Chicago Marathon 2006



  • Sane? Sociable? Us lot....

    Have been worrying I won't be able to stand up and have a few beers post race - is there a pub with a nice seat?! Oh and munchies as bound to be hungry from sunday afternoon onwards!!!

    Ben - shopping at Woodfield is great! booked into hotel within a couple of miles on Monday night....

  • Good point Zed - last year after NYC there wasn't a taxi to be had (shoulda thought of that) and so had to walk 3 miles back to hotel. Very very painful.. Food! Yes food! Very important.

    Woodfield Mall eh? How's about outlets? Any recommendations? Have hired a car on Tuesday which we will attempt to drive out of downtown Chicago into the burbs .. I'm more nervous about driving in Chicago than I am about the race actually - just blocking it out..
  • Another lurker.... since start of thread.

    Snow showers today, but as a regular in Chicago, it can change so much in 24 hrs, it could easily be 80 degrees in 10 days.
    Yes 10 days!!

    Its normally Michelob beer at the end. Massage lady tried to grab it off me, but I chose to miss the massage instead.

    Anyone staying around Grant Park - before, after?
    Any inside info on good clubs - live music, etc. to head for?

    Agree with the driving dieselgirl - looked horrendous in previous years - even the coaches that transport you everywhere courtesy of the marathon (if you want them to) took an age. Ubderground system is pretty good for getting about, but if you're aiming to load up shopping, probably best to take a truck......
  • Zed, we spent a very enjoyable day there last year; I'm hoping the Puma store has some cool trainers in for a post-race treat :)

    dieselgirl, my butt was okay until this afternoon when I jumped out the back of a jeep and landed awkwardly (I don't help myself!)
    Only really jarred it and brought back the pain a bit but did a 5k run tonight and it was fine. I'm extra cautious on tiled floors now though, no more flip-flop skidding or indoor running!
  • O.K., I'm aiming to be at cereality at 8 am on friday. I am coming in on an overnight flight from San Francisco, against the sun, so shall probably be knackered and in need of coffee. The nearest free shuttle to the expo seems to be from the Hilton near Grant Park. Or it's a taxi?

    At the moment I am thinking about the pace groups. In preferred start II there at 3:30, 3;40, 3:45, 3:50, 3:55 groups. I did 3:50 last December, and have done 3 marathons since then all over 4:20. But in each of them I was either injured or taking it as an easy run. So I've not raced the distance seriously since my first attempt (the 3:50). I'm tempted to go for the 3:40 group and see how it goes, then maybe speed up for a 3:30:59 finish and Boston qualifier (ho ho ho). But this could well blow it. Maybe I would be better going with the 3:55 group, being safe, and getting in under 4 and feeling good about it. Dilema. Too much choice.
  • BW - thanks for the shuttle advice - let's give that a shot on the Friday and if it doesn't work a taxi?

    Re. pacing groups - apparently the people you sign up with for the pacing groups are often the people leading them - in other words, they would probably be able to give you some good advice about which one to go with.

    Re. 4:20 finishing times for easy marathons - respect. I dream of that!
  • Am in the E club at the moment, as the mother of all colds has come and hit me square in the head.

    Telling someone else not to train thru a cold is easy. Doing it yourself is totally different. May just relax with some DVD's this weekend

    Got my race pack from home. All looks very organised and efficient, and slightly scary.
  • Well I'm back onshore and I too have my race pack, bib no.32891. I'm getting hyper now.

    I just hope my sore back doesn't spoil my run, not trained in a week since trapping a nerve in my upper back/shoulder. The pains wore off but I'm scared to try and run just incase I aggrevate it so resting.

    I got the shocker when I checked the weather in Chicago, forecasting snow & minus degC. I use which is supposed to be pretty good. They have a 10-15 day lookahead here [a href=""]Chicago weather lookahead[/a],
  • well, I'm feeling a bit better now but no running 'til Sunday. Doing 10miler that I've ALWAYS marshalled before and I'm darn-well running it this year! Though, not racing.

    Outlet malls - I went to one last year called Gurnee Mills. Its about 90mins drive up Interstate 94 towards Milwakee (sp?) and has Nine West (my main reason for going), Tommy Hilfiger, Gap outlets. And a BIG outdoor store that sells mad stuff. Like boats. Big ones. Madness.
    Marathon? Pah! I'm looking forward to my holiday now! :-)

    Taper well friends..........
  • Just looked at that link (copied & pasted into URL window) - could be a chilly start but a day for sunnies. Perfect running weather.....
  • Sorry to bang on about, 'last year this and last year that' but with regards to pace groups, they also had very helpful wristbands for your intended pace with mile-by-mile/km splits to keep you on track.

    There are a few websites that do custom ones, namely here:

    Glad you're feeling better E:-), now the get well vibes go to Jimbob (DVDs and rest, soldier!)

    Oops, in army mode because we're chilling at home watching Band of Brothers :)
  • Thanks everyone for the support re:snotty bugs. As BJP says.. 'Get Well Vibes' onto Jimbob.
    Dieselgirl - hows the ear? was chatting ot friend of mine last night who's a dietician - apparently if you're on anti-biotics, you should eat lots of pro-biotic stuff (live yogurts etc) to help the good bacteria on your stomach reform as the antibiotics kill them off too.
  • Cheers E & BJP.

    I'm on my luch at work eating yoghurt and lemsip trying to get better.

    Have already sent a message to my girlfriend.

    "Feel like poo. Going straight to bed when I get home"

    She replied.

    "I'll mother you tonight, I'll cook a pasta dinner and put on star wars!"

    Brilliant! Being ill is cool!
  • ...except for the 'feeling like poo' part!
  • Which episode, Jimbob? Attack of the Clowns will just make you feel worse...
  • More importantly, does your girlfriend have a sister Jim?? Preferably 22-27 and cute :-)

    Mine has been kicking up quite a stink that I'm not out drinking late with her or paying her bundles of attention on Sunday mornings!
  • Marry a runner. Its the easiest way....... He understands my NEED for a PB on every 10K I do, he understands my obsessive training schedules for a marathon. I understands that that pain in his right knee will get better with bracing and stretching. We agree that we only put our own kit in the washing machine after a run (almost had it as one of the wedding vows)Met him at running club so at least we both knew what we were letting ourselves in for.

    We worked out that our wedding, the Top Table had a total of 15 marathons between us!
    hope you're all feeling better. I've got Gin, so I'm happy......
  • E - you sound perkier and healthier! Are you? I'm feeling miles better - probably the antibiotics but still. And yes - my GP did give me the probiotic advice so I'm taking a multivitamin with probiotics in as well as eating lots of probiotic yoghurt - my guts are rejoicing with all the attention! Thanks for the tips.

    Jim - hope you're feeling better. Again - the race is a week away.. You will be fine on the day.

    Was just worrying that my ear ache was reappearing in my other ear when I checked my ear and somehow my ear shell hurts - weird but harmless.. I'm going slowly nuts I think. Went for a 5M pace run this AM with a headlight on (rural lincs gets mighty dark) and was freaked out by all the animal eyes reflecting back at me - I've not been the same since..

    Oh - 3 years after running changed my life (I was three stone heavier, totally unfit and very unhappy) my husband has started running too... It is infectious - eventually..
  • Inspirational chat at my desk today on running - guy came over to say he'd sponsor me for the marathon. Another guy in the office just ran his 1st marathon in under 4hrs up at Loch Ness and now with me doing chicago he was saying it is an inspiration to hear all my training tales...

    He was told by his Doc to get fit after heart issues and can now run 25-30 mins on the treadmill. Feels miles better and wants to attempt a 10k in the spring and a half marathon after that. I was humbled by his support for me and offered any training advice for his race training and perhaps to go for a run with him sometime..

    Made me think I love my any hunky chicago men to chase after....?!


    Bad news for friends and family in the UK wanting to follow the race on Eurosport. They're putting snooker on instead!! :-(
  • Tapering all round - very good. I've been out doing no more than an hour at a time these last few days, running by the east river in New York. Ironic that I've got much more time on my hands at the moment but can't run as much as I'd like as, as someone said, the hay is in the barn now. I don't think my haystack is as big as I'd like it to be, but never mind.

    Hope the aches, pains and colds go away E, Jimbob and others. I seem to be ok so far - think I might just not go out at all now unless absolutely necessary.

    Going to see a film in the afternoons sounds like a good idea - I'd be on for that. It really can be a problem if you're on your feet walking around a lot in a new and exciting city the day before a big race, and hard to resist.

    E - marrying a runner - I wish I could've done that. Too late now though, and I suppose someone has to look after the kids while I'm doing my long runs.

    I'll be at Cereality on the Saturday morning and there is a meal arranged for Friday eve - Andy - were you organising it? Remind me where it is again.
  • Cheeky 10k race this morning in 42.47
    40 seconds off my PB, but it was a bit hilly. I don't know how predictable the race pace calculator is on this site, but it says that's a sub 3.30 marathon. If only things were that easy!

    I can't believe we'll all be running in Chicago this time next week!

    A run on Tuesday, another on Thursday morning and then carbo-loading till Sunday!
  • Champagne - great PB in the 10k - I did a PB the other week at that distance too.

    Back from my last long run - 10 miles at 9:19 pace so think I am going to challenge myself to sign up for the 4:15 pace group. If I do it can spend more shopping post race...incentive...

    10 miles felt so short....that's a good thing right?!

    Making roast beef sunday lunch for friends now....maybe a movie later...

    AndreaB - I am still on for Friday dinner at Harry Carey's....

  • Zed:->
    10 miles feeling short is definitely a good sign!

    For my 10k I meant 40 seconds over my PB, but I was quite pleased with it anyway. I set off a bit too fast....something I must NOT do next week!

    I've been watching the last 6 miles (only!) of the Chicago course video again and again to get my head to know what to expect in the latter stages.

    It's here if anyone's interested.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I did a 5M XC race on Saturday (first Met league fixture), not flat out obviously, but pleased with where I finished considering.

    Then 12M on Sunday, didn't feel great, and knee a bit sore, so will be doing lots of resting this week!

    Watched some of the highlights and course video yesterday - if you want to get nervous I recommend it! If you haven't done Chicago before, watching the course video will show you how flat it is.
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