seen any good flicks lately?



  • And the Bike?
  • Triumph Thunderbird... All of 'Johnny's' crew were on British bikes... the bad guys were on Harleys

    British bikes were seen as cool in 50's USA... their own bikes were seen as 2nd rate then
  • Gawd I know some shoite.... well done Haggis
  • What a movie and what a bike. I knew it was just a beauty but not an enthusiast so wasnae sure of the name.

    cheers kept me goin at work.
  • hmm...list time me thinks (lil voice says NOOOO!!!!!!)


    top 5 violent movies:

    1. Battle Royale (for moomoo)
    2. Hard Boiled
    3. Drunken Master II
    4. The Wild Bunch
    5. Passion of the Christ
  • First time I saw the Movie (1990 Brando retrospective at MOMI)I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen...

    Bought the DVD before xmas, watched it 2 weeks ago and was awstruck by the direness of the bike scene closeups... also about how flimsy the story is... it still does look cool though

    One thought kept cropping up... the BBFI banned this 1953 WHY?!? It's about as rabble rousing as a 'Swing Out Sister' fan club convention
  • scotch, scotch scotch
    I love Scotch
    Here it goes
    down into my belly.
  • Watching 'Memento' tonight... review to follow
  • (busy day).
    Well, Battle Royale was very violent, but it was so weird and the premise so unusual, it didn't seem so bad!

    Recently, a film I rather enjoyed was shown late at night on TV, an Australian production called "Dead Letter Office" (1998)about a branch of the post office in of course, deals with the delivery of incorrectly or partially addressed letters, or with attempts to trace people whose letters have been returned. It also deals with the friendships and relationships between the colleagues, and in particular, the protagonist, who attempts to trace her father and has taken on a job to facilitiate this.

    There are no "known" actors, and the setting is unusual, but one somehow just gets drawn into it, this low-key film has its own charm. You are constantly rooting for the main character, Alice, and hope that she finds her father as well as personal happiness.

    (This was the second time I had seen it!!).
  • I love Anchorman flyinghaggis! Will Ferrel is a legend.

    "I'm in a glass box if emotion!"
  • teehee

    oh baxter you are my little gentleman,
    i will take you to foggy london town...

  • Anchorman! The Ron Burgundy character was so cringeworthy, I found Will Ferrel totally watchable in the role! (er- while ironing for the month).

    There's tons of quotes & choice dialogue on IMDB from this one, including:
    Brian Fantana: That was some crazy party. I am hungover.
    Champ Kind: I know. I woke up this morning and I shit a squirrel. I'm not kidding! It just came out of nowhere. I tried to flush it down the toilet and it crawled back up.
    Brick Tamland: Sorry, Champ. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.
  • i just ate a red candle

    i love lamp
  • Review of Mona Lisa Smile—23/02/06

    crap from start to finish.
  • Started watching Shinobi last night but got a bit bored with it. Quite disappointed but I'll finish watching it today.

    Primer, on the other hand, I shall not bother to finish watching. It might be "clever" but it is dull as ditch water.
  • a friend of mine was raving about shinobi Earl. whats it about?
  • Ninjas.
  • Think House of Flying Daggers, Hero et al but with Ninjas and then make it not quite as good as you thought it would be.
  • how is it possible to make a bad movie with ninjas?

    even ninja thunderbolt, possibly the most badly put together movie ever, was still great.

    for example, a car chase featuring two similar cars the same colour so you don't know who is who?

    bank robberies that begin at night and end in the day?

    fab tho check it out for comedy value.

  • It's not a bad movie just not as good as you would expect it to be.
  • Corinthian - where's your Memento review? Or did I read it 15 minutes ago?

    Two films in recent days:

    1. "Blind Horizon" - thinks it's the Bourne Identity but isn't. It's really not very good. And it stars Val Kilmer.

    2. "Patton" - I like my war films and had somehow managed to miss this. Decent stuff in an old-school WWII way. And it reminded me of the time I had an argument with my history teacher over what became of Rommel - I won, of course.
  • Corinthian - where's your Memento review? Or did I read it 15 minutes ago?
  • Saw Sky Captain last night.

    Was quite good, even though you know its all CGI. Was also impressed with Angelina's English accent, far better than Gwyneth's American one.

  • Who's Corinthian? I've got a tattoo on my arm saying "ask Corinthian if he liked Memento".

    And what's Memento?
  • Yo SVT!

    Memento (2000)- starring Guy Pearce. Haven't seen it, I just know that it's about his character's memory being messed up after he gets bashed in the head after his wife's murder, and to find out what happened he has to rely on polaroid shots and other memory aids because he basically has the memory of a goldfish now. Told in forward flash.

  • moomoo - you really should watch it. If only I could remember what "it" is...

  • Hi Corinth-
    About Mona Lisa Smile- I was a graduate of Wellesley College more years ago than I care to remember, and there was a private screening for us alums in London just before the premiere where we had the chance to give Mike Newell, the director, a rough time about what he had come up with.
    He did make the point that he was only showing a snapshop of the place at a certain time. So you got to see Julia Roberts only in the Art History department, although in reality there would have been at least 6 members of the departmental teaching staff (BTW- my sister, who also went there, was an art history grad, and had an inspirational teacher of that type). There is always a teacher who makes a difference, particularly in such a small community with no more than 2000 students on campus at one time, where there is accessibility to staff.

    I liked the movie mostly from the nostalgia point of view, seeing the familiar buildings, etc. (although some of the interiors were filmed at Columbia University in NYC).
    I thought that Julia Roberts was definitely miscast for the role, and I think one can figure out way ahead of time that she'd either be for the high jump or quit, but help a few of the girls along the way. There was also criticism that the only male character you saw was a bit of a weakling in terms of strength of character. So ultimately, although feminism and career vs. home were the issue, it was really more the stories of the individual girls taken separately that were of interest to me, and their resolution.
    BTW- girls were already wearing jeans around campus in 1955, one of the grads of that year told us about it at the screening! So not necessarily twinsets and pearls as portrayed.
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