seen any good flicks lately?



  • hey i didnt know you went there cool!

    my problem asn't really with the content, although i wasn't really sure what the movie was trying to say. if the message was to encourage women out to work and not just aspire to marriage, hasnt that boat already sailed?

    but aside from that, i just thought it was the utmost cheddar.

    maggie gyllenhaal was luvly mind u.
  • Yeah! Saw the Boston marathon go by 5 times (went back once after I graduated when my sis was still there!). Have a couple of snapshots of Bill Rodgers :)

    I think in the end the message was just to expand your mental horizons about what you want to do but not to let yourself be limited by proscribed roles, yet at the same time not to feel guilty that in spite of being educated at one of the best (ahem) establishments in the country, that you might choose to run a home, etc instead of working in an ad agency on Madison avenue or whatever.

    Well, I wouldn't exactly say it's a bloke's movie... :D
  • well my last three girlfriends have been convinced i was gay and as I am a mad mental musical fan i dont reeeeely blame them :)
  • Oldest trick in the book: pretend you think you might be gay and get a girl to "cure" you ;)

    My all-time favourite move is actually Mary Poppins. Also: South Pacific (on stage); many others, must have a think.

    (off to make dinner)
  • little shop of horrors (rick moranis version).

    litterally immmpossible to feel depressed while watching it.

    enjoy t.

  • Second fave musical: Singing in the Rain.
    Tommy (awesome full blast; the beautiful Roger Daltry, etc...)
    West Side Story (for a good snivel)
    Beauty and the Beast :)
    The Lion King
    Saturday Night Fever

    Also from 2004, "Les Choristes" (The Chorus), if you like choir music (boys), about a new teacher who goes to a boarding school for difficult boys and gives some of them a purpose by setting up this choir, usual fights against people trying to undermine him, etc. Beautiful music, you don't have to understand what they're singing to appreciate it.
  • (it's a French movie...well I'm just pointing that out- it could have been Canadian ;)
  • Like Jackie Chan, my all-time hero is gene Kelly. He dances so well in that movie it is difficult to believe. incredible, especially when you consider he had the cold during 'that' scene.



    went to see Les Choristes and enjoyed it but just thought it was slightly cheesy and if it had been American I would probably have been more dismissive. European films are sometimes believed to be more arty than they actually are.

    however, i take your point about not fully appreciating the language and the music.

    which was lovely by the way.

    also fab faves are:

    west side story too
    cabaret (dark as)
    Moulin Rouge (it is a marmite one i know but really enjoy it)
  • I thought the best bit in Singing in the Rain was in "Make 'em laugh", where Donald O'Connor walks up a wall and flips over backwards :)
    Also the song: "good mornin', good mornin' it's great to stay up late..."- what a super tune!

    Jackie Chan- wahey! I love his scrunchy little face :)
  • See the Good Morning scene?

    I actually do that every morning with me, my flatmate and my cat!

    it is wonderful though. Donald O'Conner is actually every bit as good as Kelly just didnt have the good looks.

    Chan yip, especially Drunken Master II (mainly because I like the notion that drinking lots makes you great at fighting.

    according to his books his heroes were Gene Kelly, Buster keaton and Sylvester Stallone—go figure!!
  • i have been past Chan's house in Hong Kong !! didnt see him though :(
  • I just fished out my copy of "I am Jackie Chan: My life in action".
    In the first page of the intro, he says about his stunts, the more terrified my friends and family are, the more satisfied my fans will be :)
    Good stuff!
    I've seen so many of his films I can't remember all the titles, many not subtitled!
    So you didn't see Jackie in HK? I would have slipped you a few bucks to nick a paving stone from outside his place :))

    off to catch zzzzzzzzzz's! 'nite!
  • p.s get rid of that cat :SSS
  • Memento.

    At the moment I’m renting this 17th Century farmhouse on a windswept promontory in Northumberland. The place has got everything; character, style and originality. I’ve been given the option to buy the property and I’ve quite often thought about doing so.

    However, a niggling doubt had secreted itself into my subconscious mind and it’s only recently that I’ve been able to put into words exactly why I feel so uncertain.

    There is a small crack in the north facing wall. This crack has not changed in appearance, it has not widened or grown in the three years I’ve lived here… in fact it hasn’t changed at all - but it is still there.

    Whenever, I describe the farmhouse to other people words like stylish, beautifully built, charming and sophisticated are used… when all of the time I’m thinking about the crack in the wall and worrying about it.

    I feel the same about the film ‘Memento’. ‘Memento has everything I could ever want in a film; it is well constructed with a nicely turned script. The acting is not fantastic in the main, but the lead role is played with restraint and a palpable sense of frustration emanating from every scene. I liked the pseudo-original idea and the meandering plot (which has more twists and turns than the Monaco Grand Prix). Overall, I really liked this movie… until I come to the crack.

    He has short term memory loss… how does he remember that? How does he know?

    Ok, I should be able to put this out of my mind and get on with the experience of enjoying this film, and to a certain extent I did, very much so.

    But I have this vision of the screenwriter of this film lying in bed at night 4.00am in the morning, tossing and turning with red sleep deprived eyes, staring at the crack which will not go away, being slowly driven mad by it… seeing it every eternal second of every everlasting night… praying that the crack will somehow vanish.

    But in the morning… it is still there.
  • He's had it for a long time, so the condition isn't short term.
  • Morning Girlies!

    I did finally update my video rental card, No need for me to see "Memento", I've already read all the spoilers:
    Corinth- if you really want to get picky on stuff:

    Forgot to mention, for fellow fans of the chopsocky, there is the Hong Kong movie database, but they have this 2-tear membership system (all free) where first of all you have to register for the forums, and then you have to request access to the databases by a separate email giving a reason why you want access to it, and then you get an application for that. So it's 2 separate passwords, etc.

    Also- good websites for downloading movies- any recommendations, Earl or other comrades?
  • eggzelent review Corinthian.

    good point about the memory loss. presumably it was diagnosed by a doc at some point in his life, and the doctor would be able to help him find a way of remembering this. such as the tattoo's on his body etc. to stop him forgeting when he loses it.

    however it could just be a glaring error.

    i too liked the slightly down-played acting. it is a very turbulent and confusing plot, therefore the actors do not need to energise the script as it is the real star.

    pearce, moss and particularly the wonderful joe panatliano were gr8 tho.
  • apologies for meh slightly wishy-ashy musing on the movie havent seen it in yeeers.
  • moomoo—i know just the person for that nitpickers website.

    my brother in law he drives me mad!!!!

    to for the chopsocky site
  • ;)
    I probably never watched it (Memento)because the whole thing seemed too hectic for me!

    Procrastination time:
    This is a great one for musicals I found in my bookmarks, great for someone of my generation :) well worth checking out, flH (I don't call you 'Haggis' because I already know another Forumite of that name!!)

  • fantastic will check it out. reminds me of a day at xmas time when i was bummed out. got a plate of nachos and sat by the fire watchin the 100 best musicals ever. bliss.

    that's ok. i am not a haggis anyway i am a flying haggis. totally different. and better.

  • Film for tonight.

    'Angel Heart'

    Seen it before.... but it was so long ago.

  • fabbo

    good to remind yourself of how good micky rourke was, and how Bobby D can be.

    stop making rubbish movies bobby!!!!
  • Top film!

    I will probably be watching Deceprion aka Reindeer Games.
  • my movie for tonight

    "Working haggis—head for business and a bod for oatcakes"

  • but with a 't' and not an 'r'
  • Ok not a proper flick but all kids will love this: Lego Spiderman - The Peril of Doc Och. Just goes to show how far you can go with just music and action - Unbelievable!

  • Tonight Matthew, I shall be watching Duets.
  •, I almost thought you were referring to that little-known Jet Li documentary about the dangers of concussion in substandard stuntmen, "Stars in their eyes" :D
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