30 on the clock

    Whaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh !

    Sorry, grown camel crying, not a pretty sight.
  • San
    did I see you on the BBC coverage?
    I think it's you doing the warm up routine while Cram and Foster are discussing the sunshine.
  • oh xlman - what a pain! I did look for your number, but nothing came up! Next year you'll have to have your own personal photographer follow you round the course. Have you been through all the lost and found ones - there's thousands! I started to look out of curiosity, but gave up after a few hundred - it'll take hours unfortunately.

  • scilab
    it's good to see the kangaroo on the thread.
    You don't have to commit to GNR '06 to be part of the team.
  • Hi scilab
    no, not yet, unfortunately I'm on dial-up, so it will take forever. I'll get through them though.
    As I said, it's hardly ASIs fault I didn't put my number on properly, but I'm a bit miffed photographer went to the loo, or changed his memory card or whatever, just as I was crossing the line.
  • Wierd - I read the first two pages and didn't get any them and us vibe. I just saw some natural frustrations being vented.

    I didn't get in the ballot but my wife did and I came along with our son to support her. I thought it was a fabulous day out and was jealous as hell not to be running.

    I've run the Leeds and Nottingham half marathons and the New York and Paris Marathons and picking your way through crowds of people who started in inappropriate places was a nightmare in each.

    The thing is that if you run in any large city race this is always going to happen. Some are better than others and better organsied starts and separating people according to predicted times help (assuming the predictions bear any relation to reality). There is always room for improvement - but without the quirks they wouldn't each have their own special character.

    Most of the people getting in your way haven't a clue that they've done anything wrong. Even if there is a brief statement of race courtesy in the information sent in advance (as there was for Nottingham, the only one i've ever seen) you can't expect people running their first ever race to "get it". It's also important to remember that many of them have never paced themselves on a run and have no idea how fast they run.

    The problem is that races like the GNR have to stay open and friendly to achieve their primary objective - which is mass participation (note not a club racing event).

    Shouting at the newbies, whether literally at the start, or figuratively in the pre-race literature, to keep them in their place is going to achieve the absolute opposite. ..after all most of us got into running through entering a city race and were new once.

    As for lowering the cut off time - never. I saw a couple at the finish at about 4pm who must have been 19st each and looked like they'd only just got there. But they looked happy and THEY'D RUN A RACE WITH THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER!! If it made a difference to their lives then its all worthwhile.

    If you want to go fast and you're a mid pack runner pick a smaller race. Otherwise enjoy it for what it is, not what you want it to be.

  • Hello all-if you want to see someone in agony check out pics-number 19440.
  • XL Man - serves you right for running so [email protected]@dy fast!!!

    San/Sandra - theres some great ones of you both!

    Thank goodness there is only one of me - I'm a sucker for all the memorabillia (I bought the t-shirt with my name on,I've ordered the hand-painted mug and I'd problably end up ording loads of photos as well!)

    San - I felt the same as you when I first started reading this thread - The idea of the GNR is to have a fantastic experience and [email protected] trying for a PB. I'm pleased most of us are joining in on here now to carrying on all the help and advice etc from the last thread.

    Scilab - you'll do it next year....no danger - you've got the bug now - you just dont quite realise it yet!!!

    Off out in the morning for 9 miles (also had a cold for most of this week which is just about done now) I hope I feel as good as everyone else has felt on their first runs out this week.
  • Afternoon all-glad to see we,re sticking 2 fingers up at those doom and gloom lot who wanted to whinge and moan at the start.


    Ive been out this afternoon for my run-ended up doing 7.5 mile.It took me 59mins and the legs felt a little sore the first 3 mile but after that i just seemed to click and ran the rest quite smoothly.Thats 15.5 mile since gnr on sunday,but if I wasn,t running in leicester next sunday I wouldnt be pushing myself.

    Ive got a funny feeling we,ll be ALL seeing each other sunday oct 1st 2006!!!!!??????
  • By the way if you check out the pic of "us" running over the tyne bridge im sure you can see the head of gordan ramsey "the chef" at the bottom of the pic.
  • Its not fair, there's no photo of me!!! That means I'll just have to come back next year....

  • Maybe we could run together in a ridiculous outfit alison, then we'd be sure to get in the shots !

    lol Mandie

    So, does that mean I may be a TV start John ?
  • Posted this elsewhere

    Suggest a new event - The Great North Walk - Just for people who want to walk and raise money for charity.

    No problem with coupling entering an event with the express intention of doing it for charity. I do have a problem however with people who walk from the start. You know the so called "power walkers" etc - we have all seen them. There are plenty of challenging walk events all over the country - if your a walker, then why dont you do those?

    Call me a running snob, I don't care, but if you enter an event like the GNR, London Marathon etc then at least you should have the intention to run. If you walk from the start then that is completely against the spirit of the event.

    Your number should be taken and you should be named and shamed on the results page.
  • If you've posted it elsewhere why post it again here? It'll just stir people up again, which is really unhelpful.

    There is NO shame in walking - it is recognised as a great form of exercise, and run/walking is acknowledged to be a very good way of completing a long distance at a steady fast pace.

  • this is getting silly now

    like i said before runners/walkers fourteen foot f**king bananas can all run walk in harmony

    just show a little consideration to each oth



    chill out

    *yes i have been in pub all day, but i am right, its not really that important is it?
  • Yes you are right. Can we all support each other? Approx £10 million was raised last weekend enjoy the event.
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