MODERATLEY ANNOYED, but not too annoyed thread

Something for those people incapable of experiencing anger, unless wound up for hours and hours, and for whom something has happened that should be really infuriating but you just can't let go and get as mad as you should be because you are a normal reasonable person.


  • So, anyone fancy a brew ?
  • Thank you! :)) I just don't get p***ed off really.

    Em- could I have camomile tea to wind down, please? And then I'm out of here :)
  • Oooooh, I just.... I mean I really.... I just hate it when.....

    Milk, no sugar please
  • SVT- Basic Instinct 2 starts tomorrow. Am watching #1 with one eye.
  • two and a coo for me please.

    see? even my choice of tea is bland-tastic.
  • moomoo, I watched that too.

    Erm... one eye... was that the bit when she was in the room and all the detectives were watching...?
  • 'Nite then all (for about the fifth attempt)!!

    Can't hang around forever for this tea...mutter mutter...


    oh well...
  • No, Waaps. Not my scene :D

  • Coming right up people, just as soon as the bl**dy kettle boils. Oooh, I just don't get on with DeLonghi kitchen appliances, I mean, the kettle makes the water taste of plastic and the coffee percolator, you need to be a rocket scientist just to turn it on and do they make those George Forman grills, it just makes me so, well sort of a bit irritable.
  • I like to be able to butter my toast the very second it pops. Any letter and the butter doesnt melt properly and it makes me, well, ticked off.

    today i was all set, knife in hand, waiting.

    then some dude with a catalogue came to the door and when i was trying to get him to go away it popped and I couldnt get back in time and had to bin it.

    meh :(
  • oh NO
    why did you allow yourself to answer the door

  • It's just all so, well, mildly uncomfortable isn't it Dude. Like when the phone goes and my cornflakes go soggy, it makes me just wanna, well, you know, make another bowl in defiance.
  • Defiance is a bit aggressive
  • Oh well. Back again. Movie's not over yet.
    Thanks, Alex.

    ...but I'll have to brush my teeth again then :((
  • well I will NOT ever do it again Hipps, I cannot allow another mild mishap like that to occur.

    Welshie - one mans mildly uncomfortable occurence is another man's treat. I like soggy cornflakes :)

  • Mum - don't tell me there is another 'brush teeth a hundred times a day' person.

    I have never had it before but the other day I realised "hey, if these teeth fall out I won't get more".

    freaked me out a bit and I went to floss.
  • I havent been to a dentist in 22 years
  • L'il Chris- exactly.

    My dentist rubs his hands together whenever I turn up- and that's not at the prospect of entertaining me :((

    Er- is it true that in Scotland they used to pull out all the teeth of women and fitted them with detnures when they got married so the husbands wouldn't have to pay dental bills?

  • I have, my dentist is my brother.
  • In school, we all felt sorry for this one girl because BOTH her parents were dentists :S
  • Alex- does he call you "Marathon Man"? :D
  • I got a parking ticket today. I forgot to move my car at the right time and was 20 mins late. £30 fine.

    I raised my left eyebrow in a Roger Mooresque manner, a slight smile, a shrug of the shoulders... who cares?

  • well, as you know moo I love Little Shop of Horrors so you can understand why I dinna want to go to mr dentist.

    little steve martin trauma there methinks.

    re the scottish dental horror stories, eh'm no exactly sure.

    Mibbe in deepest darkest highlands country. I'm from Scotland but i'm not from Scotland, if you know what I mean ;)

  • Were he to think of it MM, I am sure he would. Actually calls me 'bro' and 'fat boy' despite the fact he is fatter than me.

    He is very good. Drill makes me doze off.

  • I think I am going to go and buy a curry.
  • Corinth- did that get you £10 extra for contempt? :o

    Little Shop...forgot about that one :S

    Alex- you wouldn't want to argue with a bro in charge of a drill :o
    Like so?
    It's the water jets I hate...
  • Finally: go to your dentist! Decay & gum disease can increase the chances for heart disease, etc.

  • ooh
    i like this thread

    i am moderately annoyed most of the time yet rarely reach fever pitch

    can i move in and live here?

    excuse me while i shuffle off for now

    i will check back tomorrow
    as i have to go and be moderately annoyed about something in real life at mo

    i just love the title though Alex
    your threads always make me laugh!
  • hi moomoo

    i never did write that email now did i?
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