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  • Hail Hail

    I have absolutely no idea what you're on about CRAB. L'il Wayne's my bezza mate!
  • PAH - have really messed up. Finally got around to printing out the entry form for August Yateley (hate ones you can't enter online as I don't have a printer at home) and was just about to post it, when I thought I'd check the website and the bloody thing is full.

    Desperate to line up some 5ks, 10ks or 10-milers over the next six weeks - any recommendations?
  • Dulwich 5km on Wednesday evening? JH1 vs JEJ vs NM2?
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    CRAB - stayed up to watch the full horror of the Monty choke last night. Unsurprisingly, I have been known to similarly balls (NADS) it up on the golf course from an unassailable position.

    In terms of fantasy duathlons, as mentioned before a darts/ultra-running competition would be my forte. Better at the former than the latter, and even if I could only take the odd set off Andy Forham I'm more likely than him to survive the 50 mile run. In fact, I remember Fordham having to retire exhausted from a darts match against the Power. He did once claim, "I am a proper sportsman, because I wear trainers and I've been on Grandstand". Legend.
  • CartmanCartman ✭✭✭
    nichs2, 44 mins for a 10k ? did you do it on your hands ?

    Crab, its peak time now, not volume. Must as I haate to say it "quality not quantity", which means NADS all zee way.. bagged another 70 yesterday @ 20mph, felt nice and fresh at the end.. even went straight afterwards to homebase to pick up an ordered garden table and chairs, a true test of endurance.

    Allthought that said I've got two back to back 100milers next weekend..

    BTW talking of kit, my coach lent me his SRM cranks. Now they are a serious bit of kit (and very pricey to boot), HR, power, and speed in one... A fantastic pacing tool though, I was actually ignoring HR and concentrating on watts, primarily to stop overcooking on the hills and getting lazy on the down hills.
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    i was running fairly just goes to show how much fitness can be lost in a short time. it also shows that running and cycling are apples and oranges or elephants and lions or....(on the positive side it also shows how fit you do get when marathon training)

    question....i can only cycle eyeballs out; should I be adopting a hadd approach to my cycling. If I cycled a la hadd i'd be going so slow i'd fall off. (come to think of it , i fell off last week)

    i have now booked all the hotels on route to barcelona this summer. the worst day will be 120 miles the shortest day will be 75 miles up into Andorra.
  • NM2 - yes - this Wednesday:

    Superspeed womble alert. My 74% max pace has dipped under 7 min miles again. Just as I was ready to bin the HR strap.
  • JEJ - Can't do - am meeting the lads for Argentina v Holland (tasty).

    May do Cranleigh 10k on July 2 as nice and close to me. Anyone done it before?
  • Nothing meaningful to report.
  • Pleasingly the weight loss continues in a spookily symmetrical fashion:

    4 June - 83.0kg
    11 June - 82.5kg
    18 June - 82.0kg

    Radically improving my diet and regular exercise seems to be doing the trick, I could be onto something here. Think I have shaken the virus off now so hoping to get the mileage into more respectable territory in the next few weeks.

    Am slightly concerned about a dream I had last night about eating Mr. Kiplings Almond Slices but hopefully it's a one off.
  • BB Rather predictably - Didn't he do well on the weight loss. Not sure you've hit on anything to be honest. 10Million housewives surely can't be wrong - it's Hagen Das, Big Brother and inactivity that they use. Ooh and of course the only pounds you'll lose will be on buying books and mung beans but it won't be for want of trying!

    DN No change there then ;o))

    CM So let me get this right I'm going for high volume low intensity and you're going for low volume high intensity. I think the world's gone mad.

    Dan A Was meant more of a 'Greatest Runner (on the Sub3 Thread) Never To Have Gone Sub3' comparison to Monty as opposed to blowing up tendencies. BTW Once you bag it the milliner is already sizing up DN.

    Day out in London Village tomorrow - will take trainers in case I get a moment. If I do expected somewhere along emabankment around 3-ish so if you see me don't say hello 'cos we're in London and I wouldn't want to trouble you to take your head out of your aerosol or anything ;o)

    Blimey I'm feisty this week! Where's n2 when you need a little bloke to fight with?

    Happy training all.
  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭
    OK - will rudely ignore you if I see you, or swear at you for getting in my way.

    Monty, eh? Strewth. Finished in 3:00:01 again.
  • Hi Guys and Girls!

    Sorry it's been a while but life has been extremely strange and stressful!

    Sorry to say that since my marathon (Halstead back in May), myself and the wife have seperated and as you can imagine that caused a few stresses! Now found somewhere to live (and somewhere to run) but she is in part blaming my running?!!

    Anybody elses relationship broken down because of running? mmmmm......

    Anyway guys I feeling a bit better and tobe honest the one thing that has really helped me get through is the running!

    She also thinks I am suffering from depression (and therefore not thinking clearly), a depression that she believes was caused by the marathon. Went for a blood test at the hospital yesterday just to put her mind at rest! we will see.

    Anyway......the fool is back.........and I have all the time in the world now for running!!! Doubles here we come!!!

  • JH 1JH 1 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about that mate. You seem to be positive about the situation which I don't think I could be. I'm not married but live with my g/f and there have been many moments due to my running and triathlon. With tri you have 3 different disciplines to train for so more time away. She did watch me with her mum at Windsor Tri the other week. Just need to take account of partners interests too as training for marathon can make you a bit selfish.
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    crab, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

    really sorry about your news. my missus just thinks i'm a saddo when i go into training mode.

    ..... but there is a bigger picture that running and spending time running gives people who run. i am absolutely certain you do not have depression, however, running does make you get your life priorities into focus.......i'm tempted to go on for hours about this sort of "lifestyle" stuff.....but i won't

    all i can say is all the best and keep running!!
  • many thanks guys - at the moment I am feeling reasonably postive but of course I have the odd "down" day. slightly frustrating that I can't run as much as I'd like as I'm still recovering from the marathon in may. starting to build back the base mileage now and will aim to get back to 60 miles a week and then hold it there.

    cheers guys for your support


    Sorry to hear about the wife. Not much more I can say. Wish I could offer some advice, but I'm not qualified to do so.

    As my profile says, I started running competitively less than 3 years ago,
    as my weight had ballooned to almost 13st. My wife has seen me go from
    being a fat blob to a 10st athlete in a short space of time, and although she
    doesn't see me as much as she'd like, realises the the latter version is
    better to have in more ways than one.

    The whole family run now, and she too is slowly beginning to develop the severe
    addiction to the sport that I have got. Even turning up to the odd club race.

    Perhaps I am just lucky, or perhaps the solution is to buy your ex a pair of Nike
    trainers and go for a recovery run with her? Could save the relationship!

    Whoops, I said I wouldn't give out any advice.

  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that. Running or other pastimes is just something to blame, rather than a real cause, if you ask me.

    Not sure whether it counts as "depression", but I've had a few big races where I've been really irritable and quite paranoid for a week or two after - it's hard to re-adjust after something you've been really focused on for a long time. I'm better at seeing it coming now and finding ways to get round it (booking a holiday helps).

  • thanks for all your thoughts and advice guys - appreciated. As TMAP so rightly said - the running has just been an easy target and something to blame rather than the real cause. If only it was just the running!!

  • many thanks guys - at the moment I am feeling reasonably postive but of course I have the odd "down" day. slightly frustrating that I can't run as much as I'd like as I'm still recovering from the marathon in may. starting to build back the base mileage now and will aim to get back to 60 miles a week and then hold it there.

    cheers guys for your support

  • TBSIARF - pretty [email protected] news fella. Wish you only good luck in getting through/ over it.

    Like Tmap, I've often found myself in a bit of a prolonged grump after focussing on a race. This year is probably the worst and I managed to hit my target time.

    Maybe its the lack of something to focus on or more likely, the lack of something to distract from other non-ideal things that are present. Either way, getting out for a run does help.

    the bat
  • TBSIARF - sorry to hear about the news.
  • TBSIARF - echo everyone's thoughts - v. sorry to hear about what happened. I've always thought that running has many advantages over other sports in that department. Worst case scenario - you're out for 2hrs in a day (ok, 3 DN) and often it's for just 40-50min. Golfers and cricketers are gone all day....

    My Mrs doesn't always see it that way though, I have to admit.

    Anyway - good to hear that you seem to be staying as positive as possible. Agree that a holiday is in order and then target that Autumn marathon - that'll get your mind off things...
  • Many thanks to everyone for their words of support! Really appreciated guys. Gonna seem strange to have no-one waiting for me at the finishing line of my next race. Strange how little things like that can really hit home.

    I'm staying cool though, and things are not 100% bad. Myself and the wife(??) are still very close and are talking freely most of the time - so that's good.

    Anyway guys - let's get this thread back to the normal tempo run, pace, heart rate drift, wombling, hadd, type conversations eh!!

    Thanks to everyone though!!

    Love you all lots

  • 40 second 75% max HR pb today, running 35:02 on my 5.2 mile route, or 6:44 per mile. Rather chuffed that things seem to be going well for the first time post marathon. Was going to estimate 16:45 for tomorrows 5km, but now revising slightly.

    JEJ - 16:37, CY - 16:58
  • Dulwich 5k

    JEJ - 16:37
    DN - 16:44
    CY - 16:58
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    Dulwich 5k

    JEJ - 16:37
    DN - 16:44
    n2 - 16:51
    CY - 16:58
  • Well done to n2 on completing the arithmetic progression.

    Made my day
  • Hi chaps,
    still no running for me, 7 weeks out with illopsoas tendonitis ( nasty)..... am now walking without a limp at last and i wonder how long it will take me to regain my fitness when i start up again. was looking to go sub 16 for 5k this season but i guess thats out the window now. its going to be a long haul back.
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