seen any good flicks lately?



  • Actually a TV series, "Way Out" (1961)...
    It was the best quote generated when putting the keywords "good night" into the IMDB search "quote" option :P

    <================exit, stage!
  • Oooh you cheat!

    Night :-)
  • morning pups.

    "Let me tell you the story of "Right Hand, Left Hand." It's a tale of good and evil. Hate: It was with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love: These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man. The right hand; the hand of love. The story of life is this: Static. One hand is always fighting the other hand; and the left hand is kicking much ass. I mean, it looks like the right hand, love, is finished. But hold on, stop the presses, the right hand is coming back. Yeah, he got the left hand on the ropes now, that's right! Ooh, it's the devastating right and hate is hurt, he's down! Left hand hate K.O.ed by love."

    name of character 10 pts
    name of movie 10 pts
    director 10 pts
    five other movies by the director 5 pts each

  • Radio Rakim (or summit or nuthin')
    Do the Right thing
    Spike Lee
    She gotta have it, Jungle fever, Malcolm X, School Daze, Mo Better Blues
  • bravo sir!!

    radio raheem but good enough.

  • I was a fan of Spike from She's Gotta through School Daze & Do the Right Thing but he lost me with Malcolm X. I'm not a fan of Haley's "novel" nor Spike's attempts at placing himself in history.
  • Of course the original of that quote is from Night of The Hunter with Bob Mitchum and directed by Charles Laughton. He didn't direct 5 movies though, aparently he was scared witless by filming Hunter and couldn't direct again.
  • i did not know that and am glad I do now. cheers.

    Agree think spike has dwindling into self-importance and is obsessed with a legacy of sorts.

    but like Blair really.

    appears to have lost his sense of humour so evident in his earlier movies.
  • Night of the Hunter is a Noir Classic... The only film Charles Laughton directed... he was peed off by the bad reviews so much he never directed again.

  • Aeonflux - 18/02/06

    my here's a novel idea. a post-apocalyptic world where a utopian/totalitarian society has evolved and a rebellion to unmask the unpleasant and controlling face of the government is launched by implausibly athletic and good-looking people

    hmm sound familiar?

    i won't waste too much time picking apart the details of the plot as the total lack of charisma or chemistry amongst the actually-quite-decent cast (Charize theron, Jonny lee miller, Pete postlethwaite) stripped any semblance of my caring through the fillum's running time.

    to be honest, due to the gratuitious lingering over Theron's admittedly stunning figure during the opening scenes (was there really a need for her outfit to have a slit up the thigh showing a garter?) this horrible film had my back up from the beginning.

    then, the banal script, which treats its audience like a simpleton throughout by explaining the bleeding obvious in excruiciating detail, tipped me over the edge.

    what exactly was the point in this movie?

    not sure 2/10

  • Thanks for that, flH, you just saved me a bundle!

    "Night of the Hunter"- pretty scary stuff, I first saw it when I was very young- slept with the light on for a while! :o

    I'm quite looking forward to seeing "Syriana".
    An excellent book on the history of the oil industry is "The Prize:The Epic quest for oil, money and power" by Daniel Yergin.

    'Night all, it's been a stressful day...but I did go r*nning! :)

  • yep fab book.

    glad you got a run moo....more than me, a sniffly boy.

  • Liked that review FH

    I'll give that one a miss
  • (NOW I'm off!)
    Get well soon, FlH

    For general amusement: see the anecdote I just related to BB in her "Snowball" thread! :D

  • yep your time would be better served burning ants with a magnifying glass.
  • Fresh air is better for you! :)

    (from around the corner- outta here!)
  • Re the ants...Glad to know I wasn't the only one who did that!

    However, if you must do gratuitious lingering... you could do worse than Charize Theron.

    Not that I would... you understand (cough)

  • I enjoyed Syriana but it is a little...............empty. It's a tough thing, I may have to watch it again to really form more of an opinion of it. A bit "The Insider".
  • ta moooogonna take a steam inhilation.

    havent seen syriana yet earl but I agree re the insider.

    I find all Michael Mann's movies lack heart. Always feel a little icy after watching them.

    big fan mind you.
  • Syriana,

    My experience was that the plot was so complex and conveluted that after 30 mins I got bored, mentally switched off... and spent the rest of the movie composing love sonnets in my head to the girl who works the late shift at the local Spar.
  • "...My heart is tearing at the seams
    2 grammes of corned beef and a tin of beans.."
  • yip yip snee snee ho ho

    have similar feelings for a lassie in the pictures who looks like toni collette.

    but don't have your words to woo her man....
  • She looks like a young Juliette Binoche...

    But unfortunately sounds like an old and hoarse Alan Shearer...

    Not sure if it's too many bensons or not enough oestrogen..

    "Wayeye a divvna na wat to dee with ye"
  • "you hand me my cinema ticket
    i like your bum can i kiss it?"

    nahh...see no poetry.
  • ha ha... might work
  • Gawd I'm bored... think I'll play my guitar for a bit and cultivate an ASBO..

    Nite all
  • lang may yer lum reek

  • I'm singing along with Bob Marley....

    Everywhere is war WAR War doo dooo do.

    Rumours of War

    Sout Africa yeah!
  • Oh pyrex yes dey Rabbi!

    stop smoking the wacki bacci Bob, you're making no sense
  • You been on the Maui wowie, sunshine? :D

    careful with that stuff, or you might grow boobs! :D

    I'm going to see Capote pm, will give my opnion!

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