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    Dull - good to hear things are good.

    Wardi - well done.

    SJ - i had a tight chest and was tired today, so im happy to get that ticked off. Will have a few later. You made an autumn decision yet?
  • Glad you're feeling better Wardi.

    Only 91 for me this week TR and planning a big one next week all being well. Are you going to long run next week or was that your last one?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    LMH - you are obviously over the leg issues then. Good news. 18 to 20 next saturday, depending upon how it feels at the time. No more 23s or 24s until August/September.
  • Wardi said:
    I decided to go along to the local Parkrun as it was my 150th today. 
    Happy Birthday Wardi.
  • Wish that were the case TR - managing rather than over and unsure as ever whether to keep pushing the miles this week or ease back a bit and try to freshen up a bit more. London feels like forever ago rather than three weeks.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Ha ha CD, now that would improve my age grading :o
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    LMH - id say do less then. Whilst you need to retain a certain amount of impact, you can afford to drop down from 91 to give your legs more of a chance. Maybe 60ish this week, im aiming mid 60s. Have you strained your calves as 3 weeks is a long time for doms?

    4m easy and some s and c.
  • It definitely wasn't DOMS TR, it started during the race and never let up. Calves aren't too bad now, in fact right one is pretty much 100% but left leg is 'off' calf is much better but I have various niggles from up into my piriformis. Physio says there were no tears or knots in either calf but when I saw her last week both legs were tight. I was thinking on my run this morning that I may try to rein it in a little this week, sort of a three week taper but with a long run next weekend.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    LMH - sounds like you are getting there then. Less has to be more now then. Im aiming 4, 15, 9 (inc OO's mile reps), 5, 9inc mp, 5, 18 to 20, this week. So very short and easy on the easy days, and the 9m route with no extras on the two quality run commutes.
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    I seem to do a far more traditional 3-week taper compared to most on here. 

    TR - no still nothing entered. Leaving it late I know. Had a look at Amsterdam as that's also on the 20th October. Basically doing my usual procrastination. 
  • Come to York sj.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Wardi -- at VLM + 3 weeks I did a parkrun on Sat. This time I managed a little better than recent MP, though close to PB MP, but at definitely maxed out HR! (18:29, grass course, bit wet but not too skiddy.) Gradually improving though I guess...

    Mennania -- cripes! I used to suffer very deep blood blisters on the balls of my feet when racing, from the stronger shear forces I guess. Probably improved in my case my trimming down the calloused skin so it's not like a big hard slab that then gets shunted back and forth against the underlying layers.

    I did a bit over 20M on Sat (warm-up + parkrun + 15M decent steady), 10M hills yesterday, and another 10M in commutes today (finishing early to go on a work trip, now en route to Gatwick).

    Over the past couple of years I've suffered what I call a "cranky ankle", often comes on when resting, and massaging high up on the outer calf seems to cure it. But also I land on the edge of my R foot and judging by my shoe wear, that's been getting more acute. Also my Garmin says I spend a shocking 55% of the time on my R foot, which I'd previously ascribed to a weak left, but maybe it's just a sluggish right. So I've started exercising those muscles, and in the last couple of days made an effort to just land more centrally on my R foot. Too soon to know if this is meaningful, but despite quite a lot of running in 3 days, I haven't yet had my dreaded plods -- it would be very nice indeed if it were explained by a bit of bad form that can be easily (?) fixed. Here's hoping, but not too hopeful -- I wasn't aware of the dodgy ankle slowing me down in those 9-10 min/M trudges...

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    SJ - plenty of time to make yr mind up.

    CW - surely your plods are caused by a sunday marathon followed by around 75m min to thurs and then 2 days off,  repeated weekly? Until you balance yr week better then i dont see it changing. But if you like it like that, then great.

    15m here today, last school day mlr.
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    SJ - I can vouch for  Valencia if youre eyeing up an out of country trip. 

    CW - My garmin can barely get the time right never mind other metrics like heart rate/cadence etc. Most of my injuries have come from a problem further along the chain. But then I dont run massive miles either for fear of fatigue. Im looking forward to some feedback from the high milers to see how they feel it works for them.

    13 miles yesterday at MP + 10% which felt comfortable, which is encouraging movement in the right direction. 4 mile recovery tonite was crap :#.

    Beetroot juice delivered, still tastes like crud.

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    Menn - is 13m at mp +10% a benchmark test for you?

    9m inc 5 x (approx) 1m today.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    More of a mental banker/comfort blanket Id say TR.  On Sunday this will be one of the runs I will remind myself ive done in training and use as positive reinforcement. 20 with 12 is my target pace benchmark and thats thrown me out somewhere around 5.55 pace, although I might start at that and try to press on after 7 or 8

    Did the reps go ok?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Menn - sounds like its a good mental reinforcement run then. So worth doing. My reps were all a bit unscientifically approximated, but i certainly ran quicker than mp. Probably nearer hmp. Which i guess is the point of the exercise.
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    TR - 5 x 1 m rep in a MLR off high mileage is a tough session, you cant have many more like that left now Id have thought.
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    Menn - i only did 9m in total. Same 9m with 6np on Thursday, 18 to 20 Saturday, then it'll be 2 weeks to go. So I'll keep a few sharpeners in but wind the distances right back.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    Still a nice session TR - I need to skip read better. 
    Forgot to mention I escaped on a run last week - some idiot had wrapped some barbed wire around two trees across a public footpath at knee height and I was the mug who ran through it. Fortuntely it gave way on my legs after running down my shin and cutting the other. No real damage - It couldve been so much worse.

    DIdnt bother running tonite - slight headache and a bit tired so put my feet up, Tapertastic!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Ouch ! Why would someone do that ? Its like when folks sabotage bike events with tacks etc on the road. Good tapering skills.
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    Bloody hell Mennania, one hell of an incident-filled build-up to the Edinburgh marathon, means only one thing........... your going to win it!    Feet-up time now, chill and sleep.  Whats your number for Edinburgh?
    Good to hear from Dull, a 3.25 marathon not bad work at all, that's GFA for London.
    CW - Lucky its only your ankle that's cranky.
    SJ - Another rec for Valencia, home of my PB.  
    Hope the 5*1m went well TR.  Should really help on marathon day in being able to sustain a suitably fast cruising speed.
    51m last week, hoping for a bit more this. Still feel like I am in recovery mode so chapeau LMH on your 90+ last week. 
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    A lot of people will have to have a bad day for me to win it @OuchOuch  :D

     My current number is 485, however, in true half soaked fashion Ive buggered it up a bit. I received notice  that my pen is white, so I looked it up and realised that I was in the second pen, however I had reached the qualification time for the first pen 'topclub entry' which Is complimentary and you get other benefits. So I've messaged them to see if they will bump me up and give me my cash back - fingers crossed but I dont expect to hear back from them this close to the event
  • I hope you get your upgrade Mennania - and that you reported the barbed wire incident to the police, that could have been horrific. I just don't understand the mentality of some people.

    I'd like the confidence that being able to run HMP in training would bring TR - but knowing me I'd probably just decide that it obviously wasn't really my HMP. LOL. I have been seeing the odd mile that is faster than pre-London apart from at the very end of the taper though which has been nice.

    My first two runs this week were good OuchOuch but yesterday's was tired and heavy legged - I'm usually able to bimble quite happily when recovering, just don't have even my usual amount of speed (I use the term loosely).
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Speedy: CJ is flying at the moment. Outright pb over 10k a couple of weeks ago, and yes she's fv50. Gives me hope that my pb days aren't over!

    10 mile plod for me yesterday. Pretty knackered after a very intensive few days from a work perspective but hopefully a bit more energy today.
  • Wrong thread Joolska? I set PBs at over 50 (though it seems to be proving harder this year!).
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Menn - will look out for you in Edinburgh. I'm doing the half, so will be finished and out spectating as you all come through Musselburgh and then back in towards the finish. 
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    LMH - whilst id like to claim that pace was more mara pace, i was trying too hard so its more hmp sadly. I would like to get back closer to when hmp was sub 6mm and mp 6.30, but hmp is more 6.30 nowadays. Good that you are getting back to it, hopefully the stress factor will have lifted from both of us by Yeovil.
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    I thought about turning left instead of right after work and doing the 9m route instead of 5m, but i felt pretty weary so just did the 5m, which is probably wise this week.

    My flyknits arrived earlier in week, very strange they have no tongue etc and uou put them on like slip ons. Are the 4% like that too?
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Oops, yes, I meant my last post for the 3.15 thread...

    5 mile recovery run this morning.

    Those shoes sound weird, TR  I hope they stay on!!
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