Chicago Marathon 2006



  • Once I'm done with my few weeks of getting fat and not running much I'll start coming along to some more club stuff. I think Sat morning hills and Sunday morning Richmond might be for me.

    Are there many Serps doing Chicago?
  • Absolutely spot on Annie. Lets just talk about running for the next 5 months.
  • Hi all,

    I just entered this race over the weekend and today managed to sort out my accommodation & flights. Unfortunately I didn't read this thread first so paid a little bit more for them but I'm just happy to have it all organised.

    I'm flying from Glasgow via Amsterdam with KLM (rtn flight £412.50) and 3 nights at the Hyatt Regency (approx £430 for a double room).

    Having never ran since Edinburgh Marathon 05 I decided to get back into training a few weeks ago following a period of weight loss. What a difference, I've quickly went from a small 3 mile run upto 6 miles within the 1st week to 10 days with no issues, the runs are quick and I feel comfortable & no niggling sore legs afterwards. Entering gives me a target to aim for, hopefully more determined to stick to a training plan.

    In the past I'd start off on the right track then within 6 weeks I'd already be cutting corners. This time I'm so determined to stick to Hal Haligans intermediate schedule & target to achieve the mileage. I so want to break 4hrs and would like to hope this method allows me to do it.

    With 22 weeks to go I intend to maintain my current training for the next 2 weeks then start to slowly wind up the mileage in preperation for the longer runs and follow the 18 week guide.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread from now on. C U all in Chicago.

  • Welcome to the party, Derek
  • I got confirmation that I'm in the competitive start, so panic over.

    It also looks like entries are closing soon, so if you've got any mates still pondering it, get badgering!

    I've convinced one guy to do his first marathon and working hard on another. Fingers crossed we'll get a little crew heading out there in October
  • Well, this thread is buzzing, isn't it? Must be the flies swarming overhead.

    Still not organised accommodation. Maybe too late for that now and I'll have to make it a day trip?
  • Has anyone started training yet?
  • Oh - here we go on the chicago thread. I am in and have booked hotel. running with a friend from boston and got my flight from Edinburgh. done 1 marathon before but 3 years ago Chicago city so looking forward to it (shopping if I can walk afterwards!)

    champagne: running 3 times a week and going to write my training plan this weekend.

    22 weeks to go eh caz1562?

    speak later...Zed
  • oh - meant to say no big mileage just yet just 3/4 mile runs. did do a 10k in 54 mins the other week.

    No competitive start like you Paul..yikes. hoping for the 4 hour mark realistically.

    Still, plenty of hills here in Edinburgh to train on...

    back to the football...come on holland (used to live there)

  • I'm writing mine this weekend too Zed!
  • champagne - the sea haar has lifted in Edinburgh and I am off for a run around the park before the England game....

    Will then multi-task with the calendar and the training schedule to plan my 22 week run up....

  • Hi guys

    I've been doing a little bit of running - 15 miles a week or so.

    I'm going to attempt to follow the RW training schedule again. That starts on 10 July, so I can still be lazy during the World Cup.

    I quite fancy it getting a little cooler, mind.

    Come on England!
  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Come on anyone else ! Apart from the Germans and the Argentinians that is.
  • Yes it's the runners world sub 4:30/sub 4hr 15 week schedule for me. Until that starts it's shorter runs, some speed stuff and maybe a fee wee hills too.

    I moved back to Edinburgh from Amsterdam so come on the bright orange Dutch Clogs...

  • Does anyone know about passports and visas? Will the machine-readable passport suffice?
  • machine readable UK passport will be fine. You can get visa waiver which you fill in on the plane.

    Got my e-mail today pointing out that it's time to start the 18 week build up. Scarey.
  • Thanks.
    Me too. I ignored it!
  • I am following the 15 week runners world marathon programme which begins in July so another few easier weeks to build up to for me....but it will come soon enough...

  • Which one of the RW plans are you following Zed? I did Higdon intermediate for London but it didn't go well for me. I've since run White Peak for fun (i.e. without regard to time, and carrying a calf tear from London) and am planning Lake Tahoe the month before Chicago!
  • anyone started training? Did my first "long" run in a month yesterday, but then the one previous to that (a month ago) was a Marathon. Is it mad to be thinking about doing another marathon on September 30th, barely 3 weeks before Chicago? I was thinking of making it my last long run. I would certainly need the taper!
  • I did my first long run a week ago - 17 miles. I did stop and have ice cream about mile 10 though.

    Anyone in the Rickmansworth area? - I need a training partner.
  • Longest run I've done since FLM was a 9 miler. I'm enjoying being lazy! It'll come soon enough
  • I have got back into and was clocking up some decent mileage, 60 plus miles a week with long runs of 18-19 miles but last Tuesday did something to my back so now have to try and rest which is really annoying. Off to se Physio later hopefully she can speed things up.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    I got back into training a few weeks ago, did a 20 miler and a couple of 17-18 milers, on about 50-60 mpw. Also, did a few league races and a half marathon. Then went on a golf holiday with 6 friends last week and didn't get much running done - I did manage about 30 miles though, although my friends thought I was a bit crazy going running while they were having a nap in the afternoon to prepare for the evening!

    Never mind, plenty of time yet - no need to panic about missing a couple of runs at this stage.
  • Panic about missing runs....I am up to about 6 miles right now so not quite in your league folks..

    Blue wombat I am doing the runners world sub 4hr schedule but hoping to run only 4 times a week maybe 5...

    Although just got hit in the leg at softball and have been icing it for 30 mins. Ouch - bruise will be a ripper....

    Zed ;->
  • Good on yer Zed. I shan't be ruinning more than 4 times a week. Tried for 3:45 at London earlier in the year but picked up a torn calf due to overtraining. I am a firm believer in rest days now. Will be aiming to improve on my PB of 3:50 at Chicago.
  • oops, was that slip "ruin" for "run" portentious?
  • I've just got back from a 3 week p*** up at the World Cup so my training starts as soon as my liver recovers. Picking up a 16 week plan from Higdon or RW should do the trick.
  • World cup trip - lucky you. Gutted Spain are out. Now actually going to support England (i'm scottish!?) as don't want any other team to win....well maybe if holland had got through.....

    It's 4 miles tomorrow....slow steady build up. Getting running assesment biometrics next week to try to avoid knee issues arising again...
  • I missed the Wimbledon 10k yesterday as I was too p!ssed from drinking all day watching football. Given how hot it was, I'm not too fussed though!

    RW schedule starts next Monday - I'm looking forward to it (as long as it gets a bit cooler, mind)
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